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The Brady Bunch: Barry Williams Comes Clean to Mike & Carol

Greg and the rest of The Brady Bunch are back. Recently, Barry Williams appeared in new promos for MeTV's upcoming "Summer of Me" promotion.Williams, of course, played Greg Brady on the ABC sitcom, which also starred Florence Henderson, Robert Reed, Ann B. Davis, Maureen McCormick, Christopher Knight, Eve Plumb, Mike Lookinland, and Susan Olsen. The show ran for five seasons before ending in 1974.Read More…
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A Medium With a Message: Inside TV’s Long History of Tackling Social Issues

A Medium With a Message: Inside TV’s Long History of Tackling Social Issues
Abortion. Alcoholism. Pedophilia. Slumlords. Assisted suicide. Civil rights. Criminal justice reform.

These are all timely topics for television drama in 2017. But they were also tackled, with gritty realism, more than a half century ago on two landmark CBS series: “The Defenders” (1961-65), starring E.G. Marshall and Robert Reed as crusading father-and-son defense attorneys, and “East Side/West Side” (1963-64), featuring George C. Scott as a New York City social worker, with Cicely Tyson as his able secretary. Tyson’s series regular role, coupled with the fact that she appeared with her natural hair, was groundbreaking in a fraught period of civil rights struggles.

The New Frontier era ushered in by President John F. Kennedy’s election marked a moment when the networks made room for “prestige” narrative series that dealt with weighty social issues. The appetite for serious fare was stoked by the May 1961 declaration by Kennedy’s FCC chairman, Newton
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Bob Ingersoll: The Law Is A Ass #399

  • Comicmix
As A Lawyer, Ralph Bellamy Was Indefensible

It’s a good thing this story wasn’t part of the actual series. Otherwise we might not all be here right now.

I’m so old, I watched Perry Mason first run not on the reruns playing on every channel this side of C-span. But it’s not why I became a lawyer. Perry Mason was unrealistic. A murder trial every week where the real murderer was dumb enough to sit in the courtroom and watch. No, Perry Mason didn’t make me want to become a lawyer. The Defenders did.

The Defenders was a show about a middle-aged attorney – played by E.G. Marshall – and his fresh-out-of-law-school son – played by a young, pre-permed Robert Reed. Although the show had some murder mystery episodes, most dealt with some of the complex and serious issues of the time; abortion, religious intolerance, capital punishment, civil rights,
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Florence Henderson, ‘Brady Bunch’ Mom, Dies At 82

Florence Henderson, the actress who played the upbeat mom in famous TV show The Brady Bunch, has died at 82. She began her career as a soprano in stage musicals in the 1950s but gained fame with her role in the 1970s sitcom. The Brady Bunch, which also starred Robert Reed as a widowed father […]

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Barry Williams, Greg on ‘The Brady Bunch,’ Remembers Florence Henderson: ‘Motherly in the Hottest Way’

Barry Williams, Greg on ‘The Brady Bunch,’ Remembers Florence Henderson: ‘Motherly in the Hottest Way’
“Brady Bunch” star Barry Williams turned a fair amount of heads with a chapter in his book, “Growing Up Brady: I Was a Teenage Greg,” titled, “Dating Your Mom.” Williams, who played oldest Brady son Greg, did not really date Florence Henderson, who played Brady matriarch Carol, but, Williams told Variety on Friday, “anything that is semi-salacious and ‘Brady’ in the same sentence, and you’re off to the races.”

What Williams and Henderson, who died Thursday at age 82, really had was a five-decade-long friendship. “At different times she acted maternally, but also as a good friend, and then as a mentor,” Williams said.

That mentorship took a form Williams had never seen before. Shortly after “The Brady Bunch” had ended, Williams went to New York to audition for Bob Fosse for the lead role in “Pippin.” The audition was at the Imperial Theater, with Fosse and the bigwig producers and writers in the audience. “There
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Florence Henderson, Matriarch Of "The Brady Bunch", Dead At At 82

  • CinemaRetro
By Lee Pfeiffer

Actress Florence Henderson has died at age 82 apparently from heart failure. Henderson became a beloved TV icon on the long-running sitcom "The Brady Bunch" which aired between 1969-1974. Born in Indiana, Henderson always had show business in her blood. She was a star long before the "Brady" era, having impressed Rodgers and Hammerstein with her performance in a road show production of "Oklahoma!" in 1952. The famed composers chose her to play the female lead in a Broadway revival of the play. She also made TV history as the first female guest host for "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson". However it was her role as Carol Brady that ensured her enduring popularity. The show was the first to deal with a situation in which two single parents merged their families. The success of "The Brady Bunch" was somewhat improbable as it presented the image of a squeaky
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Florence Henderson, 'The Brady Bunch' Actress, Dead at 82

Florence Henderson, 'The Brady Bunch' Actress, Dead at 82
Florence Henderson, the actress who portrayed matriarch Carol Brady on the Seventies sitcom The Brady Bunch, died Thursday in Los Angeles from heart failure. She was 82.

"We are heartbroken to announce the passing of our dear mother Florence Henderson from heart failure," the Henderson family said in a statement. "On this day of thanks, our beloved mother was surrounded by her devoted children and dearest friends. We thank all of her fans for their many years of love and ask that we be allowed to grieve in private."

Henderson's agent Kayla Pressman added,
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Florence Henderson, ‘Brady Bunch’ Mom and TV Icon, Dies at 82

Florence Henderson, ‘Brady Bunch’ Mom and TV Icon, Dies at 82
Florence Henderson, the actress who defined the television mom of the modern era with her starring role in “The Brady Bunch,” died Thursday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. She was 82.

Henderson’s manager, Kayla Pressman, confirmed the actress died on Thanksgiving night surrounded by family and friends. She’d been hospitalized the day before.

“We are heartbroken to announce the passing of our dear mother Florence Henderson from heart failure,” said Henderson’s family in a statement. “On this day of thanks, our beloved mother was surrounded by her devoted children and dearest friends. We thank all of her fans for their many years of love and ask that we be allowed to grieve in private.”

Henderson seen was on camera as recently as Monday when she attended the taping of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” Her one-time TV daughter, Maureen McCormick of “Brady Bunch” fame, was a contestant on the show this season
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It Came From The Tube: Haunts Of The Very Rich (1972)

As the hoary old cliché goes, sometimes it’s about the journey, not the destination. This usually doesn’t apply to TV horror, which lives for the payoff; but Haunts of the Very Rich (1972) is not the usual. With this one, the payoff is all in the setup – and it’s delicious.

First airing on Wednesday, September 20th, 1972 as an ABC Movie of the Week (I know, they’re almost all ABC – what can I say? They ruled the horror roost), Haunts was up against The Carol Burnett Show/Medical Center on CBS and the NBC Mystery Movie. I’m sure a lot of folks were watching Carol, but if they scooched over to ABC they could watch Lloyd and Ed bicker in the underworld. Bridges and Asner that is – and yes, I said underworld.

Is that a spoiler? Only if you don’t watch past the first fifteen minutes.
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The Brady Bunch: Susan Olsen on Show's End, Money, and 'Sibling' Issues

Welcome to another weekend flashback. Flashback to The Brady Bunch TV show, cancelled in 1974 by ABC, after five moderately successful seasons. It was in syndicated reruns where the series really caught fire. Still, Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady) says the cast has not received any residuals from the series since around 1979. Find out why and learn more about sibling issues and Olsen's reaction to the end of the popular comedy series.The Brady Bunch TV series cast includes: Florence Henderson as Carol Brady; Ann B. Davis as Alice Nelson; Robert Reed as Mike Brady; Barry Williams as Greg Brady; Maureen McCormick as Marcia Brady; Eve Plumb as Jan Brady; Susan Olsen as Cindy Brady; Christopher Knight as Peter Brady; and Mike Lookinland as Bobby Brady. Allan Melvin guest starred as Alice's love interest, bowling butcher Sam Franklin. Robbie Rist (infamously) recurred as Cousin Oliver in the
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Remaking 'Roots' should have been an awful idea. But the new one's great.

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Remaking 'Roots' should have been an awful idea. But the new one's great.
"This is how I heard about the boy, Kunta Kinte," Alex Haley (Laurence Fishburne) tells us in the opening moments of History's new miniseries Roots. "And this is how I'll tell you the story." The importance of stories, and the way that we tell them, form the heart of the new Roots, which debuts Monday night at 9 (the eight-hour project will air over four straight nights, simulcast on History, A&E, and Lifetime). From the time we meet Kunta (Malachi Kirby) as a young man abducted from his home in Juffure, Gambia by slavers, until we leave his descendants over 100 years later in the post-Civil War American South, Roots prizes the power of stories and tradition, from how Kunta's Uncle Silla (Derek Luke) teaches him the ways of the Mandinka warrior, to how Kunta's grandson Chicken George (Rege-Jean Page) will tell his own offspring stories about the grandfather he never met,
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Roots The Complete Series Comes to Blu-Ray in June

  • Cinelinx
Even as a new version of the classic mini-series is in the works, Warner Bros. is aiming to please fans by bringing the entire original series of Roots to the high definition format with a slew of bonus features. Come inside to learn more!

If you're a fan of the original Roots series, or weren't old enough to remember the iconic mini-series, then you're in luck. Today WB has announced a new blu-ray set to bring the entire series to blu-ray with loads of special features that dive into the heart of the story on June 7, 2016. All the details are below:

The groundbreaking, acclaimed television miniseries that captivated the entire nation and won multiple awards, Roots, will be released on Blu-ray™ for the first time, by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (Wbhe) on June 7, 2016. The legendary family saga, which follows the inspiring story of Kunta Kinte (LeVar Burton, Transformers: Rescue Bots,
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Florence Henderson on Being a 'Second Mother' to the Brady Bunch Kids

Florence Henderson on Being a 'Second Mother' to the Brady Bunch Kids
The Brady Bunch's Carol Brady may be one of the most iconic mothers of all time, but it turns out star Florence Henderson was just as much a loving mom off screen as the famously blended family's matriarch was on.

"We spent so many hours together with the kids, and I sort of became like a second mother to them," Henderson told People Friday on the set of Breaking Bread with Brooke Burke. "I treated them with respect. They were treated as pros and they came prepared."

She added, "I was the only person on the show that was a mother in real life.
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NBC’s Bob Greenblatt Celebrates ‘Courageous’ Writers, Producers Displaying Gay Storylines

NBC’s Bob Greenblatt Celebrates ‘Courageous’ Writers, Producers Displaying Gay Storylines
Milestones only feel monumental when you get some perspective, and you look back and see some of the tremors that started to pave the way for a seismic shift. The Supreme Court decision is a stunning victory for human rights and equality, but the big shift happened with the American people over the past few years, and there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle.

I feel privileged to work in a business where we can advance the political agenda just because we tell stories. No soapbox, no demonstrations, no voting. If a story moves you, the message gets sent, and the consciousness changes. Sometimes slowly, but it happens.

Over the past 40 years, the Lgbt social and political agenda has been moving forward in our pop culture in many ways, especially on good old-fashioned broadcast television, which reaches everybody, everywhere. Back in the ’70s, I remember Archie Bunker
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ConStellation 6 – Geek Girl Navigating the World

If you’re a con-going Geek, eventually, you will accumulate this collection of stories that makes for fun conversations with fellow Geeks. These usually take place clustered around some table in a generic hotel room while all of you are perched on vaguely uncomfortable chairs sipping away at your current beverage of choice. If you’re really lucky, one of the people at your table will be one of the guests of honor, and they’ll have fantastic stories to share.

Every year I’ve attended, there’s been a column about ConStellation, a small (but growing) convention that takes place every year in Nebraska. The reason that I do that is because I really do feel like this convention deserves a lot of love. In the interest of disclosure, I should state here that I volunteer to work for the Con, and have been for a couple of years now,
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The hilarious and bizarre dimensions of 'Veep' star Gary Cole

  • Hitfix
The hilarious and bizarre dimensions of 'Veep' star Gary Cole
Gary Cole, who currently stars on "Veep" as Selina Meyer's senior strategist Kent Davidson, is -- for those who've been keeping track -- one of the most eclectic and slyly kooky performers alive. The 58-year-old actor netted his first major nomination last year (an Emmy nod for guest-acting on "Veep"), but his career has been a long, ascending spiral of dead-eyed caricatures and commanding dramatic roles. His august screen presence suggests a comfort playing white-collar blowhards, but that's the magic of Gary Cole: He's absolutely comfortable playing anything. That's pretty astounding when you realize he's played everything. Interviews with Cole, including ours from 2014's PaleyFest below, reveal that he's not a Crispin Glover type who's as unnerving (and nervous-making) as many of his signature roles. In fact, he kind of seems like a milder version of Kent. Perhaps it's his education at Illinois State University alongside fellow thespian veterans
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Best 'Super Bowl' Commercials of 2015

Best 'Super Bowl' Commercials of 2015
Yesterday during Super Bowl Xlix, we showed you all of the movie and TV related trailers that debuted during the big game (clickHere to check them out), but, of course, these were just a small percentage of all the ads that premiered last night. Advertisers spent a record $4.5 million for just a single 30-second spot, with many companies using major celebrities to try and sell their products and services, including Jeff Bridges, Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon, Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton and even a mash-up of Danny Trejo's Machete and The Brady Bunch. In case there are some ads you missed, or you just want to watch them again, we have every Super Bowl commercial right here for your viewing pleasure:

Always - #LikeAGirl

Avacadoes from Mexico - #FirstDraftEver

Bud Light - "Real Life Pac-Man"

Budwesier - "Lost Dog"

BMW - "Newfangled Idea" with Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric

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Snickers Brady Bunch Super Bowl Spot with Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi

Snickers released a great Super Bowl commercial that is set in the classic TV series The Brady Bunch, only it features an ax-wielding Danny Trejo in the place of Marcia and Steve Buscemi in the place of Jan. The two actors were edited into a scene with Mike (Robert Reed) and Carol Brady (Florence Henderson).

The commercial makes reference to two classic scenes from show. The first one is when Marcia had her nose broken by a football before a big date, and the other is when a frustrated Jan screams, “Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!” It's a pretty funny and entertaining commercial.

I also included a video showing the process of creating the commercial.
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Super Bowl 2015 Movie Trailers

Super Bowl 2015 Movie Trailers
Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, with fans on the West Coast, East Coast and everywhere in between, gearing up for the big game between the defending champion Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Who will win the big game? Who cares! Even if it is the best game in the history of organized sports, many won't be tuning in for Super Bowl Xlix itself, but for the ads that will be airing throughout the day, some of which will give us new footage from several highly-anticipated movies. To help you cut through all the clutter, we have all of the movie-related Super Bowl ads for you right here in one place for your convenience. Some of the ads have already debuted well before the game, which you can check out right now, but keep refreshing throughout the weekend as more trailers debut before and during Super Bowl Xlix.
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Badass Danny Trejo Joins Brady Bunch in Super Bowl Commercial — But Why?

Badass Danny Trejo Joins Brady Bunch in Super Bowl Commercial — But Why?
Machete kills… Mike and Carol Brady?!

It nearly comes to that in a Super Bowl commercial debuting this Sunday that deposits Danny Trejo into the groovy living room of TV’s venerable Brady Bunch, opposite an old-timey Florence Henderson and Robert Reed.

What’s eating at this new bunch member? And what other very un-Brady actor pops up in the spot? Press play for a midday amusement.

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