Cartels DVD Review

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Cartels DVD Review
Title: Cartels Lionsgate Director: Keoni Waxman Writer: Keoni Waxman & Richard Beattie Cast: Steven Seagal, Luke Goss, Georges St-Pierre, Martine Argent, Florin Piersic Jr. Rated: R (Violence/Language) Running time: 100 min Special Features: Trailer Available: Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD September 19 U.S. Marshall Major Tom Jensen (Luke Goss, Death Race 2 & 3) joins a team of […]

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‘Killing Salazar’ Review

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Stars: Steven Seagal, Luke Goss, Georges St-Pierre, Darren E. Scott, Florin Piersic Jr., Martine Argent, Lauro Chartrand, Bruce Crawford, Adina Galupa, Claudiu Bleont | Written by Keoni Waxman, Richard Beattie | Directed by Keoni Waxman

It has been a long time since I’ve reviewed a direct-to-market Steven Seagal movie, in fact its been some time since I’ve so much as watched one for my own “pleasure”. I skipped over Sniper: Special Ops, Asian Connection, Code of Honour, and the most recent Dtv release End of a Gun, maily because after buying, watching, and often reviewing, every single film starring Seagal until the aforementioned I was suffering from Seagal burnout… A condition that often comes about in an audience when they realise that the once-agile former martial arts superstar has succumbed to appearing in extended cameos in the hopes that long-suffering fans – like myself – will buy the film on his name
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Michael Sheen to make directorial debut with Green River Killer




Michael Sheen is writing and directing The Green River Killer, based on the true story...

Michael Sheen will make his feature directorial debut and star in the upcoming true crime thriller Green River Killer, about the most prolific American serial killer in history, based on confirmed murders. The star of Masters of Sex also wrote the screenplay, based on Dark Horse Entertainment’s graphic novel Green River Killer: A True Detective Story, which in turn was written by the lead investigator’s son Jeff Jensen, and illustrated by artist Jonathan Case.

The Green River Killer, Gary Leon Ridgway, strangled at least 49 women in Washington State during the 1980s and 1990s. Ridgeway got his nickname after the first five victims were found in the Green River. Detective Tom Jensen worked the case from 1984 to 2001, first as part of a task force and then as the only full-time investigator.
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Sheen to direct 'Green River Killer' for QC

Michael Sheen is to make his feature directing debut on - and star in - the true crime thriller, based on the actor’s own script

Los Angeles-based independent QC Entertainment is to finance and produce true crime thriller Green River Killer, with Michael Sheen (pictures) starring and making his feature directing debut.

The film will be based on Sheen’s own screenplay, adapted from Jeff Jensen’s graphic novel Green River Killer: A True Detective Story, about American serial killer Gary Ridgway (to be played by Sheen) and Tom Jensen, the man who hunted Ridgwayfor two decades. The script was included on last year’s Black List of highly regarded but unproduced screenplays.

Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg of Dark Horse Entertainment, publisher of the graphic novel, will produce with Sheen and QC’s Sean McKittrick and Ray Mansfield. QC’s Edward H Hamm Jr and Shaun Redick will serve as executive producers.

ICM Partners and QC
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Michael Sheen To Direct First Film with ‘Green River Killer’

Michael Sheen is set to both star in and make his directorial debut with “Green River Killer.” The film will follow Tom Jensen, a detective who dedicated 20 years of his life searching for and eventually catching the Green River Killer — a serial killer who took 49 lives in Seattle during the ’80s and ’90s.

Sheen will play the killer, Gary Ridgway. He also wrote the script for the film, which was adapted from the Dark Horse Entertainment graphic novel by Tom Jensen’s son “Green River Killer: A True Detective Story” and had placed amongst the best on the Black List in 2015.

Read More: ‘Masters of Sex’ Creator Michelle Ashford on Season 4 Plans and Beyond

The film will be produced and financed by QC Entertainment. Producers Sean McKittrick and Ray Mansfield said, “Michael has written an elegant script which brings his sophisticated vision to subverting the typical serial killer movie. Jensen
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Michael Sheen To Direct "Green River Killer"

Michael Sheen ("Underworld," "Tron: Legacy") will both star in and make his feature directorial debut on the thriller "Green River Killer" for QC Entertainment.

Sheen will portray the serial killer Gary Ridgway, who pleaded guilty in 2003 to forty-eight charges of first-degree murder of women in the state of Washington during the 1980s and 1990s. Ridgway was spared the death penalty in exchange for co-operation in locating the victims.

The story of follows the relationship between Ridgway and Tom Jensen, the latter spent two decades hunting the Green River Killer and is soon forced to live and work together with him in a dark alliance to uncover the truth.

Sheen will direct from his own screenplay, which made last year's Black List and is based on Jeff Jensen's Eisner award-winning graphic novel about the true story tale. Sheen, Mike Richardson, Keith Goldberg, Sean McKittrick and Ray Mansfield will produce.

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Could Ashley Judd Win A Senate Seat In Kentucky?

Could Ashley Judd Win A Senate Seat In Kentucky?
Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-Ky.) unpopularity in his home state might leave him susceptible to a 2014 challenge, including a potential Senate bid by actress Ashley Judd, according to a poll released Tuesday by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling.

Although Kentucky remains deeply Republican, McConnell's low approval ratings -- the worst of any senator nationally, according to Ppp -- could make him vulnerable. Just 37 percent of Kentucky voters approve of his performance, while 55 percent disapprove.

McConnell, who eked out a slim victory in 2008, has already begun preparing to fight for reelection. He hired former Ron Paul strategist Jesse Benton to run a "presidential-level campaign in Kentucky," McConnell said in a statement in September.

While some speculated the move was meant to ward off potential Tea Party rivals, Ppp found that half of Gop voters would like to see McConnell as their party's nominee, while just 35 percent would favor someone more conservative.
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Colbert Leads Gop Candidate In New Poll

Colbert Leads Gop Candidate In New Poll
Update: During an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, Huntsman responded to the poll results.

“Well when I was on his show recently he promised me the Colbert bump," Huntsman said. "I think we are getting that here in New Hampshire, now I am going to be looking for the Colbert bump in South Carolina."

Huntsman appeared on "The Colbert Report" in October.

Previously: A new Ppp poll shows Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert edging out Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman in South Carolina's upcoming Gop primary, despite the fact that the comedian is not actually on the ballot.

The new poll, released on Tuesday, shows five percent of primary voters in the Palmetto State picking Colbert, while four percent choose Huntsman. Former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer also trailed Colbert with just one percent of primary voters supporting him.

"Even if Huntsman finishes second in New Hampshire tonight it doesn't
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The Social Media Massacre Redefines Unsettling!

December 22, 2010 – From writer and director Ron Purtee comes The Social Media Massacre. The story of Sam, a mid-western web designer who has an issue with being alone. Through a series of vlogs, we find out that Sam has a unique way of dealing with that. The Social Media Massacre was written and directed by Ron Purtee. Starring Charlie Bussian and Sasha Corrigall. Produced by Tom Jensen, Ron Purtee and Charlie Bussian. The Social Media Massacre is currently available online at Becoming Undead Films website, Related Posts:Frankenstein enters social Media?Horror Talk: 11.10.10Slime City Massacre: Media Blasters gains rightsGet Social with like Horror Fans!!More new behind-the-scenes images from ‘Scream 4′ & Casting Update©2010 Horror | Horror Movies, News, Films, Free | Horror Reviews. All Rights Reserved..
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Ron Purtee Talks The Social Media Massacre

The making of genre films (or even shorts) has long been something every fan dreamt of. For years it was something many filmmakers aspired to, but the technology was out of reach due to its exorbitant expense and inherent unavailability. Now, with high definition video cameras available at Best Buy and an open-door policy at online sites like YouTube, that dream isn’t so far off. Case in point: Ron Purtee.

A longtime contributor to YouTube, he not so long ago made up his mind to go out and make a film which he planned to put up for people to enjoy. That film, Becoming Undead, got a lot of traffic and proved he had something of value to say to an obviously eager audience. Time went on and more projects were considered. Recently, Ron released The Social Media Massacre and even more people have taken notice. Part of a proposed trilogy of short films,
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Bound to Happen: The Social Media Massacre

From writer and director Ron Purtee comes The Social Media Massacre , which you can now view at . The film is the story of Sam, a mid-western web designer who has an issue with being alone. Through a series of vlogs, we find out that Sam has a unique way of dealing with that. Charlie Bussian and Sasha Corrigall star. Tom Jensen, Purtee and Charlie Bussian produced.
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Get Ready for The Social Media Massacre!

Social networking has changed the way that we interact during our day-to-day lives. Every second of every day millions of people are connecting and reconnecting. Some find friends, some find lovers, and others ... well, others find victims.

From writer and director Ron Purtee comes The Social Media Massacre. The story of Sam, a Midwestern web designer who has an issue with being alone. Through a series of vlogs, we find out that Sam has a unique way of dealing with that.

The Social Media Massacre stars Charlie Bussian and Sasha Corrigall; it's produced by Tom Jensen, Ron Purtee and Charlie Bussian.

For more hit up the official Becoming Undead website. Hit up the movie below. It's pretty damned chilling, and Purtee looks to be an indie talent to really keep an eye on.

- Uncle Creepy

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Recap – Leverage 3.12: “The King George Job”

We’re already just two episodes away from the end of Leverage‘s summer run. After tonight, only one more episode remains before our crew ends season three. (At least if you believe TNT’s marketing. There’s a back half coming.) How the time flies by, huh?

Sophie and Nate are at the airport, trying to get close enough to get near the infamous Damien Moreau, who’s been blackmailing them all season. Hardison is doing his best customs officer impression, while Eliot looks smashing in the pilot’s outfit. Their plan is to get their hands on a guy named Keller, who works for Moreau and is using refugee kids to smuggle valuable artifacts into the country. I get excited because Keller is played by James Frain, who gave a really great performance as Paul Raines on 24 before he got killed off. He’s probably not going to die here,
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Drawing on Your Nightmares: Heading to Crypticon

I’m writing this from Wheatfield, Wyoming, in the middle of nowhere, a very small, cool town, on a road trip to celebrate the constantly changing state of being alive. This weekend I’ll be celebrating other things, as I wend my way to Seattle for Crypticon. I’ve never done this show before, but my experience of horror cons is that they’re even wilder than comic cons. Looking forward to this weekend in Seattle a lot, although it’s gonna be weird to meet all these new faces after a week of solitary traveling.

And it’s ironic to be going to Seattle for a horror convention, because the last time I was in Seattle, a few months ago, it was for a comics convention, and a little something extra which derailed my writing of this blog.

In Seattle at Emerald City ComiCon, we announced The Green River Killer: A Detective Story,
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