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Avengers 4 trailer rumoured to arrive on Friday

Marvel Studios chief revealed last month that the first trailer for the as-yet-untitled Avengers 4 will be with us “before the end of the year”, and now a rumour is circulating that it could be with us this coming Friday as Marvel looks to capitalise on the Thanksgiving weekend.

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Unconfirmed but a very reliable source is claiming the trailer for Avengers 4 is coming This Friday!

— Daniel R (@DanielRPK) November 19, 2018

Of course, as with all rumours – particularly comic book movie ones – we advise taking this with a pinch of salt, although its worth noting that Daniel R has shared some accurate information in the past. And, based on the fact that Marvel unveiled the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War was released on November 29th 2017, it would seem a good bet that the Avengers 4 trailer will
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Vin Diesel Teaches Breakdancing in Unearthed Video from the 80s

Vin Diesel Teaches Breakdancing in Unearthed Video from the 80s
Vin Diesel's breakdancing video reminds everybody of his old school hip hop cred. The action star is 51-years old and grew up in New York City, which places him right in the middle of the birth of hip hop. Vin Diesel, aka Mark Sinclair, has often talked about his days growing up as an aspiring break-dancer back in the mid-1980s. Back then, he was dancing in the streets (not like David Bowie and Mick Jagger), performing at Columbus Circle and Washington Square Park, which Diesel fondly calls his first gig.

To get into clubs for free, Vin Diesel started doing security so that he could spend his nights off dancing. He's obviously a kid in the breakdancing video, so some of his moves are a little off, but they're much better than a lot of people can do, and a lot better than his first attempt at rapping.
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Stan Lee had already shot his Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 cameos

The pop culture world lost one of its greats this week as comic book icon Stan Lee passed away aged 95.

In addition to the wonderful characters and stories that he leaves behind, Lee will of course be fondly remembered for his many cameos throughout the Marvel movie universe, and it seems we still have more to look forward to.

Speaking to Variety to pay tribute to the Marvel legend, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige confirmed that Lee had already shot several cameos prior to his passing, with Feige stating that: “I’m not going to tell you what [cameos] specifically. But Stan always appreciated a good surprise.”

ScreenRant is reporting that both Lee’s agent and Avengers: Infinity War co-director Joe Russo have since confirmed that Lee will cameo in both Captain Marvel and Avengers 4, which will surely prove bittersweet for fans of the beloved creator.

Here’s a video supercut
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Sebastian Stan says he’s unsure if Winter Soldier is in Avengers 4

Actor Sebastian Stan says that he doesn’t know if he will be appearing in Avengers 4.

You would normally assume an actor would know if he will be performing in a film or not but with the way Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 were filmed, the situation is apparently not that clear.

Infinity War and Avengers 4 were filmed virtually back to back and this appears to be why Bucky Barnes actor Sebastian Stan says he doesn’t know if he is in the next Avengers film or not. Either that or he is just acting coy. Speaking to Collider, he said:

“When I was shooting anything, nobody ever told me what was part one or part two. The truth is, I don’t even know if I’m in [Avengers 4]. What I shot was in part one. And anything that I shot may or may not have been in part one
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Movie Review – Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

Ralph Breaks the Internet, 2018.

Directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston.

Featuring the voice talents of John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Alan Tudyk, Alfred Molina, Ed O’Neill, Ali Wong, Timothy Simons, Glozell Green, Hamish Blake, Taraji P. Henson, Sean Giambrone, Flula Borg, Rebecca Wisocky, Maurice Lamarche, John Dimaggio, Michael Giacchino, Roger Craig Smith, Jennifer Hale, Kate Higgins, Linda Larkin, Kelly Macdonald, Idina Menzel, Mandy Moore, Paige O’Hara, Pamela Ribon, Anika Noni Rose, Ming-Na Wen, Auli’i Cravalho, Irene Bedard, Jodi Benson, Kristen Bell, Anthony Daniels, Brad Garrett, Corey Burton, Tim Allen, and Vin Diesel.


Video-game bad guy Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly) and best friend Vanellope (voice of Sarah Silverman) leave the comforts of Litwak’s arcade in an attempt to save her game. Their quest takes them to the vast world of the internet, a world Vanellope wholeheartedly embraces
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Trevor Noah Marks End Of Donald Trump’s Bromance With Emmanuel Macron After Botched Paris Weekend

Trevor Noah Marks End Of Donald Trump’s Bromance With Emmanuel Macron After Botched Paris Weekend
Last week was not good for President Donald Trump, Trevor Noah informed The Daily Show viewers.

It started Wednesday “when Trump replaced his House Elf, Jeff Sessions, with with Republican Vin Diesel,” aka Matt Whitaker, Noah explained Monday. Reaction was so negative, Trump began insisting he did not know Whitaker, despite having told Fox News he knows him, calling him a great guy.

“Sometimes Trump lies so hard he gives my brain whiplash,” Noah confided.

Trump also got trashed for his tweets about the wildfires in California, blaming “forest management” and threatening to pull federal payments to the state.

But Potus had the chance to put all that behind him in France over the weekend. All he had to do was show up at a ceremony to commemorate Armistice Day, at an American cemetery. Trump instead skipped the event, blaming the rain which, White House said, prevented his helicopter from flying there.
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Kevin Feige teases the Quantum Realm’s importance to future Marvel movies

Since the release of Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp and its reference to time vortexes, there’s been increasing speculation that the Quantum Realm will play a major role in Avengers 4, likely as the means for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to travel through time in an effort to thwart Thanos.

Ant-Man and the Wasp director Peyton Reed refused to rule out the possibility a few months ago, and recently we’ve saw some artwork of new Avengers costumes which bear a passing resemblance to Hank Pym’s Quantum Realm suit.

Now, during an interview with Comic Book, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has confirmed that the Quantum Realm is set to be very significant in future Marvel movies – although he stopped short of giving any specifics:

“At the end of Ant-Man we followed Scott Lang into the Quantum Realm for the first time. We were beginning to peel back
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Letitia Wright’s Shuri confirmed for Avengers 4 and Black Panther 2

Although we’re yet to get an official cast list for Avengers 4, it seems we can add one more name to the list with Deadline confirming that Letitia Wright will reprise her role as Shuri in the Avengers: Infinity War follow-up, as well as Black Panther 2.

The news comes as little surprise, particularly with regards to the latter, and while Shuri’s fate was left up in the air in Infinity War, Wright’s co-star Angela Bassett has already revealed that both Shuri and Ramonda survived The Snappening.

The confirmation follows hot on the heels of the news that Wright has signed on to star alongside John Boyega (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) in the sci-fi romance Hold Back the Stars.

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Avengers 4 stars Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Evans (Captain America), Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), Chris Hemsworth (Thor
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Alleged Avengers 4 concept art shows the team in matching suits

Last month some toy packaging from Avengers 4 leaked online showing Thor, Rocket Raccoon and Captain America wearing matching costumes, which many speculated could be some kind of Quantum Realm suit which Earth’s Mightiest Heroes use to travel through time in their efforts to undo The Snappening and defeat the Mad Titan Thanos.

Now we may – and the emphasis here is may – have another look at said costumes, with some alleged concept art “leaking” online via Reddit and featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Rocket, Nebula, The Hulk and Black Widow.

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The costumes do differ slightly from the genuine leaked promo image, and if you look at them closely the Photoshop work is pretty awful. If these are genuine then we’d have to assume that Marvel’s
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Marvel launches Avengers: Infinity War Oscar campaign

Back in September, Disney and Marvel launched their Oscar campaign for Black Panther, pushing the hugely popular solo movie for consideration in all categories at the upcoming 91st Academy Awards.

Now, it’s the turn of Marvel’s other hugely (even more hugely!) popular movie of the year, Avengers: Infinity War, with the studio’s launching a ‘For Your Consideration’ campaign for the superhero epic that takes in eleven categories including Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay.

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Infinity War will presumably be a lock for a nomination for Best Visual Effects, and could find itself nominated in a couple of the technical categories, although one would assume the Academy will be looking elsewhere when it comes to the top awards.

How do you rate Avengers: Infinity War’s Oscar chances? Let us know in the comments below…
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Avengers 4’s run time currently at the 3 hour mark

Coinciding with the launch of a live clock counting down to the film’s release, Avengers 4 co-director Joe Russo has been providing fans with an update on the hugely-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War follow-up, revealing that at present, it’s shaping up to be Marvel’s longest movie to date.

“The running time on Avengers 4 is currently sitting right at three hours,” said Russo on Instagram. “We’ll see if that holds. We’re about halfway through the editing process. We’re really just scratching the surface on our VFX shots. There are more than 3,000 VFX shots in the movie; those require a lot of time and thought and energy and effort, and we’re very early in the phase of getting VFX done. We’ve just started work with Alan Silvestri on the score, and we’re still editing picture at this point.”

The longest Marvel film to date is
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Reggaeton Artist Nicky Jam Might Show Up in Bad Boys 3

Nicky Jam was recently in Los Angeles to try out for a movie, which could have been Bad Boys 3. The reggaeton artist was asked what he was doing in town, but he would neither confirm nor deny that he was there to work with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The highly anticipated sequel was officially announced by the reuniting duo late last week on social media, sending fans into a frenzy who have been waiting for over a decade to see Bad Boys 3.

Nicky Jam previously appeared in 2017's XXX: The Return of Xander Cage, alongside Vin Diesel, so he has some action acting chops. Jam claimed that he was out West for a possible job opportunity. He explains.

"I actually came her because I'm doing a casting for a movie. I don't want to say the movie yet because I don't want to mess it up."

The interviewer then
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Benedict Cumberbatch wishes he witnessed fan reactions to Avengers: Infinity War

Benedict Cumberbatch, one of the stars of Avengers: Infinity War, says that he regrets not witnessing fan reactions to the film.

There’s no question that there were many surprised faces among the audience as Avengers: Infinity played in cinemas around the world earlier this year, thanks to the film’s numerous twists and turns.

Benedict Cumberbatch, who played Doctor Strange in the film, has revealed that he truly regrets the fact that he didn’t get to see the looks on fans’ faces as they watched it on the big screen. Speaking to Uproxx, the actor said:

“This is my biggest regret of that whole time is that I didn’t sneak in to see people’s reaction. And I wish I had. I really do. I really wish I’d done that. And I think it was such a long press tour, by the time my family got
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Spoilers: Major Ralph Breaks the Internet cameos revealed by Disney

Ralph Breaks the Internet spoilers follow…

As we’ve seen from the promotional material, we’re going to see a whole host of familiar faces popping up in Disney’s animated sequel Ralph Breaks in the Internet.

Disney has now unveiled the official cast and credits list for the movie, announcing some pretty major previously-unrevealed cameo appearances from the world of the Mouse House and beyond.

Perhaps the biggest reveal is that Vin Diesel will be reprising his Guardians of the Galaxy role for a cameo as Baby Groot, while Iron Man will also make an appearance, although Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t seem to be voicing the Armored Avenger.

In addition to the Marvel heroes, we can also expect to see the likes of Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), Eeyore (Brad Garrett), Grumpy (Corey Burton), C-3Po (Anthony Daniels), Fn-3181 (Michael Giacchino) and Sonic the Hedgehog (Roger Craig Smith).

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Godzilla Vs. Kong Adds More Actors to Its Growing List of Monster Snacks

Godzilla Vs Kong continues to round out its human cast as production nears for the next entry in Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse. Rebecca Hall (Iron Man 3) and Eiza Gonzalez (Baby Driver) have both been tapped to star in the upcoming giant monster flick. Unfortunately, details regarding the characters they're set to play are mostly being kept under wraps, but they've helped to fill out an already impressive ensemble.

According to a new report, Rebecca Hall will be one of the new human leads in Godzilla vs. Kong. Another report simply notes that Eiza Gonz&#225lez has scored a role in the movie, but there are no further details at this time. So she could wind up being a supporting player, whereas it sounds like Hall is going to have a pretty meaty role. Gonzalez has been on the rise ever since her turn in Baby Driver last year, as
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Mel Gibson and Charlie Hunnam Team for Action Thriller Waldo

Mel Gibson and Charlie Hunnam Team for Action Thriller Waldo
Mel Gibson has been experiencing a bit of a turnaround in his career the past couple of years. He was shunned by Hollywood after several disturbing incidents came to light. Now, he's back on track and continuing the Gibson renascence with a lead role in a new thriller called Waldo.

Mel Gibson will be starring alongside Sons of Anarchy fan-favorite Charlie Hunnam in the movie, which is set to be directed by Tim Kirby. The casting was announced by Imr International, who also revealed that Eiza Gonz&#225lez has signed on for the project. Imr has noted that they will be handling all foreign sales, launching the movie at the American Film Market.

Academy Award winner Mel Gibson, Charlie Hunnam and Eiza Gonz&#225lez are attached to star in Tim Kirkby's Waldo, which is based on Howard Gould's novel Last Looks.

The action-packed thriller follows brilliant ex-detective gone rogue: Charlie Waldo,
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Rumour: Katherine Langford’s Avengers 4 role reportedly revealed

Over the weekend it was revealed that 13 Reasons Why’s Katherine Langford has a role in next year’s Marvel blockbuster Avengers 4, and now a rumour – and we stress here, a rumour – has arrived online about who the Golden Globe-nominated actress could be playing.

According to McU Cosmic, which has been accurate with a few Marvel scoops recently, Langford is set to portray the daughter of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts.

There have been multiple reports that Avengers 4 will begin with a time skip, and Paltrow has confirmed herself that Pepper and Tony have a child, although this is the first suggestion we’ve had that we could be venturing some twenty or so years into the future.

Most reports have claimed that Avengers 4 will begin some five years after Avengers: Infinity War, which matches up with the casting of Emma Fuhrmann (Blended
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Dwayne Johnson Introduces Vanessa Kirby’s Character In Fast And Furious Spinoff Hobbs And Shaw

The indefatigable Dwayne Johnson is currently busy filming the first Fast and Furious spinoff Hobbs and Shaw and has someone he’d like to introduce us to.

Directed by Deadpool 2 helmer David Leitch, the pic will follow Johnson and Jason Statham’s characters as they do battle with a villain named Brixton played by Idris Elba. Also appearing will be The Crown‘s Vanessa Kirby, who’s swapping Princess Anne’s elegant 1950s ballgowns for something a little more grease-smeared to play Hattie Shaw, as seen in the photo down below.

The sister of Statham’s character Deckard Shaw, Johnson describes Hattie in his Instagram post thusly:

Hattie loves the following. Longs walks on the beach. Being a bad ass MI6 Operative. Drinking tequila with Hobbs. And not in that order. Hattie also happens to be the sister of Deckard Shaw, who’s played by @jasonstatham. It tortures him
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‘Bloodshot’ Co-Creator Says Vin Diesel And Neal Moritz Will Deliver “Fresh And Subversive” Superhero Epic

  • Deadline
‘Bloodshot’ Co-Creator Says Vin Diesel And Neal Moritz Will Deliver “Fresh And Subversive” Superhero Epic
Exclusive: Producer Neal H. Moritz and actor Vin Diesel have logged a lot of miles together with The Fast and The Furious franchise, but the reunited tandem have been in South Africa working on a very different action epic for Sony: Bloodshot, which adapts the sci-fi superhero introduced in 1992 in the pages of Valiant Comics. The script by Oscar-nominated Arrival scribe Eric Heisserer introduces Diesel as the cyborg called Bloodshot, an unstoppable machine-man assassin whose human memories were wiped clean by the lab experiment that created him.

Bloodshot has a first-time director in Dave Wilson, the longtime Blur Studios collaborator of Deadpool director Tim Miller. Andrea Giannetti is overseeing for Sony, which has Cross Creek as a partner on the project. Sony high hopes that Bloodshot will be the
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Mel Gibson Joins Charlie Hunnam Action Film ‘Waldo’

  • The Wrap
Mel Gibson Joins Charlie Hunnam Action Film ‘Waldo’
Mel Gibson has joined Charlie Hunnam in the upcoming action film “Waldo,” foreign sales group Imr International announced on Monday.

Imr will handle foreign sales for the film starting this week at the American Film Market, with CAA Media Finance handling the domestic rights. The film also stars Eiza Gonzalez and is directed by Tim Kirkby, who most recently directed the Johnny Knoxville comedy “Action Point” for Paramount.

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Based on the novel “Last Looks” by Howard Gould, “Waldo” stars Hunnam as disgraced Lapd detective Charlie Waldo, whose life off the grid comes to a hard end when he is dragged back into the city as a private detective to investigate the death of an eccentric TV star’s wife. Filming is set to start early next year.

Gibson, who was last seen in theaters in last year’s comedy “Daddy
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