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  • TV commercial (voice-over): Red Dog beer
  • (2002) TV commercial: SBC
  • TV commercial (Japan only): Suntory Boss canned coffee.
  • (2011) TV commercial: Ameriprise Financial.
  • (1969) Stage: Appeared in "A Patriot for Me" on Broadway.
  • (1969) Stage: Appeared in "Fortune and Men's Eyes", New York City.
  • (1971) Stage: Appeared in "Four on a Garden", New York City.
  • (1972) Stage: Appeared in "Blue Boys", New York City.
  • (1974) Stage: Appeared in "Ulysses in Nighttown", New York City.
  • (2006) TV commercial: Suntory Boss Coffee
  • (2012) TV commercials: Ameriprise Financial.
  • Stage: Appeared in "The Time Trial", New York Shakespeare Festival, New York City.
  • (1969) Stage Play: A Patriot for Me. Drama. Written by John Osborne. Incidental music by Laurence Rosenthal. Scenic Design by Oliver Smith. Directed by Peter Glenville. Imperial Theatre: 6 Oct 1969- 15 Nov 1969 (49 performances + 6 previews). Cast: Maximilian Schell (as "Alfred Redl"), Salome Jens (as "Countess Sophia Delyanoff"), Dennis King (as "Baron von Epp"), Jered Barclay (as "Ludwig Max von Kupfer"), Peter Bartlett (as "Officer/Hofburg Guest/Shepherdess"), Alan Brasington (as "Ferdy/Hofburg Guest"), Warren Burton (as "Officer/Hofburg Guest/Young Man in Cafe/Lady of Fashion"), Madelyn Cates [credited as Madlyn Cates] (as "Anna/Hofburg Guest") [final Broadway role], Peter Colly (as "Salome/Hofburg Guest"), Mariclare Costello (as "Hilde"), Staats Cotsworth (as "Lt. Col. Ludwig von Mohl"), Noel Craig (as "2d Lt. Victor Jerzabek/Officer/Hofburg Guest/Shepherdess"), Keene Curtis (as "Col. Mischa Oblensky"), James Dukas (as "Stanitsin"), Michael Goodwin (as "Lt. Stefan Kovacs/Flunkey"), John Horn (as "Albrecht"), Carl Jessop (as "Marie Antoinette/Officer/Hofburg Guest"), Tom Lee Jones (as "Orthodox Priest/Kupfer's Second Officer/Hofburg Guest/Private/Boy") [Broadway debut], Richard Jordan (as "August Siczynski") [final Broadway role], Marilyn Joseph (as "Whore/Hofburg Guest/Passerby"), John Kramer (as "Adjutant/Hofburg Guest/Private/Little Boy"), Luis Lopez-Cepero (as "Hotel Waiter/Hofburg Guest/Shepherdess"), Christopher Pennock (as "Paul/Flunkey/Little girl"), Stefan Schnabel (as "Gen. Conrad von Hotzendorf"), Hedy Sontag (as "Whore/Hofburg Guest"), Robert Stattel (as "Maximilian von Taussig"), Eugene Stuckmann (as "Equestrienne/Hofburg Guest/Passerby/Hotel Head Waiter"), Brian Sturdivant (as "Balkan Chief/Kupfer's Second Officer/Hofburg Guest/Private"), Tom V.V. Tammi (as "Steinbauer"), Billi Vitali (as "Whore/Hofburg Guest"), Inge von Reith (as "Whore/Hofburg Guest"), Bryan Young (as "Waiter at Anna's/Hofburg Guest/Tsarina"), Ed Zimmerman (as "Judge Advocate Jaroslav Kunz"). Understudies: Peter Bartlett (as "Boy/Ferdy/Lady of Fashion/Marie Antoinette"), Warren Burton (as "2d Lt. Victor Jerzabek"), James Dukas (as "Hotel Head Waiter"), John Handy (as "Shepherdess/Tsarina"), Carl Jessop (as "Hotel Waiter/Steinbauer"), Tommy Lee Jones [credited as Tom Lee Jones] (as "Lt. Stefan Kovacs/Paul") [Broadway debut], John Kramer (as "Judge Advocate Jaroslav Kunz/Ludwig Max von Kupfer"), Luis Lopez-Cepero (as "Albrecht/Salome"), Christopher Pennock (as "August Siczynski/Maximilian von Taussig"), Hedy Sontag (as "Countess Sophia Delyanoff, Hilde"), Eugene Stuckmann (as "Baron von Epp/Col. Mischa Oblensky/Gen. Conrad von Hotzendorf/Lt. Col. Ludwig von Mohl"), Brian Sturdivant (as "Adjutant/Stanitsin/Young Man in Cafe") and Ed Zimmerman (as "Alfred Redl"). Produced by David Merrick Arts Foundation. Associate Producer: Samuel Liff.
  • (March 18, 1980) Guested on the daytime talk show "Afternoon Exchange" hosted by Stu Levin.
  • (September 6, 1984) Guest on "New York Style".

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