If There Be Thorns: How Twitter Reacted to the Third Flowers in the Attic Film

If There Be Thorns: How Twitter Reacted to the Third Flowers in the Attic Film
Lifetime aired the third and penultimate installment of V.C. Andrews's Flowers in the Attic saga on Sunday night, and the Internet naturally freaked out.

Thorns flashes forward on Flowers' incestuous (but deeply in love!) siblings Cathy and Christopher Dollanganger Sheffield (Rachael Carpani and Jason Lewis) to find them grown-up, married and stalked by their mother Corrine (Heather Graham), who vengefully begins to turn Cathy's youngest child Bart (Mason Cook) – who was conceived through an affair with Corrine's late husband Bart Winslow (Dylan Bruce) – against his parents. Only, Corrine doesn't realize her butler John Amos (Mackenzie Gray) has his own
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Eddie Murphy's Ex -- Producers Stole My Idea for 'Hollywood Exes'

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One of Eddie Murphy's baby mamas is now suing over "Hollywood Exes" -- claiming she came up with the idea for the reality show back in 2008 and producers Stole it from her ... then cast one of Eddie's Other exes in her place.Tamara Johnson filed the lawsuit against producers Lynch-Dyson Entertainment, claiming she pitched an idea to Vernon Lynch in 2008 called "The Hollywood ExClub" about a group of celebrity baby mamas ... inspired by her
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Stargate Universe 1.01 "Air" Recap

Author's Note: This premiere was two-hours long and with all the chaos that was happening I tried my best to shorten the recap. Sorry if it's too long.

The newest edition to the Stargate franchise started in media res (in the middle of the action) and it quickly escalated to must see TV for Friday nights. The chaotic atmosphere and shaky camera movements are a clear departure from the previous two series; and could be great for the show’s signature distinctiveness among the three Stargate series. But Jon Lachonis gave a damn good review of the overall show, let me give you a recap of the events that transpired.

The show took the Lost route and gave us flashbacks to give insight into some of the major characters while chaos rained all around them. So to tone down the confusion I will try to put the show in linear order.
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