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Interviews (1)

USA Today (US) July 26 1996, pg. 1, by: Tom Green, "Best bet for stardom; Vanessa Angel"

Articles (9)

Femme Fatales (US) November 2000, Vol. 9, Iss. 7, pg. 48-55, by: Dennis Fischer, "Vanessa Angel--Stargate SG1: Once Sultry in a Sci-Fi Sitcom, a New Role As an Alien Hybrid Pitches Her As More Than a Shape of Things to Come."
TV Guide (US) November 2 1997, pg. 1, by: Mark schwed, "Grapevine"
TV Guide (US) September 1996, pg. 1, by: Jeanne Wolf, "Grapevine"
People (US) July 31 1995, pg. 1, by: Craig Tomashoff, "Picks and Pans"
TV Guide (US) June 17 1995, pg. 1, by: Glenn Kenny, "Sci-Fi/Fantasy"
TV Hot (US) April 8 1995, pg. 2, by: Karen Condor, "The Happiest Girl On USA"
TV Guide (US) January 21 1995, pg. 1, by: Glenn Kenny, "How do you talk to an angel"
People (US) October 1994, pg. 1, by: Craig Tomashoff, "Foxy Fantasy"
TV Guide (US) April 30 1994, pg. 1, by: Glenn Kenny, "Sci-Fi / Fantasy Wier Science: The lite stuff"

Pictorials (12)

Fashion Almanac (US) June 1997, pg. 8, by: Amy Dubois Barnett, "Vanessa almanac"
Loaded (GB) September 1996, pg. 6, by: Jon Wilde, "From The Idiots Wot Brung You Danniella Westbrook"
Hamptons Magazine (US) July 1996, pg. 2, by: William Georgiades, "Earth Angel"
US Magazine (US) June 1996, pg. 1, "Hot Zone"
Entertainment Weekly (US) June 1996, by: Robin J.Shwartz, "A Mess Of Vanessa's"
Premiere (US) June 1996, pg. 1, by: Lindsay Carruthers, "Kingpin's Vanessa Angel"
Brentwood Magazine (US) June 1996, pg. 1, by: Dylan Nugent, "Profiles- Where Angels Fear To Tread"
Esquire (US) June 1996, pg. 1, by: Michael Angeli, "Our Kind Of Woman"
Movieline (US) June 1996, pg. 1, by: Dennis Hensley, "Hype"
Venice (US) June 1996, pg. 5, by: Darrell L. Hope, "Queen Pin"
Film Threat (US) April 1995, "Cityscrapes"
Celebrity Sleuth (US) 1993, Vol. 6, Iss. 7, pg. 84-85, by: staff, "Up & Coming: Vanessa Angel"

Magazine Covers (6)

Hamptons Magazine (US) August 24 1990
Cosmopolitan (GB) June 1985
Cosmopolitan (US) February 1985, Vol. 198, Iss. 2
Cosmopolitan (XWG) May 1984
Vogue (GB) April 1983
Cosmopolitan (US) October 1981

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