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‘Alien’ at 40: Ridley Scott Explains Why ‘You Don’t Show the Monster Too Many Times’

  • Variety
‘Alien’ at 40: Ridley Scott Explains Why ‘You Don’t Show the Monster Too Many Times’
It’s difficult to imagine Ridley Scott’s sci-fi/horror classic “Alien” without the clear-minded, strong presence of Tom Skerritt as Dallas, the captain of the ill-fated Nostromo.

But originally, the actor turned down “Alien,” which celebrates its 40th anniversary on May 25, though he thought Dan O’Bannon’s script read well. “There was nobody involved at the time apparently,” said Skerritt. “I read it and thought, ‘it’s solid. It’s not a great script but it’s solid enough I can see it. But it was a $2 million budget! I thought, okay at 2 million bucks this might be an Ed Wood movie.”

As fate would have it, he went to see 1977’s “The Duelists,” for which Ridley Scott unanimously received the award for best first work at the Cannes Film Festival. “I was just blown over by ‘The Duelists,’” noted Skerritt.

“I thought, this is a masterpiece. It’s a painting.
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Ridley Scott on the evolution of the Alien franchise and its future

  • JoBlo
Ridley Scott's Alien is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made, but had it not been for Star Wars, the entire franchise may not have existed. When Scott was showing off his feature-film debut, The Duellists, a friend invited him to a screening of a certain space-opera. At the time, Scott had been considering Tristan & Isolde as his next project, but Star
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Listen to the Corpse Club Celebrate 40 Years of Alien on a New Episode of Daily Dead’s Podcast

In our second-ever episode of Corpse Club, we discussed the past, present, and future of Alien in the wake of Alien: Covenant's theatrical release. Now, nearly two years later, we revisit the Alien franchise to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ridley Scott's classic film and the franchise as a whole on a new episode of Corpse Club!

When moviegoers watched a mysterious specimen erupt from the chest of an unfortunate Nostromo crew member in 1979, the cinematic landscapes of both the horror and sci-fi genres were forever changed, and with May 25th marking the 40th anniversary of the theatrical release of Ridley Scott's Alien, the Corpse Club co-hosts thought it would be the perfect time to grab a flamethrower, check their motion sensors, and revisit Scott's classic film and the Alien franchise as a whole.

Listen as co-hosts Scott Drebit, Tamika Jones, Derek Anderson, and Jonathan James discuss why
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Ridley Scott Confirms Alien Talks with Disney and Says The Franchise Needs To Evolve To Succeed

Disney already teased at CinemaCon that they were looking at continuing the Alien franchise now that they own all the Fox properties. Now director Ridley Scott has confirmed in an interview with THR that talks with Disney are underway to keep the franchise going, but says the only way to keep it relevant and successful is to evolve it. He explains that that’s how he approached his prequels.

“You get to the point when you say, ‘Okay, it's dead in the water’, I think Alien vs. Predator was a daft idea. And I'm not sure it did very well or not, I don't know. But it somehow brought down the beast. And I said to them, ‘Listen, you can resurrect this, but we have to go back to scratch and go to a prequel, if you like.’ So we go to Prometheus, which was not bad actually. But you know,
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More Alien Movies Are Being Discussed at Disney Says Ridley Scott

Yes, Disney is discussing new Alien movies, as confirmed by director Ridley Scott. It just so happens that today marks the 40th anniversary of the original Alien, a movie that remains a powerhouse sci-fi classic and has really yet to be matched in the four decades since its initial release. Scott, for his part, returned to the franchise for Prometheus in 2012 and also helmed the sequel to that prequel, Alien: Covenant, which arrived in 2017. Since then, the franchise has more or less just been sitting, but it doesn't sound like it's going to be that way for long.

Ridley Scott recently was interviewed in honor of the Alien 40th anniversary, and did a deep dive on how his classic creation came to be. During the interview, he revealed that they are indeed having discussions about new entries in the franchise. This was previously indicated by Disney at CinemaCon, but the
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Ridley Scott Doesn’t Think You Can Ever Make A Good ‘Alien’ Sequel & Talks Future Evolution Of The Franchise

Ridley Scott, much like his contemporaries James Cameron, George Lucas, and even Francis Ford Coppola, is a tinkerer. Whether it’s going back and recutting “Blade Runner” or creating multiple prequels to ‘Alien,’ for better or worse, the director isn’t the type that just lets his films rest. But in the case of the latter franchise, he does think that it’s about time to evolve or die.

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Ridley Scott Wants Disney To Continue The Alien Franchise

The House of Mouse got a whole lot more than the X-Men and Deadpool when they bought out Fox a couple of months ago. But nobody really seems to be talking about the vast collection of classic cinema Disney now has their hands on.

One of those properties is the Alien horror franchise, and so far, no one knows what the studio’s plans are for it, or if they’re even interested in bringing the terrifying Xenomorph back to the big screen.

But sitting down with The Hollywood Reporter, legendary director Ridley Scott, who set off the series 40 years ago, confirmed that he’s at least given the idea some thought:

“You get to the point when you say, ‘Okay, it’s dead in the water.’ I think Alien vs. Predator was a daft idea. And I’m not sure it did very well or not, I don’t know.
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Ridley Scott on the Hard Road to 'Alien'

Ridley Scott on the Hard Road to 'Alien'
If Ridley Scott had not seen Star Wars on opening day in 1977, we might never have had Alien. We’d have Tristan & Isolde instead.

When the British-born director was in Los Angeles showing around his feature film debut, The Duellists, his producer pal David Putnam extended an invite to join him at a 2 p.m. showing of the new sci-fi film from 20th Century Fox at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Scott had heard a bit about it when it was shooting in London and thought, “Well, I’d better go and see it.”

“The theater ...
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Lenny Platt on Breathing Life into Nat Geo's The Hot Zone

You best know Lenny Platt from his role on Quantico and How to Get Away with Murder, but now he's taking on the role of a military man caught in the midst of the real-life terror that led to The Hot Zone.

With great candor and genuine excitement for the role and his craft, Platt shares with TV Fanatic his thoughts on the true story behind The Hot Zone as well as the vigorous performances required to bring that story to life on screen.

The Hot Zone premieres on Nat Geo May 27 at 9/8c and will air in two-hour blocks for three nights straight making it a great early summer binge experience. Until then, I hope you enjoy portions of our interview with Platt below.

All right, so tell me a little bit about The Hot Zone and how you got involved?

Well, we actually just had the premiere last night,
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‘Black Hawk Down’ Author Q&A: Every War Movie Of Past 18 Years “Owes A Debt” To Ridley Scott’s Epic

‘Black Hawk Down’ Author Q&A: Every War Movie Of Past 18 Years “Owes A Debt” To Ridley Scott’s Epic
The film Black Hawk Down is back in the spotlight with Sony Home Entertainment’s lavish new retrospective and the first 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray edition of the Ridley Scott war film that reached theaters a few short months after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Emotionally wrenching, politically volatile, and technically sublime, Black Hawk Down ushered in a new era of combat filmmaking as it detailed the infamous downing of two U.S. Uh-60 Black Hawk helicopters in Mogadishu and the protracted efforts to rescue their crewmen – efforts that escalated into the most intense close combat involving U.S. forces since the Vietnam War.

The film was based on Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War (Signet Books), the 1999 non-fiction bestseller by journalist Mark Bowden and based on his reportage for The Philadelphia Inquirer. Bowden recently spoke with Deadline about the ongoing echoes of the films, which featured a
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Mondo Releasing Alien Score 2Xlp + Silent Hill 1 & 2 Restocks

Alien Day 2019 and the 40th anniversary of the iconic sci-fi/horror film directed by Ridley Scott may be in the past, but there’s no reason we can’t continue to celebrate! To that end, Mondo will be releasing the original score to Alien, composed by Jerry Goldsmith. The release will include artwork by Kilian Eng (below), […] The post Mondo Releasing Alien Score 2Xlp + Silent Hill 1 & 2 Restocks appeared first on Dread Central.
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Chicago Critics Film Festival – Day Two Report

The Chicago Critics Film Festival Runs May 17th – 23rd. Stephen Tronicek is covering the event for We Are Movie Geeeks

There’s nothing like watching a new film that’s very good. There’s nothing like sitting in the audience of an old one and experiencing it with new eyes. Saturday’s shows provided just that, a survey of the new but also the old.

The day started out with not a screening but rather me moving into my mom’s college roommate’s house for a night. All I can do is thank them and wonder how any of this happened. But after a short ride on the el and a short walk to the theater, I found myself back and ready to go.

The first show of the day was Wild Rose, directed by Tom Harper. A charming little comedy about Rose Lynn Harper’s dream of becoming a country music star,
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Screen Media Comes of Age With New Parent Company, Splashy Deals

  • Variety
Screen Media Comes of Age With New Parent Company, Splashy Deals
With a new parent company and a mandate to back bigger films with A-list casts, Screen Media is raising its profile. Historically, the company has been known for releasing genre titles that lacked visibility. Many of these made money, particularly when DVDs were a major business and in the early days of on-demand.

But that’s no longer the case. Over the past two years, Screen Media has worked on prestige fare such as “Bel Canto,” a well-reviewed drama with Oscar-winner Julianne Moore and Oscar-nominee Ken Watanabe, and Terry Gilliam’s “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote,” a fantasy adventure that stars Adam Driver and Jonathan Pryce. It’s the kind of fare you’d expect from blue-chip indies like Sony Pictures Classics, and it hints at the changes afoot at the company.

“When I started it was a DVD business with a license to print money,” said David Fannon,
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‘Alien’ Designer H.R. Giger’s Insane Unused Batmobile Concept Brought to Life in 3D Model

‘Alien’ Designer H.R. Giger’s Insane Unused Batmobile Concept Brought to Life in 3D Model
A fun piece of trivia is making the rounds again, and since we’ve never written about it at /Film, now’s as good a time as any to share it. H.R. Giger, one of the designers of Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic Alien, was hired to create some Batmobile concept art for director Joel Schumacher‘s 1995 film Batman Forever […]

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Mario Casas to Star in ‘Cross the Line’ From YouTuber David Victori (Exclusive)

  • Variety
Mario Casas to Star in ‘Cross the Line’ From YouTuber David Victori (Exclusive)
Mario Casas, one of Spain’s biggest heartthrobs, is set to star in “Cross the Line,” directed by Barcelona’s David Victori. It starts shooting May 24.

Casas has lately branched out into more demanding upscale fare such as Netflix’s “The Photographer of Mauthausen.” Victori is the winner of the first YouTube Your Film Festival, having helmed a sci-fi web series exec-produced by Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender.

At the Cannes Film Market, “Cross the Line” producer Filmax will present a teaser shot specifically for buyers.

It could prove steamy. In the film, Dani (Casas) is just getting back to living his normal life after caring for his ill father. Shortly after his father dies, Dani crosses paths with Mila, who seduces him. Things turn violent when Mila’s possessive partner, Ray, reemerges in her life and begins threatening Dani, who finds himself going to extremes in self-defense.

“We have
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‘Monos’ Filmmaker Alejandro Landes’ Next Movie Scooped Up By Imperative

  • Deadline
Exclusive: Imperative Entertainment has acquired rights to the next film from Alejandro Landes, whose film Monos was a buzz title at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, winning a special jury prize in the World Cinema Dramatic competition and scoring a U.S. distribution deal with Neon.

Details of the new project are being kept under wraps, but sources say Imperative made the deal in a competitive situation, and Landes will write, direct and produce the film based on an original pitch. Imperative’s Dan Friedkin, Bradley Thomas and Ryan Friedkin will also produce.

The Colombia-born Landes made his directorial debut in 2007 with Cocalero, a documentary about Bolivian coca grower Evo Morales and his unlikely campaign to become the country’s first indigenous president. He followed that with his first narrative feature Porfirio, which played in the Cannes Film Festival’s Directors’ Fortnight lineup in 2011.

Monos, about a young group
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The Art of the Visually Striking Film

Tom Jolliffe looks at the art of making visually beautiful films…

Cinema is a visual medium. A way to tell stories through a combination of visuals and sound, through script and direction, and the manipulation of the editing. Some films are emotionally crushing, involving, gripping. Some are audio-visual sensory overloads. Directors can opt for a simple naturalistic approach and focus on a sense of involving and gritty realism. Others can create fantasy worlds or heightened realities. You could look at certain directors, say Terrence Malick for example, who often opted to shoot with a sense of reality, but also with a love of things like magic hour shooting.

Still, sometimes it could be at the expense of substance, but some films are visually resplendent. I’d honestly struggle to narrow things down to a condensed list, but regardless, this is a celebration of cinema’s ability to take a camera and create images that,
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Hollywood Flashback: Léa Seydoux Made a Cannes Debut in 'Robin Hood' in 2010

Hollywood Flashback: Léa Seydoux Made a Cannes Debut in 'Robin Hood' in 2010
Cannes 2010 met a unique problem: A volcano erupted and disrupted flights to the nearby Nice airport. Iceland’s 5,400-foot Eyjaffallajökull volcano decided that the weeks before the fest’s May 10 opening would be a good time to let loose. Flights were either canceled (pulverized rock dust wreaks havoc on jet engines) or diverted. A flight from New York to Nice took 10 hours instead of seven. However, Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, with attending stars Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett and Léa Seydoux — who stars this year in Arnaud Desplechin’s competition crime drama Oh Mercy! —...
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Ridley Scott Revisits ‘Black Hawk Down’: “I Hope I Was Right”

Ridley Scott Revisits ‘Black Hawk Down’: “I Hope I Was Right”
It was 18 years ago that Ridley Scott went off to war. It was in March 2001, less than a month after Scott’s Hannibal opened in theaters, when the acclaimed filmmaker jetted off to northern Morocco to begin principal photography on Black Hawk Down, a new type of war movie and an endeavor that courted controversy from Day One. Scott and producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s intention to make a combat film about the gruesomely ill-fated U.S. military raid in 1993 in Mogadishu, Somalia, promised to be an emotionally combustible and politically incendiary project – the cinematic equivalent of a Molotov cocktail – but even they weren’t prepared for an unexpected intrusion by national calamity. Halfway between the final day of principal photography in June and the film’s release at Christmastime, the suicide attacks of September 11 changed the context of any and every military and geo-political conversation involving American forces.

While Sept.
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‘It’ Star Bill Skarsgard Joins John Boyega, Olivia Cooke in ‘A Naked Singularity’ (Exclusive)

  • The Wrap
‘It’ Star Bill Skarsgard Joins John Boyega, Olivia Cooke in ‘A Naked Singularity’ (Exclusive)
“It” star Bill Skarsgard is joining John Boyega and Olivia Cooke in Scott Free Productions’ “A Naked Singularity,” an individual with knowledge of the project told TheWrap exclusively.

Chase Palmer is directing the project, with Palmer having written the screenplay with David Matthews. P. Jennifer Dana, Tony Ganz, Ryan Stowell and Kevin J. Walsh are producing, while Ridley Scott, Dick Wolf and John Zois are executive producing.

The film will be an adaptation of Sergio De La Pava’s debut novel of the same name. It follows Casi, a successful public defender in New York who starts to question everything after he loses his first case. The novel explores the American criminal justice system and was first published in 2008.

Also Read: 'It: Chapter 2' - Pennywise Is Back in CinemaCon Footage

Skarsgard most recently starred in “Atomic Blonde,” “Deadpool 2” and “Assassination Nation,” as well as “Castle Rock” and “Hemlock Grove.
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