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Elena Of Avalor: Realm Of The Jaquins Available on Disney DVD August 7th

Join Crown Princess Elena as she soars through a hidden gateway into Vallestrella, the mysterious, dazzling domain of the jaquins. On the way there, she accidentally releases a mythical forest sprite that could endanger Avalor! Now Elena must find the jaquins’ magical, legendary Sunbird Oracle to save the kingdom! Bring home Elena of Avalor: Realm of the Jacquins on Disney DVD August 7th, which includes 10 bonus shorts.

Voice Cast: Aimee Carrero as Elena; Jane Fonda as Shuriki; Lou Diamond Phillips as Victor Delgado; Cheech Marin as Quita Moz; Noël Wells as Marimonda; Carlos Alazraqui as Skylar; Yvette Nicole Brown as Luna; and Chris Parnell as Migs

Episodes: Realm of the Jaquins (44-minute episode)

Three Jaquins and a Princess


Bonus Features: 10 Bonus Shorts-

Adventures in Vallestrella – Flight of the Butterfrog

Adventures in Vallestrella – Sleeping Sunbird

Adventures in Vallestrella – Fast Food

Adventures in Vallestrella – Peabunny Boogie

Adventures in Vallestrella – Human Nature
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There is Something in the Water with James Ojala's Strange Nature: A Preview

Tagline: "Our Waters are Hiding a Killer." Strange Nature is a horror film from spfx guru James Ojala (Hellboy II: The Golden Army ). In Strange Nature, a real life ecological disaster is brought to the screen. In 1995, deformed frogs began to appear in Minnesota ponds. The film shows those deformities in some of the characters! Strange Nature stars: Stephen Tobolowsky (Groundhog Day), Tiffany Shepis (Victor Crowley) Carlos Alazraqui and John Hennigan. A trailer for the film was released late last year (found below). Now, a concept poster is available, here. For more on the story, the real life events for the film were investigated by the U.S. government, until 2001. A cause, for the amphibious deformities, was never found. Within the film, a single mother struggles to deal with a number of strange incidents. She must protect her son as a small town, in Minnesota, begins to turn into something unrecognizable.
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Eugenio Derbez Joins Disney Series ‘Elena of Avalor’ in Guest Role (Exclusive)

  • Variety
Eugenio Derbez Joins Disney Series ‘Elena of Avalor’ in Guest Role (Exclusive)
Eugenio Derbez has signed on for a guest starring role in the Disney animated series “Elena of Avalor,” Variety has learned exclusively.

The series follows Elena, Disney’s first princess inspired by diverse Latin cultures and folklore. Derbez will voice Guillermo, a restless spirit with a passion for music, in a special Día de los Muertos-themed episode for the series’ third season, which is set to debut next year.

Derbez was most recently seen in the remake of “Overboard” starring opposite Anna Farris. He is also set to appear in the live-action “Dora the Explorer” movie, which is slated for a 2019 debut. He is known for his roles in films like “Instructions Not Included,” which he also directed and co-wrote, and “How to Be a Latin Lover.” The actor and his 3Pas Studios recently signed an overall deal with Lionsgate Television and previously signed a first-look feature-film deal with Lionsgate’s Pantelion Films.
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Movie Review – Dance Baby Dance (2018)

Dance Baby Dance, 2018.

Written and Directed by Stephen Kogon.

Starring Stephen Kogon, Beverley Mitchell, Carlos Alazraqui, Hayley Shukiar, Lisa Brenner, Clare Grant, Isaiah Lucas, Paula Bellamy, Jim O’Heir, and Jim Nowakowski.


Jimmy has always dreamed of dancing professionally. A passionate tap dancer, life and other responsibilities have continually got in the way of him pursuing his dream over the years. With an open competition offering the chance to join a professional tour, however, Jimmy decides to commit to pursuing his lifelong goal.

Dance Baby Dance is the kind of film that you want to like, you want to enjoy. It promises a classic underdog story set in the world of dance, with a main focus on that perennial favourite tap (and some even in the rain, the poster seems to suggest). Although you can excuse a film treading a well-trodden path in its basic premise – what classic dance
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Elena of Avalor: Season Two of Disney Series Launches This Week

Disney Channel is headed back to Avalor. Today, the network announced season two of Elena of Avalor will premiere this Saturday, October 14th.The animated children's series centers on Elena (voiced by Aimee Carrero), the teenage princess of a magical kingdom. The voice cast also includes Jenna Ortega, Chris Parnell, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Carlos Alazraqui.Read More…
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Trailer For Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie Will Make Fans of the Series Happy

Nickelodeon has released the first trailer for their new animated film Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie. If any of you were ever fans of the animated series that ended in 2004, I'm sure you'll be happy with what this trailer has to offer.

The film picks up where the original series left off and the story follows the kids "on the field trip of a lifetime, where Arnold and his friends embark on a quest to achieve his dream of finding his missing parents."

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie will premiere on Friday, November 24th, from 7:00-9:00pm.

The movie was co-written and executive produced by creator Craig Bartlett. The movie features original voice cast members Francesca Marie Smith (The Prince of Egypt) as Helga and Anndi McAfee (Tom and Jerry: The Movie) as Phoebe, alongside dynamic new voice talent Mason Vale Cotton (Mad Men) as Arnold and Benjamin “Lil’ P-Nut” Flores,
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Being the voice of the Taco Bell dog was Carlos Alazraqui’s easiest paycheck

Carlos Alazraqui is best known for his extensive voice work, including being the original voice of Rocko and Spunky on Rocko’s Modern Life, and his live action work as Deputy James Garcia on Reno 911! One lesser-known credit to his name is the “Taco Bell chihuahua” of the late ’90s. Earlier this year, Alazraqui was…

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‘Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling’ Sneak Peek Revealed at Comic-Con

The first look at Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling was revealed during a recent Comic-Con presentation, and I'm happy to report that it's exactly what I wanted/needed/expected from a reboot. The animation is crisp but in keeping with the original style, the humor is spot-on, and the meta references are just as good today as they were in the 90s, if not better. I can’t wait to see more! Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling stars Carlos Alazraqui as Rocko, Spunky, and Leon; Tom Kenny as Heffer Wolfe, Chuck, and Really Really …
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Emily S. Whitten: Nickelodeon, Squishy Seats… and Me!

  • Comicmix
Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Nickelodeon Animation Studio and their new Entertainment Lab in Burbank, CA. I chatted with Chris Young, Senior Vice President for the Entertainment Lab; Chris Savino, creator of The Loud House; and Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz, creator of Shimmer and Shine. I played around in their newly developed immersive and interactive Vr experience; sat in on a recording session for Shimmer and Shine; stopped in to say hi to Ciro Nieli, executive producer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and see his cool office; and viewed all kinds of creativity in progress during the studio tour.

And let me tell you: the experience was awesome.

As in, so awesome, I’m wondering how Alternate Me could get a job there. Because let’s be honest – there are office jobs that look like The Office, and then there are workplaces like Nickelodeon, which has slime stairs, a SpongeBob wall,
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‘Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling’: First Look at Revival Movie Debuts at Comic-Con — Watch

‘Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling’: First Look at Revival Movie Debuts at Comic-Con — Watch
Rocko’s Modern Life” is about to take a fresh look at modern life, and the animated wallaby — who hasn’t been seen since 1996 — isn’t exactly a huge fan of what he sees.

The opposite could be said of his fans, who gave a rapturous ovation to the first footage screened publicly of the new movie, “Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling.” The revival special doesn’t debut until 2018, but Comic-Con attendees got to see Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt return to earth — after being stuck in space for the last 20 years — and witness how they experience a modernized O-Town for the first time.

“The last time we saw our heroes, they were in outer space. This picks up exactly where we left off,” director Cosmo Segurson said during the hour-long panel discussion. “They’re reacting to now. The characters have not changed — decidedly so.”

Read MoreThe 20 Best Sci-Fi
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Comic-Con 2017: The Gifted, The Orville, 300th Family Guy and More Fox Panels

Comic-Con 2017: The Gifted, The Orville, 300th Family Guy and More Fox Panels
It’s almost that time of year when hordes of TV fans storm San Diego to get a sneak peek at their favorite returning shows and a glimpse of the upcoming season’s best new offerings at Comic-Con 2017. Below, we’ve compiled the dates, times and locations of all the major TV-related events.

Photos2017 Fall TV Preview: Your Guide to What’s New

We’ll be updating this page as more panels are announced, so make sure to bookmark it and check back often!

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Legion (FX) | Tba

Rocko’s Modern Life: Return to Earth!
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Rocko’s Modern Life reunites original voice cast for TV movie

Last August it was revealed that the beloved 90s cartoon Rocko’s Modern Life is set for a return to Nickelodeon for a one-hour TV special, and now it has been announced that the original voice cast has signed on for a return to O-Town for Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling.

EW reports that the returning cast includes Carlos Alazraqui as Rocko (as well as Spunky and Leon), Tom Kenny as Heffer (as well as Chuck and Really Really Big Man), Mr. Lawrence as Filburt Turtle, Charlie Adler as Ed and Bev Bighead (plus Mr. Dupette, Grandpa Wolfe, and Mrs. Fathead), Linda Wallem as Aunt Gretchen and Dr. Hutchinson, Jill Talley as Nosey, and Joe Murray as Ralph. Steve Little and Cosmo Segurson have also signed on to lend their voice to characters.

The official synopsis reveals that Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling “brings the characters
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Rocko's Modern Life Movie Gets a Title, Brings Back Original Cast

Rocko's Modern Life Movie Gets a Title, Brings Back Original Cast
Rocko, Heffer, Filburt, and yes, Spunky the dog, along with the rest of O-Town are headed back to Nickelodeon for the long-awaited Rocko's Modern Life revival next year. More than twenty years after it first went off the air, one of the most fondly remembered shows of Nickelodeon's golden age is coming back for a special TV movie. The good news? The entire original cast is set to return for the special, which has been given an official title as well.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Nickelodeon has officially titled the upcoming one-hour TV special, Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling. Joe Murray, who created the original series, is on board to write and executive produce the special for the network, which is another very important piece of the puzzle for fans. Here's the synopsis for Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling. And yes, Rock and the gang have been in outer space for more than two decades.

"[Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling] brings the characters back to Earth after being lost in outer space since 1996. Rocko has trouble accepting this 21st century modern life, while Heffer and Filburt embrace every aspect of new technology, social media and the endless diversity of food trucks. Rocko whole-heartedly believes that his nostalgia for the past can save him from the tortures of the modern world."

Interesting approach. It seems that they are aware that the audience who used to watch the show has grown up and, as such, they are taking a bit of a social commentary approach. More importantly than that, all of the voice actors who made Rocko's Modern Life what it was are going to reprise their roles for the show. Carlos Alazraqui is back primarily as Rocko, but also Spunky and Leon. Tom Kenny, the man behind Spongebob, is back as Heffer, in addition to Chuck and Really Really Big Man. Other cast members include Mr. Lawrence as Filburt Turtle, Charlie Adler as Ed and Bev Bighead, Linda Wallem as Aunt Gretchen and Dr. Hutchinson, Jill Talley as Nosey, and Joe Murray as Ralph. Two new cast members in the form of Steve Little (Adventure Time) and Cosmo Segurson have also come on board.

This is not the only Nicktoons revival that the network currently has in production. Nickelodeon is also going to be airing Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie later this year, as well as an Invader Zim revival next year. 90s nostalgia is not something Nickelodeon is willing to ignore at this point.

Rocko's Modern Life aired for a total of four seasons from 1993 to 1996 with a total of 52 episodes. The series, in the same vein of something like Ren and Stimpy, has some mature themes hidden within the framework of a kid-friendly TV series. Like the theory that Rocko works for a phone sex hotline, for example. We can only hope that Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling will bring in some of that same mature humor. Nickelodeon has yet to set a release date for the special yet, but we will be sure to keep you up to date as more information is made available.
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Rocko's Modern Life: Original Voice Cast Reuniting for TV Movie in 2018

Rocko's Modern Life: Original Voice Cast Reuniting for TV Movie in 2018
After being lost in space for more than two decades, Rocko and his pals — and, you know, the Bigheads — are returning to Earth. And they’re all in for a rude awakening.

RelatedHey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie: Original Cast Will Return, Nick Confirms

Nickelodeon on Thursday officially announced that a one-hour TV special, Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling, will reunite the animated series’ original voice cast as the characters adjust to life in the 21st century.

And some will adjust more successfully than others. Per the network, “Heffer and Filburt embrace every aspect of new technology, social
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Elena of Avalor: Season Three Renewal for Disney Channel Series

Disney Channel has renewed the animated Elena of Avalor TV show for a third season. The House of Mouse just ordered season two back in August of 2016.The Elena of Avalor voice cast includes: Aimee Carrero, Jenna Ortega, Chris Parnell, Yvette Nicole Brown, Carlos Alazraqui, Emiliano Díez, Julia Vera, Christian Lanz, Jillian Rose Reed, Joseph Haro, Jorge Diaz, Keith Ferguson and Joe Nunez. Learn more from the Disney Channel press release.Read More…
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Zootopia leads winners of the 2017 Annie Awards

The 44th annual Annie Awards took place this past weekend, with Disney’s Zootopia the big winner on the night, collecting six honours in total including Best Animated Feature and Best Directing in an Animated Feature Production.

Disney also celebrated wins for Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production (a tie between Zootopia’s Jason Bateman and Moana’s Auli’i Cravalho), Best Animated Short (Disney-Pixar’s Piper), and Editorial in a TV/Broadcast Production (Disney Mikey Mouse). Check out a full list of winners in all the categories here…

Best Animated Feature


Walt Disney Animation Studios

Best Animated Special Production

Pear Cider and Cigarettes

Massive Swerve Studios and Passion Pictures Animation

Best Animated Short Subject


Pixar Animation Studios

Best Animated Television/Broadcast Commercial

“Loteria ‘Night Shift’”

Passion Pictures Ltd

Best General Audience Animated Television/Broadcast Production

“Bob’s Burgers”

Episode: Glued, Where’s My Bob?

Bento Box
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‘Zootopia’ Wins Top Prize at Annie Awards

‘Zootopia’ Wins Top Prize at Annie Awards
Disney’s “Zootopia” is on a roll, following up its Golden Globes victory by topping the 44th Annual Annie Awards with six wins, including best animated feature.

As a studio, Disney racked up 10 awards total on the animation industry’s big night, presented by Asifa-Hollywood on Saturday at UCLA’s Royce Hall.

Zootopia” directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore as well as writers Jared Bush and Phil Johnston took trophies, as did Cory Loftis for character design, Dean Wellins for storyboarding, and Jason Bateman, the voice of fox Nick Wilde, who shared the voice acting in a feature win with “Moana” star Auli’i Cravalho.

In addition to Cravalho’s win, Disney’s “Moana” took home an Annie for animated effects in a feature (Marlon West, Erin V. Ramos, Blair Pierpont, Ian J. Coony, and John M. Kosnik).

Disney rounded out its night with wins for its TV series “Disney
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Review: Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants

  • Comicmix
There is no creative reason Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants exists. It is merely a vehicle to promote toys for the younger segment of fan. Essentially, if you have enjoyed any of the previous Batman Unlimited offerings – Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts and Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem — this will be equally entertaining.

In this relatively thin screenplay from Kevin Burke & Chris “Doc” Wyatt, to Batman (Roger Craig Smith) and Green Arrow (Chris Diamantopolous), resort to wearing mech suits to sop the latest wave of terror in Gotham City courtesy of Mister Freeze (Oded Fehr) and Penguin (Dana Snyder). This time they have turned Bane (Carlos Alazraqui) and Killer Croc (John Dimaggio) into oversized monsters, necessitating the heroes suit up. And to help even the odds, they recruit Robin (Lucien Dodge), Nightwing (Will Friedle), and The Flash (Charles Schlatter).

The mayhem moves at a reasonable pace thanks to the steady direction of
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Rocko's Modern Life: Nickelodeon Reviving Animated Series for New Special

Retro is the new modern. Nickelodeon is reviving the animated Rocko's Modern Life TV show as a new, one-hour TV special. The original Rocko's Modern Life was cancelled in 1996 after three years on the cable outlet.Nick announced the order and says original series creator Joe Murray has boarded the project as an executive producer. Casting has yet to be announced, so it is unclear whether the original voice cast, including Carlos Alazraqui, Tom Kenny, Doug Lawrence, and Charlie Adler will return. Learn more from this Nickelodeon press release.Read More…
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Elena of Avalor: Second Season Renewal for Disney Channel Animated Series

The Kingdom of Avalor heaves a collective sigh of relief. The Elena of Avalor TV show has been renewed for a second season on Disney Channel and Disney Junior. Princess Elena also debuted at Walt Disney World in Florida, today. Check out a photo, below.The Elena of Avalor TV series voice cast includes: Aimee Carrero, Jenna Ortega, Chris Parnell, Yvette Nicole Brown, Carlos Alazraqui, Emiliano Díez, Julia Vera, Christian Lanz, Jillian Rose Reed, Joseph Haro, Jorge Diaz, Keith Ferguson and Joe Nunez. Recurring are: Constance Marie, Lou Diamond Phillips, Justina Machado, Jaime Camil, Rich Sommer, Tyler Posey, Lucas Grabeel and Echo Kellum. Gaby Moreno performs the series’ theme song and will also voice a guest role.Read More…
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