Spend a weekend partying in Vegas with Bauhaus' Daniel Ash for just $2,000

Finally, a package vacation has emerged for huge Bauhaus fans with dumb amounts of money to throw around. Co-founder and guitarist Daniel Ash is offering fanatics a chance to spend an all-inclusive Las Vegas weekend with him this May. For the price of $2,000, Bauhaus devotees will receive a hotel room and transportation, as well as copious opportunities to party, dine, and hang out with Ash. Attendees will also be granted access to a private concert in a Vegas mansion (designed in the Bauhaus style, one would hope), where Ash and a three-piece band will play Bauhaus songs, as ...
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The songs of ‘I Melt With You’

Featuring an ultimate 80’s punk and new-wave soundtrack, I Melt With You is released on DVD and to download by Momentum Pictures on 6th August 2012. This dark side of the hangover features a solid selection of songs to show including the one-two punch of “All Going Out Together” and “Blue Thunder” by Big Dipper and Galaxie 500 respectively. From there things get funkier with the classic “Maggot Brain” by Funkadelic, before The Jesus And Mary Chain arrive with the undeniable “Just Like Honey”. The staggering string of songs continue with “Caribou” by The Pixies, “Dog Eat Dog” by Adam And The Ants and the title track by Modern English.

The music featured in I Melt With You plays a big part in the film as the title reference to Modern English’s 1982 single suggests. The story of four male friends who stage a weekend reunion each year is pegged to the
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Cops rock: Ranking this week's procedurals

Cops rock: Ranking this week's procedurals
The first full week of May sweeps saw every procedural show upping its game. Big ideas were debated, and big-idea villains were trotted out as potential suspects. A casual cop-show fan was treated this week to a veritable parade of Nazis, Soviets, Jihadists, and Killer Clowns. There was a Brooklyn labor dispute on CSI:ny and a polygamy subplot on Ghost Whisperer. But it wasn't all fire and brimstone. Engagement rings figured prominently (albeit fatally) in Castle and CSI: Miami. That rakish Tony Dinozzo on NCIS fell in love with a girl he'd never met. There were no guilty husbands and only one guilty wife.
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Dog Ears Music: Volume Ninety-Two

Califone Chicago-based alt-art-rock quartette Califone is comprised of multi-instrumentalists/filmmakers Joe Adamik, Jim Becker, Ben Massarella, and Tim Rutili. Founded in the late '90s, the band has released nine albums to date. Iron & Wine and Freakwater are among their collaborations. Soundtrack credits include a handful of documentaries and experimental flicks along with the upcoming 2009 full-length feature All My Friends Are Funeral Singers. "When Leon Spinx Moved Into Town," from Califone's 2003 release Quicksand/Cradlesnakes, has an addictive cadence. Buy: iTunes Genre: Experimental Rock Artist: Califone Song: When Leon Spinx Moved Into Town Album: Quicksand/Cradlesnakes Bauhaus Goth-punk unit Bauhaus was founded in the United Kingdom in 1978 by Peter Murphy (vocals), Daniel Ash (guitar), Kevin Haskins (drums), and David J. (bass). Shortly after inception, the band inked their first deal, unleashed "Bela Lugosi's Dead," and roused a loyal cult fanbase. By the mid-'80s,...
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Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi’S Dead (Musick Review)

  • Fangoria
In one of my many foray’s to the used CD and Video Game store, I happened across a very rare gem of an import that I feel needs to be brought out for the Fangoria Musick crowd. Often times I will spend hours pouring over racks of CD’s that people bring in to sell or trade for something new and hip. Sometimes, the best gems are those dug up and found rather than the polished and commercial bits in cellophane wrappers. This particular gem was the very rare import that music journalists credit launching the “Gothic Rock Movement”, the first run 1979 release of Bauhaus famed maxi-single Bela Lugosi’S Dead.

The single consists of only three tracks; the ever present and iconic “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”, “Boys”, and a demo version of the band’s second Goth anthem “Dark Entries”. “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” is the high point center stage track.
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‘Repo! The Genetic Opera’ Poster & Soundtrack

Shock Till You Drop fills us in on the latest update for one of my personal “must-see’s” of the Fall, “Repo! The Genetic Opera.” According to the site, Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures have announced the list of musicians enlisted for the film’s soundtrack. The album will see a September 30, 2008 digital release and will ship with the DVD in January 2009. A seven song sampler can be found HERE. The “Repo! The Genetic Opera” soundtrack includes performances by Paris Hilton, Sarah Brightman, Richard Patrick (Filter), Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), Clown (Slipknot), Ray Luzier (Korn, Army of Anyone), Brian Young (David Lee Roth band), Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses), Sonny Moore (First to Last), David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets), Daniel Ash (Love and Rockets), Blasko (Ozzy Osborne band), Tommy Clefetus (Rob Zombie band), Melora Creager (Rasputina), and Rami Jaffee (Wallflowers), Danny Saber (Busta Rhymes, SEAL) and solo artist Poe.
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