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Sp Releasing Picks Up Thriller ‘Nightshade’ Starring Lou Ferrigno Jr., Dina Meyer & Jason Patric For January Release

Sp Releasing Picks Up Thriller ‘Nightshade’ Starring Lou Ferrigno Jr., Dina Meyer & Jason Patric For January Release
Exclusive: Sp Releasing has acquired worldwide rights to the psychological thriller Nightshade, starring Lou Ferrigno Jr. (S.W.A.T.), Dina Meyer (Starship Troopers) and Jason Patric (Wayward Pines), with plans to release it in theaters across North America and on VOD platforms on January 4.

The film directed by Landon Williams watches as a homicide detective (Ferrigno Jr.) on the hunt for a serial killer experiences a series of disturbing dreams, which lead him to seek hypnotherapy and the aid of a psychiatrist (Meyer). The treatment reveals undeniable parallels between his nightmares and the murders, setting him into a tailspin of paranoia and distrust.

Tim Russ (Star Trek: Voyager), B.J. Britt (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), James Duval (Donnie Darko), Kenzie Dalton (Driven) and Jaime Gallagher (Pandemic) also star in the pic from Primitive Mind Productions, Audacious Dreamer Productions and Blue Bow Tie Productions. Williams, Ferrigno Jr. and Gallagher produced alongside Sarah Smith-Williams,
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It's A Wonderful Lifetime 2021 Slate: Star-Studded, Diverse, & Musical, Including 30 Films in 30 Days!

It's A Wonderful Lifetime 2021 Slate: Star-Studded, Diverse, & Musical, Including 30 Films in 30 Days!
It's that time again!

For all you Christmas buffs who adore those cheesy, fuzzy flicks that put you in the holiday spirit , you'll be pleased to know from Lifetime, to Hallmark, Netflix, Freeform, and more, everyone is getting in on spreading the holiday cheer!

Lifetime continues to up its game with an ambitious pledge of 30 in 30. That's right; once Thanksgiving hits, Lifetime will air 30 brand-new Christmas movies in 30 days, every single day between Nov. 26 and Dec. 25.

But the even better news is that you will not need to wait until then for new Christmas flicks. It's a Wonderful Lifetime officially kicks off November. 12, with new movies airing every Saturday and Sunday from then until Thanksgiving hits us with the daily fun and festivities.

It's the network's largest holiday movie slate to date, and they're doing it in style with musical superstars, icons, and legends, fan-favorite TV stars, Holiday and Lifetime favorites.
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Leslie Grace Is Batgirl, the Movie Finds Its Barbara Gordon

Leslie Grace Is Batgirl, the Movie Finds Its Barbara Gordon
HBO Max has found its Batgirl. Previously, it had been reported that a live-action Batgirl movie was in the works at HBO Max, though not much else has been revealed about the project since. This week, a major casting update brought about the news that the project had narrowed down the shortlist of actresses in consideration for the titular role. Per Deadline, the list included Isabella Merced, Zoey Deutch, Haley Lu Richardson, and Leslie Grace.

After these recent screen tests, Warner Bros. and DC Films have reportedly decided to go with Leslie Grace to play the live-action Barbara Gordon in Batgirl. The studio is said to have been high up on the rising star already after she impressed audiences and critics with her breakout role in In the Heights. Her subsequent audition reportedly sealed the deal according to Deadline, though the studio hasn't yet provided an official comment.

Adil El Arbi
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Batgirl Search Is On, Warner Bros. Is Reportedly Testing Multiple Actors for Barbara Gordon

Batgirl Search Is On, Warner Bros. Is Reportedly Testing Multiple Actors for Barbara Gordon
It looks like it's all stations go this week as Warner Bros. have apparently set a line-up of ladies to step into the cape of Barbara Gordon in the HBO Max original movie, Batgirl. While all DC fan's eyes have recently been on filming of The Flash, the start of shooting on Aquaman 2 and the imminent arrival of James Gunn's The Suicide Squad and news of its Peacemaker spin-off series, it looks like Batgirl has been quietly prepping for the casting of its lead role.

The new movie comes with some heavyweights in the comic book movie stakes behind the scenes, with Ms Marvel directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah helming the movie, while writing duties fall to Christina Hodson, who also penned Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey and The Flash. Batgirl is just one of a slew of HBO Max originals as Warner Bros. look to
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Johnny Mnemonic Blu-ray Review

Johnny Mnemonic Blu-ray Review
A brief history lesson, if you’ll indulge me.

Far from arriving fully-formed in 1984’s ‘Neuromancer’, the sci-fi subgenre now dubbed ‘Cyberpunk’ was not was a melting pot of ideas first developed by writers such as Philip K. Dick, Jg Ballard and Harlan Ellison. Projecting their paranoia of capitalist enterprises gaining more and more control over our lives and sedating any resistance through ubiquitous cheap sex and chemically distraction. The aesthetic elements-dense cityscapes covered in neon, integrated Western & Eastern cultures-were drawn from Japanese Cyberpunk, influenced by the country’s urban architecture and culture. All of which proved appealing to a young jobbing writer named William Gibson.

Gibson had been immersed in the counterculture scene since his late teens. He took mind-altering substances, sold drug paraphernalia and became close friends with punk musician John Shirley. Shirley encouraged his then-nascent writing and the result was 1986’s ‘Burning Chrome’ demonstrating the purest distillation
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‘Saw (Unrated)’ Coming to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray in May

‘Saw (Unrated)’ Coming to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray in May
With Spiral: From the Book of Saw coming to theaters in May, Lionsgate Home Entertainment is going back to where Jigsaw's reign of terror began to debut the original 2004 Saw movie on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray.

This new 4K release of Saw is director James Wan's unrated cut and is being touted by Lionsgate as having an "eye-popping 4K transfer". The official and confirmed release date is May 11th, 2021.

Pre-order Saw (Unrated) on 4K Blu-ray combo for a discounted price at Amazon.

Saw bonus features include:

4K and Blu-ray Discs

Game Changer: The Legacy of Saw

Audio Commentary by Director James Wan, Writer-Actor Leigh Whannell, and Actor Cary Elwes

Audio Commentary by Producers Mark Burg, Gregg Hoffman, and Oren Koules

Blu-ray Disc Only

Saw: The Original Short Film

Hacking Away at Saw

Alternate Storyboard Sequence

Theatrical Trailer


Saw stars Leigh Whannell,
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‘Titans’ Season 3 Casts Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordon (Exclusive)

‘Titans’ Season 3 Casts Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordon (Exclusive)
Titans” has found its Barbara Gordon.

Variety has learned exclusively that Savannah Welch has been cast in the role of the HBO Max show’s upcoming third season. In Season 3, Gordon is Gotham City Police Commissioner. Uses a wheelchair. She used to be Batgirl until she was shot and paralyzed by the Joker. She has a combative relationship with Bruce Wayne. Her life gets more complicated when Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) returns to Gotham, rekindling their old romance and starting a new crime fighting partnership.

Welch is known for her role in the History Channel military drama “Six,” in which she played a Marine who suffered an amputation in combat. Her other onscreen appearances include the critically acclaimed films “Boyhood” and “Tree of Life.” Welch herself is an amputee, losing one of her legs after an accident in 2016. Since then, she has become a spokesperson for the disability community.

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A Crazy Story about Paul Verhoeven on the Set of Starship Troopers

A Crazy Story about Paul Verhoeven on the Set of Starship Troopers
So let’s just say that technically a director shouldn’t be trying to surprise their actors on purpose all the time, since there needs to be a good line of communication between them in order to keep a good working relationship since this goes into making an effective movie that people will want to watch. But when Paul Verhoeven was questioned by one of his actors, Dina Meyer, on the set of Starship Troopers, he performed a gesture that effectively silenced the actress and made it clear that he wasn’t asking them to do anything he wasn’t willing to do, within

A Crazy Story about Paul Verhoeven on the Set of Starship Troopers
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Sci-Fi Spoof Featuring 42 Star Trek Actors To Premiere This August

Sci-Fi Spoof Featuring 42 Star Trek Actors To Premiere This August
This is one for the C-movie connoisseurs among you.

For those of you who don’t know (you won’t), there’s a new sci-fi spoof on the way called Unbelievable!!!!! It stars Snoop Dogg, 42 former Star Trek actors, Michael Madsen, and a ficus on a skateboard. That ought to answer all of your questions.

In the can for what appears to have been an eternity (some of the footage dates back as far as 2013), the film does at last have a release date. I say at last, but I’m not sure it was at the top of anyone’s list of movie treasure troves. Anyway, if you’re feeling particularly trashy (there’s no shame in that), sit down for Unbelievable!!!!! in an online premiere this August 1st. The premiere will also come with a virtual convention.

Two more items on the agenda to go through. One is the trailer,
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Indie Rights Picks Up ‘Star Trek’ Parody Film ‘Unbelievable!!!!!’ Featuring Former Cast Members Plus Snoop Dogg

Indie Rights Picks Up ‘Star Trek’ Parody Film ‘Unbelievable!!!!!’ Featuring Former Cast Members Plus Snoop Dogg
Indie Rights has acquired domestic distribution rights to Unbelievable!!!!!, the Steven L. Fawcette-helmed sci-fi film that stars Snoop Dogg and over forty former Star Trek cast members from the movies and TV series. The company will also launch foreign sales at the Virtual Cannes Film Market on June 24.

The pic stars Kirk Stillwood, a puppet created by the Chiodo Brothers. It follows the crazy exploits of four off-beat astronauts (one is a marionette) who travel to the Moon on a rescue mission to determine the fate of two Space Agency comrades who have not been heard from in several days. The individuals they find at the Lunar Base are not who they appear to be and, through acts of trickery and deception, nearly succeed in killing them. Soon the astronauts find themselves trying to save the Earth from Plant Aliens!

Additional co-stars include Michael Madsen, and Gilbert Gottfried, with cameos from Robert Davi,
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‘In The Line of Duty’ VOD Review

Stars: Aaron Eckhart, Ben McKenzie, Courtney Eaton, Dina Meyer, Giancarlo Esposito, Jessica Lu, James Hutchison III | Written by Jeremy Drysdale | Directed by Steven C Miller

In 2015 Steven C. Miller, director of horror hits such as The Aggression Scale, Under the Bed and Submerged, made a move into the action genre with the Bruce Willis-featuring Extraction (the first of three film he made with Willis). He has since stuck with the genre directing films like Mararuders, Southern Fury (aka Arsenal), and Escape Plan 2 – ever so slowly working his way up the echelon of named stars. Be they in cameo roles a la Bruce Willis and Sly Stallone…

However now comes In The Line of Duty (renamed from just Line of Duty here in the UK to avoid confusion with the TV detective drama of the same name), which sees former Two-Face Aaron Eckhart in the lead role as a put-upon,
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Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 3 DC Easter Eggs Explained

Mike Cecchini Jim Dandy Dec 10, 2019

Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 3 finally reveals the fate of the Flash, the status of the DC Multiverse, and much more!

This article contains nothing but Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 3 spoilers.

Well, you certainly can’t say that Crisis on Infinite Earths is anything less than ambitious. The Flash episode of the massive Arrowverse crossover, long known as the one on which so much of this show would turn, is “Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Three” brought of the death of a Flash, the return of some fan favorites, the introduction of a character who will likely prove to be pivotal down the line, and a stunning betrayal. In other words, it’s Crisis through and through, and the stakes in the Arrowverse have never been higher.

Here’s that official synopsis in case you need a refresher, but really, this barely scratches the
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Film Review: ‘Line of Duty’

Film Review: ‘Line of Duty’
High on energy if low on credibility, “Line of Duty” stars Aaron Eckhart as a cop from Birmingham, Ala., whose day gets a lot more hectic when he’s caught up in a kidnapping whose victim is under immediate mortal threat. This latest from prolific genre helmer Stephen C. Miller is a little off-putting at times with its undercurrent of pro-police, anti-everyone-else rhetoric — though that may play well with some of the target demographic. In any case, action fans looking for a lot of forward motion could do worse than this lively, increasingly over-the-top feature-length chase. It opens Nov. 15 on U.S. screens, day-and-date with on demand.

Officer Frank Penny (Eckhart) is a street cop with a world-weary, borderline-demoralized demeanor (we don’t find out exactly why until much later), starting his day bantering with a favorite neighborhood kid (Elijah Cooper). Some blocks away, his superiors are orchestrating a trap
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Aaron Eckhart is a Rogue Cop in Action Thriller 'Line Of Duty' Trailer

"You shot the only lead that we had." Saban Films has debuted an official trailer for an indie action thriller titled Line of Duty, the latest from action director Steven C. Miller. Aaron Eckhart (who we haven't seen much recently) stars as a disgraced cop who goes rogue and finds himself in a race against time to find a kidnap victim whose abductor he accidentally killed. Also starring Courtney Eaton, Jessica Lu, Dina Meyer, with Ben McKenzie and Giancarlo Esposito. The more action movies they make, the more they start to all look the same, because they are all the same. Always about a cop or someone having to do something to rescue someone. Always. Give it a look. Here's the official trailer (+ poster) for Steven C. Miller's Line of Duty, direct from Saban's YouTube: Aaron Eckhart stars as Frank Penny, a disgraced cop looking for a shot at redemption.
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Birds of Prey’s Ashley Scott will reprise Huntress role for Crisis on Infinite Earths

The Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover has just added another face from DC television’s past. TVLine reports Ashley Scott, who portrayed Huntress in the short-lived Birds of Prey series, will reprise her role for the massive CW crossover.

Birds of Prey debuted in 2002 and took place in New Gotham City, set several years after Batman seemingly abandoned his war on crime and Gotham following a fateful encounter with The Joker. Helena Kyle, aka Huntress, is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman and has metahuman abilities giving her increased strength, speed and healing. She works with Oracle, the former Batgirl Barbara Gordon who is confined to a wheelchair after getting shot by Joker, and Dinah Redmond, a telepath who is the daughter of Black Canary. Starring alongside Scott was Dina Meyer as Oracle and Rachel Skarsten as Dinah. The series ran for 13 episodes, but was cancelled due to declining ratings.
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Ashley Scott to Reprise Birds of Prey Role on Crisis On Infinite Earths

Crisis On Infinite Earths is going to be a nostalgic affair.

Another new name has been added to the cast of the 2019 Arrowverse crossover, and this one is quite the surprise.

TV Line is reporting that Ashley Scott will reprise her Huntress role from the one-and-done Birds of Prey during the five-part event.

Scott played the Helena Kyle on that series, and viewers will find out what became of the character following the conclusion of the series in 2003.

Birds of Prey was saddled with low ratings from the get-go, meaning that it did not survive beyond the initial 13 episodes ordered.

The series also starred Dina Meyer as Batgirl and Rachel Skarsten as Black Canary.

This will not be the first time the Huntress has appeared in the Arrowverse. That honor goes to Jessica De Gouw, who recurred on Arrow's first two seasons.

Related: Smallville's Tom Welling to Reprise Superman
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Crisis on Infinite Earths Adds New Atom, Birds of Prey Huntress

Jim Dandy Sep 27, 2019

A new Atom and a new show are on tap for the Crisis multiverse

The onset of autumn means several things: leaves changing, pumpkin spice everything, and a new show from the DC TV back catalogue being welded to the Arrowverse in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The latest show to be hammered in is Birds of Prey, the 2002 one season wonder from the old WB. Ashley Scott returns as Helena Kyle, the Huntress of that show, for Crisis. Birds of Prey starred Scott as Huntress, Dina Meyer as Batgirl, and Batwoman’s Rachel Skarsten as Black Canary.

They’ll be joined by Osric Chau. Chau will not be linking his old show, Supernatural, to the crossover, though. Instead, he’s going to be playing Ryan Choi, a character who has not yet appeared in any live action DC TV show on any network. Choi is a mild-mannered professor at Ivy Town University.
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Birds of Prey's Ashley Scott Will Bring Huntress to the Arrowverse 'Crisis'

Birds of Prey's Ashley Scott Will Bring Huntress to the Arrowverse 'Crisis'
Another new name has been added to the call sheet for Arrowverse’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, and it’s quite the throwback. TVLine has learned exclusively that Ashley Scott will appear in the five-part event as Huntress aka Helena Kyle, the character she played on the short-lived DC Comics drama Birds of Prey.

Premiering in 2002 on the now-shuttered WB, Birds of Prey also starred Dina Meyer as Batgirl and Rachel Skarsten (now the upcoming Batwoman‘s No. 1 baddie) as Black Canary. The series ran for 13 episodes before being cancelled due to low ratings.

More from TVLineSmallville's Michael Rosenbaum
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TVLine Items: My Little Pony Series Finale, All American Mom and More

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is coming to an end after nine seasons: The show’s 90-minute series finale will air Saturday, Oct. 12 at 8/7c on Discovery Family Channel.

Additionally, the behind-the-scenes special “A Decade of Pony” will premiere Friday, Oct. 11 at 5 pm.

More from TVLineTVLine Items: Castle Rock's Season 2 Date, Fire Man Gets Shorty and MoreTVLine Items: Arrow Mom Returns, Young Justice Renewed and MoreAll American and In the Dark Renewed, as CW Cancels Nothing This Season

In the series ender, “a villainous alliance unleashes their unified might on Equestria, and it’s up to the Mane Six to save the kingdom,
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Saban Films acquires Us rights to Aaron Eckhart action thriller 'Line Of Duty'

Saban Films acquires Us rights to Aaron Eckhart action thriller 'Line Of Duty'
Courtney Eaton, Dina Meyer, Giancarlo Esposito and Ben McKenzie also star.

Saban Films has picked up Us rights to the Aaron Eckhart action thriller Line Of Duty, which The Solution Entertainment Group continues to represent for outstanding international territories in Toronto.

Steven C. Miller directs from a screenplay by Jeremy Drysdale about a disgraced police officer who races against time to find an imperilled kidnap victim after he accidentally kills the abductor.

Courtney Eaton, Dina Meyer, Giancarlo Esposito and Ben McKenzie also star. The Solution Entertainment Group’s Myles Nestel and Craig Chapman produced with Skip Williamson, Scott Lastaiti, Martin Sprock,
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