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Movies on Art Hill in St. Louis This Summer – Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Hidden Figures, Dr. No & The Neverending Story

“Indy, why does the floor move?”

Everyone knows that Art Hill, in front of the St. Louis Art Museum, is a great place to go sledding in the winter. But did you know it’s a great place to see movies in the summer?

Inspired by the remarkable story behind Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds, these four films follow the search for something vital—whether it be truth, treasure, or justice. Discover other lives, other eras, and other worlds with these Epic Quests.

The We Are Movie Geeks gang always goes to these, so if you wanna hang with the cool kids, you should go too. It’s free and they set up a big screen at the bottom of the hill. There are food trucks and beer and wine for sale. You can even go dine in the museum’s restaurant before the show if you got money to burn.
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Anne V. Coates, Oscar-Winning Film Editor for ‘Lawrence of Arabia,’ Dies at 92

Anne V. Coates, Oscar-Winning Film Editor for ‘Lawrence of Arabia,’ Dies at 92
English-born film editor Anne V. Coates, who won an Academy Award for cutting David Lean’s classic “Lawrence of Arabia,” has died. She was 92.

Coates died on Tuesday in Woodland Hills, Calif. BAFTA tweeted the news of her death, writing, “We’re so sad to learn that British film editor Anne V. Coates has died. During her incredible career, Anne was BAFTA-nominated four times for work including ‘The Elephant Man’ and ‘Erin Brockovich,’ and received the BAFTA Fellowship in 2007. She will be greatly missed.”

She earned that Oscar for the 1962 film: In addition to its impressive balance of imposing desert landscapes and vivid human drama (culled from some 31 miles of footage), the nearly four-hour epic contains one of the most famous “match” cuts in movie history, from a shot of Peter O’Toole blowing out a match to a majestic desert sunrise.

Coates went on to receive four more Academy Award nominations,
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Ffa at 50: Fund Revitalized German Films After Post-War Slump

Launched in 1968, when the country’s film industry was in steep decline, the German Federal Film Board was instrumental in revitalizing the sector both financially and creatively.

Despite some major box office successes in the 1950s, the local film business was facing a number of critical problems, including difficulties stemming from postwar restrictions imposed on the country’s industries by the Allied victors, a general lack of capital, the growing dominance of Hollywood productions and the soaring popularity of television. Between 1956 and 1962, a slew of production companies and distributors folded as box office admissions plunged from 817 million to 443 million.

The industry’s decline led 26 young German filmmakers in 1962 to sign the Oberhausen Manifesto, calling for a new, more independent kind of film, free from conventions and the control of commercial backers. The declaration was the birth of New German Cinema and paved the way for the Film Promotion Act, which
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The Trojan War comes to life in trailer for Netflix's Troy: Fall of a City

  • JoBlo
Wolfgang Petersen's Troy may not have been completely embraced by critics back in 2004, but I can't help but to love the outrageous spectacle it represented. The stunning battles, the gigantic sets, and the impressive fight between Hector (Eric Bana) and Achilles (Brad Pitt); there's certainly plenty to like about Troy, but there's also plenty which could be improved upon. Troy: Fall of a City is a co-production between BBC One and Netflix which spreads the... Read More...
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‘Troy: Fall Of A City’ Trailer: Netflix Brings the Trojan War Back to Life, Brad Pitt Not Included

Netflix is here to give Wolfgang Petersen a run for his money. The company and BBC One’s Trojan War epic “Troy: Fall Of A City” begins streaming next month on Netflix, and the official trailer has debuted promising tons of swords and sandals action. But will the show be a “Game of Thrones” success or another “Marco Polo” for Netflix? That’s surely the question on executives’ minds.

Troy: Fall Of A City” centers on the love story between Helen and Paris, which triggers a chain of events that threatens their families and the city of Troy. Louis Hunter (“The Fosters”) and Bella Dayne (“Humans”) star in the lead roles, with David Threfall as King Priam of Troy and Frances O’Connor as Hecuba, Queen of Troy.

The epic series premiers on Netflix April 6.
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First images from the Das Boot TV series

Ahead of its premiere later this year, the first images have arrived online from Das Boot, a TV series inspired by Wolfgang Petersen’s classic 1981 World War II movie, which features stars August Wittgenstein, Rick Okon, Franz Dinda and Vicky Krieps.

Das Boot will pick up the World War II story in the fall of 1942 as the tide begins to turn on the German war machine. It will follow the war at sea as seen through the eyes of the young U-boat crew, as well as the French Resistance movement on land.

The $33 million eight-part series, a joint production between Bavaria Fiction, Sky Deutschland and Sonar Entertainment, is slated to premiere on Sky in late 2018, and features a cast that also includes Lizzie Caplan, Jonathan Zaccai, Leonard Scheicher, Robert Stadlober and Stefan Konarske. Andreas Prochaska (The Dark Valley) directs.

Photo Credit: Bavaria Fiction

The post First images from the Das
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First Look At The Upcoming Remake Of ‘Das Boot’

An upcoming TV adaptation of the best-selling novel Das Boot has just finished shooting and we have two initial images from the production to share.

Vicky Krieps (Phantom Thread), Tom Wlaschiha (Game Of Thrones), Lizzy Caplan (Masters Of Sex), Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men) and James D’Arcy (Marvel’s Agent Carter) lead the cast of the eight-parter, which is set for screens soon.

Variety reports that the new version is set in the fall of 1942, months after Wolfgang Petersen’s 1981 movie ended. The tide is turning against the German war effort after the Allies solve the Enigma code and opposition to the Nazis intensifies. It tells dual stories: there is the journey of the U-boat, and the story of the Resistance movement in La Rochelle. They also add that the multilingual series was filmed in German, French and English and is a production of Bavaria Fiction, Sky Deutschland, and Sonar Entertainment.
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First Look: ‘Das Boot’ Series Setting Sail

First Look: ‘Das Boot’ Series Setting Sail
Das Boot” is about to set sail after principal photography wrapped on the $32.8 million TV epic. Filming in Malta brought a 105-day shoot to an end, and the German, French, and English-language series bows on paycaster Sky in late-2018. Bavaria Fiction, Sky Deutschland, and Sonar Entertainment produced the eight-parter.

Das Boot” is set in the fall of 1942, months after Wolfgang Petersen’s 1981 movie ended. The tide is turning against the German war effort after the Allies solve the Enigma code and opposition to the Nazis intensifies. It tells dual stories: there is the journey of the U-boat, and the story of the Resistance movement in La Rochelle. The multilingual series was filmed in German, French and English.
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Troy: Fall Of A City episode 1 spoiler-free review

Juliette Harrisson Feb 13, 2018

Troy: Fall Of A City is a surprisingly faithful fantasy take on Greek mythology, with charismatic performances...

Following the cancellation of Atlantis in 2015, the BBC is heading back into ancient Greek mythological territory with this new series about the Trojan War cycle of Greek myth – that is, stories about the build up to the war between Greeks and Trojans, about the fall of the city, and the homecomings and travels of the various survivors.

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This is a more adult-oriented show than Atlantis was, and takes itself and its subject material much more seriously. An early sex scene sets the tone – this is not the leering, provocative, sex-for-sex’s-sake type of scene typical of some shows, but nor is this a series suitable for children. A later fight scene strikes a similar balance. There is blood, there is violence,
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Meryl Streep in ‘The Bridges of Madison County’: A look back at her 10th Oscar nomination, the competition and the outcome

Meryl Streep in ‘The Bridges of Madison County’: A look back at her 10th Oscar nomination, the competition and the outcome
This article marks Part 10 of the 21-part Gold Derby series Meryl Streep at the Oscars. Join us as we look back at Meryl Streep’s nominations, the performances that competed with her at the Academy Awards, the results of each race and the overall rankings of the contenders.

After steamrolling through the 1980s, racking up half a dozen Best Actress Oscar nominations, Meryl Streep experienced a more subdued reception in the early 1990s.

The decade started off on just the right note, with a ninth Oscar nomination for “Postcards from the Edge” (1990). Streep also garnered praise for her turn opposite Albert Brooks in “Defending Your Life” (1991). The picture, however, was not a box office success, drawing roughly the same interest in theaters as “She-Devil” (1989), which was deemed a bomb upon its release.

Streep’s next project was among her most ambitious to date – a big-budget horror-comedy from filmmaker Robert Zemeckis,
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Second Chances: Directors' Cuts

  • MUBI
An artist never finishes a piece of art, not really. At a certain point, a precise juncture of the creative process, they just stop working. They present the art to the public, for whom this work is—seems to be—completed, but for that artist ideas may continue to churn, what could have been done differently, what could still be done differently. They may consider the possibility of changes, of improvement. Think, for instance, of any book of collected essays or stories from a writer you admire: “These appeared, in slightly different form...” is a common preface found in the opening acknowledgements. Even precise wordsmiths like James Salter or Renata Adler tinkered with pieces after they were purportedly finished. For Salter, whose revisions were done longhand, entire new pieces of prose were born of earlier pieces, so severe were his second thoughts. He rewrote his entire 1967 novel The Arm of Flesh,
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German Appeals Court Upholds 'Das Boot' Suit, Increases Compensation for Cameraman

The Munich high court this week has upheld an earlier decision to award Oscar-nominated cameraman Jost Vacano compensation for his work on Wolfgang Petersen's anti-war classic Das Boot.

The court said Vacano, 83, should be paid nearly $700,000 in additional compensation for his share of revenues earned by the movie during the period from 2002-2014. In addition, Vacano will receive a 2.25 percent share of all future Das Boot earnings.

Vacano, who enjoyed Hollywood success with director Paul Verhoeven, lensing films such as Robocop, Showgirls and Total Recall, was initially paid a flat fee of around €100,000 for his work...
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Netflix options sci-fi book series Old Man’s War

According to Deadline, Netflix has acquired the film rights to John Scalzi’s Hugo Award-nominated sci-fi book series Old Man’s War, and is looking to develop the first novel as a feature film with Jon Shestack Productions and Madhouse Entertainment.

The books take place centuries into the future where older citizens are given a choice between ageing and dying on Earth or joining the interstellar Colonial Union, where they will have their minds transferred into super-charged, battle-ready versions of their own younger bodies.”

The story “follows 75-year-old widower John Perry, who discovers he’s a natural fighter and leads his platoon through grueling battles against hostile alien races. But when he meets a soldier who looks like a younger version of his beloved deceased wife, everything Perry thought he knew about his new life, and the war he’s fighting in it, is turned upside down.”

This is the
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Das Boot – Probably the Biggest German Blockbuster of All Time

How did this epic bestseller come to be turned into a movie?

In an article somewhat predictably entitled ‘Das Re-Boot’, on 23 June 2016 the Hollywood Reporter presented news about a sequel to Das Boot (The Boat), a tense and claustrophobic World War II combat movie about the final mission and ironic fate of a German submarine: ‘Germany’s Bavaria Film and pay TV group Sky Deutschland announced … that they are producing an eight-part TV series set right after the events of Wolfgang Petersen’s 1981 Oscar-nominated classic’, with a $28 million budget and a British as well as a German scriptwriter.
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International Newswire: ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Tom Wlaschiha Boards U-Boat Drama ‘Das Boot’

International Newswire: ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Tom Wlaschiha Boards U-Boat Drama ‘Das Boot’
In today’s International Newswire, German producer Bavaria adds further high-profile cast to ‘Das Boot,’ Fox confirms the addition of Patrick Stewart and Rebecca Ferguson to the cast of ‘The Kid Who Would Be King,’ and Hulu takes U.S. rights to British comedy ‘GameFace.’

Game of Thrones” star Tom Wlaschiha and “Mad Men” actor Vincent Kartheiser have joined the cast of the rebooted “Das Boot.” The high-profile casting on the eight-episode U-boat drama, which has a $31.5 million budget, is yet another sign of the heightened international ambitions of German producers.

Also joining the Bavaria Fernsehproduktion, Sky Deutschland and Sonar Entertainment’s co-production are James D’Arcy, who appeared in “Marvel’s Agent Carter,” and Thierry Fremont, whose credits include “Juste un regard.”

The four newbies will play alongside Lizzy Caplan (“Masters of Sex”), August Wittgenstein (“The Crown”), Rainer Bock (“Inglourious Basterds”), Rick Okon (“Tatort”), and Vicky Krieps (“Phantom Thread”), among others. Andreas Prochaska
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'Mad Men' Alum Vincent Kartheiser Joins 'Das Boot' Event Series

Vincent Kartheiser, who played Pete Campbell on seven seasons of AMC's Mad Men, has joined the cast of WWII event series Das Boot.

Game of Thrones actor Tom Wlaschiha, James D’Arcy of Marvel's Agent Carter and French actor Thierry Fremont (Juste un regard) have also boarded the drama, which is inspired by the best-selling novel by Lothar-Gunther Buchheim about the submarine war of the 1940s, as well as by Wolfgang Petersen's Oscar-nominated film adaptation from 1981.

Shooting has already begun in Prague for the series, which German shingle Bavaria is producing together with Sky Deutschland and Sonar Entertainment. Sonar is...
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Toronto: German Hits at Home Help Biz Ride Big B.O. Wave in 2017

Toronto: German Hits at Home Help Biz Ride Big B.O. Wave in 2017
Germany’s film industry is set for a very good year, with a slew of high-profile local films drawing strong B.O. at home, while also performing well on the international festival circuit, while the government gave a major boost in film funding.

The return of Michael Herbig with Warner’s “Bullyparade — Der Film,” an adaptation of the multi-hyphenate’s hit TV comedy sketch show, has already lit up the box office: The film opened Aug. 17 with 485,000 admissions, the best start of any German film since the hit high school comedy “Fack ju Goehte 2” bowed in September 2015.

Not surprisingly, the third installment of Constantin Film’s hugely successful “Fack Ju Goehte” franchise is among the most highly anticipated of this year’s releases.

Local pics are sure to propel the year’s box office, which could use a boost after declining more than 12% last year from €1.17 billion ($1.38 billion) in 2015 to just over $1.2 billion. German
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Meet the Norwegian Cowboy Being Chased by 300 Angry Investors Over a Failed Western

Meet the Norwegian Cowboy Being Chased by 300 Angry Investors Over a Failed Western
On June 22, Ryan Wiik walked into a conference room at an Oslo law firm and faced down a large group of his former friends. They were carpenters, plumbers and mechanics, mostly from his seaside hometown of Drobak.

They had invested millions of kroner — in some cases, their life savings — in his dream to build a billion-dollar movie company. Wiik planned to produce and star in a Western based on the “Morgan Kane” series of novels, which were popular in Scandinavia. But a decade had gone by, and no film had materialized. A few days earlier, two investors had reported him to the Norwegian police.

As he took his seat in the conference room, a young man walked up. “Ryan Wiik?” he asked.

“Yes,” replied Wiik. The man dropped a fraud lawsuit in his lap. “In your face,” someone said, in English, as the crowd snickered.

Wiik had come to the annual meeting to try to set the
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Lizzy Caplan, Rick Okon, August Wittgenstein and more join Das Boot TV series

Variety is reporting that Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex), Rick Okon (Tatort) and August Wittgenstein (The Crown) are set to lead the cast of Sky’s €25 million drama series Das Boot, based upon the classic war film from director Wolfgang Petersen.

The series “will pick up the World War II story in the fall of 1942 and follow the war at sea as seen through the eyes of the young U-boat crew, and events on land, and the French Resistance.”

German filmmaker Andreas Prochaska (The Dark Valley) is directing the series, which also stars Vicky Krieps (Colonia Dignidad), Jonathan Zaccaϊ (Robin Hood), Leonard Scheicher (Finsterworld), Robert Stadlober (Summer Storm), Franz Dinda (The Cloud), and Stefan Konarske (The Young Karl Marx).

“This new production, supported by tremendous writing, an acclaimed international cast and crew, stunning locations and a budget more commonly associated with feature films, will be a fitting sequel to the iconic work that it follows,
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Lizzy Caplan Joins ‘Das Boot’ TV Sequel

Well over a year ago, it was announced that an 8-hour, TV sequel to Wolfgang Petersen‘s 1981 WWII German U-boat drama classic “Das Boot” was in the works. It was interesting news, and it made us curious, but as with anything else that happened eighteen months ago, we totally forgot about. Well, the project is headed to sea with some interesting developments.

Masters Of Sex” and “Party Down” star Lizzy Caplan is the lone Hollywood name boarding the project, that has lined up an ensemble which includes August Wittgenstein, Vicky Krieps, Jonathan Zaccaϊ, Leonard Scheicher, Robert Stadlober, Franz Dinda, and Stefan Konarske.

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