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Loveline: The Films of Alan Rudolph

Choose Me. Courtesy of Everett Collection via the Quad.Alan Rudolph is one of American cinema’s great unabashed romantics. He believes in the beauty and rejuvenating power of art, and of love. Rarely sanguine or saccharine, but unapologetically emotional, his films understand that love is a painful, often arduous affair, that it is messy and confusing and ultimately ineffable, best captured in glances rather than words. Though there is a certain look, a certain feeling, that defines an Alan Rudolph film, his formal dexterity is varied, his repertoire of visual tricks assured. His swooning camera sometimes hangs around the periphery of scenes, drifting dreamily, lingering like a voyeur. Choose Me (1984) begins with a voluptuous three-minute long take, starting with a closeup of the luminescent “E” of a neon sign that reads “Eve’s Lounge,” swooping down to show an assemblage of well-dressed men and women dancing in the street,
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Men in Black Spin-Off Closes in on Chris Hemsworth

Men in Black Spin-Off Closes in on Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth has entered negotiations to star in Sony's highly-anticipated Men in Black spin-off, news which comes just a month after The Fate of the Furious director F. Gary Gray came aboard to take the helm. This new report also reveals that the story will be set in London, centering on a trio of new characters including a "white character, a black woman and an older man." While it seems likely that Chris Hemsworth will be playing the, "white character," no further details about this character were given.

Sony's approach to this project is said to be similar to Universal's approach to their 2015 blockbuster Jurassic World, which brought in new characters to the world established in the 1993 classic Jurassic Park. This Men in Black spin-off will not feature Will Smith's Agent J or Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K, but the movie will continue to build off
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The Top Five Linda Fiorentino Movie Roles of Her Career

Linda Fiorentino is a decent to great actress depending on what part she’s cast in and what her dialogue is like. She’s been great in those roles that allow her to expand on her character and make it her own, and of course anything that lets her be sassy and smart-mouthed is a plus since she does it so well. Despite glowing reviews of most of her roles Linda’s career has been kind of spotty since she was first noticed in Vision Quest, and she’s been seen now and again rather than all the time. One plus to this however

The Top Five Linda Fiorentino Movie Roles of Her Career
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The Best They Ever Looked: Linda Fiorentino in the Movie “Gotcha”

When you think of Linda Fiorentino you rarely associate her with the 1985 movie Gotcha which starred she and a young Anthony Edwards. To be candid this wasn’t a particularly good movie but it was 100% fun and totally rewatchable. What’s remarkable about this movie is that Fiorentino sports short hair which she rarely if ever does in any film. What’s even more remarkable is that I’m not even close to being a short hair on females fan not to mention there are plenty of times Fiorentino looked amazing, but there was just something about her in this movie. Maybe

The Best They Ever Looked: Linda Fiorentino in the Movie “Gotcha”
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‘Men in Black 4’ Will Add Female Agent; Producers Discuss Will Smith Return

‘Men in Black 4’ Will Add Female Agent; Producers Discuss Will Smith Return
The producers of “Men in Black 4” hopes to reinvigorate the franchise by adding a female agent to the mix.

According to the BBC, producer Laurie MacDonald promises that “there will be a prominent Woman in Black in the fourth [film],” which she’s developing with husband Walter Parkes. While 1997’s “Men in Black” seemingly inducted Linda Fiorentino’s character into the agency at the end of the film, she was conspicuously absent from the two sequels. “Men in Black II” featured Lara Flynn Boyle as the villainous Serleena, but the franchise has yet to have a female agent take a lead role.

Original franchise star Will Smith is currently not attached to the project, but Parkes hedged that the actor could be lured back, telling the BBC, “Never count Will out.”

The original movies centered around Smith’s Agent J and his alien-hunting partner K (Tommy Lee Jones) as they tracked
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'Men in Black 4' Has a Female Lead; Will Smith May Return

'Men in Black 4' Has a Female Lead; Will Smith May Return
Back in September, producers Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald revealed that their languishing sequel Men in Black 4 will actually reinvent the entire franchise, with plans for a new reboot trilogy. The producers also revealed that original stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will likely not be back to reprise their roles as Agent J and Agent K, but very little is known about the story at this time. The producers recently spoke with BBC News Beat, where Laurie MacDonald revealed that they are eyeing a "prominent" female character to become a new agent.

"There will be a prominent woman in black in the fourth [film]."

Back in May 2013, screenwriter Oren Uziel signed on to write the screenplays for both Men in Black 4 and 22 Jump Street, which was released last year. Leaked emails from the Sony hack revealed that the studio was considering a Jump Street and Men in Black crossover,
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"Men in Black 4" Gets A Prominent Female Lead

The "Men in Black" franchise is known for many things, but one thing it has been shy on has been developing interesting roles for women.

We had Emma Thompson's chief in the third, and both Lara Flynn Boyle's villainess and Rosario Dawson's love interest in the second, but the only actress who truly had a proper character in the trilogy was Linda Fiorentino's medical examiner Laurel Weaver in the first - a character that disappeared in the sequels.

Now, four years after the last film, franchise producer Laurie MacDonald says the next film in the series plans to not only revive but reboot the sci-fi comedy franchise, and one way they intend to do it is by introducing a female lead.

MacDonald tells BBC Newsbeat the film will star a "prominent woman in black" and that the story would also start afresh:

"We sort of looked
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10 Great Movies That Only Became Hits After They Went to Video

10 Great Movies That Only Became Hits After They Went to Video
"Red Rock West" (1994) "Red Rock West" takes us back to a time when Nicolas Cage was a great, risk-taking actor. Director John Dahl had the misfortune of having both "Red Rock West" and "The Last Seduction" get troubled releases in 1993/1994. "The Last Seduction" had its debut on HBO and thus was ineligible for the Oscars, which essentially robbed Linda Fiorentino of a much deserved nomination (the film did, however, get a limited theatrical run after its HBO debut). "Red Rock West" was Dahl's indisputably great straight-to-video movie. When Cage's Mike enters a mysterious small town and is mistaken for a hitman, he takes the money and runs before the kill. Bad idea, Mixing surreal sequences with nasty violence, Dahl is a master at work here, infusing his film with clever noir relics and an abundance of plot twists. Best of all is Dennis Hopper, who basically does what Dennis Hopper does best: Play a homicidal.
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Jeff Lipsky's Latest Feature 'Mad Women' is Streaming Now!

Great news for fans of filmmaker Jeff Lipsky, her controversial and critically acclaimed sixth feature “Mad Women” is now available digitally, for rent or download, on Amazon and Vimeo-on-Demand.

The official synopsis reads: "'Mad Women' is a dark satire about Harper Smith, a middle-aged mom who, following a one-year prison sentence for having committed an act of conscience, becomes a local hero and folk legend in her small community of Iris Glen, NY. She runs for local office but has much grander aspirations up her sleeve. She is a woman accustomed to personal challenges: She lost her third child at the age of three to cancer, her first-born daughter, a pediatrician, is in Ukraine having joined Doctors Without Borders, her own mother lost an eye in her youth in an archery mishap, and her husband, a successful and beloved dentist, commits statutory rape under the influence of LSD at a rock concert. It’s up to Harper and her middle daughter, Nevada, to persevere, and they do, as a most unlikely mother/daughter bond emerges."

About the genesis of “Mad Women” Lipsky explains: “I began writing 'Mad Women' in early 2013, just after President Obama’s second inaugural, moments after a season of political drivel came to an end, and seemingly seconds before cable outlets began their non-stop palaver about the 2016 election. So I set out to conjure up my personal candidate, one whose idealism can’t be blunted, even as the world would be playing whack-a-mole with her. When I finished the script I knew there could never be a ‘Harper Smith.’ But now that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are front-runners, well, now I’m not so sure anymore!”

Mad Women” marks the third consecutive collaboration between Lipsky and co-star Reed Birney (“House of Cards,” 2014 Tony Award nominee “Casa Valentina”). It also spotlights three extraordinary actresses – Kelsey Lynn Stokes, Christina Starbuck, and Sharon Van Ivan (John Cassavetes’ “Opening Night”) and marks a reunion for Lipsky with Jamie Harrold who co-starred in “Flannel Pajamas.” Lipsky’s previous films include “Twelve Thirty,” “Molly’s Theory of Relativity,” and “Once More With Feeling,” which along with “Flannel Pajamas,” have starred Justin Kirk, Julianne Nicholson, Jonathan Groff, Mamie Gummer, Chazz Palminteri, Drea deMatteo, Linda Fiorentino, Cady Huffman, Rebecca Schull, Halley Feiffer and Barbara Barrie.
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Martin Scorsese’s After Hours Midnights This Weekend at The Moolah

“I said I wanna see a Plaster of Paris bagel and cream cheese paperweight, now cough it up!”

After Hours screens midnights this weekend (September 25th and 26th) at The Moolah Theater (3821 Lindell Blvd, St. Louis, Mo). Admission is only $5. Come early for great drink specials, cool trivia with even cooler prizes, and a free comedy set by the ‘MooHaa at the Moolah’ Comedians!

Getting home from a hard day’s work should be simple. For Paul Hackett, it’s a night he’ll never forget. In Martin Scorsese’s After Hours (1985) Griffin Dunne played Paul, an average Joe who gets to know too well the term ‘late night’. He works as word processor for a big computer company. He meets a lovely young woman named Marcy (Roseanna Arquette) at a coffee shop who wants to hook up later on. Unfortunately, the night doesn’t go the way he wanted to be.
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'Men In Black' Actress Linda Fiorentino -- Someone Bought the Farm ... And I Couldn't Be Happier!!!

  • TMZ
"Men in Black" actress Linda Fiorentino knocked it out of the park as Laurel Weaver in the hit movie ... she's about to hit another homer with her farmhouse. Our real estate sources say Fiorentino -- who also played Jesus Christ's last living relative in "Dogma" -- is looking to turn her 2-bed, 3-bath 1679 sq. ft. Westport Ct colonial into over half a million in profit. We're told Fiorentino bought it in 1997 for $578k -- the same year as Mib.
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StreamFix: 5 erotic thrillers to watch right now

  • Hitfix
StreamFix: 5 erotic thrillers to watch right now
"Fifty Shades of Grey" is in theaters this weekend. Have you heard? In celebration of this stunning cinematic achievement, we've trawled through all the streaming sites to bring you a list of five worthwhile erotic thrillers to watch online right now! Particularly useful for those who, you know, aren't interested in seeing "50 Shades" (they do exist!) but are nevertheless jonesing for some steely sexual tension to spice up their weekends. "Basic Instinct" (1992) The film that made Sharon Stone a star is still one of her best. Watch the aesthetically-gifted stunner command the screen with that placid, aquamarine stare. Forget the "no undies" leg crossing (or don't!) -- that interrogation scene is a classic for way better reasons than a single shot of Stone's naughty parts. "Nymphomaniac Pts. I and II" (2014) How about four hours of erotic thrillerisms? Charlotte Gainsbourg's commanding underbite does some of its best work in Lars von Trier
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The Lego Movie, Oscar snubs, and what matters

The Lego Movie has earned prizes far beyond an Oscar nomination. But the snub still hurts...

The dust has settled somewhat on last week's Oscar nominations, and as is the norm, controversy has not been in short supply. The more Oscar-friendly films - such as The Imitation Game - have already arguably been over-rewarded, whereas edgy, genuinely brave and daring movies such as Nightcrawler have been all but blocked out. To be fair, that's a surprise to virtually nobody: rarely have the Oscars ventured too far out of a mainstream comfort zone when it comes to giving out main prizes.

Yet the snub this year that's got people talking the most is the bizarre failure to nominate The Lego Movie for a Best Animated Feature Oscar.

It is, to be fair, a fairly staggering omission. For many people, The Lego Movie was the finest animated production of last year; a film bubbling with ideas,
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Peter Berg on His Wild The Last Seduction Sex Scenes With Linda Fiorentino

  • Vulture
Peter Berg on His Wild The Last Seduction Sex Scenes With Linda Fiorentino
Welcome to Sexpositions, a weeklong Vulture celebration of sex scenes in movies and on TV. A good sex scene is about a lot more than just showing some skin. (Though sometimes it's about that, too!) In director John Dahl’s 1994 neo-noir The Last Seduction, Linda Fiorentino’s femme-fatale character Bridget Gregory turns sex into a spider’s web — a tool for ensnaring her victims. As the hapless Mike Swale, Peter Berg played one of Bridget’s character-revealing sexual conquests. He tells us about the experience.I was hanging on for dear life in those scenes. Linda was by far the aggressor. There’s a scene where I had to tell her I was hung like a horse, and she stopped and said, "Really? Let’s see." She unzipped my pants, reached down, and grabbed a hold of me and squeezed hard with a handful of ice. That’s when I
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Let's Pick Chris Rock's Greatest Movie Moment

  • Hitfix
Let's Pick Chris Rock's Greatest Movie Moment
Chris Rock's incisive new interview with New York magazine features a number of awesome soundbites, but one particular quip made us think. The legendary standup talks about how he wanted Nora Ephron to direct him in a movie, and he added that he still wants to star in a Nancy Meyers project. Isn't that something? It reminded us: Chris Rock used to be in a lot more movies. And he used to be really, really awesome in them. So what's his best role to date? For my money, the greatest Chris Rock performance is in "Dogma." Why? Because that movie feels like a know-it-all 19-year-old wrote it, but Rock makes every line as Rufus, God's thirteenth apostle, feel fresh and cool and observant. Here's a particularly good moment he shares with Linda Fiorentino. It's even better when you remember he's talking about his pal God, who is played in
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Why I'd like to be Keanu Reeves in Speed

He began the 90s with Bill and Ted's silliness and ended them with The Matrix's existential angst, but in between came Keanu Reeves's greatest role as Jack Traven, a taciturn, tough-guy cop who oozed charisma. Getting the job done never looked so cool

Why I'd like to be Patrick Fugit in Almost Famous

Why I'd like to be Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink

Why I'd like to be Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction Continue reading...
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Why I'd like to be Chewbacca in Star Wars

He's a giant dog/bear with a blood-curdling howl who oozes cool as he flies spaceships around the Star Wars galaxy and shoots clone fascists with lasers plus he saved me from the terrors of Watership Down

Why I'd like to be Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink

Why I'd like to be Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction

Why I'd like to be Val Kilmer in Tombstone Continue reading...
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Men in Black

The original sci-fi comedy smash sees Will Smith's New York street cop join a secret government agency that monitors alien activity on Earth. His loose attitude doesn't sit well with his unsmiling new partner Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), but it takes all sorts to outsmart the scum of the universe when they intend to ruin the intergalactic peace. Rip Torn gives the orders and Linda Fiorentino lends scientific support, but the most valuable contribution to their mission comes from a talkative pug called Frank.
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The Definitive Religious Movies: 40-31

Part 2 of this list gets a bit more foreign. In fact, this may be the first full list that has more foreign-language films than English-language ones. Maybe English-speaking audiences aren’t as willing to watch religious films. Maybe films associated with religion come off as preachy or accusatory. Or maybe (most of) the films on this list have done it so well already that it doesn’t need to be done again.

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40. Marketa Lazarová (1967)

Directed by František Vláčil

The film often credited as being the best to come out of the Czech Republic, Marketa Lazarová was based on the novel by Vladislav Vančura and is an early, biting narrative about the chasm of difference between paganism and its shift into Christianity in the Middle Ages, as the daughter of a lord is kidnapped and becomes the mistress of one of her kidnappers, a robber knight. It
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Why this year's Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue cover is a great leap forward

The annual showbiz gatefold tableau, an Annie Leibovitz shot of the cream of the film world wearing funny-looking clothes, has finally overcome its past shortcomings

Awards season breaks into a gallop with the first peek at Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue, second only to the Superbowl as an annual exercise in celebrating rich people in funny-looking clothes. Every March the magazine features a colourfully titled gatefold cover, populated by a group of Hollywood's hottest stars and photographed by Annie Leibovitz. This year's pic features Chiwetel Ejiofor, Idris Elba and Naomie Harris, but it's not just the healthy number of Brits that makes the new cover an oddity compared to most years. It's nothing less than a rebellion against the format.


There are six black actors on this year's cover. That's a six-fold increase over most years (Will Smith was the only black man on 1996's "Boy's Town" cover, Anthony Mackie
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