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  • Unsold pilot: In 1962 he starred in a pilot for a proposed TV comedy series called "Mr. In-Between".
  • In 1987, as himself, he made a special guest appearance on It's Garry Shandling's Show. (1986),
  • (1943) Stage Play: Winged Victory. Musical drama. Written by Moss Hart. Incidental music by Sgt. David Rose. Music arranged by Sgt. David Rose. Assistant Musical Director: M/Sgt. Norman Leyden. Featuring songs by Carmen Dragon, Franz Gruber, Joseph Mohr and Robert Crawford. Assistant Lighting Design by S/Sgt. Ralph Alswang. Production Manager: 1st Lt. Irving P. Lazar and 1st. Lt. Benjamin Landis. Stage Manager: Pvt. Jerome Whyte. 1st Assistant Stage Manager: Sgt. Charles Atkin. Assistant Stage Mgr: Pvt. Herman Kantor, Cpl. Emery Battis, Pfc. Grant Gaither, Pvt. Alfred Moscowitz, Sgt. Irving Pincus, Pvt. Russell Hinchliffe, Pvt. Martin Mellon and Pvt. Alfred Ashley. Directed by Moss Hart. 44th Street Theatre: 20 Nov 1943- 20 May 1944 (212 performances). Cast: Sgt. John Ademy, Cpl. Jerry Hilliard Adler, Pvt. John Andes, Cpl. Richard Annis, Florence Aquino, Cpl. Edward Ashley, Mrs. Edward Ashley, Faith Avery, Phyllis Avery, Mathilde Baring, Capt. Sidney Bassler, Cpl. Etienne Bauer, Mrs. Alan Baxter, Pvt. Alan Baxter, Pvt. Richard Beach, 2nd Lt. Don Beddoe (as "Colonel Blakely"), Capt. Raye Bidwell, Pvt. Whit Bissell (as "Lt. Jules Hudson"), Joan Black, Pfc. Kenneth Black, Pvt. Ramon Blackburn [final Broadway role], Pvt. Royce Blackburn [final Broadway role], Pvt. Robert Blakeman, Pvt. Philip Bourneuf (as "Colonel Gibney"), S/Sgt. Sascha Brastoff, Mrs. Robert I. Braun, Sgt. Horace Brynolfson, Pfc. Thomas Burdick, Pfc. James Burke, Pvt. Red Buttons (as "Whitey"), Mrs. William Cahan, Sgt. David Calvin, Cpl. Robert Cantell, Sgt. Frank Chamberlin, Shirley Chambers, Pfc. Dick Chandlee, Mrs. Thomas Charlesworth, Pfc. Thomas Charlesworth, Cpl. Ira Cirker, Pvt. Lee J. Cobb (as "Doctor Baker"), Pvt. Alfred Cocozza, Pvt. Eugene Conley, Mary Cooper, Cpl. Fred Cotton, Sgt. Howard Cranford, Cpl. Mark Daniels, Mrs. Mark Daniels, S/Sgt. Frank Davis, Pfc. John Deane, Olive Deering (as "Ruth"), Pfc. Thomas Dillon, Cpl. Milton Douglas, Mrs. Milton Douglas, Cpl. Russell W. Drewes, Mrs. Michael Duane, Pvt. Michael Duane, Sgt. David Durston, Katherine Eames, Helen Eastman, Pvt. George Edwards, 2nd Lt. Frank Egan, Pvt. John Elliott, Mrs. James Engler, Cpl. Tommy Farrell (as "Ensemble"), Mrs. Abe Feder, Elfin Finn, Mrs. Arthur Finne, Pvt. Arthur Finne, Pfc. Kenneth Forbes, Pvt. John Ford, Pvt. John Forsythe (as "Ensemble"), Sgt. D.J. Fradenburg, Elisabeth Fraser, Sgt. Carl Fredrickson, Genevieve Frizzell, Mrs. Gilbert Frye, Sgt. Gilbert Frye, Pvt. Dave Gaber, S/Sgt. Gordon Gaines, Cpl. Charles Gavek, Pvt. Hayes Gordon, Mrs. Thomas Grace, Sgt. Thomas Grace, Pvt. A.L. Green, Pfc. John Green, Sgt. George Griffin, Virginia Hammond, Pfc. Donald Hanmer, Pvt. Michael Harvey, S/Sgt. Peter Lind Hayes (as "O'Brien"), Pfc. Pitt Herbert, Gilbert Herman, Pvt. Bert Hicks, 1st Lt. George Hoffmann, Mrs. Dick Hogan, Pvt. Dick Hogan, Cpl. Donald Hultgren, Pvt. Milton Hultgren, Sgt. Rune Hultman, T/5 Jay Hyde, Pfc. Alan Jason, Mrs. William Justice, Pvt. William Justice, Sgt. Frank Kane, Mrs. Herman Kantor, Mrs. Paul Kaye, Pvt. Paul Kaye, Pvt. John R. Kearney, Pvt. James Keogan, Pvt. Alfred Kunz, Mrs. Stuart Langley, Pvt. Stuart Langley, Cpl. James Larmore, Cpl. John Lawler, Mary Lenhardt, Pvt. Harry Lewis, Mrs. John Macmillan, Pvt. John Macmillan, Pvt. Louis J. Magyar, Pvt. Karl Malden (as "Adams"), Sgt. Zeke Manners, Pvt. William Marshall, Pfc. James Mattingly, Pfc. Robert J. Mauch (as "Ensemble"), Pfc. Billy Mauch (as "Ensemble"), Sgt. Kevin McCarthy (as "Ronny Meade"), Jean McCoy, Pfc. Ray McDonald, Mrs. Edward McMahon, Pfc. Edward McMahon, Mrs. Norman Mendelson, Pfc. Norman M. Mendelson, Cpl. Gary Merrill (as "Captain McIntyre"), Mrs. Gary Merrill, Pvt. Ray Merrill, Sgt. Joseph Meyer, Sgt. Ray Middleton (as "Lt. Sperry"), Ellen Miller, Pvt. Brad Dexter [credited as Barry Mitchell], Pvt. Kent Morrison, Pvt. Robert Nash, Pvt. William Nash, 1st Lt. William Neil, Mrs. William Neil, Pvt. Barry Nelson (as "Bobby Grills"), Cpl. Eugene Nelson, Pfc. Edmond O'Brien (as "Irving Miller"), Pvt. Damian O'Flynn, Margaret Parmentier, Pvt. Cy Perkins, Pvt. George Petrie, Laura Pierpont (as "Mrs. Gardner"), Cpl. James Polack, Pvt. Jack Powell, Sgt. Jack Proctor, Pvt. James Rafferty, Sgt. Salvatore Randazzo, Sgt. Edward Reardon, Cpl. Earl Redding, Pvt. Walter Reed, Mrs. George Reeves, Sgt. George Reeves (as "Lt. Thompson"), Cpl. Don Richards, Pvt. Grant Richards, Mrs. Carroll Riddle, 1st Lt. Carroll C. Riddle, Pfc. Martin Ritt (as "Gleason"), Mrs. Archie Robbins, Pvt. Archie Robbins, Pfc. Robert Rose, Pvt. Emanuel Rosenberg, Pfc. Anthony Ross, Pfc. Arthur Ross, Pvt. Henry Rowland, Elsa Ryan, Pvt. Alfred Ryder, S/Sgt. Danny Scholl, Pfc. David Scott, Sgt. Wilbur Sheibels, Pfc. Douglas Sibole, Pvt. Henry Slate, Pvt. Jack Slate, Pvt. Dan Stanley, Pvt. Robert Stevens, Mrs. Julian Stockdale, Pvt. Julian Stockdale, Mrs. Claude Stroud, Pvt. Claude Stroud, Mrs. Elliot Sullivan, Pvt. Elliot Sullivan, Cpl. Frederick Sullivan, Cpl. David Sureck, Pvt. Don Taylor, Pfc. Forrest Thompson, Pfc. James Thompson, Pvt. John Tyers, Pfc. Kenneth Utt [Broadway debut], Pvt. Howard Vanderberg, Pvt. George Wainwright, Cpl. Finley Walker, Laura Walker, Sgt. Fred Weisberg, Sgt. Frank Whitmore, Pvt. Jack Willey, Mrs. Robert Willey, Sgt. Robert Willey, Pvt. Jack Williams, Cpl. Joseph Williams, Sgt. Victor Young, Sgt. Jerome Zimmerman. Produced by The U.S. Army Air Forces. Note: Actors in this production were on active duty in the armed forces at the time of production and credited under their various ranks.
  • (1942) Stage Play: Vickie. Farce. Written by S.M. Herzig. Directed by José Ferrer and Frank Mandel. Plymouth Theatre: 22 Sep 1942- 31 Oct 1942 (48 performances). Produced by Frank Mandel.
  • Spoken Word Recording: Poems for My Daughter and Other Little People/Wonderland (277)
  • Spoken Word Recording: Make Room for Danny/Audio Renaissance (ART 287), 3 hours, c. 1992.
  • (1947) Stage Play: Barefoot Boy With Cheek. Musical comedy. Music by Sidney Lippman. Lyrics by Sylvia Dee. Book by Max Shulman. Based on the novel by Max Shulman. Vocal arrangements by Hugh Martin. Music orchestrated by Philip Lang. Musical Director: Milton Rosenstock. Assistant Vocal arrangements: Buster Davis [credited as Bus Davis] (earliest Broadway credit). Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Costume Design by Alvin Colt. Assistant to Jo Mielziner: John Harvey. Choreographed by Richard Barstow. Directed by George Abbott. Martin Beck Theatre: 3 Apr 1947- 5 Jul 1947 (108 performances). Cast: Betty Abbott (as "Singer"), Jerry Austen (as "Kermit McDermott"), Adrienne Aye, James Bowie, Harvey Braun (as "Singer"), Solen Burry (as "Boris Fiveyearplan"), Red Buttons (as "Shyster Fiscal"), Dean Campbell (as "Singer"), Jean Marie Caples (as "Dancer"), Mary Lee Carrell (as "Singer"), Leonard Claret (as "Dancer"), Carol Coleman (as "Singer"), Philip Coolidge, Douglas Deane (as "Dancer"), Robert Edwin (as "Singer"), Cpl. Tommy Farrell (as "Muskie Pike"), Beverly Fite (as "Singer"), Nell Foster (as "Singer"), Nathaniel Frey (as "Second Band Member/Singer"), Harris Gondell (as "First Band Member/Singer"), June Graham (as "Dancer"), Ellen Hanley (as "Clothilde Pfefferkorn"), Mary Bly Harwood (as "Dancer"), Patrick Kingdon (as "Freshman"), Ray Kirchner (as "Dancer"), Marion Kohler (as "Singer"), James Lane, Gay Laurence (as "Singer"), John Laverty (as "Dancer"), John Leslie (as "Singer"), Louisa Lewis (as "Dancer"), Marcia Maier (as "Dancer"), Abbe Marshall (as "Singer"), Ellen Martin (as "Singer"), Dusty McCaffrey (as "Dancer"), Benjamin Miller, Ray Morrissey (as "Singer"), Ben Murphy, Robert Neukum (as "Singer"), David Newman (as "Dancer"), Audrey Peters (as "Dancer"), Alfred Porter, Tommy Randall (as "Dancer"), Billy Redfield (as "Asa Hearthrug"), Walter Rinner (as "Singer"), Marten Sameth (as "Playwright/Singer"), Jean Sincere (as "Singer"), Shirley Van (as "Peggy Hepp"), Nancy Walker (as "Yetta Samovar"), Pamela Ward (as "Singer"), Billie Lou Watt, Loren Welch, Jack Williams, Doris York (as "Dancer"). Replacement actor: Joshua Shelley (as "Shyster Fiscal"). Produced by George Abbott.
  • (February 20, 1973) Guest on the Art Linkletter show "It's Your World".

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