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Overview (4)

Born in Whiston, Knowsley, Merseyside, England, UK
Birth NameMelanie Jayne Chisholm
Nicknames Sporty Spice
Mel C
Height 5' 5¾" (1.67 m)

Mini Bio (1)

Born on the 12th January 1974 in Merseyside, England, Melanie Chisholm became a member of Spice Girls in 1994. Their three albums sold more than 40 million copies worldwide and they had nine singles at number 1 in the UK.

"Northern Star" was her first solo album. On the back of the first single "Goin' Down", the album initially went to #10 in the UK charts after being released on 18th October 1999, before going down the chart rapidly. In the US, it peaked at a disappointing #208 after being released on 2nd November 1999. After 5 singles - two of which were UK #1s, three tours, and 18 months of constant promotion, the album went triple platinum in the UK, peaking at #4 on its re-release in August 2000. Sales for the album currently stand at around 3 million copies worldwide (around 900,000 in the UK). The album continues to sell well, and in 2004, re-entered the UK Top 100 for yet another time, as a result of being low-priced in some stores. "Northern Star" has a remarkable Top 75 chart run, which demonstrates its sheer success as Melanie C established herself slowly as a solo artist. "Reason" was her second album, which took 18 months to complete. Released on 10th March 2003, it reached #5 in the UK chart - selling 30,500 copies in its first week. Although it didn't perform as well as "Northern Star", "Reason" has a Gold certification in the UK, with 80,000 copies sold. January 2004 saw the album reduced to £2.99 in all major record shops, but even then, "Northern Star" at the same price outsold it greatly. After the failure of "Melt/Yeh Yeh Yeh", the album is now truly a closed chapter. Although sales stalled after "On The Horizon", it managed to sell 500,000 copies worldwide.

The release of Melanie C's last album, "Reason" in March 2003 meant many changes for her career later in the year. Following the disaster of "Melt/Yeh Yeh Yeh", she parted from her record label, Virgin Records, and decided to go it alone, releasing her third solo album, "Beautiful Intentions", on her own label, Red Girl Records. Following the release of the single "Next Best Superstar" (#10 in the UK singles chart), Melanie will release "Better Alone" in July.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: me and myself

Family (3)

Children Scarlet Starr
Parents Alan Chisholm
Joan Chisholm
Relatives Paul O'Neill (half sibling)
Emma Williams (sibling)
Liam Chisholm (sibling)
Jad Chisholm (sibling)

Trade Mark (8)

Doing a 'backflip' while performing 'Wannabe'
Celtic chain tattoo on right arm
Being the tough tomboy
The character and moniker of "Sporty Spice"
Athletic apparel
Nose piercing
Often wore sneakers (while the other Spice Girls wore high-heels or high-platform shoes)
Often had her hair up in a ponytail during her Spice Girl days.

Trivia (55)

Winner of the 1997 MTV Video Music Award for Best Dance Video, "Wannabe".
Winner of the 1997 MTV Europe Music Award for Best Group, Spice Girls.
Nearly missed the final audition for Spice Girls because of recurring chronic tonsillitis.
Fan of Liverpool Football Club.
Her mother Joan Chisholm was, and still is, a singer with a rock band. She met Melanie's father at the famous Liverpool club "The Cavern", which launched The Beatles.
Broke her knee while competing in charity show The Games (2003) (Sept 2003).
Winner of 4 Brit Awards 1997 with Spice Girls.
Winner of 3 American Music Awards 1998 with Spice Girls.
Winner of a Special Award at Brit Awards 1998 with Spice Girls.
Winner of 2 awards (Best Group and Best Pop) at the MTV Europe Music Awards 1998 (1998) in Milan, Italy.
Winner of 2 Billboard Awards 1997 in Las Vegas, USA.
Winner of the special award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music Industry on Brit Awards 2000 (2000) with Spice Girls in 2000.
Nominated for Best Female on Brit Awards 2000 (2000) in Earl's Court, London.
Winner of "ifpi" Award 2000 in Brussels, Belgium for her solo debut, "Northern Star", selling over 1 million copies in Europe only (not including UK and Ireland).
Nominated for 3 ECHO Awards 2001 in Berlin, Germany, but didn't win any.
Nominated for 4 MTV Europe Music Awards Stockholm (2000) in Stockholm, Sweden, but didn't win any.
Nominated for Best Female at "National Music Awards 2003" in London, UK, but lost to Rachel Stevens.
Took ballet as a child and impressed fellow students and teachers alike with her athletic and dancing abilities.
Winner of a Music Award at "Scouseology Awards 2003" in Liverpool, UK.
Quit Spice Girls in November 2000, just after the band released their 3rd album, "Forever".
Has said "no" to the idea of Spice Girls doing a reunion tour.
Dueted with Bryan Adams on a song called 'When You're Gone'.
Dueted with Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes on a song called 'Never Been The Same Again' on Melanie's 1st solo album 'Northern Star'.
Owns her own production company, Red Girl Productions.
Is great friends with Ex Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones, he also played guitar on Melanie's first album 'Northern Star'.
Her single "First Day Of My Life", theme of Julia - Wege zum Glück (2005), ranked #1 in the German Single Charts (October 2005).
Sang with actor Bruce Willis at Planet Hollywood [1998].
Madonna and Stevie Wonder are her favourite singers.
Blur is her favourite band.
Has 1 half-brother (Paul), 4 step-brothers (Jad, Stuart, Liam & Declan), has 1 step-sister (Emma).
Is great friends with producer Rick Rubin, he produced some tracks on Melanie's 1st solo album 'Northern Star'.
She resides in Wales, with boyfriend of 7 years (now ex-boyfriend) Thomas Starr. [2008].
Attended former band-mate Geri Horner's baby shower [2006].
A former member of Spice Girls along with Victoria Beckham, Mel B, Emma Bunton, and Geri Horner.
She practices Judo prior to being a singer, and still practices to this day. In 2003, she tore her knee during a Judo match for the TV show The Games (2003) and had to undergo surgery.
Announced on her website she is *not* engaged to long-term boyfriend, Thomas Starr [2008].
She and longtime boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) Thomas Starr welcomed their first child, a girl named Scarlet, on February 22, 2009 at 4:10pm, and weighing in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces.
Her half brother is British Touring Car driver Paul O'Neill.
Nominated for a "Best Actress" Laurence Olivier Award, for her role in the West End musical "Blood Brothers" [2010].
Returned to work 9 months after giving birth to her daughter Scarlet in order to begin performing in the West End musical "Blood Brothers".
Has parted ways with record label Virgin Records. [December 2003]
Melanie continues to tour Europe and will release her fourth solo album next year. [August 2006]
Released on 4th April 2005, "Next Best Superstar" was the first single to be released from her third solo album, "Beautiful Intentions". [April 2005]
"First Day Of My Life" was originally a special German-exclusive single, the theme tune to a year-long soap-opera called Wege zum Glück (2005). Released on 30th September 2005 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the single had massive exposure with promotion on top-class TV shows. "First Day Of My Life" reached #1 in Germany, Austria and #2 in Switzerland. The success in these territories led to releases in the Netherlands, Italy and Sweden, where it met some success. The song recently kicked off the "Beautiful Intentions" campaign in France, Spain and Portugal where it has been a huge success, notably in Spain and Portugal where the song reached #1. "First Day Of My Life" also had an Australian and Russian release, where it gained a huge radio airplay. [May 2006]
Releasing her first double single in UK "Yeh Yeh Yeh" / "Melt" which is out on 10th November 2003. [November 2003]
2nd solo album "Reason" entered the UK album charts at number 5. [March 2003]
After being dropped by Virgin Records, she decided to become an independent artist with her own label: the Red Girl Production. [June 2004]
Due to release new single 'I Want Candy' at the end of March. [March 2007]
On reunion tour with Spice Girls. [December 2007]
Wears a size 9 US shoe.
Her mother, Joan O'Neill was just 20 years-old when she gave birth to her.
While she was the last of the Spice Girls to become a parent/mother, all four of her fellow band mates: Emma, Victoria, Mel B and Geri (in that order) have all given birth to another child after hers.
Is the only one of the five Spice Girls who hasn't yet been married.
While the Spice Girls is a music group, Melanie C is the only one of the quintet without any previous attempts at acting (prior to their music videos). Victoria and Geri both auditioned for a part in Tank Girl (1995) (where they first met), Melanie B and Emma each had acting bits on British TV Soap Operas.
Stated that one of the reasons shy she changed her hair style/color during the last year with the Spice Girls was that young fans had trouble telling her and Victoria apart.

Personal Quotes (30)

[on Queen] They've kind of got everything.
[on Queen at Live Aid] It was just electric.
[on Freddie Mercury] He could just hold the audience in the palm of his hand. He moved with such grace and vocally he never missed a note. His talent and his personality shone through so much, he was never gonna not be cool.
I've always admired Freddie Mercury so much and when he passed away I was really really upset by that. He will never be replaced, never.
My five-year-old daughter loves Rihanna. But she has no idea what her idol looks like because there's little footage that I'm happy for her to see. It's a shame that a talented, successful woman expresses herself in such an overtly sexual way.
[Geri Halliwell: Has anyone ever eaten cat food?] Oh yeah. I've ate cat food. [Mel B: Have you?] [Geri: I think I've eaten the biscuits.] Oh yeah. I've eaten dog biscuits. [Mel B: Melanie C eats dog biscuits!] Didn't you used to do dares with your cousin to get each other to eat dog biscuits?
I always ended up playing a sheep at the nativity play while the other girls dressed as angels. I didn't mind though, in fact I'd rather have played Joseph.
A few days before my first day I'd fallen off my brother's bike and got a terrible gash on my knee, so I had to go and see the nurse. This meant on my first day at school I had to limp around.
I met a rather dishy guy called Andy in a bar in Spain in 1990. Even though I don't smoke I borrowed a cigarette from a friend and offered him one to break the ice. We got on really well, we danced, we laughed and generally had a jolly good time. We kept in touch until Christmas when he mysteriously disappeared. Sadly that was the end of him!
I used to hang around the bikesheds with other girls from my school and we'd smoke fags. I decided that smoking wasn't girl power and it wasn't cool, so I quit.
We shot the video for 'Who Do You Think You Are' in a really mad club - a real dive. The toilets were horrible and we had to have our make-up done in a Winnebago. The vibe was excellent, though - I think it was my favourite video because it was such good fun. I felt like a proper pop star. [...] It was just how you imagine it when you're young.
I have a soft spot for shy and melancholy types. I just can't resist dark and sad eyes.
I'm quite shy and I find it difficult approaching guys.
I don't like macho guys. I love confident men who believe in themselves.
[on Jamie Redknapp] He's gorgeous, whenever he speaks to me I just go to pieces. Recently he's been looking even more gorgeous with his long hair. Ooh God.
You won't get me on your side by asking me to a fancy restaurant or any of that sissy stuff. What would interest me is an invitation to a football match.
The biggest lie I've ever told is that I'm good at football. I'm not, I'm pretty rubbish at it actually. Everyone assumes I'm good because I play but it isn't true.
Yeah, I've got really different tastes, but at the moment I'm really into the Britpop scene, you know, Blur, Oasis, Supergrass. I kinda like all the big guitar bands, but my favourite artist of all times is Stevie Wonder. But I'm a big Madonna fan as well, so it varies.
[on Bryan Adams] We couldn't believe how dinky he was...
If Oasis are bigger than God, what does that make us [Spice Girls]? Bigger than Buddha? Because we are a darn sight bigger than Oasis.
I really want to learn to play guitar. I've got one, I've got me a semi-acoustic. I know a few chords and stuff. At the moment I'm just writing vocally and it's frustrating. I don't want to see the Spice Girls turn into Blur, but it'd be nice to play an instrument.
When we're nervous and excited we all handle it in different ways. Mel B gets really boisterous, whereas I just sit in the corner and don't speak to anyone!
I'm listening to a lot of William Orbit albums. I also like Natalie Imbruglia, Robbie Williams, and All Saints. But Blur are my favourite band.
It's not just an image with me. When we started out, our first management told us we should all wear the same clothes. Well, we didn't think much of that. I was a sporty child who did loads of athletics and gymnastics. Then I studied dance. Geri first introduced me to the gym and now I work out four times a week for two hours at a time and I surprise myself with how fit I am. It helps me cope with stress. I can lose myself there. When I'm on the treadmill I feel safe - nobody can hassle me.
I met Bryan Adams in LA,. Then he rang me at home to ask me to sing on his new album. The only person who rings me at home is my mum, so when I answered I automatically said, 'Hello, Mum.' And he said, 'No, it's Bryan, Bryan Adams.' He sounded quite startled!
[on Courtney Love] She's a talented, mixed-up woman. She was great to meet, though. She took the mickey out of me by impersonating my Liverpool accent and she was better at it than me.
Well yeah, I can see that we're all fairly attractive and not obese or anything. But that makes it even more horrifying when someone takes a dodgy pic of Victoria with a double chin and puts the headline 'Podge Spice' on it. If the papers are calling us fat, what the hell is some young girl who is big going to think? It's disgusting really.
I'd much rather be Indie Spice than Sporty Spice. I've got all this pressure to keep trim as Sporty Spice. I used to drink loads of pints of Kronenbourg and black but I had to stop cos I was getting a beer gut. But I could probably be fat old lazy Spice if I was the indie one...
Version of Me is about being bullied, about being in a situation as a young adult where I felt bullied and how that has affected me, and moulded me in a way. Unfortunately, being bullied can really damage people and even when you are stronger and over it, it can still be in the background - undermining you. I hope people will identify with that track.
Now I'm older, I'm a lot more confident and I will not be shat upon. But when I was younger I let people shit on me. What's done is done but I'd have liked to have been a bit stronger. When we were kids we were so hard on each other and so determined to succeed that if anybody fell out of line they were quickly brought back in. That was quite a lot of pressure to live under.

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