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Oscars: Suite Rewards Where Hollywood Gets Styled, Gifted and Glammed

Here’s where Hollywood’s VIPs will be getting royally primped and red-carpet-ready.


Roger Neal’s Style Hollywood 19th Annual Beauty and Couture Academy Award Suite

When: Feb. 18-20, 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m.

Where: Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel, Rodeo Drive penthouse

Posh perks: Over 200 stars and several nominees stop by to be beautified with eyelashes, manis, massages and Tanique tans, while perusing glamorous fashions. VIPs could leave with a couture gown from Rhonda Shear’s debut Oscar collection, a Madeline Beth clutch and a gift bag valued at $23k — plus the joy of helping orphans through charity partner Hollygrove.


Vanity Fair, Lancôme and Clarisonic Makeup Artist Spa Day

When: 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Where: Ciel Spa at the Sls Hotel

Posh Perks: An intimate afternoon spa day and beauty sesh with Vanity Fair beauty director SunHee Grinnell and some of the industry’s top makeup artists.
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Monstervision: The Saturday Drive-In

“This is Joe Bob Briggs reminding you that the Drive-In will Never Die!”

In 1993, Monstervision on TNT in America, was mostly a program that aired old horror movies and science fiction with the occasional hosting from magicians Penn and Teller. During the early nineties, many cable channels hadn’t yet solidified their formats, and horror hosts were still ways to fill late night television since most channels couldn’t afford original programming. During that time, esteemed and controversial film critic John Bloom (known by his pen name Joe Bob Briggs), finished his tenure at the Movie Channel, which had also began changing its format.

Briggs was unfortunately released from his acclaimed show where he introduced uncut movies for his fans with his color commentary book ending the movies. The prologues and closers often featured comedy with the Briggs character, when he wasn’t interviewing genre favorites like Linnea Quigley. He
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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: All 51 Miss Golden Globes Are Five Degrees (or Less) from Sosie Bacon

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: All 51 Miss Golden Globes Are Five Degrees (or Less) from Sosie Bacon
Sosie Bacon may only be 21, but she has a lot going for her. On top of being 2014's Miss Golden Globe, through her father Kevin Bacon, she is connected to nearly everyone in Hollywood - including every other previous Miss Golden Globe, most of whom are also the daughters (or sons) of industry power players. And while some have a connection through their famous parents, others, such as Laura Dern (who happens to have famous parents), are also connected through their own work. Don't believe us? Here's how you get from young Ms. Bacon to all of her famous predecessors,
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Cinemax Has Become Uncomfortable in Its Skin

TV viewers are accustomed to seeing a lot of Beverly Lynne on Cinemax — with good reason. She has appeared in dozens of latenight movies on the HBO-owned service. You know the ones. At one time, Lynne said, she made as many as 12 movies a year — erotica fare with titles such as “The Bikini Escort Company” and “Busty Housewives of Beverly Hills.” But times have changed: “It has definitely slowed down the last couple of years,” she said.

While HBO said its volume of softcore films for wee-hours Cinemax remains the same, it has quietly moved over the past two years to tamp down the channel’s notoriety as “Skinemax,” even at the risk of losing some of its loyal viewers.

Yes, there’s still flesh on display in original Cinemax series like “Strike Back” and “Banshee,” and you can still see skin-bearing series such as “The Girl’s Guide to Depravity,
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Horrifying Special Preview Arrives for Squirrel Comic

Squirrel is arriving in horrific style with blood and gore everywhere. The comic's story revolves around bloodthirsty squirrels who are out for vengeance and is a parody story of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. Read on to learn more!

Squirrel is a parody of the Alfred Hitchcock classic The Birds, wherein a flock of birds attack a sleepy Northern California community, creating chaos and death everywhere. The 1963 film starred Tippi Hedren, Jessica Tandy, Suzanne Pleshette, and Rod Taylor. The movie is famous for its inspirational camera angles and frames and some of the most memorable cinematic scenes from Alfred Hitchcock.

Bringing the comic book to life is the nutty gang from Legends of Heroes and Villains; Richard Zerga and Kristi Zerga are once again putting their unique art skills to work as the did with Taffy Love Is Not a Laughing Matter, another collaboration between the Comic Book Divas and Lhv Publishing.
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Epix Sized Clips from Roger Corman's Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader

From legendary producer Roger Corman, the director of Dinoshark, and the screenwriter of Sharktopus comes Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader. The Epix original movie is set to premiere on that network August 25th, and in anticipation of the premiere they’ve released a slew of video clips.

Former Georgia Teen USA 2007 Jena Sims stars as Cassie Stratford, an aspiring college cheerleader who consumes an experimental drug that grants her beauty and enough athletic ability to make the cheer squad. It also has a very unfortunate side effect that you should be able to ascertain from the film’s title.

Sean Young (Blade Runner) appears as Cassie’s mom, and Ted Raimi (“Xena: Warrior Princess”) plays a professor. Mary Woronov (Death Race 2000), Ryan Merriman (“Pretty Little Liars”), and Treat Williams (Deep Rising) also appear in this cheerily campy Corman creation.

Epix has made available the film’s trailer and a
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More Boobs, Blood, and Bacon: Porkchop 2: Rise of the Rind (2011)

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the woods, writer/director Eamon Hardiman brings us an all-new chapter in the legacy of West Virginia’s pig faced psychopath Porkchop in Porkchop 2: Rise of the Rind. Following a new kid in town named Simon who just happened to of moved into Porkchop’s old house and a local girl named Meg who is obsessed with Porkchop’s story as they try to survive high school life in rural West Virginia. After Simon’s parents go out of town, the two teens plan a beer bash at the Porkchop residence setting into a motion a night filled with screams.

Two minutes and forty-five seconds into this film I had already experienced some punk rock girl on girl action presented with a dash of gore. Needless to say at that moment I sat back and prepared myself for a
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Kids Go to the Woods…Kids Get Dead (2009) Review

By Michael Juvinall, MoreHorror.com

Starring: Leah Rudick, Andrew Waffenschmidt, Joseph Campellone, Carly Goodspeed, Meghan Miller, Eric Carpenter, Amanda Rising, and Kevin Shea

Written and Directed by: Michael Hall

I have to give first time writer/director Michael Hall a lot of credit for trying some interesting approaches to his film, Kids Go to the Woods…Kids Get Dead. The film is meant to be a return to the slasher film style of the 1980’s, with lots of blood, lots of sex and nudity, and laughs (some intentional, some not). Hall was aiming for a throwback film reminiscent of early 80’s shockers such as Friday the 13th, The Prowler, or virtually any masked slasher film ever made, and for the most part he succeeded.

What makes Hall’s attempt somewhat unique is that he tries to give the film a late-night cable feel to it with a sultry, wise-cracking hostess
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Comic Book Divas Reveals Cover for Upcoming Comic Squirrel

Comic Book Divas is a comic publishing company founded and run by comic enthusiast Jeff Hughes. To help promote Comic Book Divas' upcoming publication Squirrel, a sneak peek of the special issue has been released.

Squirrel is a parody of Hitchcock's classic horror tale The Birds starring everyone's favorite rodents as the bad guys. The comic stars Pj Soles, Rhonda Shear, Lily Cardone, Anjanette Clewis, Sara Barrett, Amanda Dyar, and Kristen Hall and features art by Richard Zerga and Kristi Elizabeth Zerga. The full version of the comic will be released in September 2012 and will be purchasable through the Comic Book Divas website. Read on for more details!

About Comic Book Divas

Comic Book Divas is a small press comic book publishing company that works with women from around the entertainment industry such as models, actresses, and horror film scream queens from around the country and features them in the pages of our comics.
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Sharon Needles Wins RuPaul's Drag Race

All hail the queen! After weeks of competition - not to mention countless wigs, sparkling outfits and especially oddly colored contact lenses - Sharon Needles was crowned America's Next Drag Superstar on RuPaul's Drag Race. Sharon, from Pittsburgh's underground drag community, beat out polished veteran performer Chad Michaels and a feisty young showgirl named Phi Phi O'Hara on Monday's episode. The queens from the Logo show's fourth season were at a party at Xl nightclub in New York City to watch the show and celebrate Sharon's big win, which includes a $100,000 prize. Sharon, 30, spoke with People about being raised by
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J Astro Reviews: “Def-con 4/Hell Comes To Frogtown” DVD

J Astro Reviews: “Def-con 4/Hell Comes To Frogtown” DVD
Def-con 4

1985 Canada 88min

Director: Paul Donovan, et al

Starring: Lenore Zann, Maury Chaykin, Tim Choate, Kate Lynch, Kevin King, and Jeff Pustil

Hell Comes To Frogtown

1988 USA 86min

Director: Donald G. Jackson and R.J. Kizer

Starring: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Sandahl Bergman, William Smith, Rory Calhoun, Cliff Bemis, Nicholas Worth, and Kristi Somers

Image Entertainment

Review by J Astro

Two cinematic blasts from Hollywood’s not-too-distant Cold War-inspired past are re-packaged together as a post-apocalyptic tag team on this two-for-one offering, which was made available by the folks at Image Entertainment just a few weeks ago (release date December 13, 2011). Each feature on this single-sided disc comes with its own title screen, scene selections, and a theatrical trailer. The DVD itself plays a few other vintage trailers (C.H.U.D., anyone?) before the main film selection menu. Otherwise, it’s all a pretty bare bones affair. But with mega-blockbusters like these,
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Late Night Classics – The Bikini Carwash Company (Nsfw)

When I first set out to do a retrospective series on some of my favorite films, I wanted to make sure I hit all genres, not just horror, which is my favorite. Also, getting an interview to go with the column has always been icing on the cake, but if I am not able to get one for a particular movie, it will never stop me from giving it some love. The kind of films that fueled Rhonda Shear’s USA Up All Night were sex-comedies, and the number of them that have never received a DVD release are staggering.

In my past life, one of the many perks of being employed at a video store were the screeners that you were able to keep. I was in nerd heaven when I worked at a location that was adjacent to the district office where hundreds of movies arrived for the taking.
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Home Shopping Network Live in Las Vegas Arrivals Pictures

Tori Spelling attending the Home Shopping Network is "Live in Las Vegas" on August 14, 2010.Photo copyright by Prn / PR Photos. Rhonda Shear attending the Home Shopping Network is "Live in Las Vegas" on August 14, 2010.Photo copyright by Prn / PR Photos. Tony Little attending the Home Shopping Network is "Live in Las Vegas" on August 14, 2010.Photo copyright by Prn / PR Photos. Chris Scanlon attending the Home Shopping Network is "Live in Las Vegas" on August 14, 2010.Photo copyright by Prn / PR Photos. 08/14/2010 - Molly Sims - Home Shopping Network is "Live in Las Vegas" Featuring Star Studded Line Up and Free Shopping Extravaganza - August 14, 2010 - Planet
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Elvira Mistress Of The Dark Is Returning to TV!

Everybody knows who Elvira is, right? The Mistress of the Dark will be making her return with Elvira's Movie Macbre this fall with all new episodes according to her B-Log.  Dates, times, and channels will be announced later this summer for the syndicated return.  You know I've been missing shows like Elvira's,  Rhonda Shear's USA Up all Night, and Joe Bob Briggs Monster Theater so this is a welcomed return for yours truly! You can buy the original Elvira's Movie Macbre at Elvira.com.


So who all is ready for elvira's return?





Elvira's Movie Macabre returns in Fall of 2010

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (official) | MySpace Video
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The Video Dead (Almost) on DVD

You remember the VHS cover: a zombie, clawing its way out of a TV set. And that title? Totally 80’s, totally in blue neon with drippy, gruesome, haunted house lettering: The Video Dead, my friends. Heck it used to be on USA every Saturday growing up, hawked by Rhonda Shear or Commander USA. Well, as you know, it’s not on DVD ... yet.

Cut to: Mr. Chris MacGibbon — ghoul about town, trying to do the right thing, giving us another shot of 80’s zombies, finally. I had the pleasure of throwing a few questions Chris’ way and if we all play our cards right, we’ll be slipping The Video Dead right next to our copies of Humaniods From the Deep. Why? Because we can, and we’ll have Chris to thank for it.

Heather Buckley: When was the first time you watched The Video Dead?

Chris MacGibbon: I first
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Rick Sloane Talks Hobgoblins

Many of you may not be familiar with the name Rick Sloane right off the top of your head. If you ever watched "Mystery Science Theater 3000" or USA Network's "Up All Night", chances are you're familiar with his work. Heck, without Sloane's cinematic output, the programmers of "USA Up All Night" would have had around fourteen empty hours they'd have had to fill with umpteenth repeats of Zapped Again!, Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell, Dr.Alien, and the (the title escapes me) one about the leprechaun that grants the horny teenagers wish about getting into the pants of the girl of his dreams only to find himself shrunk down to near microscopic size inside of her vagina clinging to her pubic hairs for dear life. You don't see stuff like that every day.

Throughout Rick Sloane's 25-year career he's done films with the likes of Martin Sheen, Wings Hauser,
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Kids Get Dead in new slasher homage

  • Fangoria
Writer/director/producer Michael Hall got in touch with info on his indie slasher tribute feature with the no-nonsense title Kids Go To The Woods… Kids Get Dead. He also passed on a couple of exclusive pics from the movie, which you can see below.

Shot in Orange County, NY, the movie concerns a teen girl named Casey (Leah Rudick) who goes to a cabin in the woods to celebrate her birthday with a bunch of party-hearty friends, little knowing that a murderous maniac (Joseph Campellone) will put a bloody dent in their festivities. It falls to Casey’s younger brother Scott (Andrew Waffenschmidt) to save the day with the help of a mysterious book that seems to predict their fates. The cast also includes Meghan Miller, Eric Carpenter, Amanda Rising, Kristen Adele, Seth Stephens, Kevin Shea and Carly Goodspeed, with makeup FX by Julie Langer.

Taking one step beyond similar slasher tributes,
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What's That Movie? Shrinking Kids and Panty Adventures?

Have you ever watched a movie about a kid who shrinks himself and then finds himself inside the underwear of a cute teen girl?

This may seem like a random question, but it is a serious one. See, years ago I was up late watching television, and I spotted this weird, low-budget movie. I tuned in just as this kid shrunk himself (or got shrunk?), got on a bicycle seat, and made his way into a girl's underwear. Now usually this isn't the sort of film that I'd be dying to see years later, but the execution was classic -- a kid climbing up a white sheet with big barbs hanging out of it. While he did that, the girl found all sorts of pleasure in class ... you get the drift. The scene, in all of its low-cost glory, has stuck with me all these years, and I can't expunge it!
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