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If You're Wondering How Elvis and Priscilla Presley Met, Their Story Is Pretty Shocking

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It's easy to think of Elvis and Priscilla Presley as one of the biggest love stories in music history, but the truth is a lot more complicated that that - especially when it comes to how they met. According to most biographies of Elvis's life, the pair first met at a party during Elvis's time in the army, when he was 24. That wouldn't be scandalous at all, if it weren't for the fact that Priscilla was only 14 at the time.

Priscilla's stepfather, Paul Beaulieu, was an Air Force officer, and they were stationed in Germany in the late 1950s. It was because of Beaulieu's military job that their family interacted frequently with the soldiers on the base, and that's how Elvis and Priscilla initially met in September 1959. It was instant attraction for Elvis, despite the 10-year age gap and the fact that Priscilla was barely high school aged.

Initially, Priscilla's
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Bruce Springsteen’s Six Greatest Movie Songs

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Bruce Springsteen’s Six Greatest Movie Songs
Bruce Springsteen’s music has always been cinematic, which is one reason why so many of his songs strike a chord at the movies.

Friday is the premiere of the film, “Blinded By The Light,” which tells the story of a British-Pakistani teenager and his journey after discovering the Boss’ music. Based on the book, “Greetings From Bury Park,” by Sarfraz Manzoor, the film makes excellent use of Springsteen classics like “Jungleland” and “The Promised Land.”

But no matter where they’re used, Springsteen’s songs enliven film scenes. And the man himself does as much in “High Fidelity” — a fantasy sequence from the 2000 film in which he gives advice to John Cusack’s character as he strums his Fender and tells him to “move on down the road.”

Which is what we’re going to do, after serving up these six great examples of Springsteen music used well in films.
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Toy Story 4 is the fifth Disney movie to pass $1 billion this year

The Walt Disney Company’s incredible year at the box office just keeps on delivering, with Pixar’s Toy Story 4 passing the $1 billion mark at the global box office, the fifth Disney-distributed movie to reach that milestone in 2019.

By close of play on Wednesday, Toy Story 4 had earned $421.8 million in North America and a further $579.9 million internationally for $1.002 billion, which makes it the eighth-biggest animated movie of all time, and the second-highest grossing instalment in the Toy Story franchise behind 2010’s Toy Story 3 on $1.067 billion.

Disney has been smashing box office records left, right and centre this year. Last month, not only did Avengers: Endgame dethrone Avatar as the biggest film in history, but Disney also set a new all-time yearly studio record, thanks in no small part to the aforementioned superhero epic along with the likes of Captain Marvel, Aladdin and The Lion King.

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'Toy Story 4' becomes Disney’s fifth release of 2019 to cross $1bn global box office

Pixar smash is eighth highest-grossing animation of all time.

Pixar’s Toy Story 4 has become the fifth Disney release of 2019 to cross $1bn at the global box office, setting a new record by a studio in a calendar year of unprecedented dominance.

Disney executives said on Thursday (15) the animation and Oscar contender had reached an estimated $1.0017bn on Aug. 14, marking the fourth time a Pixar release has reached the milestone after Incredibles 2, Finding Dory, and Toy Story 3.

Disney beat its own record of four billion-dollar hits in a single year, established in 2016. The number could rise to
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Disney Sets New Record as ‘Toy Story 4’ Hits $1 Billion

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This should put Forky’s spiraling mind at ease: Disney and Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” has crossed the $1 billion mark at the global box office.

The animated fourquel hit $1.001 billion in worldwide ticket sales on Thursday, becoming the fourth Pixar movie ever and fifth Disney movie this year to join the elusive billion-dollar club.

Disney is now the first studio to have five films gross over $1 billion in a single year. In 2019 alone, “Avengers: Endgame,” “Captain Marvel,” “Aladdin,” “The Lion King” and now “Toy Story 4” have soared past 10-figures.

Disney beat its own record, previously set in 2016, with four films having reached the billion-dollar mark. The company will release “Frozen 2,” a “Maleficent” sequel and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” in the coming months, meaning Disney could continue to elevate that bar.

Toy Story 4” debuted on June 21 and delivered one of the biggest domestic opening weekends for an animated film with $120 million.
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‘Toy Story 4’ Crosses $1 Billion, Fifth Disney Film to Hit Global Box Office Landmark in 2019

‘Toy Story 4’ Crosses $1 Billion, Fifth Disney Film to Hit Global Box Office Landmark in 2019
Disney has its fifth billion dollar movie of the year, as “Toy Story 4” crossed $1 billion at the global box office on Wednesday night since debuting on June 20.

It has earned $421.8 million domestically and is the fifth-highest grossing film domestically of all time. This year alone, Disney boasts “Avengers: Endgame,” “The Lion King,” “Captain Marvel” and “Aladdin” as other films that have soared to infinity and beyond past the billion dollar landmark.

Toy Story 4” is also the fourth Pixar film to achieve the feat, joining “Incredibles 2,” “Finding Dory” and its predecessor, 2010’s “Toy Story 3” on the list.

Internationally, the animated sequel is still set to debut in Germany and in Scandinavia, but it’s already become the second highest UK animated release with a gross of $75 million, and it
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‘2 Dope Queens’ Star Phoebe Robinson Sets Comedy Central Interview Show

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‘2 Dope Queens’ Star Phoebe Robinson Sets Comedy Central Interview Show
2 Dope Queens” star Phoebe Robinson is getting into the interview business.

Comedy Central has ordered an interview show from the multi-talented stand-up comedian. The order consists of 10 half-hour episodes during which Robinson will interview guests one-on-one. The projects represents the first to emerge from Robinson’s recently formed production company, Tiny Reparations.

“This show will hit that sweet spot between educational and charmingly ignorant,” said Robinson. “Who doesn’t love that? Well, all older black people who struggled and marched for my rights. But besides that, everyone else does!”

The series is produced for Comedy Central by Embassy Row and Tiny Reparations. Robinson will serve as an executive producer of the series, alongside Michael Davies for Embassy Row. Christian McLaughlin and Samantha Schles will be the execs in charge of the series for Comedy Central.

2 Dope Queens,” which Robinson created and co-hosted with former “Daily Show” correspondant Jessica Williams,
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The six best MTV Cribs pads of all time – from Mariah's Mermaid room to Criss Angel's giant train set

The younger version of Through the Keyhole is returning, but will the roster of Towie stars be able to live up to the series’ most outlandish houses?

Cribs, MTV’s 00s version of Through the Keyhole, was a way for some of the world’s least self-aware celebrities to show cameras around their sprawling, ostentatious homes in a bid to remind viewers that they too could live the dream (so long as their dream was to have an eyesore of a house that almost always looked like it was designed by Tom Hanks in Big). The new series, which starts next week after a 10-year break, will feature a raft of tabloid celebrities from The Only Way Is Essex cast members to the son of Chris Eubank. Here are some of the best ever episodes from the show’s previous 17 years …
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Mbti® You've Got Mail Characters

The 1998 romantic comedy You've Got Mail is a snapshot of New York City that features dial-up Internet, cozy indie bookstores, and characters who wear turtlenecks and say that they love school supplies and the fall season. For many people, this movie, written and directed by Nora Ephron, will always be a classic. It can be watched at any time of year but is particularly nostalgic in the months from September to December.

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Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks star as characters Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox who loathe each other Irl but are actually falling for one another as they chat online and get to know each other. The problem, of course, is that his big bookstores are going to ruin her tiny children's bookshop. Here are the Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of the characters of You've Got Mail.
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Multi-million dollar upgrade for Village Roadshow Studios

The ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ set at Village Roadshow Studios.

Village Roadshow Studios is spending several million dollars on refurbishment, building three workshops and implementing wireless internet technology throughout the complex.

Increasing the number of workshops on the lot from eight to 11 will satisfy the needs of producers who in the past had to build sets off site or in temporary structures, Studios president Lynne Benzie tells If.

The new workshops will be ready by mid-October and the installation of wireless technology will be completed on the nine sound stages, 10 production offices, workshops, editing suites and other work spaces by the end of September.

The studio is carrying out the upgrades in the short window between the end of production of Disney’s TV series Reef Break and the arrival of Baz Luhrmann’s untitled Elvis Presley movie for Warner Bros, which will star Austin Butler and Tom Hanks.

“The workshop space
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Harry Styles Turns Down Prince Eric Role in Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ Remake

Well, it turns out that Harry Styles won't be going "under the sea" after all, as he has turned down the role of Prince Eric in Disney's live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, Collider has confirmed. Last month, Collider and the Hollywood Reporter simultaneously broke the news that Styles was "in early talks" to tackle the role after missing out on the plum part of young Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann's upcoming Warner Bros. movie co-starring Tom Hanks. Styles took a couple weeks to think it over, but ultimately, he was unable to reach a …
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Tom Cruise for President Parody Video May Convince You He Should Run in 2020

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Tom Cruise for President Parody Video May Convince You He Should Run in 2020
Tom Cruise isn't really running for president of the United States in 2020. But a new parody video will have you wishing he was. Sure, Cruise comes under scrutiny sometimes for his religious beliefs and connection to the Church of Scientology, but he's never been anything short of likable and his movies still do booming business. He's beloved by many, hated by few, and he seems to be one of the only forces that could unite us all as a country. If only it were true.

This parody video comes from Miles Fisher, who does a pretty good Tom Cruise impersonation. There are times watching the video when you'll have to do a double take. This isn't a DeepFake video, and the guy nails the voice perfectly. Tom Cruise is one of our last true Hollywood stars. He's played every type of man you can think of. And he's saved the
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Oscars 2020: Best Animated Feature Predictions

Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” leads a field of sequel-heavy studio contenders for Best Animated Feature, along with rival Disney’s “Frozen 2” (November 22) and DreamWorks’ “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.” But indies are well represented, too, with GKids’ Cambodian drama, “Funan,” and Netflix’s creepy mystery, “I Lost My Body,” as the most acclaimed contenders. “The Lion King,” though, is an unlikely player with its breakthrough photo-realistic animation because of its live-action Disney’s marketing focus. They’re aiming for a VFX nod.

Yet “Toy Story 4” has set the bar this season. It exceeded expectations and broke the franchise box office record as well. Pixar proved there was definitely one more story to tell with Woody’s (Tom Hanks) existential journey with Bo Peep (Annie Potts) about change, growth, and happiness. The studio upped its animation (from the porcelain shepherdess to the complex antique shop), and
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Blu-ray Review – From the Earth to the Moon

From Earth to the Moon

Directed by David Frankel, David Carson, Sally Field, Gary Fleder, Tom Hanks, Frank Marshall, Jonathan Mostow, Jon Turteltaub, Graham Yost, Lili Fini Zanuck

Starring: Tom Hanks, Nick Searcy, Lane Smith, David Andrews, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Stephen Root, David Clyde Carr, Tim Daly, Steve Hofvendahl, Conor O’Farrell, Brett Cullen, Cary Elwes, Ben Marley, Mike Pniewski, Holmes Osborne, Tom Verica, John Posey, Rita Wilson, Mark Rolston, John M. Adrian, Chris Isaak, Tom Amandes, Jo Anderson, Sam Anderson, Robert John Burke, David Clennon, Dan Butler, Keith Flippen, Bryan Cranston, Steve DuMouchel, Ann Cusack, J. Downing, Ted Levine, Dan Lauria, Mark Harmon, Blythe Danner, Kevin Pollack, Jobeth Williams, Alan Ruck, Elizabeth Perkins


From the Earth to the Moon demonstrated that a cable network like HBO could pour tens of millions of dollars into an epic event that was more like a series of theatrical films than a conventional TV show.
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The Biggest Movie Releases Of 2019

2019 has been a remarkable year for film, with many looking at record-breaking numbers. This does not come as a surprise as a number of films were well supported for success by punters using sports betting codes at the start of the year. Here we cover the biggest movie releases of 2019.

Toy Story 4 – Out Now

Starring Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Tony Hale and Keanu Reeves to name just a few. This was the fourth instalment in Pixar’s Toy Story series and the sequel to 2010’s Toy Story 3. The movie was directed by Josh Cooley and has been in major success. The film has grossed over $990 million worldwide, which meant it became the sixth highest grossing movie of the year and ninth highest grossing animated film of all time.

Yesterday – Out Now

This romantic comedy film was directed by Danny Boyle and written by Richard Curtis. It was based
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Top 10 early-bird Best Actor Oscar predictions: Leonardo DiCaprio (‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’) rules for now

Top 10 early-bird Best Actor Oscar predictions: Leonardo DiCaprio (‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’) rules for now
Frontrunners are already forming for the Oscar Best Actor race, according to early predictions at Gold Derby. While most films in contention have not yet been released, enough teaser trailers are out there, ranging from “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” and “The Irishman” to “Joker” and “Ford v Ferrari” to provide some sense of what at least feels like a worthy contender. We’ve confirmed category placements with studios or campaigners, but — as awards season veterans know — such labels can change later. And once the fall film fests commence, the standings will likely rapidly shift.

Here are the current top 10 lead actor picks on the Gold Derby site, in order, as of Aug. 11:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio (“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”) — Little wonder why this never-tarnished leading man is the king of this list right now. Both he and first-time co-star Brad Pitt earned the most critical bravos
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Vijay Sethupathi to act in Aamir Khan's next!: Film's details here

Aamir Khan was last seen playing the lead in the Vijay Krishna Acharya-directed big budget historical film Thugs of Hindostan. The actor will be starring in Lal Singh Chaddha, the official remake of Robert Zemeickis' 1994 Hollywood classic Forrest Gump. The actor will be reprising the titular role played by Tom Hanks in the original.

Recently, actor Vijay Sethupathi had mentioned  that the actor will be working with Aamir Khan in the film. Our close sources have revealed that the actor will be playing a crucial role in Lal Singh Chaddha. Aamir Khan was recently seen in Pollachi with...

Bizarro DeepFakes of Keanu Reeves' Face on Forrest Gump, Jenny, and Kids from Sesame Street

The deep fakes continue, and these ones are so good — and so weird — you just can’t look away. It’s like a train wreck. First up are two iconic clips from Forrest Gump, the intro to the film where he is sitting at the bus stop and getting braces on his legs as a kid, then the one of him riding the bus for the first time. All while wearing Keanu Reeves’ face. And little Jenny has his face too! Adult Forrest Gump completely blends into Reeves even though Tom Hanks and Reeves don’t resemble one another. The kids are a little more of a hard sell, especially since Jenny has a five o’clock shadow, but it’s still hilarious and fun. Especially when little Forrest says Jenny had the face of an angel.

The next clip is even weirder, with Reeves’ likeness on the faces of
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Meet the Man Who Gave Us Elvis: Colonel Tom Parker

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Music legend Elvis Presley is getting the biopic treatment, with an upcoming movie starring Austin Butler and directed by Baz Luhrmann. The still-untitled movie will costar Tom Hanks as Tom Parker, Elvis's longtime manager. Many casual fans might not know of Parker, but he was one of the most influential people in Elvis's life and career.

Born in the Netherlands, Tom moved to the Us as a young man in the 1920s, joining the Army and using the fake name "Tom Parker" to hide the fact that he was an immigrant named Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk who had arrived in the country illegally by jumping off a ship. He served honorably once, then, after reenlisting, was charged with desertion and imprisoned. After his release, he worked odd jobs at carnivals and first entered the music industry as a promoter in 1938.

In the 1940s, Tom's roster grew, as he promoted country stars in Tennessee,
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Peter Bart: CNN’s ‘The Movies’ Honors The Hits, Skips The Ego Wars And Studio Strife

Peter Bart: CNN’s ‘The Movies’ Honors The Hits, Skips The Ego Wars And Studio Strife
Tom Hanks considers Fargo the “perfect movie.” But Alec Baldwin feels Chinatown is the “perfect movie,” as does Morgan Freeman for Moulin Rouge. And Steven Spielberg always felt Lawrence of Arabia represented perfection, until he saw The Godfather.

I elicited these random superlatives from CNN’s star-laden, six-part series The Movies, whose initial run concludes this weekend. Arriving at a moment when some gurus are predicting the demise of theatrical films, the series represents a smart, passionate if occasionally repetitive exercise in cinematic hubris.

Executive producers Hanks, Gary Goetzman and Mark Herzog have managed to assemble a world-class array of film clips, which are duly applauded by a blur of top actors, directors and critics. Not only applauded but adulated. The litany of “greats” ranges from pre-war King Kong through West Side Story in the ’60s to Jaws ’70s, Et ’80s, Titanic ’90s and Harry Potter post-2000 — every clip accompanied by its superstar advocate.
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