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Print Biographies (7)

Joe Tarr. The Words and Music of Patti Smith. Praeger Publishers, 2008. ISBN 9780275994112
Frank Stefanko. Patti Smith: American Artist. San Rafael: Insight Editions, 2006. ISBN 9781933784069
Victor Bockris. Patti Smith: An Unauthorized Biography. New York City: Simon & Schuster, 1999. ISBN 9780684823638
Nick Johnstone. Patti Smith: A Biography. London: Omnibus Press, 1997. ISBN 9780711961937
Mark Paytress. Break It Up. London: Piatkus Books, 2006. ISBN 0749951079
Patti Smith. Just Kids. New York: Ecco Books, 2010.
Patti Smith. M Train. New York: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015. ISBN 1408867699

Film Biographies (1)

Portrayals (2)

Interviews (7)

MOJO (GB) August 2022, Iss. 345, pg. 72-81, by: Andrew Male, "A Body Of Evidence: Patti Smith - singer, poet, warrior... But also detective, collecting the clues that build a picture of herself. As her rock 'n' roll mission hits the road once more, she takes time to share some of her most meaningful possessions, prompting talk of desks and dancing, new songs and old, sadness and hope."
El Pais Semanal (ES) March 25 2007, Vol. 1591, pg. 12-17, by: Manrique, Diego A., "Patti Smith, tan guerrera como siempre"
The Guardian (GB) January 19 2007, by: Laura Barton, "'I had a lot of guts back then'"
The Independent on Sunday (GB) September 10 2006, Iss. 863, pg. 30, by: Liz Hoggard, "The IOS Interview: Rock's greatest survivor"
T2 (Times supplement) (GB) April 13 2004, pg. 6-7, by: Andrew Billen, "'I'm not the visionary Blake was'"
SPIN (US) April 1988, Vol. 4, Iss. 1, pg. 70-74+81, by: William S. Burroughs, "When Patti Rocked"
Penthouse (US) April 1976, by: Nick Tosches

Articles (25)

The Wall Street Journal (US) November 13 2022, Vol. CCLXXX, Iss. 114, pg. C5, by: Rich Cohen, "How Patti Smith Found the Dark Side of 'You Light Up My Life'"
MOJO (GB) November 2021, Iss. 336, pg. 52-57, by: Lenny Kaye, "Here She Comes"
Record Collector (GB) August 2019, Iss. 495, pg. 94, by: Hannah Vettese, "'From CBGB To The World:' Patti Smith - 'Horses'"
Cleveland Plain Dealer (US) April 10 2015, pg. D6, by: Laura DeMarco, "'I felt I Was Home'"
Asbury Park Press (US) December 5 2010, Vol. 132, Iss. 29, pg. E4, by: Laura Martin, "Patti Smith Goes to Princeton"
Asbury Park Press (US) November 14 2010, Vol. 132, Iss. 26, pg. A8, by: The Associated Press, "Lauper, Browne Headline Rousing Lennon Tribute"
Asbury Park Press (US) April 30 2010, Vol. 131, Iss. 103, pg. JA12 & JA13, by: Chris Jordan, "Courting History"
The New York Times (US) January 18 2010, Vol. 159, Iss. 54,924, pg. C1 & C8, by: Janet Maslin, "Bohemian Soul Mates in Obscurity"
The New York Times (US) December 31 2009, Vol. 159, Iss. 54,906, pg. C1 & C5, by: Ben Ratliff, "The Laid-Back Feel of a Year-End Tradition"
The New York Times (US) December 21 2009, Vol. 159, Iss. 54,896, pg. C1 & C5, by: Edward Wyatt, "A Legend as Muse: Patti Smith Fills Role"
The Independent (GB) June 12 2008, by: James Mottram, "Patti Smith: The original queen of punk is back"
The New York Times (US) March 3 2008, Vol. 157, Iss. 54,238, pg. E2, by: Stephen Holden, "Patti Smith in the Parlor, Still Raw and Rock 'n' Roll"
The New York Times (US) September 6 2007, Vol. 156, Iss. 54,059, pg. E2, by: Ben Sisario, "Opening Delayed At Brooklyn Club"
The Guardian (GB) March 13 2007, by: Patti Smith, "Love and an electric guitar"
Le Soir (BE) July 12 2005, Iss. 161, pg. 28, "Patti Smith, commandeur"
Uncut (GB) July 2005, Iss. 98, pg. 76-82+84, by: Nick Hasted, "Club For Heroes: It may be threatened with closure but, 30 years ago, legendary New York dive CBGBs helped kickstart the US punk revolution, providing the space for Patti Smith, the Ramones, Television, Blondie, Richard Hell and Talking Heads to change rock music forever"
Vimagazino (GR) July 11 2004, Iss. 196, pg. 36-38, by: Konstandinos Zahopoulos, "Giagia giati ta dondia sou einai tosso koftera ?"
MOJO (GB) May 2002, Iss. 102, pg. 114-115, by: Chris Nelson, "Tear the roof off this, mother! The single life of a poet."
Classic Rock (GB) April 2002, Iss. 39, pg. 66-67, by: Carol Clerk, "Patti Smith: Long before rap, this legendary New York artist was bringing poetry to rock."
Mojo (GB) October 2001, Iss. 95, pg. 92, "'100 Punk Scorchers!': Christ Almighty - 8) Patti Smith - Gloria"
Playboy (GR) May 2000, Vol. 2, Iss. 53, pg. 82, by: Teo Ioannou, "Epanastatria me aitia"
Pop & Rock (GR) March 2000, Iss. 250, pg. 106,107, by: Aggelos Kovaios, "Gung Ho"
Dépêche Mode (FR) July 1999, Iss. 130, pg. 18, by: Dominique Vinant, "REM invite Patti Smith : à ne pas rater"
Phonograph Record Magazine (US) May 1978, by: Lester Bangs, "Patti Smith's Top 40 Insurrection"
Hit Parader (US) April 1978, Iss. 165, pg. 7-8, by: Lisa Robinson, "Yum Yum The Stars Are Out: Patti At The Planetarium"

Pictorials (6)

Huge Magazine (JP) November 2009, Iss. 62, pg. 148-151, "By 'Yoshie Tominaga'"
Het Nieuwsblad (BE) June 12 2007, Vol. 74, Iss. 156, pg. 38, "Patti Smith rockt nog op haar zestigste"
Le Soir (BE) March 8 2005, Iss. 56, pg. 2, "Les actrices"
Celebrity Sleuth (US) 1993, Vol. 7, Iss. 1, pg. 80-81, by: staff, "Return To Gender: Patti Smith"
Celebrity Sleuth (US) 1986, Vol. 1, Iss. 3, pg. 46-47, by: staff, "Patti Smith"
Playboy (US) December 1978, Vol. 25, Iss. 12, pg. 389, by: Lynn Goldsmith, "Grapevine: Different Strokes for Different Folks"

Magazine Covers (2)

MOJO (GB) August 2022, Iss. 345
Rolling Stone (US) July 27 1978

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