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Charlie Korsmo, the Child Star of Hook and Dick Tracy, Is Now a Law Professor

Charlie Korsmo, the Child Star of Hook and Dick Tracy, Is Now a Law Professor
As a kid, Charlie Korsmo believed acting seemed way more fun than doing homework.

“We went on a family trip to Los Angeles and saw a TV show being filmed — Punky Brewster — and I thought, this looks like something anyone can do,” Korsmo, 40, tells People in this week’s issue. “I think it was mostly an excuse to get out of school.”

So when the family returned home to Minnesota, Korsmo got an agent and started landing commercial gigs. Then came roles in What About Bob?, Hook and Dick Tracy with Warren Beatty.

“Anytime Warren was late, they’d send me to get him,
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Richard Dreyfuss movies: 12 greatest films, ranked worst to best, include ‘Close Encounters,’ ‘Jaws,’ ‘The Goodbye Girl’

  • Gold Derby
Richard Dreyfuss movies: 12 greatest films, ranked worst to best, include ‘Close Encounters,’ ‘Jaws,’ ‘The Goodbye Girl’
Happy 71st birthday to Richard Dreyfuss on October 29, 2018! The Oscar-winning actor has been an integral part of so many American films that are now considered classics, such as “Jaws,” “American Graffiti” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and a key collaborator on a number of films directed by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

Dreyfuss has proven himself adept in his wide range of characters — from a music teacher to a blood-thirsty gangster, and from an aspiring actor to an obnoxious oceanographer. The result has been a Best Actor Academy Award with an additional nomination, plus a Golden Globe victory with three additional Globe nominations.

So let’s celebrate Richard’s big day by looking back and ranking his 12 greatest films from worst to best in the photo gallery above.

SEESteven Spielberg movies: Every film ranked from worst to best

12. Always (1989)

For a third time, Dreyfuss teams up with his
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Sundance Wish List: 70 Films We Hope Will Head to Park City in 2018

  • Indiewire
Sundance Wish List: 70 Films We Hope Will Head to Park City in 2018
The fall is often perceived as the launch pad for awards season, as numerous prestige films compete for attention in the final weeks of the year. For much of the film community, however, it’s also the first major window into movies worth talking about next year. That’s because the Sundance Film Festival lineup typically drops in the middle of November, shaking up the holiday season with a mixture of familiar faces and newcomers who could make an impact in Park City this January. With programmers working in overdrive to complete the lineup in the coming weeks, and filmmakers praying to break through as the deadlines loom, we’ve cobbled together as much intel as we can for this extensive preview featuring dozens of promising titles that stand a good chance at making their way to Sundance this year. As usual, we’ve tried to avoid projects that are
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'Can't Hardly Wait' Cast Want a Reunion Movie

'Can't Hardly Wait' Cast Want a Reunion Movie
In 2018, it will be 20 years since the Can't Hardly Wait gang threw their epic graduation party on the big screen. The cast think it's about time for a reunion movie, and now is as good a time as any to start the hype machine. Will we see Can't Hardly Wait 2 become a reality over the course of the next two years? Lead actors Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ethan Embry sure hope so.

It happened this year with Wet Hot American Summer, which returned in the form of a Netflix series. Like that movie, Can't Hardly Wait has continued to grow a strong cult following over the years. It stands as a perfect time capsule for the 90s, especially in terms of clothing, slang and the social structure of the teenage movement at that time. 90s nostalgia is about to reach its crescendo soon, and this may be the perfect sequel to get us there.
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Looking back at Dick Tracy

Becky looks back at an almost-forgotten comic book adaptation from a time before they were cool: Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy.


Chester Gould’s famous yellow-coated detective, Dick Tracy, has appeared across various mediums since his first comic strip appearance in 1931, but it wasn’t until 1990 that the character made his way into blockbuster territory. It may have been considered less than successful on release and forgotten to a certain extent since then, but there is a lot to love about Warren Beatty’s film, imbued with an infectious sense of fun and comic strip visuals that continue to impress.

Dick Tracy went through several hands before it finally landed Beatty in the director’s chair, though the actor had had a concept for it as far back as 1975. It’s a long and rocky development history that saw names such as Steven Spielberg and John Landis offered the
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The Nostalgia Files: ‘Hook’ (1991)


Written by James V. Hart, Nick Castle, Malia Scotch Marmo, and J. M. Barrie

Directed by Steven Spielberg

USA, 1991

Steven Spielberg is known the world over for creating genuine movie magic. From his blockbuster splash Jaws in 1975 up until his 2012 biopic Lincoln, Spielberg is certainly a gifted filmmaker. Very few auteurs are still work today but Spielberg keeps banging out films that dazzle the senses and leave an everlasting impression on the viewer. However, some of Spielberg’s films haven’t achieved the recognition and respect they deserve. There are certain films that this movie master made that didn’t quite achieve a high status. One such film is 1991’s Hook, a fantasy adventure which didn’t really score well with critics but filled children of the 90s with joy, innocence, and wonder.

The film follows middle-aged lawyer Peter Banning (Robin Williams), a bitter individual who has forgotten who he is.
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15 Years Later, Ethan Embry Still Not Sure What Can’t Hardly Wait Is About

On June 12, 1998, Can’t Hardly Wait premiered in theaters. Though it was hardly a runaway hit at the box office, it helped launch the careers of many stars and kicked off several years of highly popular teen films that would be responsible for shaping our high school (and college) years. The film was particularly known for its ensemble cast that was filled with tons of “before they were famous” stars including Jason Segel (Watermelon Guy), Sean Patrick Thomas (Jock Friend) and Ethan Embry (Preston Meyers), who was emerging from a world of child acting into adulthood. Fifteen years later, Embry took the time out of filming a werewolf thriller, Late Phases, to chat with VH1 Celebrity about the vibe on set, his “altered” state and what the movie was actually about.

VH1 Celebrity: What initially drew you to the project?

Ethan Embry: It had been awhile that I had
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'Can't Hardly Wait': What the gang's been up to since graduation

'Can't Hardly Wait': What the gang's been up to since graduation
Newsflash: Simon Cowell is supposedly interested in booking Jennifer Love Hewitt to replace Britney Spears on The X Factor next season. Yes, that Jennifer Love Hewitt.

On the surface, this idea seems, well, sorta nuts. Despite five recent-ish seasons of Ghost Whisperer, Hewitt hasn’t been particularly relevant since her Party of Five days, and her brief early-aughts singing career was unmemorable at best. (Though you’ve got to admit, “BareNaked” is still pretty catchy.)

Dig a little deeper, though, and suddenly the rumor starts making a weird kind of sense. Hewitt’s certainly as famous as, say, Paula Abdul
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Review: Dick Tracy

  • Comicmix
Today, comic book fans may recall Warren Beatty’s adaptation of Dick Tracy as a memorable misfire. When it was released in 1990, it was met with, at best, mixed reviews and while it performed respectably at the box office, missed Walt Disney’s estimates so the hoped for franchise was stillborn. Blame could be squarely placed at Beatty’s feet since he had a strangle hold on the film as its director, producer, and star. It got so crazy that poor Kyle Baker had to use only three approved head shots for the 64-page comics adaptation, which stretched even his considerable skills.

We have a great opportunity to reconsider this film now that Disney is releasing it tomorrow on Blu-ray. One of the things about the production is that Beatty wanted to recreate Chester Gould’s strip as faithfully as possible, which meant he limited the color palette to a mere seven colors,
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[Now Streaming] Your ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,’ ‘Young Adult,’ & ‘New Year’s Eve’ Alternatives

  • The Film Stage
Each week within this column we strive to pair the latest in theatrical releases to worthwhile titles currently available on Netflix Instant Watch. This week we offer alternatives to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Young Adult, & New Year’s Eve.

This week a subtle spy faces off against a mean girl and a cavalcade of celebs in theaters nationwide. Want more thrilling espionage tales, badass black comedies and schmaltzy star-studded stories? We’ve got you covered with some stellar selects that are Now Streaming.

Based on John le Carré’s espionage novel, Ttss centers on stoic MI6 agent George Smiley (Gary Oldman), who is in the midst of a mole hunt. Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch and John Hurt co-star. Tomas Alfredson (Let the Right One In) directs.

Like your thrillers with British accents? Sure you do!

Sherlock (2010) Ttss co-star Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this extraordinary BBC sleuth series as a sociopathic Sherlock,
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Dick Tracy Sequel in the Works

Dick Tracy Sequel in the Works
Actor/director Warren Beatty screened his 1990 comic strip adaptation Dick Tracy last night in Hollywood, where he revealed a sequel is still in motion. Here's what he had to say at the Q&A session following the movie.

"When you're really doing good work is when you don't know you're working, and when something just occurs to you, and you go, 'Oh, of course.' I think it's dumb to talk about movies before you make them. I just don't do it. It gives you a reason to avoid making them.""

Warren Beatty declined to provide any plot details, casting possibilities, or a timeline when we might see a Dick Tracy sequel go into production. He also said a new remastered Blu-ray of Dick Tracy is in motion, although he wouldn't say when that would hit the shelves.

We reported last month that Warren Beatty prevailed in his lawsuit against Tribune Co.
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Warren Beatty Says Dick Tracy Sequel & Blu-ray Are on the Way

After recently winning the film rights to the character from Tribune Co., the veteran actor and director revealed his plans for a follow-up to the 1990 project and it's home release. Warren Beatty produced, directed, and starred in the original comic book adapted film, which features supporting roles from Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Madonna, Glenne Headly, and Charlie Korsmo. Dick Tracy depicts the detective's his conflicts with crime boss Alphonse "Big Boy" Caprice as well as his love relationships with Breathless Mahoney and Tess Truehart and his upbringing of "The Kid". At the La Times Hero Complex Film Festival last night, Beatty revealed a few minor details about his plans to bring Dick Tracy back to audiences. When asked if a sequel was on the way: “I’m gonna make another one [but]...
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Warren Beatty Wins Dick Tracy Lawsuit

Warren Beatty Wins Dick Tracy Lawsuit
Actor Warren Beatty prevailed in his ongoing legal battle with Tribune Co. over the movie rights to the Dick Tracy comic strip.

Warren Beatty obtained the rights to Dick Tracy in 1985 from Tribune Co., which he used to star in, direct and produce the 1990 Dick Tracy movie. There is a clause in Warren Beatty's agreement with Tribune that the rights would revert back to Tribune if he wasn't using them for a movie or TV project.

At issue was the 2009 TV special which featured Warren Beatty dressed in character as Dick Tracy, answering questions from film critic Leonard Maltin. The judge ruled this special provided adequate cause for Warren Beatty to retain the rights, even though the special only aired once on the Turner Classic Movies channel in July 2009.

It isn't clear what Warren Beatty actually plans to do with the rights, since that one-time TV special was only
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Haley Joel Osment to star in coming-of-age comedy. But can the child star come of age himself?

Haley Joel Osment to star in coming-of-age comedy. But can the child star come of age himself?
I see… a career resurgence? EW has confirmed that Haley Joel Osment — a.k.a. the kid from The Sixth Sense with the worst imaginary friends ever — has joined the cast of Sassy Pants, a comedy about a homeschooler (Ashley Rickards) with an overbearing mother. And for any fan of Osment’s early work, it’s hard not to say: It’s about time! Though Osment was the promising young child star of films like Forrest Gump, Pay It Forward, and A.I. Artificial Intelligence, he’s spent the majority of the 2000s providing voiceovers for video games or cartoons. But
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Do You Remember Movie Characters Like The Green Hornet That Failed? We Do!

Sony Pictures is getting ready to release its upcoming film, The Green Hornet, starring Seth Rogen with direction by Michel Gondry, written by Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The movies will follow, Britt Reid (Seth Rogen), the son of wealthy newspaper publisher James Reid (Tom Wilkinson), is a ne’er do well playboy who inherits a media empire after his father dies. One day, he meets an employee named Kato (Jay Chou), who is more than he appears. After realizing how he and Kato are not using their abilities to the fullest, Britt decides that the two should become crimefighters, taking on the identity of the Green Hornet. With the help of his new secretary, Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz), Britt discovers that Russian criminal Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz) controls the city’s criminal underworld. Meanwhile, Chudnofsky, paranoid that he is losing his edge as a crime boss, has united all of
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The 10 Best Non-Superhero Comic Book Adaptations

Chicago – Comic books and graphic novels are certainly the closest artistic relatives to cinema, but are the mediums really meant to walk hand-in-hand? While Hollywood has certainly benefitted from the profitability of superhero franchises, securing vehicles for every caped demigod known to man, the popular taste of costumed devotees doesn’t always jive with that of the mainstream public.

Filmmakers like Zack Snyder are declared “visionaries” in some quarters simply for reproducing someone else’s vision panel-by-panel. Yet there are several motion pictures that have transcended the boundaries of their source material and found inventive ways of translating the form, content and spirit of a comic into a wholly cinematic language. So, with the industry buzzing over Edgar Wright’s visually kinetic adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel series, “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” let’s take a look back at ten of the best comic book
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Dick Tracy Review | You Don't Know if You Want to Hit Me or Kiss Me.

  • Pajiba
There was some discussion recently on Dan Carlson's review of Toy Story 3 (2010) regarding the role of the critic and the personal preference baggage he or she brings to a film when reviewing it. Film reviews, by their nature as being based on informed opinion, have been and will always be subjective. This is a reflection of the text being analyzed; evaluating a film is not the same as grading a multiple choice test with concrete answers. As film critic Pauline Kael once wrote, "Criticism is an art, not a science, and a critic who follows rules will fail in one of his most important functions: perceiving what is original and important in new work and helping others to see."

Most readers of my criticism here have noted that I tend to be very self-reflexive in my writing and analysis, sometimes to the point of what could be perceived as
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College Orgy Cinema-Verite Style (Project X Non-Details Revealed) | Oh, and Pscyho Ed Will F**k Your Granny

  • Pajiba
Todd Phillips, he of The Hangover and Road Trip fame, has a project in development, Project X, which is being described as a "hard-r" party movie cast with a lot of unknowns. There's an open casting session and a website called ProjectXOpenCall was created so that they could find a bunch of people who aren't normally in movies. I don't really get what's going on with the casting, but it's apparently very unique, and Collider has more details on that, which they got from Phillips personally. Details about the movie are being kept mum, though there's some indication (via Firstshowing) that it will be filmed cineme verite style (that means, as though the camera were being held by a dumbass drunken college student), but I'm guessing it's going to be a raunchy, sex-filled Can't Hardly Wait. That's what I'd like for it to be, anyway, because it allows me to post the clip below.
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Lady Gaga Continues The Proud Tradition Of Polaroids In Pop Culture

In addition to being a fashion icon, a remarkable live performer and a musical genius, Lady Gaga just added another line to her ever-growing resumé: She's the new creative director for "specialty products" at Polaroid, the venerable instant camera company. They'll be unveiling their partnership at the Consumer Electronics Show and hope to have both old-school and digital products available by the end of the year.

Gaga's involvement in Polaroid adds yet another chapter to the company's involvement in pop culture. From Outkast to "Clueless," Polaroids have shown in all corners of the pop culture landscape.


Director Christopher Nolan first grabbed the attention of the masses with this twisty noir flick, which centered around a guy named Leonard (played by Guy Pearce) who has a brain condition that doesn't allow him to make new memories. What does he do to supplement his brain? He takes a ton of snaps with his trusty Polaroid camera.
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New Year's Eve fun: Share your favorite film and TV drunk scenes

New Year's Eve fun: Share your favorite film and TV drunk scenes
The ball is set to drop in just a matter of hours, PopWatchers! So I can only imagine that more than a few of you are preparing to channel your inner Frank the Tanks this holiday. (Now I believe it is my duty to warn you that streaking will probably be looked down upon by your respective towns, as well as your respective sober selves when you see the inevitable embarrassing pics.) And as I begin to line up my own champagne and wine bottles to celebrate the new year, I'm reminded of those in film and on TV who willingly put themselves in humiliating,
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