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DC May Be Making A Live-Action Superman: Red Son Movie

This October’s Joker will mark a first for the DC franchise. In contrast to Warner Bros.’ recent superhero movies which have maintained a cohesive shared universe though, the Joaquin Phoenix-headed villain origin story will stand apart from the Dceu as its own thing. Fans have high hopes for the film, but it’s difficult to predict how well it will do. If it does turn out to be a success, however, the studio has big plans for these “Elseworlds” type movies.

We Got This Covered has been informed that DC’s thinking of making a live-action Superman: Red Son film. For those who don’t know, Mark Millar’s “Elseworlds” comic is about an alternate Man of Steel who lands in Stalinist Russia instead of rural Kansas and is a firm fan favorite. In fact, it’s already getting an animated straight-to-dvd adaptation coming soon. Plus, Supergirl season
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Awards Strategist Emily Lu Aldrich Launches Accolade Publicity And Consulting – Cannes

  • Deadline
Exclusive: Veteran publicist and awards strategist Emily Lu Aldrich has founded the new venture Accolade Publicity and Consulting.

The news comes after a successful 2018-2019 awards season for Aldrich in which she led 20th Century Fox’s Bohemian Rhapsody craft awards team to three Oscar wins for sound mixing, sound editing, and for editor John Ottman, who won this season off his first Academy Award nomination.

Aldrich will continue to work with filmmakers and producers as well as longtime clients such as IFC Films, Magnolia Pictures and Oscilloscope Laboratories, along with consulting on awards projects for both Oscar and Emmy seasons. Her new company will focus on artisan/craft and documentary awards campaigns, theatrical and festival launches, and corporate consulting.

Aldrich is highly respected by her clients for her keen sensibility when it comes to positioning films during awards season, her sharp knowledge about the ever-changing entertainment, and her longstanding working relationships with the media.
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He’s back…again. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton star in trailer for ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’

Twentieth Century Fox has released a new trailer for the James Cameron produced ‘Terminator: Dark Fate.

Deadpool’s Tim Miller, Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (T-800) return in their iconic roles. Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna and Diego Boneta also star.

Also in trailers – Joaquin Phoenix is the ‘Joker’ in first teaser trailer

Here’s the new trailer.

Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer

Terminator: Dark Fate Synopsis (of sorts…)

The movie will follow the events of ‘Terminator 2: Judgment’. James Cameron has previously hinted that “Sarah Connor has dealt with the passage of time and we’ll see what the impact the threat of the tragic future has done to her – hardening her even more and making her stronger if less likeable”.

Linda Hamilton stars in Skydance Productions and Paramount Pictures’ Diego Boneta stars in Skydance Productions and Paramount Pictures’ Gabriel Luna stars in Skydance Productions and Paramount
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Stars Call On McDonald’s To Stop Animal Cruelty

Days before McDonald’s annual shareholder meeting on May 23, a cast of 25 celebrities is urging the company to address its animal cruelty problem in a

new TV ad produced by Mercy For Animals.

The cast includes Alison Pill, Emily Deschanel, Moby, Matt Lauria, Daniella Monet, Joanna Krupa, James Cromwell, Kimberly Elise, and many others.

“If McDonald’s customers knew the truth behind McNuggets, they’d be horrified,” said Moby. “We’re a nation of animal lovers — we must do better. Join me in telling McDonald’s to stop allowing this animal abuse.”

Over 120 food companies have committed to stronger animal welfare standards, including McDonald’s largest competitors, such as Burger King, Chipotle, Starbucks, Denny’s, and Subway – but McDonald’s hasn’t yet.

This isn’t the first time celebrities have called on McDonald’s to improve its animal welfare standards. Late last year, Alec Baldwin, Kristen Bell, Joaquin Phoenix, and
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5 Movies to Watch Before You See Joker

Warner Bros/ YouTube

It’s safe to say when Warner Bros announced a standalone Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, no-one quite knew what to expect. A striking lead performance certainly, but aside from that it appeared to be a wild card.

Directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover) and set in the early Eighties, the simply-titled Joker was a mysterious box of tricks. A box that had been spewed out of the unwieldy DC Cinematic Universe and left for an unsuspecting public to open.

Then the exhilarating yet downbeat trailer landed and we saw exactly what Phillips and co-producer Bradley Cooper had in mind – the humiliating and hellish journey of one eccentric man’s unravelling. A process that ends with his transformation into the Clown Prince of Crime.

Watching the trailer brings to mind some movies the filmmakers could have been inspired by. So while we wait for October’s release,
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Ben Affleck’s Batman Film Would’ve Pitted The Dark Knight Against Deathstroke

With all of the talk surrounding the latest casting of Gotham City’s masked crusader, it’s interesting to reflect on what might have been if Ben Affleck had stuck around and played Batman for just a little while longer. While it’s impossible to know exactly what the studio had in mind, fans now have somewhat of an idea of what that future could have looked like thanks to David Betancourt.

According to the reporter, Affleck’s first standalone feature as the superhero would have pitted Bruce Wayne against Deathstroke. Batman’s dreaded foe was also supposed to have a standalone movie of his own, but that appears to have stalled.

It remains to be seen whether or not this same idea is used for the next Batman film now that Robert Pattinson has been cast as the billionaire vigilante. More likely than not, though, the studio will decide
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The Shape-Shifting Zazie Beetz

The Shape-Shifting Zazie Beetz
‘I still feel young and small in a big, big world,” says Zazie Beetz. “My inner self sometimes feels in danger of being exposed.” Exposure is certainly a risk if your career moves as quickly as Beetz’s has. As Van, the on-off girlfriend of Donald Glover’s Earn on Atlanta, Beetz, 27, is a grounding presence in a sea of surreal turns. Her performance, infused with intelligence and vulnerability, has earned her an Emmy nomination — even though the role was initially designed to be more limited. Beetz has pushed behind
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New Batman Fan Art Shows How Josh Gad Could Look As The Penguin

Although Matt ReevesThe Batman doesn’t hit screens until June 25th, 2021, a new piece of fan art (seen in the gallery below) shows why Josh Gad could be a great Penguin. An Instagram post from William Gray features Gad with some of Oswald Cobblepot’s familiar costume choices, including a top hat, monocle and umbrella. Gad himself has made a habit of cheekily referencing the character and his potential casting, with posts going back over the last few years.

How much of these rumors are just Gad and artists having fun with the idea of The Penguin are difficult to say, as there’s been no confirmation either way from Warner Bros. about the direction Matt Reeves’ film will go in. It’s a given, though, that we’ll have a new Batman after Ben Affleck stepped down from the role, most likely a younger version of the Dark Knight
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Why Joker is More Scorsese Ode Than Comic Book Movie

Tom Jolliffe takes a look at Joker and its clear love letter to Martin Scorsese

As with any comic book property, any adaptation is met with a degree of buzz. When the character in question happens to be the Clown Prince himself, then that buzz goes through the roof. That in itself has only increased since the performance and subsequent passing of Heath Ledger. Since Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix jumped on board Joker, a lot of anticipation has been brewing.

From the off it was made pretty clear this exists outside the extended DC universe. There had been rumours, as is the internet wont, that Batfleck might appear, etc, etc. This is not going to be the next big comic book film though. What Phillips is going for has been fairly heavily influenced by Martin Scorsese. He’s admitted that in any case, it’s no grand secret.

This approach will undoubtedly alienate some.
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Michelle Pfeiffer, Lucas Hedges, Tracy Letts To Star In ‘French Exit’ Comedy

Michelle Pfeiffer, Lucas Hedges, Tracy Letts To Star In ‘French Exit’ Comedy
Michelle Pfeiffer, Lucas Hedges, and Tracy Letts will headline French Exit, a surrealist comedy that Azazel Jacobs is directing. The pic, which will be presented at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, is based on the international bestselling book of the same name by Patrick deWitt, who also adapted the screenplay. deWitt is the author behind The Sisters Brothers, which was recently adapted into a film starring John C. Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Thorsten Schumacher is financing and producing the film, via his Rocket Science label, along with Elevation Pictures. Rocket Science and Wild Bunch are handling international sales, beginning in Cannes, while CAA Media Finance reps the U.S. rights.

The pic follows 60-year-old penniless Manhattan socialite Frances Price (Pfeiffer), whose plan to die before her money ran out doesn’t pan out. Her husband Franklin has been dead for 20 years and with his vast inheritance gone, she
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Jared Leto Talks About Whether He Will Be Seen as The Joker Ever Again

In an awkward interview with Jared Leto over at Variety, which you can watch here, Leto was asked about whether we would see him in the upcoming movie Birds of Prey. Leto replies, “I don’t think so. You’ll have to ask them.”

We’ve been told all along that he would not be in it, but that sounded like kind of a cryptic response. It seems like he would have just said a straightforward no, so that’s odd. We did see set photos featuring Joker but his face is strategically covered in all of them.

Then the interviewer, Marc Malkin, asked if he would be up for playing the joker again in a future film. Leto replied, “I would definitely play the Joker again. It all depends on the script and the circumstances as it always does.”

Then Malkin gushed over how Leto’s joker is his favorite ever,
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Rumor: Matt Reeves' The Batman script changes could delay the film's release

  • JoBlo
While DC and Warner Bros. are busy hyping up the releases of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman 1984, Cathy Yan's Birds Of Prey (And The Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) and Todd Phillips' Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix, The War For The Planet Of The Apes director Matt Reeves is still plugging away at his long-gestating superhero project, The Batman. Originally, Ben…
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Angelina Jolie’s ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ Backed by New Line

  • Variety
New Line Cinema and Creative Wealth Media will co-finance the Angelina Jolie wilderness thriller “Those Who Wish Me Dead,” the company announced Thursday.

New Line parent company, Warner Bros. Pictures, will handle worldwide marketing and distribution.

The film, described as a female-driven neo-Western set against a wildfire in the Montana wilderness, begins principal photography this month. Taylor Sheridan, whose received an Oscar nomination for his “Hell or High Water” script, is directing from his own screenplay based on Michael Kortya’s bestselling novel, previously adapted by Charles Leavitt and Michael Koryta.

In the novel, the story follows a 14-year-old boy who witnesses a brutal murder, is issued a false identity and hidden in a wilderness skills program for troubled teens while the killers are slaughtering anyone who gets in their way in a methodical quest to reach him.

Jolie’s castmates include Nicholas Hoult, Jon Bernthal, and Tyler Perry. The
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Does Jared Leto Want to Play Joker Again, or Is He Done with DC?

Be warned DC fans, as Jared Leto is totally willing to play the Joker again. We haven't seen Leto's version of the Clown Prince of Crime since his one and only appearance as the character in 2016's Suicide Squad. It seemed as though he was destined to reprise the role, as several projects involving his version of the villain were in development at Warner Bros. at one point or another. Things have changed though and now, there's no telling when we'll see his Joker again, if ever. But Leto is down to suit back up, assuming the situation is right.

Jared Leto is currently promoting his new documentary, A Day in the Life of America. During a recent interview, he was asked about playing the Joker once more, should the opportunity arise. While he didn't indicate there's anything specific on the horizon, he's all for it. Here's what Leto had to say about it.
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Jared Leto Says He’d Definitely Play The Joker Again

A few months back, Forbes published an article which strongly hinted that the future of the Dceu won’t be bringing us a whole lot of Jared Leto’s Joker.

While diving into James Gunn’s plans for The Suicide Squad, the outlet told us that the previously announced Joker and Harley film has “fallen by the wayside.” Ditto for the Clown Prince of Crime’s solo movie, and seeing as how it’s been forever since we’ve had any substantial updates on either of those projects, that wasn’t exactly surprising to hear.

However, it seems that Leto is still open to playing the iconic villain again. Speaking to Variety recently, the actor said that if the script is right, he’s down.

“I would definitely play the Joker again. It all depends on the script and the circumstances as it always does.”

New Birds Of Prey Set
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Jared Leto Says He’d Definitely Play the Joker Again

Joseph Baxter May 3, 2019

While another Joker is set to arrive on the big screen, Jared Leto wants to reprise his Suicide Squad version of the Clown Prince of Crime.

Jared Leto’s big screen version of the Joker might not have let loose his last laugh just yet – at least, if the actor has anything to say about the matter.

Oscar-winner Leto, who came to the comic book movie table recently, in 2016, with an extremely different take on DC Comics’ signature cackling clown Batman nemesis in Suicide Squad, wants another crack at the character, as he expresses in an interview with Variety. When pressed with the question about a possible role reprisal, Leto answers:

“I would definitely play the Joker again. It all depends on the script and the circumstances as it always does.”

Of course, the elephant in the cinematic DC Extended Universe room happens to be the imminent
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'Avengers: Endgame' to cross $2bn in second weekend

'Avengers: Endgame' to cross $2bn in second weekend
Tentpole ranks as fourth highest international release in history.

Avengers: Endgame had reached $1.664bn worldwide and was poised to overtake Jurassic World on $1.671bn on Thursday (2) to become the fifth highest global release in history as it bore down on the second weekend.

The tentpole, which has crossed $500m in China, is expected to settle on more than $2bn worldwide by Sunday. The Marvel Studios behemoth added $183m worldwide on Wednesday (May 1) and overtook the final grosses of Furious 7 ($1.516bn) and The Avengers ($1.519bn).

On Wednesday Avengers: Endgame added $157.8m internationally to reach $1.211bn, capitalising on May holidays in a number of markets.
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'Avengers: Endgame' becomes fifth highest global release, crosses $500m in China

'Avengers: Endgame' becomes fifth highest global release, crosses $500m in China
Tentpole ranks as fourth highest international release in history.

Avengers: Endgame has reached $1.664bn worldwide and is overtaking Jurassic World on $1.671bn on Thursday (2) to become the fifth highest global release in history after nine days, and has crossed $500m in China.

Ahead of a second weekend when it is expected to cross $2bn worldwide, the Marvel Studios behemoth added $183m worldwide on Wednesday (May 1) and overtook the final grosses of Furious 7 ($1.516bn) and The Avengers ($1.519bn).

On Wednesday Avengers: Endgame added $157.8m internationally to reach $1.211bn, capitalising on May holidays in a number of markets. It passed Star
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Jared Leto ‘Would Definitely’ Play the Joker Again

  • Variety
Jared Leto ‘Would Definitely’ Play the Joker Again
Jared Leto may not be done with playing the Joker. The Oscar winner says he’s open to revisiting the deranged supervillain he played in “Suicide Squad.”

“I would definitely play the Joker again,” Leto says. “It all depends on the script and the circumstances as it always does.”

But maybe he already has. Asked if the rumors are true that he makes an appearance as the Joker in the upcoming Harley Quinn stand-alone movie “Birds of Prey,” Leto said, “I don’t think so. You’d have to ask them.”

But then he added, “Well, we’ll see.”

Leto says he hasn’t watched the trailer for “Joker,” director Todd Phillips’ upcoming psychological thriller with Joaquin Phoenix in the starring role, but says the more superhero movies, the better. Pointing to “Avengers: Endgame’s” opening weekend, Leto said, “I mean, five or 10 years ago, I don’t know if
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Why ‘Hangover’ Director Todd Phillips Keeps Coming Back to His Favorite Dp, Lawrence Sher

  • Variety
Why ‘Hangover’ Director Todd Phillips Keeps Coming Back to His Favorite Dp, Lawrence Sher
“That’s my guy Larry,” says director Todd Phillips upon learning that Variety has selected his favorite Dp, Lawrence Sher, as a billion-dollar cinematographer.

The duo have worked together on a half dozen films, including all three installments of the “Hangover” franchise, “Due Date,” “War Dogs” and the upcoming “Joker,” with Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro, due out from Warner Bros. in October.

“Larry has the most fantastic eye and instinct, and he works harder than anyone I’ve ever met,” says Phillips. “He’s pretty much become my filmmaking partner. I talk to him about the making of the movie, not just the look. I run casting by him, he looks at cuts with me — Larry is pretty much my most consistent partner.”

On their first project, 2009’s “The Hangover,” “we were like brothers on the set,” says Phillips. “We clicked, and that was it. Since then, I’ve only gone to him.
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