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  • (1967) Unsold pilot: Starred in a sitcom pilot called "My Husbands, Tom and John", whose plot concerned the dead husband (Reed) whose ghost causes all sorts of trouble when his widow (Julie Sommars) remarries. The pilot was co-produced by David Susskind.
  • (1958) Television: Appeared on The Gisele MacKenzie Show (1957).
  • (1978) Stage: Appeared (as "Sidney Bruhl"; replacement actor from 9/2/80) in "Deathtrap" on Broadway. Comedy/thriller. Written by Ira Levin. Directed by Robert Moore. Music Box Theatre (moved to The Biltmore Theatre 7 Jan 1982-close): 26 Feb 1978-13 Jun 1982 (1793 performances + 6 previews that began on 21 Feb 1978). Cast: John Wood (as "Sidney Bruhl"), Victor Garber (as "Clifford Anderson"), Marian Seldes (as "Myra Bruhl"), Marian Winters (as "Helga ten Dorp"; [died during production run), Richard Woods (as "Porter Milgrim"). Replacement cast: Steve Bassett (as "Clifford Anderson") [from Oct 1979-?], John Cullum (as "Sidney Bruhl") [from 17 Jul 1979-?], Farley Granger (as "Sidney Bruhl [from 17 Mar 1981-?], Patrick Horgan (as "Sidney Bruhl") [from 27 Nov 1978-?], Stacy Keach (as "Sidney Bruhl") [from 15 Jan 1979-?], Daren Kelly (as "Clifford Anderson") [from Oct 1978-?], William LeMassena (as "Porter Milgrim"), [from Nov 1979-?], Elizabeth Parrish (as "Helga ten Dorp") [from Oct 1978-?], Ernie Pysher (as "Clifford Anderson"; credited as Ernie Townsend). Produced by Alfred De Liagre Jr. and Roger L. Stevens. NOTE: (1) Filmed as Deathtrap (1982). (2) Music Box Theatre owned and operated by Irving Berlin [who had no involvement in actual production] and Select Theatres Corporation.
  • (1963) Stage: Appeared (Broadway debut; as "Paul Bratter"; from 7 Sep 1964-?) in "Barefoot in the Park" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Neil Simon. Biltmore Theatre: 23 Oct 1963-25 Jun 1967 (1520 performances + 2 previews that began on 21 Oct 1963). Cast: Elizabeth Ashley (as "Corie Bratter"), Kurt Kasznar (final Broadway role; as "Victor Velasco"), Mildred Natwick (as "Mrs. Banks"), Robert Redford (final Broadway role before concentrating on film career; as "Paul Bratter"), Herb Edelman (as "Telephone Man"), Joseph Keating (as "Delivery Man"). Standbys: E.J. Peaker (as "Corie Bratter"), Gene Rupert (as "Paul Bratter"). Understudies: Herb Edelman (as "Victor Velasco"), Ruth Gregory (as "Mrs. Banks"). Replacement actors during run: Ilka Chase (final Broadway role; as "Mrs. Banks", from 23 May 1966-?), Joel Crothers (as "Paul Bratter"; from 29 Aug 1966-?), Penny Fuller (Broadway debut; as "Corie Bratter"; from 8 Jun 1964-?), Eileen Heckart (as "Mrs. Banks"; from 20 Sep 1965-?], Judd Hirsch (Broadway debut; as "Telephone Man"), Charles Korvin (final Broadway role; as "Victor Velasco"; from 20 Sep 1965-?), Joan McCall (as "Corie Bratter"; from ? May 1967-25 Jun 1967), Jules Munshin (as "Victor Velasco"; from 21 Feb 1966-?), Stephen Pearlman (as "Telephone Man"), Tony Roberts (credited as Anthony Roberts; as "Paul Bratter"; from 5 Apr 1965-?), Wood Romoff (credited as Woody Romanoff; as "Victor Velasco"), Sylvia Sidney (as "Mrs. Banks"; from 4 Apr 1967-?), Joan Van Ark (Broadway debut; as "Corie Bratter"; from 23 May 1966-?). Standbys: Jed Allan (as "Paul Bratter"), Beverlee McKinsey (as "Corie Bratter"). Understudies: Joseph Keating (as "Victor Velasco"), Ruth Matteson (as "Mrs. Banks"). Produced by Arnold Saint Subber. Produced in association with Ellen Enterprises Inc. NOTE: Filmed as Barefoot in the Park (1967).
  • (2015) Super Bowl 2015 TV commercial with Steve Buscemi (portraying Jan Brady from The Brady Bunch (1969)), Danny Trejo (portraying Marcia Brady), archive film appearances by Robert Reed (portraying Mike Brady) and Florence Henderson (portraying Carol Brady), and voiceover by Sean Kenin, for Snickers candy bar.

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