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Interviews (2)

AliasBoards.com (US) September 26 2003, "Interview with "Alias" Guest Star: Adam Alexi-Malle"
In Theatre (US) January 9 1998, Iss. 17, pg. 45, by: Andy Buck, "Headshot: Adam Alexi-Malle"

Articles (13)

The Boston Globe (US) February 17 1998, "'Goose-Pimples'"
Theatre (US) January 26 1998, pg. 44, by: John Simon, "Erotic Asphyxiation"
USA Today (US) January 15 1998, pg. 3D, by: David Patrick Stearns, "'Goose-Pimples' lays bare '70s excess"
The New York Times (US) January 11 1998, pg. 5, by: Steven Drukman, "Playing the Outsider and Feeling Right at Home"
The New York Times (US) January 9 1998, pg. E2, by: Rick Lyman, "On Stage and Off: English? Why Not?"
The New Yorker (US) January 5 1998, "Goings On About Town"
The New York Times (US) January 4 1998, by: Vincent Canby, "A Riveting 'View From the Bridge'"
The New York Times (US) January 2 1998, by: Peter Marks, "Entering From The Wings: Drama's Daring Upstarts"
Newsday (US) December 19 1997, by: Linda Winer, "A Working Class Act"
The New York Times (US) December 19 1997, pg. E3, by: Ben Brantley, "Nothing Nice to Say? Do Come Sit Closer"
New York Daily News (US) December 19 1997, by: Fintan O'Toole, "A Savage 'Goose'-ing"
The New York Times (US) December 14 1997, by: Rick Lyman, "Mike Leigh's Other Life as a Playwright"
Variety (US) January 4 1997, by: Robert L. Daniels, "Off Broadway"

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