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Cinematographer Revealed for the It Sequel

They defeated It when they were kids, but the Losers' Club will have to face the ancient entity again as adults in It: Chapter Two, and following recent potential casting reveals for the sequel, a new cinematographer is reportedly on board for the anticipated film.

Collider reports that Checco Varese will be the cinematographer for It: Chapter Two. Chung-hoon Chung served as the director of photography on the first It film, but as Collider points out, director Andy Muschietti could be looking for a different visual style in the sequel, which will take place around 27 years after the 1989-set first film, with the Losers' Club inevitably returning to their hometown of Derry to face the return of It, aka Pennywise. This change in visual style is also reflected with The Shape of Water production designer Paul Austerberry coming on board for the It sequel (Claude Paré was the production designer
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Teaser Trailer For The Documentary Pennywise: The Story Of It

If you're like me and you grew up on the classic 90s TV adaptation of Stephen King's It, there's a documentary in development that will definitely interest you. It's called Pennywise: The Story of It and it will dive deep into the production of the classic TV movie.

The doc will include 50 interviews with the cast and crew of the film along with over 700 never-before-seen photos from the production and of course there will be rare footage from the set shown, some of which is teased in this teaser trailer of Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown right before he is about to shoot a scene in the film.

Tim Curry scared the living shit out of me when I first saw this movie! They even actually got to interview him for this movie, which is so cool!

The documentary "will explore the legacy of the show as well
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Bill Hader and James McAvoy to Co-Star in It Sequel?

They defeated It when they were kids, but the Losers' Club will have to face the ancient entity again as adults. Back in February, it was revealed that Jessica Chastain was in early negotiations to play the adult version of Beverly Marsh in It: Chapter Two, and now two more actors are in discussions to face Pennywise in the anticipated sequel.

Variety reports that Bill Hader (pictured above on the left) is in early talks to play the wisecracking Richie Tozier in It: Chapter Two, while James McAvoy (pictured above on the right) is in discussions to play an adult Bill Denbrough, who lost his little brother Georgie to It one fateful rainy day in his childhood. Set nearly three decades after the 1989-set It and based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, the sequel is expected to begin filming this summer in Toronto, with Andy Muschietti returning as director.
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It: Chapter 2 Producer Confirms Summer Filming Start Date

It: Chapter Two now has a filming start date set for this July. The upcoming sequel to Andrés Muschietti’s 2017 film, It – based on the beloved 1986 Stephen King novel of the same name and somewhat of a reboot of the 1990 TV miniseries that starred Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown – was confirmed long before the first film even hit theaters last fall. The story was always envisioned as a two-part event, and now that sequel is starting to move forward.
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Trailer For New It Documentary Takes Us Inside The TV Miniseries

Awesome as 2017’s It was, I must confess that I’m still trying to wrap my head around all the cash the major motion picture raked in. Really, the impressive numbers that it posted were pretty much unheard of for a horror flick, and are normally reserved for summer blockbusters, superhero movies and family favorites featuring CGI cartoon characters.

That said, there were likely a variety of factors instrumental in the big screen adaptation’s success such as positive word of mouth, good marketing, nostalgia for Stephen King’s novel and/or the 1990 television miniseries, and perhaps a few people people who wanted to conquer their coulrophobia (fear of clowns).

Speaking of which, the classic TV production will serve as the focus for today’s conversation, as it remains one of the more notorious of King’s works to find its way to the small screen, along with The Tommyknockers and The Shining (yep,
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Story of It Trailer Promises to Expose the Truth Behind Pennywise

Story of It Trailer Promises to Expose the Truth Behind Pennywise
Stephen King's It has been a beloved horror novel from the very beginning. However, it was the 1990 adaptation that made Pennywise the clown a horror icon. Now, a new documentary will take a deep-dive look at the 1990 adaptation, which was done as a two-part miniseries that more or less serves as two short movies or one long movie. The second trailer for Pennywise: The Story of It promises an awful lot for hardcore horror and Stephen King fans.

The trailer was released by Dead Mouse Productions and, though it isn't what one would call flashy, as it mostly just revolves around cheap animations and text on a screen, what the trailer spells out does sound of interest to many. This new It documentary will include tons of interviews with the cast and crew, new photos from the making of the miniseries, as well as exclusive behind the scenes footage.
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Stephen King’S It Miniseries Deluxe Vinyl Score Coming April 10th from Waxwork Records

At times bouncy, peppy, and deceptively jovial, Richard Bellis' score for 1990's Stephen King's It miniseries is also abruptly haunting and nightmarish, creating a creepy carnival-esque atmosphere that is the perfect accompaniment to Tim Curry's iconic performance as Pennywise. Waxwork Records will soon release the score like never before on a deluxe triple LP vinyl package, and to help you float until its April 10th release, they revealed a look at the cover art and details on some of the Derry-based goodies collectors can look forward to:

From Waxwork Records: "Stephen King’s It Original Soundtrack from the 1990 Television Motion Picture. The deluxe triple LP package featuring, for the first time, the complete score by Richard Bellis pressed to 180 gram Red, Blue, and Yellow “Balloon” colored vinyl, new Stephen King approved artwork by Matt Tobin, spot gloss coated tri-fold jackets, and a printed newspaper insert with instructions
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It Director Teases the Start of Filming on Chapter 2

Get ready to float again, as it looks like Andy Muschietti is just about ready to start production on It: Chapter Two.

Scaring the pants off its audiences and winning over the box office in 2017, Muschietti successfully adapted Stephen King’s 1986’s novel and rebooted the story after the 1990 TV adaptation. Bill Skarsgård took over from Tim Curry in the role of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, proving that horror remakes and re-adaptations aren’t all necessary bad ideas.
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The Shadow

Even Jerry Goldsmith’s score and an oddball supporting cast – including Tim Curry and Jonathan Winters – couldn’t hypnotize moviegoers into making Martin Bregman’s 1994 thriller a hit. Alec Baldwin stars as The Shadow, a crime-fighting master of mind-control inspired by 30’s pulp fiction and a popular radio show. The film opened to both indifferent critics and wary audiences, possibly uncomfortable with the ambivalent nature of a not-quite-super superhero.
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Mark Hamill Reveals The Inspirations Behind His Portrayal Of The Joker

General audiences know him best as the heroic Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars saga, but DC fans idolize Mark Hamill for his turn to the Dark Side. The actor has played Batman’s nemesis the Joker across numerous media for over 25 years now, beginning with the acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. To many, his vocal performance perfectly captures all aspects of the supervillain: his charm and humour, yet also his monstrous, murderous side.

In an interview with Sway’s Universe, Hamill talked about where exactly his portrayal of the Joker comes from. The star revealed that, back when he started doing B:tas, he was influenced by a strange mix of inspirations, including classic black-and-white horror The Invisible Man and TV personalities like Howard Cosell and Jay Leno.

“I would imitate the old Universal horror films and I realize, in retrospect, I wasn’t doing it consciously, but Claude Rains as The Invisible Man
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Frightfest Glasgow: ‘Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil’ Review: Dir. Paul Urkijo Alijo (2018)

Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil Review: A young girl accidentally unleashes the devil, and a lonely Blacksmith is the only one who can stop him.

Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil review by Kat Hughes.

Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil Review

Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil is a re-telling of an ancient fable about a Blacksmith who finds himself battling the Devil. In this story the Blacksmith has captured the Devil and lives a life of hermit-like seclusion away from the prying eyes of the townsfolk. All is going well until a desperate little girl, Usue, accidentally stumbles across the devil and unknowingly releases him. It is then left to the Blacksmith to reclaim his bounty, but this is easier said then done as he also finds himself at the end of a lynch mob that have come searching for the missing Usue.

Typically, films start strong
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In Defense Of: “Legend” (1985)

When I think back to when I was a wee whippersnapper, fantasy pics brimming with imagination, goblins and magic were very much the du jour. Peter Yates’ Krull, Ron Howard’s Willow and Jim Henson’s Labyrinth led the charge in the 80s, and are mostly remembered fondly. However, a lesser known entry into the genre is Ridley Scott’s fourth full-fledged feature, Legend.

It’s sad really, as on paper, Scott’s dark fantasy adventure is a real head-turner. Principally, its cast is noticeably impressive, with a budding Tom Cruise as the plucky hero, Jack, and a vivaciously menacing Tim Curry as devil-like antagonist, The Lord Of Darkness. Special effects maestro Rob Bottin steps up to the plate with some deliciously grimy creature makeup and visual effects, while veteran film composer Jerry Goldsmith and 80’s band Tangerine Dream, fashion a marvelously atmospheric fantasia of orchestral and poppy goodness for the eardrums.
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Disney's Descendants 3 Teaser Unravels the Mystery Behind Mal's Dad

Who is Mal's dad? That was a huge question left lingering at the end of Disney's Descendants 2. It's taken nearly a year, but now we have confirmation that this mystery will finally be solved. Disney Channel has released the first official teaser trailer for Descendants 3, and it's all about the big bad daddy who once got with Maleficent before seemingly abandoning his burgeoning evil family.

Disney has officially confirmed that the 'trequel' ending chapter in the first part of the Descendants saga will arrive sometime in summer 2019. The original TV movie franchise follows the edgy teenage sons and daughters of Disney's most infamous villains. And it's confirmed that shooting begins in Vancouver this summer.

In this first teaser, we get reintroduced to fan-favorite Mal, played by Dove Cameron, as she eerily creeps through the enchanted forest to come in contact with a mysterious vapor that she realizes is her long lost dad.
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Toy Fair 2018: Neca Travels to Derry with New Figure of Pennywise from the 1990 It Miniseries

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With their It (2017) Ultimate Pennywise figure, Neca brought a scary slice of Derry to New York City for Toy Fair 2018, but they also paid tribute to Tim Curry, the actor who first played the iconic character from Stephen King's 1986 novel.

Due out this August, Neca's other Ultimate Pennywise figure depicts the character's appearance in the 1990 miniseries, in which the evil entity was played by Curry, who gleefully tormented the Losers' Club. You can view full details and photos of the collectible below, and check here for all of our Toy Fair 2018 coverage!

Ultimate Pennywise Figure: "Neca is thrilled to present one of our most frequently requested action figures of all time! From the revered 1990 horror mini-series Stephen King’s It, Pennywise the killer clown takes action figure form.

Based on Tim Curry’s portrayal of the terrifying clown, this 7” scale figure is faithful to his on-screen appearance and packed with detail and accessories.
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It: Tim Curry & Bill Skarsgård Get Pennywise Collectible Figures

Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgård are getting It collectible figures as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Approximately 27 years after Curry brought author Stephen King’s monstrous creation to life in the classic ABC minseries It, Skarsgård assumed the role of Pennywise to haunt movie fans last fall in director Andy Muschietti’s blockbuster remake of the horror thriller. Roaring out of the gate with a record-shattering $123 million in domestic ticket sales over its opening weekend, It went on to become the fourth R-rated film in history to pass the $300 million mark at home, with a final global tally of more than $700 million.
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It: Chapter 2 Starts Filming This Summer In Toronto

Pennywise will return to Derry this summer, as It: Chapter Two sets a potential filming start date. One of the biggest hits at the box office in 2017 was the feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s terrifying novel It. While there are some that have fond memories of the made-for-tv It miniseries adaptation starring Tim Curry, the source material had yet to be fully realized. Director Andrés Muschietti took command of the big screen attempt, and thanks to a wonderful blend of scares and humor brought to life by a great young cast, It exceeded all expectations.
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Willem Dafoe Lost Out on Joker Role in Tim Burton's Batman

Willem Dafoe Lost Out on Joker Role in Tim Burton's Batman
Jack Nicholson was the Joker in Tim Burton's classic Batman nearly 30 years ago and for some fans, he remains to be the best version of the Clown Price of Crime that we have seen on the big screen. As it turns out, Willem Dafoe was considered for the role before Nicholson jumped on board, according to the actor. It's hard to imagine another actor in that role so far down the line, but Dafoe would have been an interesting choice and according to him, he has the "look."

In a recent interview, Willem Dafoe talked about his lengthy career and even spoke of some roles that he did not get. One of which was the Joker in Tim Burton's Batman. Dafoe was never brought in to tryout, nor was he in any official talks with Burton, but he reveals that Batman screenwriter Sam Hamm told him that he was considered.
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Oscilloscope Brings a Taste of November to February

The worlds of fantasy and horror have long been intertwined. We’ve seen it with Tim Curry’s Darkness, the villain in Ridley Scott’s Legend. It was present in Conan the Barbarian, when Conan fought against a giant snake. Even Desmond DavisClash of the Titans mixed a world of Greek mythology with some rather horror-based visuals, […]

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This $4,000 Papier-Mâché Pennywise Sculpture Is Absolutely Terrifying

One of the main functions of art is to inspire. Whether that inspiration be the feeling of emotion, the exploration of a new train of thought, or the encouragement to pursue a new interpretation – that inspiration is a vital part of the enjoyment of the original piece. 2017’s It, directed by Andy Muschietti, has landed in an interesting spot in terms of inspiration, itself being a new interpretation of Stephen King’s original novel, while also being inspiration to other artists. One of those other artists now has a piece on display in Santa Monica’s Copro Gallery – and it’s truly a striking installation.

The artist in question is El Mescalito, who produces sculptures and artwork that is often tied to pop culture icons – including delivering a recent event based around Batman. It’s this Pennywise interpretation that currently holds the attention of fans, though, standing, as it does,
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Ryan Reynolds to produce new Clue movie

Back in 2016 it was announced that 20th Century Fox had optioned the rights to the Clue board game (that’s Cluedo to folks in the UK) with plans to develop a new movie adaptation, and now comes word from The Wrap that Ryan Reynolds has come on board as a producer through his production company Maximum Effort.

Reynolds’ Maximum Effort will produce the feature film adaptation alongside Hasbro’s own Allpsark Pictures, while Deadpool scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are said to be in talks to come on board and pen the script.

Clue was previously adapted for the big screen with the cult 1985 comedy which featured a cast that included Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean, Madeline Kahn, Martin Mull, Lesley Ann Warren and Eileen Brennan, and famously featured three alternate endings, with theaters receiving different ones.

Reynolds, Wernick and Reese’s latest project Deadpool 2 is set for
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