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  • (1906) Stage: Appeared (Broadway debut) in "The Red Mill" on Broadway. Musical. Book by Henry Blossom and Victor Herbert. Directed by Fred G. Latham. Knickerbocker Theatre: 24 Sep 1906-May 1907. Cast: Estelle Baldwin, Gertrude Braun, Kate Carew, Claude Cooper, Allene Crater, Paula Desmond, Juliette Dika, David L. Don, Charles Dox, Constance Eastman, Miss Gabrielle, Augusta Greenleaf, Flora Hengler, Kitty Howland, Ethel Johnson, Miss Kendal, Miss Leslie, Neal McCay, David Montgomery, Sadie Probst, Joseph M. Ratliff, Miss Reisen, Fred Stone, Cleo Sweninger, M. Whiting. Produced by Charles B. Dillingham.
  • (1910) Stage Play: The Aviator. Written by James Montgomery. Astor Theatre: 6 Dec 1910- Jan 1911 (closing date unknown/44 performances). Cast: Ed Begley [credited as Edward Begley], Cantor Brown, William P. Connery, Robert Conness, Frank Currier, Jack Devereaux, Wallace Eddinger (as "Robert Street"), Ford Fenimore, Emily Lytton, Christine Norman, William Offerman, Frederick Paulding, Samuel Reed, Edythe Thorne, Oza Waldrop, Richard Webster. Produced by Cohan & Harris. Note: Filmed by Douglas MacLean Productions [distributed by Associated Exhibitors] as Going Up (1923), by Warner Bros. as The Aviator (1929) [presumed lost as of Jun 2014], by Warner Bros. as L'aviateur (1931) [French language version], and by Warner Bros. as Going Wild (1930),
  • (1913) Stage: Appeared in "The Passing Show of 1913" on Broadway. Musical revue. Music by Jean Schwartz and Al W. Brown. Book / lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Musical Director: Oscar Radin. Music orchestrated by Frank Sadler. Directed by Ned Wayburn. Winter Garden Theatre: 24 Jul 1913-Sep 1913 (closing date unknown/58 performances). Cast: Clara Aldwyn, Jeannette Alpine, May Boley, Lew Brice, Marie Caldwell, Ed Campbell, Nell Carrington, Lucille Cavanaugh, Bessie Clayton, Frank Conroy, Kenneth Cooley, Herbert Corthell, Wellington Cross, Marjorie Dayton, Charles DeHaven, Mae Dealy, Daisy Delmar, Violet Delmar, Henry Detloff, Dick Dickinson, Nina DuBal, Grace DuBoise, Mary Ellison, Ethel Faber, Allen Fagan, Dudley Farnworth, George Ford, Corinne Frances, Elsie Froehlich, Beatrice Garland, Alex Gibson, Harry Gilfoil, Lillian Gonne, Nina Goulette, Fannie Grant, Sydney Grant, Bessie Gray, Charlotte Greenwood, Mabel Grete, Virginia Gunther, Agnes Hall, Carl Hall, Evelyn Hall, Laura Hamilton, George Hanlon, Andrew Harper, Ruth Heil, Mabel Hill, Nell Howard, Tony Hunting, Lois Josephine, Grace Kimball, Charlie King, Mollie King, Al Knight, John Kusky, George LeMaire, Gladys Leroy, Blanche Leslie, Helen Lloyd, Muriel Magill, Dotty Mantell, Irene Markey, Blanche Marr, Vinna Mason, Zounie Maury, Marion Mooney, Georgia Moore, Dorothy Moran, Nellie Moyse, Freddy Nice, Carel Orr, Mae Parker, Kathryn Perry, Evelyn Phillips, Edgar Pierce, Leslie Powers, Fay Pulsifer, Rose Quinn, Ethel Ray, Eve Ray, Miriam Sanford, Anna Sayce, Bessie Shannon, Gladys Smith, Irene Spencer, Clara Stanton, Georgica Storm, Ray Strath, Katherine Talbot, John Charles Thomas, Vera Tirrell, Alice Van Ryker, Rose Wertz, Arthur Whitman, Edith Whitney, Grace Williams, Ted Wing. Produced by The Winter Garden Company.
  • (1913) Stage: Appeared in "The Passing Show of 1913" on Broadway. Musical revue (revival).
  • (1914) Stage: Appeared in "Apartment 12-K" on Broadway. Written by Lawrence Irving Rising. Maxine Elliott's Theatre: 20 Jul 1914-Aug 1914 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: May Allison, Alan Brooks, Harry English, George French, Helen Lowell, Robert Ober, Jean Shelby. Produced by William A. Brady.
  • (1917) Stage Play: Going Up. Musical comedy. Book / lyrics by 'Otto Harbach.' Music by Louis A. Hirsch. Based on "The Aviator" by James Montgomery. Musical Director: Gus Salzer. Music orchestrated by Frank Sadler. Directed by Edward Royce and James Montgomery. Liberty Theatre: 25 Dec 1917- 26 Oct 1918 (351 performances). Cast: Charles Andrews, Willard F. Barger, Ed Begley [credited as Edward Begley] (as "Sam Robinson"), Lee Campbell, Jeanette Cook, Frank Craven (as "Robert Street"), Phoebe Crossley, Edith Day, Henry Dempsey, Ruth Donnelly (as "Miss Zonne"), Beatrice Dwight, Allen K. Fagen, Edgar Gates, Harold Grau (as "Ensemble"), Nancy Griffith, Lillian Gurley, Arthur Stuart Hull (as "James Brooks"), Louise Kelley, Joseph Lertora, Paul Lester, Kitty Mahoney, Vivian May, Thomas Maynard, Josephine McNichol, Donald Meek (as "F.H. Douglas"), Helen Miller, Alexander Morrissey, Helen Neary, Catherine O'Neil, Frank Otto (as "Hopkinson Brown"), John Park, Eleanor Pendleton, Grace Peters, Emily Russ, Eunice Sizer, Neida Snow, Marion Sunshine, Francois Vaulry, Maurice Walker, Mary Ward, Virginia Watson, Richard Weeman. Produced by Cohan & Harris.
  • (1943) Stage: Appeared (as "Gen. von Obermann") in "Land of Fame" on Broadway. Drama. Music by Joseph Wood. Written by Albert Bein and Mary Bein. Based on a story by Charles Paver and Albert Bein. Directed by Albert Bein. Belasco Theatre: 21 Sep 1943-25 Sep 1943 (6 performances). Cast: Lester Alden, Richard Basehart (as "Sgt. Hauptmann"), Jack Bittner, John Buckwalter, Beatrice De Neergaard, George Dice, Hunter Gardner, Theo Goetz, Harron Gordon, Naya Grecia, Whitford Kane (as "Wagon-Maker of Mandra"), Charles Kuhn (as "Schoolteacher"), Kenneth Le Roy, Norman Rose, Stefan Schnabel (as "Lt. Werner"), Beatrice Straight (as "Angela"), Royal Dana Tracy (as "Georgius"), Peter Von Zerneck, Karl Weber. Produced by Albert Bein and Frederick Fox.
  • (1943) Stage: Appeared (as "Patrick Hammer") in "Get Away Old Man" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by William Saroyan. Directed / produced by George Abbott. Cort Theatre: 24 Nov 1943-4 Dec 1943 (13 performances). Cast: Mason Adams (as "Messenger"), Glenn Anders (as "Sam"), Edwin Hodge (as "Correspondent of the NY Times"), Sula Levitch, Joyce Mathews, Beatrice Pearson, Jerome Thor (as "Doctor"), Hilda Vaughn (as "Rose Schornbloom"), Richard Widmark (as "Harry Bird").
  • (1944) Stage: Appeared (as "Mr. Jones") in "Pretty Little Parlor" on Broadway. Drama. Written by Claiborne Foster. Scenic Design by Stewart Chaney. Costume Design by Paul Du Pont. Directed by Ralph Bellamy. National Theatre: 17 Apr 1944-22 Apr 1944 (8 performances). Cast: Stella Adler (as "Clotilde"), Sidney Blackmer (as "Jefferson Hilyard"), Marilyn Erskine, Kip Good, Paul Parks, Mel Roberts, Joan Tetzel. Produced by John H. Moses and Ralph Bellamy.
  • (1947) Stage: Appeared in "All My Sons" on Broadway.
  • (1954) Stage Play: All Summer Long. Musical revue. Written by Robert Anderson. Based on the novel by Donald Wetzel. Incidental music by Albert Hague. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Lighting design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Alan Schneider. Coronet Theatre (moved to The Booth Theatre from 1 Nov 1954- close): 23 Sep 1954- 13 Nov 1954 (60 performances). Cast: Carroll Baker, Ed Begley, Daniela Boni, Clay Hall, John Kerr, John Randolph, June Walker. Produced by The Playwright's Company.
  • (1955) Stage: Appeared in "Ankles Aweigh" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Sammy Fain. Lyrics by Dan Shapiro. Book by Guy Bolton and Eddie Davis. Vocal / Orchestral Arrangements by Don Walker. Musical / Choral Director: Salvatore Dell'Isola. Dance Music Devised by Roger Adams. Additional dance music by Donald Pippin. Assistant to Mr. Walker: Seymour Ginzler. Choreographed by Tony Charmoli. Uncredited show doctoring by Jerome Robbins. Directed by Fred F. Finklehoffe. Mark Hellinger Theatre: 18 Apr 1955-17 Sep 1955 (176 performances). Cast: Betty Kean (as "Elsey"), Jane Kean (as "Wynne"), Mark Dawson (as "Lt. Bill Kelley"), Lew Parker (as "Dinky"), Dick Alderson (as "Dancer"), Mark Allen (as "Capt. Zimmerman"), Sandi Bonner (as "Dancer"), Marilynn Bradley (as "Singer"), Hank Brunjes (as "Dancer"), Thelma Carpenter (as "Chipolata"), Gene Carrons (as "Dancer"), Frank Conville (as "Pizza Cart Man"), Bill Costin (as "Tommy"), Thelma Dare (as "Singer"), Gabriel Dell (as "Spud"), Don Emmons (as "Dancer"), Herb Fields (as "Tony" / "Singer"), Patty Fitzsimmons (as "Dancer"), Betty George (as "Lucia"), Don Graham (as "Singer"), Skeet Guenther (as "Shore Patrol/Dancer"), Henry Hamilton (as "Singer"), Ed Hanley (as "Russ"), Will Hussung (as "Adm. Pottles"), Mike Kellin (as "Joe Mancinni"), Warren J. Kemmerling (as "Singer"), Michael King (as "Singer"), Marilyn Marsh (as "Dancer"), Virginia Martin (as "Singer"), Ray Mason (as "Camera Man" / "Singer"), Ellen McCown (as "Singer"), Meri Miller (as "Dancer"), Marianne Olsen (as "Dancer"), Janet Pavek (as "Singer"), Jack Purcell (as "Dancer"), Jack Rains (as "Singer"), Marsha Rivers (as "Dancer"), Karen Shepard (as "The Duchess" / "Singer"), John Smolko (as "Dancer"), Nina Starkey (as "Dancer"), Gloria Stevens (as "Dancer"), Hobe Streiford (as "Singer"), Jack Timmers (as "Dancer"), Nancy Walters (as "Native Girl / "Singer"), Patricia White (as "Dancer"), Ethel Winter (as "Dancer"). Understudies: Frank Conville (as "Dinky"), Ed Hanley (as "Spud"), Virginia Martin (as "Wynne"), Ray Mason (as "Lt. Bill Kelley") and Karen Shepard (as "Chipolata"). Replacement actors: Juan Anduze (as "Dancer"), Ed Begley (as "Shore Patrol"), Vivian Dandridge (as "Chipolata"), Dorothy Dunau (as "Dancer"), Rosemary Gaines (as "Native Girl"), Betty Graber (as "Singer"), Larry Howard (as "Dancer"), Virginia Martin (as "Wynne"), Ray Mason (as "Lt. Bill Kelley"), Sheldon Ossosky (as "Shore Patrol"), Georgia Reed (as "Wynne"), Karen Shepard (as "Chipolata"), Parker Wilson (as "Dancer"). Produced by Howard Hoyt, Reginald R. Hammerstein and Fred F. Finklehoffe.
  • (1955) Stage: Appeared in "Inherit the Wind" on Broadway. Drama.
  • (1957) Stage: Appeared in "A Shadow of My Enemy" on Broadway.
  • (1960) Stage: Appeared (as "Frank Friar") in "Semi-Detached" on Broadway. Written by Patricia Joudry. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Costume Design by Helene Pons. Directed by Charles S. Dubin. Martin Beck Theatre: 10 Mar 1960-12 Mar 1960 (4 performances). Cast: Robert Alvin (as "Workman"), Doris Belack (as "Simone"' Broadway debut), Frank Chase (as "Milkman"), James Dimitri (as "Pierre Boudreau"), Dana Elcar (as "Father Gagnon"), Brad Herrman (as "Jean-Michel Duschene"), Paul Mace (as "Paper Boy"), Jean Muir (as "Winnie Friar"), Vivian Nathan (as "Marie Duschene"), Rosalyn Newport (as "Joy Friar"), Frank Silvera (as "Emile Duschene"), Edgar Stehli (as "Papa"), Ronnie Tourso (as "Chris Friar"). Produced by Philip Rose. NOTE: Producer Phillip Rose and Doris Belack were married from 1946 until his death in May, 2011.
  • (1969) Stage Play: Zelda. Comedy. Written by Sylvia Regan. Scenic Design and Lighting Design by Will Steven Armstrong. Directed by Delbert Mann. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 5 Mar 1969- 8 Mar 1969 (5 performances + 10 previews). Cast: Ed Begley (as "Alexander Hartman"), Lilia Skala (as "Rose Hartman"), Julie Anne (as "Suzy Corey"), Robby Benson (as "David Hartman"), Zaida Coles (as "Christine Corey"), Maxwell Glanville (as "Jim Corey"; final Broadway role), Tom Keena (as "Norman Hartman"), Renee Roy (as "Geraldine Hartman"), Alfred Sandor (as "Elliott Hartman"), Nita Talbot (as "Steffi Hartman"). Standbys: Karen Anderson (as "Suzy Corey"), Javotte Greene (as "Christine Corey"), Stanley Greene (as "Jim Corey"), Robert H. Harris (as "Alexander Hartman"), Viola Harris (as "Rose Hartman") Broadway role] and Bob Hennessey (as "David Hartman"). Produced by Arthur Hoffe and Charles Isenberg. Produced in association with Gerald B. Seiff.
  • (1969) Stage Play: Our Town. Drama (revival). Written by Thornton Wilder. Directed by Donald Driver. ANTA Playhouse: 27 Nov 1969- 27 Dec 1969 (36 performances + 3 previews). Cast: Steve Alpert (as "Baseball Player"), John Beal (as "Simon Stimson"), Ed Begley (as "Dr. Gibbs") [final Broadway role], Stellar Bennett (as "Townsperson"), Milo Boulton (as "Constable Warren"), Thomas Coley (as "Howie Newsome"), Lee Danielson (as "Baseball Player"), Diane Deering (as "Townsperson"), Leah M. Edlin (as "Townsperson"), Harvey Evans (as "George Gibbs"), John Fiedler (as "Professor Willard"), Henry Fonda (as "Stage Manager"), Bryant Fraser (as "Joe Crowell" / "Si Crowell"), Stephen Gustafson (as "Wally Webb"), Margaret Hamilton (as "Mrs. Soames"), Elizabeth Hartman (as "Emily Webb"), Enid Kent (as "Woman in the Balcony" / "Lady in the Box"), Mildred Natwick (as "Mrs. Gibbs"), Denise Nickerson (as "Rebecca Gibbs"), John Randolph (as "Mr. Webb"), William Robertson (as "Joe Stoddard"), Helen Ross (as "Townsperson"), Terry Ross (as "Townsperson"), Lee Sanders (as "Townsperson"), Martin Shakar (as "Man in The Auditorium" / "Sam Craig" / "Baseball Player"), Delos V. Smith Jr. (as "Farmer McCarty"), Edward Stevlingson (as "Townsperson"), Irene Tedrow (as "Mrs. Webb"), John Tormey (as "Baseball Player"), John Ventantoni (as "Baseball Player"), Ruth Wright (as "Townsperson"). Produced by The American National Theatre and Academy and Alfred De Liagre Jr.
  • (1960) Stage: Appeared in "Advise and Consent" on Broadwawy. Drama. Written by Loring Mandel. Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner. Cort Theatre: 17 Nov 1960-20 Jun 1961 (212 performances). Cast included: Henry Jones (as "Seab Cooley"), Richard Kiley, Kevin McCarthy, Chester Morris. NOTE: Filmed as Advise & Consent (1962).
  • (5/9/48) Radio: Appeared (as "The Mayor") in a "Ford Theater" production of Charles MacArthur and Ben Hecht's "The Front Page".
  • (1946-50) Radio: Appeared (as "Sgt. O'Hara") in "The Fat Man" series (ABC Radio).
  • (1921) Stage Play: Eyvind of the Hills. Tragedy. Written by Jóhann Sigurjónsson. Directed by Frank Conroy. Greenwich Village Theatre: 28 Feb 1921- Mar 1921 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Charles P. Bates, Byron Beasley, Ed Begley (as "Jon"), Gus Beuerman, Hallem Bosworth, Elfin Finn, Gene Raymond [credited as Raymond Guion] (as "A Shepherd Boy") [Broadway debut], Henry Herbert (as "Arnes"), Arthur Hohl (as "Karl"), Eleanor Johnson, Beatrice Moreland, Lloyd Neal, Helen Olcott, Edmond J. Pardy, Gwendolyn Piers, Helene Russell, Marguerite Tebeau, Margaret Wycherly (as "Halla"). Produced by Conroy and Meltzer.
  • (1957) He acted in Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee's play, "Inherit the Wind," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts.
  • (August 1957) He acted in Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee's play, "Inherit the Wind," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine.

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