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[DVD Review] Dungeons & Dragons: 2-Movie Collection

There are a lot of bad movies out there. Some are bad and some are just plain awful. Dungeons & Dragons and its made-for-dvd sequel D&D: Wrath of the Dragon God fall under this category. Both films based on the popular fantasy role-playing game of the same name have now been released in a Blu-ray 2-movie pack. Joy.

The first movie D&D takes place in the mythical Empire of Izmer, a place where two classes of people inhabit the land, Mages and commoners. The Mages possess special magical powers and the commoners live in poverty and often resort to crime. An over the top Jeremy Irons stars as an evil Mage named Profion who plans to dethrone the ruler of the land Empress Savina played by a wooden Thora Birch. Aware of Profion’s sinister plot, Savina must obtain the Rod of Savrille, a powerful scepter which controls dragons.
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