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Tim Robbins to Be Feted at Karlovy Vary Film Festival

Tim Robbins to Be Feted at Karlovy Vary Film Festival
The Karlovy Vary Film Festival, the leading movie event in Central and Eastern Europe, will honor Tim Robbins with its award for outstanding contribution to world cinema, the fest announced Tuesday, and the actor will screen two pics he directed and wrote, the acerbic polemic “Bob Roberts” and the tribute to pre-wwii music and politics “Cradle Will Rock.”

Robbins, who also wrote music for several of his films, including “Bob Roberts” with brother David, will perform with The Rogues Gallery Band. Terry Gilliam will also roll into the Czech Republic spa town for the fest, running June 29 to July 7, to screen “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote,” his disaster-prone take on the Cervantes classic that took 18 years to complete and premiered in Cannes.

Anna Paquin will also be feted, screening the family grief road movie “The Parting Glass” along with the film’s director, her husband Stephen Moyer, screenwriter and
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‘Gauguin: Voyage To Tahiti’ Trailer: Vincent Cassel Makes Waves Remixing Scandalous Art History

Actor Vincent Cassel has curated a long career of interesting projects. And while he isn’t widely known to mainstream audiences, the French actor has had an accomplished career that has fallen mostly under the radar. Still the actor has over 80 credits to his name, including notable films “La Haine,” “Elizabeth,” and a voice performance in “The Little Prince.” For his latest project, the French actor is playing painter, sculptor, and ceramist Paul Gaugin.

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Vincent Cassel stars in trailer for biographical drama Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti

With a little under a month to go until its release, a new trailer and poster have arrived online for the biographical drama Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti which stars Vincent Cassel as the French post-Impressionist artist Paul Gauguin; take a look here…

French artist Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) was an innovator of modern art, known for experimenting with bold color and distorted proportions, along with his contemporaries Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cézanne. By 1891, Gauguin was already well-known in artistic circles, but had grown tired of the civilized world and its political and moral conventions. Leaving his wife and children behind, he ventures alone to Tahiti, consumed with a yearning for new inspiration. Pushing deep into the Tahitian jungle, Gauguin meets Tehura, his muse, who will consume his mind and inspire his most iconic works of art.

Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti is set for release on July 11th.

The post Vincent
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New Us Trailer for 'Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti' Starring Vincent Cassel

"I feel alive again." Cohen Media Group has released an official Us trailer for the film Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti, originally known as just Gauguin in its released in Europe last year. The film is finally hitting limited Us theaters this summer. Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti stars Vincent Cassel as famous French artist Paul Gauguin, a painter who decided to leave behind his wife and child and civilized life to travel out to Tahiti in 1891. The film is about his decision to go to Tahiti and his romance and connection with a young Tahitian girl named Tehura, played by Tuheï Adams. The cast includes Malik Zidi, Pua-Taï Hikutini, Pernille Bergendorff, Marc Barbé, Paul Jeanson, Cédric Eeckhout, and Samuel Jouy. This looks quite good, with a compelling performance by Cassel as the inspired painter. I would really like to see this. Here's the official Us trailer (+ poster) for Edouard Deluc's Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti,
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Cannes Film Review: ‘The Great Mystical Circus’

Cannes Film Review: ‘The Great Mystical Circus’
As the surprise box-office success story of the last six months or so, Michael Gracey’s “The Greatest Showman” indicated that contrary to the film’s sniffy critical reception, there is indeed an audience for glitzy, period-inflected, fanfare-filled stories of life beneath the Big Top. But its word-of-mouth slow build to moneymaking, cult-spawning juggernaut status is unlikely to be replicated by Brazilian veteran Carlos Diegues’ return to the directing fray with “The Great Mystical Circus.”

After a decade spent nurturing other talents from the region (including an associate producer credit on Kleber Mendonça Filho’s superb “Aquarius”) Diegues, a Cinema Novo pioneer with such titles as “Bye Bye Brazil,” “Ganga Zumba,” and “Quilombo” under his belt, essays his own take on circus maximalism, but delivers a magical realist misfire; an uncomfortably soapy high-wire act that stumbles right out the gate and never stops tumbling.

Based on a poem by celebrated Brazilian polymath Jorge de Lima,
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‘The World Is Yours’ Vincent Cassel & Romain Gavras Riff On Fortnight Comedy – Cannes Studio

The Directors' Fortnight section of the Cannes Film Festival has provided some strong picks this year, including French heist comedy The World Is Yours which was rousingly received. The second feature from Romain Gavras (son of Costa-Gavras), who is best known for his music video work with such artists as Mia, Kanye West and Justice, stars Vincent Cassel who appeared in and produced his 2010 debut Our Day Will Come. The collaborators chatted with Deadline this week about…
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Colin Firth Starring ‘Secret Garden’ Omar Sy’s ‘Lost Prince’ Sell Worldwide for Studiocanal (Exclusive)

Announcing very possibly the first clean sales sweep on one of the major new titles brought onto the market at Cannes, Studiocanal, part of Vivendi’s Canal Plus Group, sold out worldwide on the David Heyman-produced “The Secret Garden.”

Studiocanal’s notably all-women sales team, overseen by distribution chief Anna Marsh and headed by international sales chief Anne Chérel, has also licensed “The Lost Prince,” to be directed by Academy Award winning Michel Hazanavicius (“The Artist”), to near all the world outside the U.S.

The sales, compounded by bullish first results on Studiocanal’s Romain Gavras’ “The World is Yours,” beg the question as to the possible depth of Cannes’ pre-sales market. This year’s market buzz has, to date at least, centered very largely on a narrow band of high-profile titles backed by standout director, star or producer talent.

At least for Studiocanal, Europe’s biggest movie production-distribution-sales company,
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Manny Films Joins Magma, Storyboard on ‘The Commitment’ (Exclusive)

In a deal announced at the Cannes Film Festival, Argentina’s Magma Cine and Chile’s Storyboard Media have closed co-production on the highly-anticipated historical drama “The Commitment.” The agreement will see the South American companies partner with French independent producers Manny Films.

Based in Paris, Manny Films was founded just over a decade ago, and focuses on internationally-aimed co-productions in feature films and high-end TV series. Films which they have produced which screened at Cannes include: “The Ardor,” starting Gael García Bernal; the animated “Lascars” which starred Vincent Cassel and Diane Kruger, and 2015’s “The Chosen Ones” among others.

“The Commitment” was written by Paola Campos, Bernardita Olmedo and Fernando Castillo, and is directed by Argentine Benjamín Ávila, whose 2011 film “Clandestine Childhood” world premiered at Cannes. He also scored a Goya, and cleaned up at the Argentine Academy Awards where the film won him best director, screenplay – shared with Marcelo Müller – and best picture.
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Carlos Diegues On Cannes Special Screener ‘The Great Mystical Circus’

Carlos Diegues On Cannes Special Screener ‘The Great Mystical Circus’
Cannes, France — Carlos (Cacá) Diegues presented his latest directorial feature at a Special Screening in Cannes. A celebration of magic, entertainment and cinema,”The Great Mystical Circus” is inspired by a poem from Brazilian poet Jorge de Lima. It follows a family of circus entertainers through five generations, told in a series of intertwining tales, all set to a soundtrack by Chico Buarque, who originally adapted the poem for the stage in the 1980s.

Starring Vincent Cassel, Jesuíta Barbosa, Bruna Linzmeyer and Mariana Ximenes, the film is produced by Brazil’s Luz Magica Produçoes and Globo Filmes, Portugal’s Fado Filmes and France’s Milonga Productions. Spain’s Latido Films is selling international sales rights.

Though still very much a filmmaking force, director-producer Diegues’ career spans more than fifty years; his first feature film involvement coming in 1962 when he directed part of the groundbreaking neo-realist “Cinco Vezes Favela.” He was
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Cannes Film Review: ‘The World Is Yours’

Cannes Film Review: ‘The World Is Yours’
American audiences take the Tarantino-ization of genre cinema for granted, but not so the French, who adore the director (who won the Palme d’Or for “Pulp Fiction”) but never went so far as to imitate him outright, until now. Director Romain Gavras’ “The World Is Yours” is the long overdue yet entirely unnecessary gangster movie that French audiences have been missing all this time — a fresh riff on “Les Tontons flingueurs” by way of “Jackie Brown” — and judging by the uproarious reception the film received at its Director’s Fortnight premiere in Cannes, they’re grateful to have a cocky, talky, high-attitude crime saga for themselves.

Following Gavras’ gonzo redheads-will-inherit-the-earth debut, “Our Day Will Come,” this film is a massive change of tone for the director, son of politically conscious “Z” auteur Costa-Gavras and a visionary music-video helmer in his own right. Whereas the younger Gavras’ first feature demonstrated
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‘The World Is Yours’ Review: Romain Gavras’ Brilliant Caper Comedy Is the Anti-Scarface — Cannes 2018

Romain Gavras’ “The World Is Yours” might take its title from a certain gangster classic — or its blood-soaked Brian De Palma remake, which only made a life of crime seem that much cooler — but this wildly infectious French heist comedy is pretty much the anti-“Scarface.” A hyper-stylish and unexpectedly sweet rebuke to the idea that screwing people is a good way to get ahead, Gavras’ second feature manages the almost impossible task of mining something nice from the me-first mentality that’s been sweeping across modern Europe. It’s “Sexy Beast,” “Spring Breakers,” and “Little Miss Sunshine” all blended together and served with a lad-rock swagger; it’s the best movie that Guy Ritchie never made.

Whereas Tony Camonte (or Tony Montana) came to the game as a refugee looking to make a name for himself, François (Karim Leklou) was born into a dog-eat-dog underworld full of killers and cheats.
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‘The World Is Yours’ Film Review: Romain Gavras’ Pop Comedy Is an Absolute Blast

‘The World Is Yours’ Film Review: Romain Gavras’ Pop Comedy Is an Absolute Blast
You can bet that every scheming lowlife who populates the kitsch landscape of “The World Is Yours” knows and recognizes that title’s allusion to Brian De Palma’s “Scarface.” And you can be be just as sure that not one of them has ever been able to sit still and concentrate long enough to make it through that — or any — three-hour film.

Music video director Romain Gavras’ breezy pop comedy, however, might be more their speed — but then, the film is designed to be everyone’s speed.

With his latest feature, the Kanye West, Jay-z and M.I.A. collaborator has set out to conquer the world, or at least the French box office. With “The World Is Yours,” he delivered a crowd-pleasing caper that drew hurls of laughter and sustained applause at its world premiere as part of the Cannes Film Festival’s Directors’ Fortnight sidebar on Saturday.

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As if the John Landis cameo didn’t give it away, the film tries to be a “Blues Brothers”-like jaunt for a generation raised on Adderall and French hip hop, but its sharp edge and endearing cast will have little difficulty winning over audiences unfamiliar with acts like Mc Solaar, as well.

Doughy mama’s boy François (Karim Leklou) has one dream in life: to buy the North African distribution rights to the Mr. Freeze brand of ice pops and work his way out of the projects, one summery treat at a time. Things are going his way until his con-artist mom Danny (Isabelle Adjani) gambles away the entire nest egg, forcing the good-hearted if otherwise inept crook to accept an ill-conceived drug-buying mission in Spain.

Already saddled with a harebrained scheme, Francois certainly doesn’t help matters by assembling a motley band of knuckleheads, all of them more inept and significantly less trustworthy than he.

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While Lamya (Oulaya Amamra, star of the 2016 Caméra d’Or winner “Divines”) takes the money and runs every chance she gets, Henry (Vincent Cassel, hilariously playing against type as a potbellied goon) is really only good for conspiracy theories and little else. Throw in a pair of dimwitted thugs and a louche Belgian snowbird and you have all the makings for disaster — which is exactly what happens when Francois’ drug supplier stiffs them and Danny sweeps in to kidnap the man’s daughter.

Gavras keeps these many plates spinning with admirable dexterity, relying on his polished commercial background to keep things moving at an appealingly propulsive clip. Many sequences play like full-on music videos, like a tense hotel room break-in set to the song “Atlas” by the group Battles, or a kitschtastic karaoke rendition of Toto’s “Africa” at a tense, pivotal moment.

The director and his crew have an absolute blast detailing the garish neon wonderland of the seaside resort town where most of the action takes place.

That the cast is predominantly Arab-French and of a not-particularly-affluent social class is neither the main focus of the film nor wholly elided. Instead, Gavras and co-screenwriters Karim Boukercha and Noé Debré treat their characters’ backgrounds as a simply fact of life, letting their anxieties and experiences affect the madcap action onscreen, but not guide it.

In that sense, the broad comedy treats class and culture with an impressive sophistication. Think of it as “Pain & Gain” meets “La Haine,” played for laughs and box office.

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Cannes: Latido Takes Carlos Diegues’ ‘The Great Mystical Circus’ with Vincent Cassel (Exclusive)

Cannes: Latido Takes Carlos Diegues’ ‘The Great Mystical Circus’ with Vincent Cassel (Exclusive)
Cannes — Carlos Diegues’ “The Great Mystical Circus,” which unspools in a special screenings slot at Cannes, has been acquired by Madrid-based sales agent Latido Films, which will introduce it to buyers at the Cannes Film Festival.

“The Great Mystical Circus,” co-starring Vincent Cassel, traces the adventures, loves and shows of five generations of Knieps, a Brazilian circus owner dynasty, beginning in 1910. The saga is narrated by Celavi, a freed slave and the Circus’ never-aging master of ceremonies. Cassel plays Jean-Paul, an unscrupulous spendthrift who tries to sell the circus.

“‘The Great Mystical Circus’ is a summation of everything I’ve made before in my films, maybe the result of what I think about movie making,” Diegues said.

The Brazilian filmmaker’s 1962 directorial debut, “Cinco Veces Favela,” turned him into a Cinema Novo star. Determined to make a cinema which had a large impact in Brazil and beyond, he went on
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First Teaser for Romain Gavras' 'The World Is Yours' Playing at Cannes

Get your first look at one of the films premiering at the Cannes Film Festival. The World Is Yours, or Le monde ou rien in French, is the next film from French director Romain Gavras (Our Day Will Come) and it was just announced as one of the films in the official selection for the Directors' Fortnight sidebar at Cannes. The World Is Yours is a crime comedy/thriller about a former drug dealer who has to get back in the business one more time to get his plans back on track. The cast includes Karim Leklou, Vincent Cassel, Isabelle Adjani, François Damiens, Oulaya Amamra, Philippe Katerine, Michael John Treanor, and Norbert Ferrer. Featuring a score by Jamie Xx and SebastiAn. This teaser trailer doesn't reveal too much but the footage we do see in this is quite wild. I'm curious to find out what this is all about. Here's
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Cannes: Directors’ Fortnight Lineup Boasts Colombia’s ‘Birds of Passage,’ Nicolas Cage in ‘Mandy’

The 50th edition of Directors’ Fortnight, the section running parallel to the Cannes Film Festival, will open with Colombian directors Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego’s “Birds of Passage.”

The lavishly shot “Birds of Passage,” which marks Guerra’s follow-up to his Oscar-nominated “Embrace of the Serpent,” takes place in Colombia in the 1970s, when the demand for marijuana hits Colombia, quickly turning farmers into seasoned businessmen. Unfolding in the Guajira desert, “Birds of Passage” follows a Wayuu indigenous family who take a leading role in this new drug trade and discover the perks of wealth and power but also encounter violence and tragedy.

Edouard Waintrop, who is serving his last turn as Directors’ Fortnight chief, said he was particularly happy to welcome back Guerra, who had presented “Embrace of the Serpent” in 2015. “‘Birds of Passage’ is a magnificent film and a powerful, epic mafia story filled with crime and treason,
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"7 Days in Entebbe"

Sneak Peek footage plus images from the Brit crime thriller "7 Days in Entebbe", based on a true story, directed by José Padilha, starring Rosamund Pike ("Gone Girl") , Daniel Brühl ("Captain America: Civil War") and Vincent Cassel ("Black Swan"):

" 1976, four terrorists hijack 'Air France Flight 139' en route from Tel Aviv, Israel to Paris, France via Athens, Greece...

"...and hold the passengers hostage after a forced landing in 'Entebbe' Uganda..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "7 Days In Entebbe"...
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A First Look at Guadalajara Film Festival’s Ibero-American Fiction Competition Selection

Each year the Guadalajara Film Festival brings a carefully curated selection of fiction and documentary films, recent and brand-new, from Mexico, and throughout Ibero-America, to the Jalisco capital. This year’s competition runs from March 9-16, and boasts 17 Ibero-American fiction features, 19 documentaries and more shorts than you can shake a churro at.

Here are the films selected to compete in the Ibero-American Fiction Feature Film competition. A comprehensive list can be found below.

A flagship of the new-and-improved Basque cinema, Aitor Arregi and Jon Garaño’s “Giant” world premiered at San Sebastian, winning two awards, before storming the Goya’s where it racked up ten, the third highest total in that ceremony’s history. It remains to be seen if it’s reception in Guadalajara will be adversely effected by fellow competition player, and contrarily named, “Giants Don’t Exist,” from Chema Rodríguez. Laura Mora Ortega’s debut feature “Killing Jesus” is a Pablo-free Colombian tale of
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"7 Days In Entebbe"

  • SneakPeek
Sneak Peek new footage from the British crime thriller "7 Days in Entebbe", directed by José Padilha, starring Rosamund Pike, Daniel Brühl and Vincent Cassel, opening March 9, 2018:

" 1976, four terrorists hijack 'Air France Flight 139' en route from Tel Aviv, Israel to Paris, France via Athens, Greece...

"...and hold the passengers hostage after a forced landing in 'Entebbe' Uganda..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "7 Days In Entebbe"...
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Review: "Blame It On Rio" (1984) Starring Michael Caine, Joseph Bologna And Michelle Johnson; Kino Lorber Blu-ray Special Edition

  • CinemaRetro
By Todd Garbarini

Normal 0 false false false En-us X-none X-none

The 1980s were a decade of many cultural phenomenon such as the teen angst film, the splatter horror film, the zombie films, and of course the teen sex comedy. Bob Clark’s Porky’s (1981) was a huge success both financially and artistically. To this day it’s still one of the funniest movies ever made. Many of today’s best-known actors cut their teeth in such fare: Tom Hanks attended an out-of-control Bachelor Party (1984) and even Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow checked into a Private Resort (1985). Stanley Donen, best known for directing Singin’ in the Rain (1952), Funny Face (1957), Charade (1963), and Arabesque (1966), followed up the boring and disastrous Saturn 3 (1980) with Blame It on Rio, a peculiar entry in his otherwise illustrious career. Jennifer (Michelle Johnson) is a pulchritudinous seventeen-year-old who lusts after her father Victor’s (Joseph Bologna) best friend
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Selton Mello Announces U.S. Directorial Debut, ‘Cathedral City’ (Exclusive)

Selton Mello Announces U.S. Directorial Debut, ‘Cathedral City’ (Exclusive)
Selton Mello, one of Brazil’s most marketable talents both behind and in front of the camera, is making his U.S. directorial debut with the upcoming musically charged drama “Cathedral City.”

Mello made his name on screen in Brazil in films like “Lisbela and the Prisoner” and “To the Left of the Father,” and then moved into writing, directing and producing his own projects. His second directorial feature, “The Clown,” Brazil’s Oscar submission, earned one of highest grosses for an art film in recent years in Brazil. His third directorial outing, the well-reviewed “The Movie of My Life,” starred “Black Swan’s” Vincent Cassel.

His U.S. debut will be behind the camera, for a story he says he fell in love with on his first read, more than four years ago. “Cathedral City,” penned by John Newman is about a musician who discovers his late father’s secret life. It will be
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