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Overview (4)

Born in Budapest, Austria-Hungary [now Hungary]
Died in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California, USA  (heart attack)
Birth NameSári Gábor
Nickname Miss Hungary

Mini Bio (1)

Undoubtedly the woman who had come to epitomize what we recognize today as "celebrity", Zsa Zsa Gabor, is better known for her many marriages, personal appearances, her "dahlink" catchphrase, her actions, life gossip, and quotations on men, rather than her film career.

Zsa Zsa Gabor was born Sári Gabor in Budapest, Hungary, to Jolie Gabor (née Janka Tilleman) and Vilmos Gabor (born Farkas Miklós Grün), a soldier. She was named after Hungarian actress Sári Fedák. Her siblings were Eva Gabor, an actress, and Magda Gabor, a socialite. Her parents were both from Jewish families. Zsa Zsa studied at a Swiss boarding school in the 1930s, and eventually followed her sister Eva to Hollywood, California. Her mother escaped from Nazi-occupied Budapest in the 1940s, also settling in the U.S.

A radiant, beautiful blonde, Zsa Zsa began appearing on television series and doing odd movies. Her first film was at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in Lovely to Look at (1952), co-starring Kathryn Grayson and Red Skelton. She next made a comedy called We're Not Married! (1952) at 20th Century Fox, with Ginger Rogers. It was far from a star billing for Zsa Zsa, appearing several names down the cast list as a supporting actress. However, it was in 1952 that saw her break into movies big time occurred, with her starring role opposite José Ferrer in Moulin Rouge (1952), although it has been said that she was given a very hard time throughout the filming by director John Huston.

In the following years, Zsa Zsa slipped back into supporting roles in films such as Lili (1953) and 3 Ring Circus (1954). Her main period of film work was in the 1950s, with other roles in Death of a Scoundrel (1956), with Yvonne De Carlo, and The Man Who Wouldn't Talk (1958) with Anna Neagle. Again, these were supporting roles. By the 1960s, Zsa Zsa was appearing more as herself in the movies. She now appeared to follow her own persona around, and cameo appearances were the order of the day in films such as Pepe (1960) and Jack of Diamonds (1967). This has continued throughout the 1970s decade.

She was memorable as herself in The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear (1991), in which she humorously poked fun at a 1989 incident where she was convicted of slapping a police officer (Paul Kramer) during a traffic stop. She spent three days in jail and had to do 120 hours of community service. Such infamous incidents contributed to her becoming one of the most all-time recognizable of Hollywood celebrities, and sometimes ridiculed as a result. She was also memorable to British television viewers on The Ruby Wax Show (1997).

In 2002, Gabor was reported to be in a coma in a Los Angeles hospital after a horrifying car accident. The 85-year-old star was injured when the car she was traveling in hit a utility pole in West Hollywood, California. The reports about her coma, eventually proved to be inaccurate.

Zsa Zsa's life, spanning two continents, nine husbands, and eleven decades, came to an end on December 18, 2016, when she died of cardiac arrest in Los Angeles, California. She was 99.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Bobby Jarvis

Spouse (9)

Frédéric von Anhalt (14 August 1986 - 18 December 2016) (her death)
Felipe de Alba (13 April 1983 - 14 April 1983) (annulled)
Michael O'Hara (27 August 1976 - 30 November 1983) (divorced)
Jack Ryan (21 January 1975 - 24 August 1976) (divorced)
Joshua S. Cosden Jr (9 March 1966 - 18 October 1967) (divorced)
Herbert Hutner (5 November 1962 - 3 March 1966) (divorced)
George Sanders (2 April 1949 - 2 April 1954) (divorced)
Conrad Hilton (10 April 1942 - 28 October 1947) (divorced) (1 child)
Burhan Belge (17 May 1935 - 1 December 1941) (divorced)

Trade Mark (2)

She commonly refers to other people as "Dahling".
Heavy Hungarian accent

Trivia (49)

On June 14, 1989, she was arrested for slapping police officer Paul Kramer in Beverly Hills, CA. Kramer stopped her after noticing that the license tag on her automobile had expired. After a short but costly trial of $13,000 and a $12,350 fine, totaling $25,350. Eva Gabor spoke for her sister, at the trial. In September 1989 Zsa-Zsa was found guilty. She served three days in jail and was ordered to do 120 hours of community service, after her three days behind bars had expired.
Daughter of Jolie Gabor. Sister of Magda Gabor and Eva Gabor. Mother of Francesca Hilton and ex-step-great-grandmother of Paris Hilton and Nicky Rothschild.
Her marriage to Frédéric von Anhalt awarded her the title Princess Von Anhalt, Duchess of Saxony. The legitimacy of this title is strongly questioned by many royal genealogists.
In 1993 she and her husband were commanded, by a judge, to pay $2 million to Elke Sommer because of false accusations that they had spoken of Elke.
Miss Hungary of 1936.
Once replaced five-time Tony Award winner Julie Harris on Broadway.
Has appeared as Minerva, the glamorous owner of a mineral spa, in the last episode, Batman: Minerva, Mayhem and Millionaires (1968), of Batman (1966).
On November 27, 2002, an automobile accident in Los Angeles left her in a coma for a short time, and subsequently paralyzed. She was a passenger riding in a vehicle that struck a light pole on Sunset Boulevard.
Inducted into the B-Movie Hall of Fame on October 26, 2004.
On July 7, 2005, she suffered a stroke at her Bel-Air (CA) home and underwent emergency surgery to clear a blocked artery.
Campaigned in 1968 and 1972 for Richard Nixon, who she described as "the most intelligent President of our time".
She and her famous sisters racked up a total of 20 marriages.
Once held up an episode of The New Hollywood Squares (1986) for about 45 minutes after breaking a fingernail.
She and her sister Magda Gabor were each married to George Sanders.
Strong doubts have been raised about her claim to the title of a German princess through her marriage to Prince Frédéric von Anhalt. Frederic's father, a policeman and commoner, paid elderly aristocrat Princess Marie-Auguste von Anhalt, daughter-in-law of Kaiser Wilhelm II, a considerable amount of money to adopt his son. Old European royalty does not recognize his title. Zsa Zsa's husband's real name is Hans Robert Lichtenberg. Prince or not, he does have the distinction of being married to her for longer than any of her previous spouses.
Together with her husband Frédéric von Anhalt she adopted a few men. Among them are Marcus Eberhard Edward Prinz von Anhalt, Herzog zu Sachsen und Westfalen, Graf von Askanien (formerly known as Marcus Eberhardt, born about 1969, brothel owner, was adopted in April 2006); Prinz Oliver Leopold von Sachsen-Anhalt, Graf von Westfalen und Askanien (formerly known as Oliver Bendig, born about 1967, owner of two strip clubs in Los Angeles); Prinz Michael Maximilian von Anhalt, Herzog zu Sachsen und Westfalen, Graf von Askanien (formerly known as Michael Killer, born about 1967, owns health clubs); and a surgeon who doesn't want to be mentioned. All of them paid millions for their adoption.
Was considered for the role of Miss Caswell in All About Eve (1950), but Marilyn Monroe was cast instead.
In June of 2009 she was hospitalized for six days with influenza.
Referenced in the song "Donna the Prima Donna" by Dion DiMucci.
Had a very public romance with Porfirio Rubirosa while married to George Sanders. Rubirosa returned to Gabor after divorcing Barbara Hutton, just 53 days after their wedding. In 1954 Gabor sported an eye patch, telling the press that Rubirosa had hit her in a fit of jealous rage.
In July of 2010 she was recovering from hip replacement surgery after falling from her bed and breaking her hip at her home in Bel Air, CA.
Her right leg was amputated on January 14, 2011.
Both she and third husband George Sanders played "Special Guest Villains" on Batman (1966).
Gave birth to her only child at age 30, daughter Francesca Hilton on March 10, 1947. Child's father is her second husband, Conrad Hilton.
Was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6915 Hollywood Blvd. on February 8, 1960.
Arrived in Hollywood in 1941 with a letter of introduction to Basil Rathbone and his wife Ouida Rathbone, who granted her admittance into the upper echelons of Hollywood society.
Her real birth name was Sari after Sari Fedak, who was at the time Hungary's most celebrated actress.
As of June June 2005 she was residing with, and cared for by, her husband at their home in Bel Air, CA(a property once owned by Elvis Presley).
In September 2004 she was reported to be residing at a luxury suite in the Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills, CA.
Her daughter, Francesca Hilton, died at age 67 of a massive stroke on January 5, 2015. She was cremated and her ashes were interred beside Gabor's sister, Eva Gabor, at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery. Gabor died 23 months later. Her husband never told her about her daughter's death, out of concern for her physical and emotional state.
She worked with her ex-husband George Sanders and his elder brother Tom Conway in the crime drama Death of a Scoundrel (1956).
Along with her native Hungarian, she spoke English, French, German and Italian.
She was a first cousin, once removed, of Annette Lantos (born Tilleman), the wife of U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos, of California. Her mother and Annette were first cousins.
Was born Sári Gábor in Budapest, Austria-Hungary, the daughter of Vilmos Gabor (born Farkas Miklós Grün) and Jolie Gabor, Countess de Szigethy (born Janka Tilleman). Her parents were both from Jewish families. Her paternal grandparents were Salamon Grün and Rozália Kluger. Her maternal grandparents, originally from Ukraine, were Jóná Hersch Tilleman and Chawe Feige Reinharz.
The home she shared with husband Frédéric von Anhalt was used as the location for Liberace's mansion during filming of Behind The Candelabra (2013) and as Alan Arkin's character residence in Argo (2012).
In 1989, when tried for assaulting a police officer, she said she was afraid to go to jail because lesbians might attack her.
Passed away on December 18, 2016, less than two months from what would have been her 100th birthday, on February 6, 2017.
Cremated after death and her ashes were interred at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA.
The last villainess in the final episode of the Batman series (Minerva, Mayhem and Millionaires.).
Zsa Zsa Gabor was married to Jack Ryan, (from 21 January 1975 - 24 August 1976) who was an engineer and designer who formally worked for "Mattel, Inc", the toy company, where he was instrumental in the creation of the iconic "Barbie" doll as well as "Hot Wheels" and the "Chatty Cathy" doll.
With her numerous marriages and world-class catty wit, Zsa Zsa came to epitomize the phrase "famous for being famous." Despite appearing in several well known films, Gabor owed her notoriety more to her private life and countless talk show appearances than to her work as a movie star.
Appeared in one film nominated for Best Picture Academy Award: Moulin Rouge (1952).
Zsa Zsa Gabor and Joanne Dru worked together on 3 Ring Circus (1954) but did not like each other and clashed often. After one particular incident in which Dru got the better of Gabor, Zsa Zsa said, "I'll get even with you if it takes forever." Dru replied, "It probably will, but aren't you rather old to talk about a future?".
In 1953, she was the celebrity spokeswoman for the Paper Mate Pen Company.
At one time starred on the Vienna stage and appeared on the cover of every Austrian magazine.
Got her first Hollywood contract while visiting her sister Eva.
Dated Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1932, when she was 15 and he was 51.
Though driving a Rolls Royce at the time of her much-publicized altercation with a police officer, she had previously done television commercials for Studebaker.
On July 13, 2021, in response to her wishes, about 75% of her ashes had been returned to Budapest where they were buried. This was approximately 4 1/2 years after her passing. The remainder of her ashes remain in Los Angeles. Part of the delay was due to travel restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic (2020-2021).

Personal Quotes (29)

To be loved is a strength. To love is a weakness.
A man in love is incomplete until he is married. Then he is finished.
As a woman, you have to choose between your fanny or your face. I chose my face.
I have never hated a man enough to give his diamonds back.
[when asked how many husbands she'd had] You mean other than my own?
To a smart girl, men are no problem--they're the answer.
Macho does not prove mucho.
Husbands are like fires--they go out when unattended.
I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man, I keep his house.
Getting divorced just because you don't love a man is almost as silly as getting married just because you do.
I don't remember anybody's name. How do you think the "dahling" thing got started?
Conrad Hilton was very generous to me in the divorce settlement. He gave me 5,000 Gideon Bibles.
A girl must marry for love, and keep on marrying until she finds it.
[as quoted in the book "The Humor of Sex"] Personally, I know nothing about sex because I've always been married.
It's never as easy to keep your own spouse happy as it is to make someone else's spouse happy.
I believe in large families: every woman should have at least three husbands.
[on Cary Grant] They are trying to show he's a great lover, but they will never prove it to me.
Being jealous of a beautiful woman is not going to make you more beautiful.
If they had as much adultery going on in New York as they said in the divorce courts, they wouldn't have had enough time left over to run the subways or mow the grass in Central Park and they would never have a chance to make the beds at the Plaza.
The only place men want depth in a woman is in her décolletage.
You never really know a man until you have divorced him.
[on solitude] When I'm alone, I can sleep cross ways in bed without an argument.
When you are married to an actor, you feel you are nothing but an understudy to him. He only has eyes for himself. It is really the one situation I know of where with just two people you have a triangle.
The only way to learn a language properly, in fact, is to marry a man of that nationality. You get what they call in Europe a "sleeping dictionary". Of course, I have only been married five times and I speak seven languages. I'm still trying to remember where I picked up the other two.
The best way to attract a man immediately is to have a magnificent bosom and a half-size brain and let both of them show.
[on George Sanders, the favorite of her five husbands] I thought he hated women and that was a marvelous challenge. When I met him I said, "Mr. Sanders, I'm madly in love with you." And he said, "Mrs. Hilton, how well I understand that".
[after a fight with boyfriend Porfirio Rubirosa, aka "Rubi", in which he gave her a black eye] Rubi loves me. Rubirosa in Spanish means red rose; for me it means black eye. A man only hits a woman if he loves her deeply.
Man have always liked me and I have always liked men. But I like a mannish man, a man who knows how to talk to and treat a woman--not just a man with muscles.
[after an incident in which she got into a physical altercation with a traffic policeman in Beverly Hills, CA] You just cannot drive a Rolls-Royce in Beverly Hills anymore because they have it in for you.

Salary (1)

The Girl in the Kremlin (1957) $10,000

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