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Vestron Video: ‘Class of 1999′ Blu-ray Review

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Stars: Bradley Gregg, Traci Lind, Malcolm McDowell, Pam Grier, John P. Ryan, Stacy Keach, Patrick Kilpatrick | Written by C. Courtney Joyner | Directed by Mark L. Lester

Ever wondered what Mark L. Lester did after Commando? Well, he directed a terrible John Candy comedy called Armed and Dangerous. But then he made this bizarre mashup of Escape from New York, The Warriors and Robocop. It’s not as good as it sounds, but like Arnie’s finest 84 minutes, it’s a barrel of stupid fun – and it’s another Vestron “classic” wrenched from the archives and given a remaster we never expected.

In 1999, youth gang culture is so prevalent that all major conurbations have become “free fire zones”, meaning there is no police presence. They’re essentially lawless. The result is that all the youngsters in 1999 wear S&M leather and wield automatic weaponry. It’s not clear where they get all the ammo and bazookas.
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Lionsgate UK announce next 3 ‘Vestron Collector’s Series’ titles

Lionsgate UK have announced three more cult classics joining their Vestron Collector’s Series. Originally released by Vestron Video, these classic horror and sci-fi titles are restored and remastered on Blu-ray and packed with hours of special features – all three hit UK stores on February 25th 2019.

Class Of 1999 (1990)

The time is the future, and youth gang violence is so high that the areas around some schools have become “free fire zones” into which not even the police will venture. When Miles Langford (Malcolm McDowell), the principal of Kennedy High School, decides to take his school back from the gangs, robotics specialist Dr. Robert Forrest (Stacy Keach) provides “tactical education units”. Human-like androids have been programmed to teach and are supplied with weapons to handle discipline problems. These kids will get a lesson in staying alive!

Special Features: Audio commentary with producer/director Mark L. Lester ‘School Safety’ – interviews with director/producer Mark L.
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January 30th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Gothic, Class Of 1999, The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

January’s genre-related home entertainment releases are ending on a somewhat quiet note, as there are only seven titles making their arrival this week. That being said, this cinematic septet of Blu-rays and DVDs make for a truly fantastic assortment of films, including the Vestron Video Collector’s Series editions of both Class of 1999 and Gothic, as well as stunning special editions for both Re-Animator and the original The Hills Have Eyes.

Other notable movies heading home on January 30th are Hack-o-Lantern, Lucifer’s Women, and Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween.

Class of 1999: Vestron Video Collector’s Series (Lionsgate, Blu-ray)

Robots who have been programmed to teach and discipline students in a violence-prone school turn homicidal, and the students must fight back to save their lives.

Special Features:

- Audio Commentary with Producer/Director Mark L. Lester

- Interviews with Director/Producer Mark L. Lester and Co-Producer
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Class Of 1999 Vestron Video Collector’s Series Blu-ray Coming in January from Lionsgate

Years after Mark L. Lester taught viewers a lesson with vengeance with Class of 1984, the filmmaker introduced the Class of 1999, and the Lionsgate will include the 1990 film as the 14th entry in their Vestron Video Blu-ray Collector's Series.

"The Vestron cult classic horror series continues with Class of 1999, coming to Blu-ray on January 30th with all new special features!

Street Date: 1/30/18

Blu-ray Srp: $39.97

Program Description

The ultimate teaching machine spirals out of control when the Vestron Video Collector’s Series releases the sci-fi thriller Class of 1999, arriving for the first time on limited edition Blu-ray on January 30 from Lionsgate. A high school principal employs robotic teachers to keep order in an inner-city school, but when the androids become deadly, opposing teenage gangs must unite to save their own lives. Starring Pam Grier, Stacy Keach, and Malcolm McDowell, Class of 1999 is packed with all-new special features, including audio commentaries with director Mark L.
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Contest: Win Virus on Blu-ray

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Virus is now out on a new Blu-ray from Scream Factory, and to celebrate the latest home media release of the 1999 sci-fi thriller, we've been provided with three Blu-ray copies to give away to lucky Daily Dead readers.


Prize Details: (3) Winners will receive (1) Blu-ray copy of Virus.

How to Enter: We're giving Daily Dead readers multiple chances to enter and win:

1. Instagram: Following us on Instagram during the contest period will give you an automatic contest entry. Make sure to follow us at:

2. Email: For a chance to win via email, send an email to with the subject “Virus Contest”. Be sure to include your name and mailing address.

Entry Details: The contest will end at 12:01am Est on May 9th. This contest is only open to those who are eighteen years of age or older that live in the United States.
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May 2nd Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Rings, Beyond The Gates, Virus

The first week of May has some really stellar home entertainment offerings that genre fans will undoubtedly want to add to their personal collections. Jackson Stewart’s wickedly fun Beyond the Gates makes its way to Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday, and for those who missed it in theaters earlier this year, Rings arrives on both formats as well. Scream Factory is also giving the sci-fi thriller Virus a brand new HD release, and for those who have been on the lookout for the recent indie horror flick, The Barn, you can now grab the movie on Amazon.

Other notable releases for May 2nd include Camino, Fear, Inc., The Naked Cage, The Windmill, Tunnel, and The Hexecutioners.

Beyond the Gates (Scream Factory/IFC Midnight, Blu-ray & DVD)

Welcome, curious viewers…have you the courage to go Beyond The Gates?

After their father’s unexplained disappearance, two estranged brothers (responsible
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Special Features Announced for Scream Factory’s Virus Blu-ray, Starring Jamie Lee Curtis

Scream Factory recently announced a Blu-ray release of the Jamie Lee Curtis-starring Virus, and they've now revealed an abundance of bonus features for fans of the thriller to look forward to when the Blu-ray is released on May 2nd.

From Scream Factory: "If you're a fan of this 1999 sci-fi shocker (starring Jamie Lee Curtis) then you're in a lot of luck as an impressive amount of extras ended up coming in on our release.

- New Eye Of The Storm – An Interview With Director John Bruno

- New Science & Fiction – An Interview With Writer Dennis Feldman

- New Into The Woods – An Interview With Actor Marshall Bell

- New Men, Monsters And Machines: The Special Effects Of Virus Featuring Interviews With Robotics Effects Designers Steve Johnson And Eric Allard, Special Makeup Effects Artist Joel Harlow And Special Makeup Effects Supervisor: Second Unit Vincent J. Guastini

- New Audio
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Class of 1986: The End of Childhood and the Legacy of Labyrinth

Like all the best fairy tales, Jim Henson’s 1986 film Labyrinth is a much more grown-up effort than its fantasy trappings let on. Sure, it’s directed by the man who introduced both The Muppets and Sesame Street to the world, but don’t be fooled by all of the puppets and cute creatures and catchy songs: this is a film geared at children but actually about the end of childhood. Bittersweet, that.

On its face, Labyrinth offers a traditional take on the hero’s journey codified by Joseph Campbell: Jennifer Connelly’s sixteen-year-old Sarah wishes her baby brother would be taken away by Goblin King Jareth (the late, great David Bowie) and, when he is, must travel to a fantasy realm to rescue him. On a deeper and darker level, however, the screenplay by Monty Python’s own Terry Jones is the story of a young woman maturing into an adult,
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Class of 1986: Somewhere That’s Green: Why Little Shop Of Horrors is Still One of the Greatest Movie Musicals Ever Made

I fell in love with Frank Oz’s Little Shop of Horrors before I even saw a single frame of the film in December 1986. My mom’s boyfriend at the time worked for the Warner Bros. distribution center in Illinois, and sometime in the fall, he brought home an advanced copy of the soundtrack to Oz’s adaptation of the popular off-Broadway show, which of course was originally based on Roger Corman’s 1960 horror movie that featured performances from the likes of Dick Miller and Jack Nicholson.

And as I spent countless hours laying on my bedroom floor, humming along to the different songs (and singing the swear words whenever I thought I could get away with it), Little Shop of Horrors transported me to a place where underdogs could overcome the odds, alien plants could sing and craved human blood, and Steve Martin was a demented motorcycle-riding dentist addicted
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Class Of Nuke ’Em High: 30 Years of “Readin’, Writin’ & Radiation”

1986 was a hugely important year in genre cinema—part of the five-year stretch between 1982 and 1987 that arguably makes up the best run of genre movies in history. Major studios and major filmmakers like Fox, James Cameron, David Cronenberg, and John Carpenter were turning out genre classics. New voices like Fred Dekker and John McTiernan were introducing themselves to audiences. Franchises like Friday the 13th, Star Trek, and Psycho were still going strong on the big screen. And in the middle of all this, America’s longest-running independent studio, Troma, cemented their very specific and wholly original cinematic voice with Class of Nuke ’Em High.

Troma co-founder Lloyd Kaufman had already been producing and directing films for over a decade—first art films and then a series of outrageous sex comedies like Waitress! and Stuck on You!—but it wasn’t until 1984’s The Toxic Avenger that Kaufman more or less established Troma’s house style.
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Class of 1986: Johnny 5 Creator Eric Allard Discusses His Iconic Work on Short Circuit

On May 9th, 1986, John Badham’s Short Circuit debuted in theaters nationwide. The family adventure film with a sci-fi twist starred Steve Guttenberg, Ally Sheedy, and Fisher Stevens as a group of humans trying to protect a sentient robot by the name of Number 5—as he’s known to the government agencies chasing him—who goes rogue after electrocution causes him to develop a sense of identity and the constant need for “more input.”

Short Circuit was a smash success upon its release, opening number one at the box office and eventually taking in over $40 million during its theatrical run in the spring and early summer of 1986. And while Short Circuit did as well as it did partly because of the actors involved, there’s no denying that it was the film’s robotic co-star that pretty much stole the film and became a huge part of mid-’80s pop culture as well.
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Blu-ray Review - Short Circuit (1986)

Short Circuit, 1986.

Directed by John Badham.

Starring Ally Sheedy, Steve Guttenberg, Fisher Stevens, Austin Pendleton, G.W. Bailey, Brian McNamara and Tim Blaney.


An experimental military robot becomes sentient after being struck by lightning and befriends a young woman, who attempts to help him from being recaptured by the army.

Let's take a trip back to a simpler, more civilized age - the 1980s, where military robots enjoyed nothing better than settling down in front of the TV to watch old Marx Brothers movies or busting out some John Travolta dance moves to Saturday Night Fever, as opposed to obliterating humanity and taking over the world. Well, that's not quite true of course (one only needs to look at The Terminator for evidence of that), but it's certainly the case when it comes Number 5, the protagonist of director John Badham's (the aforementioned Saturday Night Fever) 1986 smash hit sci-fi comedy Short Circuit,
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