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Print Biographies (7)

Mickey Rooney. An Autobiography. New York: Putnams, 1965.
Mickey Rooney. Life's Too Short. New York: Villard, 1991.
Arthur Marx. The Nine Lives of Mickey Rooney. New York: Stern & Day, 1986.
Alvin Marill. Mickey Rooney: His Films, Television Appearances, Radio Work, Stage Shows, And Recordings. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., 2004. ISBN 0786420154
James Neibaur. The Essential Mickey Rooney. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2016. ISBN 1442260955
Richartd A. Lertzman, William J. Birnes. The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney. New York: Gallery Books, 2015. ISBN 1501100963
James MacEachern. Mickey Rooney: A Show Business Life. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2017. ISBN 0786496398

Portrayals (5)

Interviews (5)

The Telegraph (GB) December 8 2007, by: Lorraine McBride, "Mickey Rooney's heaven and hell"
Premiere (US) January 2007, Vol. 20, Iss. 5, pg. 120, by: Brantley Bardin, ""Idol Chatter""
USA Weekend (US) November 3 2006, pg. 8, by: Steve Pond, "Comedy for the Ages"
TV Guide (US) June 12 2006, Vol. 54, Iss. 24, pg. 66, by: Michael Scheinfeld, "Q&A: Mickey Rooney"
Ciné-Revue (French edition) (FR) April 8 1976, Iss. # 15, pg. pg. 12, by: Mac Trevor, Joan ; Dhont, Florent, "Mickey Rooney : "Le Hollywood que j'ai aimé ne revivra pas""

Articles (10)

National Examiner (US) November 28 2016, Vol. 53, Iss. 48, pg. 2-3, by: Staff writer, "MICKEY ROONEY WASN'T SHORT ON SEX APPEAL! The stunted stud worked his way through Hollywood's most glamorous stars!"
LOS ANGELES INDEPENDENT (US) June 4 2015, Vol. 82, Iss. 23, pg. 3, by: City News Service, "Intersection designated as Mickey Rooney Memorial Square"
CBS News (US) April 9 2014, by: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/mickey-rooneys-will-leaves-estate-to-stepson-cuts-out-family/, "Mickey Rooney's Will leaves estate to stepson, Cuts out Family"
Daily News (US) March 4 2013, by: Bill Hetherman, "Mickey Rooney's Home To Be Sold"
AD Rotterdams Dagblad (NL) June 22 2012, by: Ab Zagt, "Nog meer sterren dan aan de hemel (Article about 100 years Paramount Pictures)"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) December 10 2007, by: Bryony Gordon, "Mickey Rooney in panto? Oh yes he is"
Blanco y Negro (ES) July 28 1991, Iss. 3761, pg. 58-63, by: Terenci Moix, "Mickey Rooney"
Films in Review (US) June 1982, Vol. XXXIII, Iss. 6, pg. 334 - 352, by: Alvin H. Marill, "Mickey Rooney"
Movies Today (US) April 1963, pg. 5, by: anonymous, "Hollywood Parade. The Mickey Rooneys expect their fourth image."
Dagens Nyheter (SE) March 24 1940, "1,000 ansikten"

Pictorials (1)

AD Rotterdams Dagblad (NL) June 22 2012, "Nog meer sterren dan aan de hemel"

Magazine Covers (3)

USA Weekend (US) November 3 2006
Films in Review (US) June 1982, Vol. XXXIII, Iss. 6
Focus on Film (US) September 1974, Iss. 19

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