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Interviews (15)

Globe and Mail (CA) December 11 2021, pg. P14, by: Naomi Skwarna, "Hallmark's American yuletide? It's made in Canada"
Vancouver Sun (CA) January 16 2021, pg. C1, by: Dana Gee, "Busy Hollywood North keeps Canadian director on home soil. Director David Winning's resume is an impressive mix of Hallmark happiness and Van Helsing vampires."
The Calgary Herald (CA) December 10 2020, by: Eric Volmers, "Christmas Cheerleader: Calgary expat David Winning is the go-to guy for holiday TV movies."
Vancouver Province (CA) December 12 2018, pg. A24, by: Eric Volmers, "Calgary director has become Mr. Christmas; Sci-fi and horror veteran David Winning finds an unlikely niche with feel-good holiday fare"
Edmonton Journal (CA) December 11 2018, pg. C3, by: Eric Volmers, "Mr. Christmas; Calgary filmmaker David Winning found a niche with wholesome seasonal fare"
Vancouver Sun (CA) December 11 2018, pg. C5, by: Eric Volmers, "Mr. Christmas; Calgary filmmaker David Winning found a niche with wholesome seasonal fare"
Calgary Herald (CA) December 8 2018, pg. C1, by: Eric Volmers, "Mr. Christmas; Calgary filmmaker David Winning found a niche with wholesome seasonal fare"
Calgary Herald (CA) January 19 2009, pg. D1, by: Eric Volmers, "Hollywood's Hired Gun"
Santa Monica Mirror (US) November 20 2008, Vol. 10, Iss. 24, by: Nunzio Fazio & David Katz, "Let the Bidding Wars Begin"
Fangoria (GB) September 5 2008, by: MJ Simpson, "There's Something About Sci Fi"
Cult Times (US) October 2007, Iss. 145, pg. 38-41, by: Steven Eramo, "Winning Ways"
Hollywood Reporter (US) September 20 2007, by: Etan Vlessing, "Dern, Sampson on trail of "Swamp Devil""
TV Highlights (DE) August 2004, pg. 77+78, by: Claudia-Janet Kaller, "Ein Interview Mit Regisseur: David Winning"
Starburst Special (GB) December 2003, Iss. 61, pg. 36-41, by: Steven Eramo, "Winning's Streak"
Toronto Star (CA) November 24 2000, by: Jim Bawden, "Toronto Doubles as Harlem in the '30's"

Articles (121)

Tv Guide (US) November 11 2019, Vol. 67, Iss. 3513-3514, pg. 6-7, by: Ingela Ratledge Amundson, "How Hallmark Took Over TV"
The Windsor Star (CA) December 15 2018, pg. D3, by: Eric Volmers, "Mr. Christmas; Canadian filmmaker David Winning found a niche with wholesome seasonal fare"
Carleton Place Almonte Canadian Gazette (CA) March 7 2016, by: Tara Gesner, "Lights, camera, action in Carleton Place, Almonte and Pakenham"
Calgary Herald (CA) January 8 2015, pg. C1, by: Eric Volmers, "Mutant Invasion - Strathmore location transformed into post-apocalyptic, smalltown Middle America"
Vancouver Sun (CA) December 3 2014, pg. D5, by: Eric Volmers, "Versatile director Winning tries hand at Disney- esque film"
Edmonton Journal (CA) December 3 2014, by: Eric Volmers, "Director's year of mutants and mistletoe"
New York Times (US) November 21 2014, by: Mike Hale, "'Christmas Under Wraps' Among Top 5 Holiday TV Movies"
Variety (US) May 21 2014, by: Peter Caranicas, "Hawaii's Big Island Film Festival Grows While Highlighting Indies"
Calgary Herald (CA) January 21 2012, pg. C6, by: Eric Volmers, "Calgary Director gets shot at a Succubus"
The Province (CA) June 12 2011, pg. B4, by: Glen Schaefer, "Gunless Takes Best Feature at Leos"
Reel West Magazine (CA) May 2011, Vol. 26, Iss. 3, pg. 13, by: Ian Caddell, "Profile: Director David Winning"
Sci-Fi Magazine (US) February 2010, Vol. 16, Iss. 1, pg. 8, by: Jeff Berkwits, "Sinbad Sets Sail Again"
Calgary Herald (CA) August 15 2009, pg. D1, by: Eric Volmers, "Calgary filmmakers celebrate creativity"
24 Hours (CA) August 17 2007, pg. 20, by: Editors, "Sebastien Roberts Faite partie de la Distribution de Black Swarm"
Cord Weekly, Wilfred Laurier University (CA) July 19 2006, pg. 1,8, by: Joe Turcotte, "Giving Up Star Wars for Girls"
CBS Soaps in Depth (US) July 11 2006, pg. 26-29, by: Editors, "Spreading Her Wings"
Hollywood Reporter (US) March 15 2006, pg. 4, 27, by: Kimberly Nordyke, "Lifetime's 'SINS' Catch Up With Bell"
Vancouver Sun (CA) March 15 2006, pg. C3, by: Lynne McNamara, "Driven Director"
Calgary Sun (CA) August 16 2004, pg. 30, by: Lisa Wilton, "Calgarian Enters Stargate"
Vancouver Sun (CA) August 11 2004, pg. C4, by: Lynne McNamara, "Winning's Atlantis Will Premiere on Movie Central"
Calgary Herald (CA) July 24 2004, pg. C1, by: Editors, "Calgary Director Flying High"
New York Times (US) July 16 2004, by: Virginia Heffernan, "Atlantis Mystery Is Solved; Now, About the Wormhole"
Calgary Herald (CA) April 7 2004, pg. C2, by: Herald News Services, "Calgary Sci-Fi Director has Winning Formula"
Vancouver Sun (CA) November 24 2003, pg. C2, by: Lynne McNamara, "For Millikin it's 21 Jump Street and Beyond"
Reel West Magazine (CA) November 2003, Vol. 18, Iss. 6, pg. 24, by: Editors, "Columbus Conquered"
Calgary Herald (CA) October 24 2003, pg. D4, by: Shelley Boettcher, "Calgary filmmakers celebrate 25 years of inspiration"
Calgary Herald (CA) September 19 2003, pg. E2, by: Herald News Services, "Winning a Winner: 3 awards in Columbus"
Fast Forward Calgary (CA) September 4 2003, by: Jason Lewis, "Filmmaking 101: David Winning's top ten ways to save money while making his first film"
Gauntlet, The (University of Calgary) (CA) September 4 2003, pg. 34, by: Jeff Kubik, "Weathering the Storm"
Calgary Sun (CA) September 3 2003, pg. 41, by: Louis B. Hobson, "Calm Before the Celebration"
Calgary Herald (CA) August 30 2003, pg. ES1, by: Shelley Boettcher, "A Creative Storm"
Calgary Sun (CA) August 26 2003, pg. 6, by: Chris Gerritsen, "Storm Survivors Get Together"
Calgary Herald (CA) June 20 2003, pg. E2, by: Herald Editors, "Calgarians Behind Crime Fantasy Television Movie"
Vancouver Sun (CA) May 12 2003, pg. C4, by: Katherine Monk, "Bouquets for Vancouver Director's Film: Winners List"
Vancouver Province (CA) May 11 2003, pg. A23, by: David Spaner, "It's a Flower & Garnet Sweep: Winners List"
Vancouver Sun (CA) November 16 2002, pg. D22, by: Lynne McNamara, "The Backlot: Dufferin Gate to shoot two new series"
Variety (US) October 7 2002, by: Tamsen Tillson, "'Birds' flies off with Directors' Guild Canada awards"
Calgary Herald (CA) August 16 2002, pg. E2, by: John McKay, Canadian Press, "Directors Nominate Calgarian; David Winning a contender"
Canadian Press (CA) August 16 2002, pg. E2, by: John McKay, Canadian Press, "Directors Nominate Calgarian; David Winning a contender"
Calgary Sun (CA) August 9 2002, pg. GO13, by: Kevin Williamson, "Dino-might for Calgarian"
Calgary Sun (CA) April 16 2002, pg. 49, by: Sun Staff, "Director Honoured"
Calgary Herald (CA) March 7 2002, by: Bob Blakey, "Calgarian Finds Dinotopia"
Calgary Herald (CA) March 6 2002, pg. B7, by: Bob Blakey, "Calgarian Finds Dinotopia"
Calgary Sun (CA) February 24 2001, pg. 42, by: Kevin Williamson, "Winning Streak: Calgary Director gets chance of a Lifetime"
Calgary Herald (CA) February 22 2001, pg. B11, by: Bob Blakey, "Chances Of A Lifetime"
Reel West Magazine (CA) March 2001, pg. 9+30, by: David Winning, "Beginnings"
Calgary Sun (CA) January 23 2001, pg. 6, by: Chris Gerritsen, "Winning The Bronze"
Toronto Sun (CA) January 19 2001, pg. 51, by: Claire Bickley, "Twice In A Lifetime Finale Rewritten"
The Toronto Star (CA) October 21 2000, pg. J8, by: Rita Zekas, "Who Says You Can't Go Back Again?"
Calgary Sun (CA) March 18 2000, pg. 48, by: Tyler McLeod, "Winning Assignment: Lifetime Makes Calgarian Think Twice"
Toronto Star (CA) March 17 2000, pg. C12, by: Jim Bawden, "Carver Convincingly Troubled in Rare TV Outing"
Vancouver Sun (CA) December 4 1999, pg. E16, by: Alex Strachan, "Second Chances a Winning Proposition"
Toronto Sun (CA) November 18 1999, by: Joe Warmington, "The King Now a Fine TV Judge"
Hollywood Reporter (US) July 23 1999, Vol. CCCLVIII, Iss. 40, pg. 40, by: Joan Van Tassel, "Don't Look Behind You -- Review"
Edmonton Journal (CA) August 28 1998, pg. C3, by: Marc Horton, "Canadian Action Movie Looks Too American"
Calgary Herald (CA) April 5 1997, by: Paul Gessel, "Spielberg Looks to Canada"
Calgary Herald (CA) April 1997, by: Canadian Press, "Winning Earns Honors"
Calgary Sun (CA) April 1997, by: Canadian Press, "Winning Earns Honors"
Los Angeles Times (US) March 28 1997, by: Kevin Thomas, "Power Rangers Encounter 'Turbo'-Charged Villainess"
Calgary Sun (CA) March 27 1997, by: Louis B. Hobson, "Power Surge: Calgary Director Force Behind Kids Action Flick"
Daily Variety (US) March 27 1997, by: Joe Leydon, "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie - Review"
Calgary Herald (CA) March 27 1997, by: Bob Blakey, "Calgary-born Director David Winning goes Turbo with Power Rangers Movie"
Hollywood Reporter (US) March 27 1997, by: David Hunter, "'Turbo: Power Rangers' - Review"
Premiere (US) March 1997, Vol. 10, Iss. 7, pg. 24+26, by: Christine Spines, "Cinemascope: Turbo: A Power Rangers Adventure"
Calgary Herald (CA) August 22 1996, by: Canadian Press, "Calgarian's film to premiere at Montreal Festival"
Calgary Herald (CA) August 2 1996, by: Ken McGoogan, "You Can Go Home"
Calgary Herald (CA) July 2 1996, by: Damien Inwood, "Enfant Terrible? Sean Young has a tough edge, but motherhood has mellowed her."
Calgary Sun (CA) October 29 1994, by: Louis B. Hobson, "Lurking In The Dark"
Calgary Herald (CA) October 28 1994, by: Bob Blakey, "Afraid?"
Calgary Herald (CA) May 9 1994, by: Bob Blakey, "City Director's Work Showcased"
Calgary Sun (CA) April 27 1992, by: Louis B. Hobson, "A Winning Performance"
Calgary Herald (CA) March 25 1992, by: Fred Haeseker, "Bad Boy Mike steals Killer Image"
Edmonton Journal (CA) March 25 1992, by: Fred Haeseker, "Filmmaker exhibits Winning Touch"
Calgary Herald (CA) March 25 1992, by: Fred Haeseker, "Action Thriller Major Step for City Director"
Calgary Herald (CA) March 10 1992, pg. A13, by: Nancy Tousley, "Film Festival Keeping Costs Low"
Variety (US) October 1 1991, by: Editors, "Image Acquires 'Killer' Rights"
Calgary Herald Sunday Magazine (CA) January 13 1991, by: Brian Brennan, "Winning Ways"
Calgary Sun (CA) October 4 1990, by: Louis B. Hobson, "Being Bad is Good for Actor Ironside"
Calgary Herald (CA) October 1 1990, by: Wendy Dudley, "Director nabs Big-name Actors"
Calgary Herald (CA) February 18 1990, by: Wendy Dudley, "Friday the 13th: Director, Series a Winning Combo"
Los Angeles Times (US) December 11 1989, by: Kevin Thomas, "Writer-Director Stashes a Dark but Comic Debut in 'Storm'"
Los Angeles Times (US) December 11 1989, by: Kevin Thomas, "Writer-Director Stashes a Dark but Comic Debut in 'Storm'
Alberta Report (CA) October 30 1989, by: David Burns, "The Thriller-maker's Winning Ways"
CNN Showbiz Today (US) April 1989, by: Dennis Michael, "Storm: Video Review"
Alberta Venture (CA) March 1988, Vol. 2, Iss. 2, by: Editors, "Calgarian Has Winning Ways with Film"
Toronto Star (CA) January 29 1988, by: Peter Goddard, "Storm a Dreamy Thriller with a Comic Twist"
Variety (US) January 18 1988, pg. 18, "Film Review "Storm""
Globe & Mail (CA) December 4 1987, by: Stephen Godfrey, "A Storm Warning"
Calgary Herald (CA) November 27 1987, by: Fred Haeseker, "Winning Streak"
Calgary Herald (CA) November 27 1987, by: Fred Haeseker, "Storm A Winner on All Fronts"
Calgary Herald (CA) November 27 1987, by: Fred Haeseker, "Action Thriller Promising Debut for Filmmaker"
Calgary Sun (CA) November 27 1987, by: Mary Jane Kletke, "Storm Breaks for Director"
Calgary Sun (CA) November 13 1987, by: Mary Jane Kletke, "Winning Has a Winner"
Hollywood Reporter (US) November 3 1987, by: Linda Kupecek, "Canada: Storm's theatrical release"
Calgary Magazine (CA) September 1987, by: Linda Kupecek, "The Winning Way"
Saturday Night Magazine (CA) May 1987, by: John Colapinto, "Bright Lights: In Suspense"
Globe & Mail (CA) February 27 1987, by: Stephen Godfrey, "Young Filmmaker on Winning Streak"
Alberta Report (CA) January 19 1987, by: Stephen Lequire, "Winning with a Camera"
Calgary Sun (CA) January 13 1987, by: Mary Jane Kletke, "Winning Big"
Playback Magazine (CA) January 12 1987, by: Editors, "Cannon Gets a Winning Film"
Hollywood Reporter (US) December 24 1986, by: Linda Kupecek, "Canadian to Direct Cannon Feature"
Calgary Herald (CA) December 17 1986, by: Fred Haeseker, "Calgary Filmmaker sells his First Feature"
Hollywood Reporter (US) March 18 1986, by: Linda Kupecek, "Canada"
Globe & Mail (CA) March 10 1986, by: Gwen Dambrofsky, "Newcomer, Veteran Share Film Prizes"
Calgary Herald (CA) March 9 1986, by: Canadian Press, "Storm tops Movie Awards"
Edmonton Journal (CA) March 9 1986, by: John Dodd, "Storm Sweeps AMPIA Awards"
Edmonton Journal (CA) March 9 1986, by: Canadian Press, "Calgary Film earns Top Award"
Kingston Whig-Standard (CA) January 15 1986, by: David Barber, "Canadian Film is Good Effort for an Inexperienced Director"
Vancouver Sun (CA) December 31 1985, by: Marke Andrews, "18 Films Compete for Genie Honors"
Ottawa Citizen (CA) November 15 1985, by: Noel Taylor, "Usher turns Filmmaker to tell Sly tale of Greed"
Hollywood Reporter (US) November 12 1985, by: Linda Kupecek, "Canada"
Cinema Canada (CA) November 1985, by: Brian Lewis, "Storm: Review"
Calgary Herald (CA) October 20 1985, by: Don Truckey, "Directing Starts in the Heart"
Chronicle Herald Mail-Star (CA) October 10 1985, by: Canadian Press, "Winning Pushing Storm to the Top"
Maclean's Magazine (CA) September 9 1985, by: Wayne Grigsby, "Competition for Cannes"
Globe & Mail (CA) August 28 1985, by: Jay Scott, "Alberta Storm Is All Sunshine"
Calgary Herald (CA) April 18 1985, by: Fred Haeseker, "Movie could be Alone on Cannes Trip"
Calgary Herald (CA) May 11 1984, pg. C4, by: Fred Haeseker, "Hollywood Pays Attention to Calgary Filmmaker"
Calgary Herald (CA) October 7 1983, by: Fred Haeseker, "Shooting Ends on Local Movie"
Alberta Report (CA) August 31 1979, by: Dunnery Best, "Making Movies on The Cheap"
Calgary Herald (CA) August 17 1979, "Wanted: Script Writers and Producers"

Pictorials (1)

Starburst (GB) December 2003, Iss. 61 Special, pg. 36-41, by: Steven Eramo, "Winning's Streak"

Magazine Covers (1)

Sunday Magazine (CA) January 13 1991

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