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Overview (4)

Born in Athens, Georgia, USA
Birth NameKimila Ann Basinger
Nickname Chelsea
Height 5' 7¾" (1.72 m)

Mini Bio (1)

Kim Basinger was born December 8, 1953, in Athens, Georgia, the third of five children. Both her parents had been in entertainment, her dad had played big-band jazz, and her mother had performed water ballet in several Esther Williams movies. Kim was introspective, from her father's side. As a schoolgirl, she was very shy. To help her overcome this, her parents had Kim study ballet from an early age. By the time she reached sweet sixteen, the once-shy Kim entered the Athens Junior Miss contest. From there, she went on to win the Junior Miss Georgia title, and traveled to New York to compete in the national Junior Miss pageant. Kim, who had blossomed to a 5' 7" beauty, was offered a contract on the spot with the Ford Modeling Agency. At the age of 20, Kim was a top model commanding $1,000 a day. Throughout the early 1970s, she appeared on dozens of magazine covers and in hundreds of ads, most notably as the Breck girl. Kim took acting classes at the Neighborhood Playhouse, performed in various Greenwich Village clubs, and she sang under the stage name Chelsea. Kim moved to Los Angeles in 1976, ready to conquer Hollywood. Kim broke into television doing episodes of such hit series as Charlie's Angels (1976). In 1980, she married Ron Snyder (they divorced in 1989). In movies, she had roles like being a Bond girl in Never Say Never Again (1983) and playing a small-town Texan beauty in Nadine (1987). Her breakout role was as photojournalist Vicki Vale in the blockbuster hit Batman (1989). There was no long-orchestrated campaign on her part to snag this plum role, Kim was a last-minute replacement for Sean Young. This took her to a career high.

With perhaps too much disposable income, Kim headed up an investment group that purchased the entire town of Braselton, in her native Georgia, for $20 million (she would later have to sell it). In 1993, Kim married Alec Baldwin, and in 1995 they had a daughter, Ireland Eliesse. Kim took some time off to stay at home with her child. Kim, who loves animals and is a strict vegetarian, devoted energy to animal rights issues, and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), even posing for some ads. In 1997, Kim gave an Oscar-winning performance in the film noir classic L.A. Confidential (1997). Kim's salary for I Dreamed of Africa (2000) was $5,000,000, putting her firmly in the category of big-name movie star. And no doubt there are still many great things ahead, in the career of cover girl turned Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger.

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Spouse (2)

Alec Baldwin (19 August 1993 - 3 September 2002) ( divorced) ( 1 child)
Ron Snyder (12 October 1980 - 20 December 1989) ( divorced)

Trade Mark (10)

Screams in almost every movie
Girlish enthusiasms and languid, unself-conscious sexuality
Midback or waist-length blonde hair
Deep blue eyes
Opalescent complexion
Strong, high cheekbones
Sensuously pouty mouth
Lissome dancer's body
Breathy, broad southern accent
Her ability to play very quiet characters that are expressive through subtle looks

Trivia (110)

Replaced Sean Young for the role of Vicki Vale in Batman (1989).
Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#40). [1995]
Her agoraphobia could keep her housebound for up to six months at a time, before she received therapy to combat it.
As a school child, she suffered from crippling shyness preventing her from reading aloud or answering questions in class.
Studied ballet from age of 3 to mid-teens.
Her father was an introspective, classically trained trumpeter, while mom was a flamboyant, extroverted housewife Kim describes as "Lucy-like".
Loved the movie My Fair Lady (1964) and the "Loverly" song in it, which prompted her dad to encourage her to enter local Junior Miss pageant and sing the song as her "talent." She didn't win, but later did succeed in national Miss Breck competition and appeared with her mother in an advertisement for the shampoo. This led to career as Ford model, then to acting.
In the early 1980s she had to re-teach herself how to drive after experiencing panic attacks while shopping. Enrolled in a behavior-modification program overseen by Malibu psychologist Dr. Ronald Doctor, who is interviewed with Basinger in the documentary America Undercover: Panic: A Film About Coping (2001).
Kim has English, and a smaller amount of German, Scottish, and Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), ancestry, as well as remote French roots. She is also often attributed as having Swedish and Cherokee Native American ancestry, but it is not clear if these lineages have been verified/documented.
Went to high school with Keith Strickland of the The B-52's.
Bought her own town, Braselton, in her home state of Georgia.
Daughter, with Alec Baldwin, Ireland born. [October 1995]
Turned down the role in Basic Instinct (1992) that later went to Sharon Stone.
Listed as one of twelve "Promising New Actors of 1984" in John Willis' Screen World, Vol. 36.
She is a vegetarian and an animal rights supporter. She has posed for anti-fur advertisements by PETA.
When she reneged on her verbal agreement to star in Boxing Helena (1993) in 1993, the producers sued her for breach of contract and a jury ordered her to pay over $8 million, which ultimately forced Basinger to declare bankruptcy. Her appeal was ultimately accepted.
Her last name is often mispronounced, so when she appeared with husband Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live (1975) on NBC, he asked her during the opening monologue how to pronounce it. In seriousness, she answered "BAY-sing-ger," with the final syllable used with a hard "g" as in "go".
First "Bond Girl" (she played Domino in Never Say Never Again (1983)) to win an Oscar (won for L.A. Confidential (1997)).
Was a cheerleader at Athens High School.
The tiger print one-piece bathing suit she wore in Never Say Never Again (1983)'s final scene was given to her by the Playboy organization.
She and Alec Baldwin met and fell in love in 1990 on the set of the trouble-plagued movie The Marrying Man (1991).
Underwent surgery to remove slipped discs and fuse together damaged vertebrae in her lower back. [August 2002]
Born on the same day as the late Sam Kinison.
First actress to win an Oscar after posing naked for Playboy magazine.
Her character in 8 Mile (2002), Stephanie Smith, is a direct representation of Eminem's mom Debbie Mathers. Debbie was upset with the movie, claiming Kim portrayed her falsely.
Attended one semester at the University of Georgia.
Almost didn't appear in L.A. Confidential (1997) because she was tired of playing prostitutes.
Was originally cast in Kansas City (1996) as Carolyn.
Turned down leading role in Sleepless in Seattle (1993) which went to Meg Ryan.
Born to Donald Wade Basinger (28 August 1923 - 18 February 2016), a jazz musician turned loan company manager, and Ann Lee Cordell (22 November 1925 - 7 October 2017), a former Powers model and champion swimmer. They married at the First Methodist Church in Hartwell, Ga, 31 December 1948.
Two older brothers, Donald 'Skip' Basinger, Jr. (b. 24 May 1950) and James Michael 'Mick' Basinger (b. 1 August 1951), and two younger sisters, Barbara Guyer (b. 10 August 1956) and Ashley Brewer (b. 7 January 1959).
Born at 11:04 AM.
Delivered her daughter Ireland Baldwin via Caesarean section due to her being in the breech position.
She appeared in the music video for Tom Petty's "Mary Jane's Last Dance".
The only actress to play a love interest of James Bond and Batman.
The only actress to star in both the James Bond and Batman franchises unless you count the Batman (1966) TV series, where future Bond girl Jill St. John guested as the Riddler's moll.
Ranked #1 on Moviefone's 'The Top 25 Sexiest Movie Couples' together with Mickey Rourke. [May 2008]
Was offered regular role of Kris Munroe on Charlie's Angels (1976) after guest-starring in the show's fourth episode, but turned it down to leave herself open for future film work. Cheryl Ladd played the character 4 seasons.
Dated Joe Namath, male model Tim Saunders, Dale Robinette (long-term relationship), Richard Gere (extramarital affair), Jon Peters, Prince, personal fitness trainer Phil Walsh and fashion designer Alexio Gandara.
Reports of a fling with Eminem were denied by the rapper in an April 2002 interview with British newspaper The Guardian.
Auctioned off her 3.7 carat diamond engagement ring from Alec Baldwin for $59,750. Proceeds of sale were donated to the Performing Animal Welfare Society. [2004]
Was a guest vocalist on Was Not Was' re-recorded version of "Shake Your Head", which reached the UK Top 5. Backing vocals on the original 1982 version were provided by Madonna. [June 1992]
Claims that she never watches any of her films after they've been completed. One exception was L.A. Confidential (1997), which she saw with fellow cast members Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce at Cannes. During an interview on Late Show with David Letterman (1993), she said that Tim Burton forced her to see Batman (1989) and Robert Redford forced her to see The Natural (1984).
Now-forgotten first hubby Ron, a makeup artist, changed his surname from Snyder to Britton after Basinger demanded he choose "something with a B" so it matched the initials monogrammed on her luxury luggage set. He also quit his job and kept a low profile so as not to hamper the actress' burgeoning image as a sex goddess. When they split up, Ron received a multimillion-dollar settlement plus $9,000 monthly alimony for the next eight years, equal to the length of their marriage. Publicly, Kim hasn't acknowledged his existence in well over two decades.
Is allergic to sunlight and is rarely seen out and about during the day without either a hat or parasol.
Claimed that she washes her hair only with Evian natural spring water.
Named 'Female Star of Tomorrow' by the National Association of Theater Owners. [1983]
She was honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on July 8, 1992.
For the Washington D.C. premiere of My Stepmother Is an Alien (1988), she was accompanied by President-elect George Bush and First Lady-to-be Barbara Bush. Guarded by Secret Service agents, the trio ate dinner at Duke Zeibert's restaurant afterwards. Kim, who is actually a staunch Democrat, said being with the Bushes "is like going home" and called them "a real Christmas card family".
Suffered a miscarriage during the production of Mother Lode (1982).
Self-opines her performance in 9½ Weeks (1986) as the best work of her career, albeit only in its unseen entirety. Unfortunately, Adrian Lyne's potential masterpiece lost crucial scenes and became incomprehensible because of the rating battle which necessitated extensive editing in order to avoid an X. Before the movie got cut to shreds, producer Keith Barish said he would probably get picketed by women's groups if it came out. Kim criticized MGM's decision to censor the controversial material and revealed that she squirreled away 14 hours of videotaped scenes for her own private use. For years, fans have longed for the original version to be made available for public viewing. The Unrated DVD edition contains just under 6 minutes of extra footage, with no additional features.
Owns two properties next door to each other in the upscale foothills of L.A.'s Woodland Hills community.
Planned to publish a children's book of short stories, develop a major theme park in Braselton as well as an East Coast film & recording studio - none of which materialized.
As of 2002 Kim was estranged from her mother, Ann, and all except one of her four siblings. Her father Don and youngest sister Ashley were the only family members invited to her wedding in 1993, and the only family members she thanked in her acceptance speech at the Academy Awards in 1998.
During her modeling days, she was featured in ad campaigns for Ivory soap, Cover Girl, Maybelline, Clairol, Yahama and Revlon.
Her movie 9½ Weeks (1986) was the third-highest grossing 1986 release in Italy even though it flopped at the U.S. box office.
To win the coveted role of Elizabeth in 9½ Weeks (1986), she beat out Kathleen Turner, who interviewed for the part, and Isabella Rossellini.
Studied voice at the Vocal Arts Foundation in Manhattan while taking acting lessons from Stella Adler. Somebody wanted her to be an opera singer, but she was more interested in black soul music. As a budding lyricist she entered 12 songs in the American Song Festival and in 1989, recorded a 9-track pop album (produced by then-boyfriend Prince) entitled "Hollywood Affair". Kim has long since abandoned the idea of a music career, but bootleg CDs of her unreleased album are widely available.
Ranked #3 in The L.A. Times' 50 Most Beautiful Women in Film List. [February 2011]
Growing up Kim had, in her words, "a strange kind of prettiness that was not accepted." At school she was called 'N***er lips' because of her big lips.
Once toyed with the idea of a guest arc on 24 (2001).
Is a celebrity investor in West L.A. restaurant Carmine's along with Tony Danza.
Turned down Risky Business (1983), The Accused (1988), Sleeping with the Enemy (1991) and Thelma & Louise (1991).
Directors she works with often enjoy working with her so much that they use her multiple times: Blake Edwards for The Man Who Loved Women (1983) and Blind Date (1987); Robert Altman for Fool for Love (1985) and Ready to Wear (1994); and Curtis Hanson for L.A. Confidential (1997) and 8 Mile (2002).
With then-husband Alec Baldwin, hosted $300,000 Democratic National Committee fundraiser at their home in Amagansett, NY, attended by President Bill Clinton. [1998]
Daughter Ireland Baldwin appears briefly in flashbacks as the younger version of Kim's character Sally in Grudge Match (2013).
Generally shuns talk shows due to social anxiety, rarely turns up at Hollywood parties, spurned many invitations to present at the Oscars (she said no 6 years in a row before making her first appearance in 1990), and has even been absent from some of her own premieres.
Favorite alcoholic drink is Pouilly-Fuissé white wine.
Universally regarded as far more attractive than most women her age, Kim did the most graphic sex scenes of her career when she was 40 (The Getaway (1994)) and 50 (The Door in the Floor (2004)) years old. Jon Foster, the actor playing her lover in the latter movie, was nineteen. He worked with Kim again in The Informers (2008), this time cast as her son.
Lent her support in a public service announcement to end the marketing of downed animals in California. [1993]
She was raised Methodist though by adolescence her church attendance had ticked off to nothing.
Appeared in three consecutive movies with numerical titles: Third Person (2013), 4 Minute Mile (2014), and The 11th Hour (2014) (initially titled "I Am Here").
Got first tattoo by Jose A. Menendez at Los Angeles' Pirate Tattoo & Body Piercing Shop. [2014]
Began dating Mitchell Stone in 2014. Just like her first husband coincidentally, Mitch was Kim's hairstylist on a movie set when they met. The couple, who wear matching gold bands, knew each other for 16 years prior to becoming an item and have since moved in together.
Took the role of Elena in Fifty Shades Darker (2017) after Michelle Pfeiffer rejected it.
Alec Baldwin joined Co-Dependents Anonymous to get over her. The divorce, initiated by Basinger in January 2001, was bitter and messy, and the custody disputes over their daughter went on for years. In his memoir "A Promise to Ourselves" (2008), Baldwin contended that his ex-wife had spent more than $1.5 million in her efforts to deny him parental access.
Bowed out of Graffiti Bridge (1990) shortly before filming because she and Prince broke up.
Was paid $40,000 to pose for a series of Ciara perfume ads which she shot over three days. [March 1982]
At one point, director Stanley Kubrick considered Kim and Alec for Eyes Wide Shut (1999).
Rallied for Georgia state Senator Wyche Fowler's 1992 re-election bid.
Very self-conscious about the back of her hands, her feet and her legs. At the peak of her influence she had it written in her contracts that they are never filmed.
At the Korean Consulate General in Los Angeles, Basinger protested alongside Priscilla Presley, Donna D'Errico and Elizabeth Daily to end canine meat trade, carrying a sign as the other women held recently euthanized dogs provided by a local vet - for shock factor. [July 2018]
Was set to return as series antagonist Elena Lincoln in Fifty Shades Freed (2018), even briefly appearing in the trailers, but her scenes were ultimately deleted.
Replaced Madonna in Blind Date (1987).
Had her '54 Chevy pickup converted to an automatic because she can't drive a stick shift.
According to celebrity trainer Kathy Kaehler (whose clients also include Drew Barrymore, Kim Kardashian West and Julia Roberts), "Kim Basinger is the most committed workout gal around. She pushes hard at every workout and when she is not with me she works out on her own. Her drive and focus to keep fitness and nutrition her top priority is truly extraordinary." The star reportedly exercises at least four times a week, often swimming 100 laps at a time to stay in shape, and is particularly keen on the glute blaster machine.
Was considered for Matty Walker in Body Heat (1981).
Was considered for Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction (1987).
Turned down the role of Mary Magdalene in The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) because she didn't want to be typecast as a 'femme fatale'.
Some family members recommended Basinger buy the bulk of the privately owned land in the small town of Braselton, Georgia, some 1,691 acres in 1989, for $20 million, to establish it as a tourist attraction with movie studios and a film festival. However, she encountered financial difficulties and started to sell parts of it off in 1995. The town is now owned by developer Wayne Mason. In a 1998 interview with Barbara Walters, Basinger stated that "nothing good came out of it" because a rift resulted within her family.
Her parents were separated and had no contact since 1980, but refused to get divorced. The marriage legally ended when her father passed away in 2016.
Was originally offered the role of Patsy in Terms of Endearment (1983), but she turned it down to appear in The Man Who Loved Women (1983).
In 2000, Kim told Charlie Rose on his show that making L.A. Confidential (1997) an I Dreamed of Africa (2000) were the most pleasurable experiences of her career.
She holds the distinction of being the only actress who has both posed nude for Playboy and won an Academy Award (future Oscar winners Jane Fonda and Charlize Theron also appeared nude in Playboy, both those photos were snapped privately and both actresses sued the magazine for publishing without consent).
Earned $3 million appearing in a 1990 Italian TV ad for Golden Lady Stockings.
Several roles Kim unsuccessfully pursued before she became a star went to Jessica Lange. Her first audition ever was for the part of Dwan in King Kong (1976). She also tried out for Cora in The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981) and got so far as to film screen tests with Sam Shepard for Frances (1982). When Lange became pregnant and had to bow out of Fool for Love (1985), Kim jumped in and took over.
At the very beginning of her career she wanted to emulate Ann-Margret.
Credits Playboy with stopping her from being a hermit.
Cosmetics firm Revlon severed their contract with her in January 1983 for violating a no-nudity clause. Several months later, when Kim was getting a lot of publicity for the Bond film, Revlon came back to her and she turned them down flat.
In her off hours, she enjoys reading medical journals and playing with her many household pets.
Her Malibu home was destroyed by the catastrophic Woolsey fire. [November 2018]
Former agent is Andrea Eastman.
Former publicist is Sandy Rice.
Soon after arriving in Los Angeles in early 1976, Kim stayed at the Bel-Air home of Johnny Carson's ex Joanne Carson. (The same house where, years later, author Truman Capote died.) But Kim moved out rather quickly after she and Joanne - whom Kim said was sad, doped and drunk at the time - were skinny dipping in the pool one day and Kim interpreted Joanne's actions and conversations as coming on to her.
Bowed out of the film City Heat (1984) when Richard Benjamin replaced Blake Edwards as director. Basinger later starred in Benjamin's My Stepmother Is an Alien (1988).
Suffers from agoraphobia, a combination of fear and anxiety triggered by the prospect of heading into open space with other people around such as shopping malls. The disorder played a large part in her divorce from actor Alec Baldwin in 2002.
Lived at New York's women-only Barbizon Hotel in the '70s. She didn't make many female friends, so her social life consisted mainly of hanging out in sports bars with football players like Bill Mathis, Tucker Frederickson and Frank Gifford.
She has appeared in one film that has been selected for the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically or aesthetically" significant: L.A. Confidential (1997).
Was considered for the role of Breathless Mahoney in Dick Tracy (1990).

Personal Quotes (70)

I work in a strange business, and trust is a word that's not even in the vocabulary.
I think any girl who comes to Hollywood with sex symbol or bombshell hanging over her has a rough road.
I feel there are two people inside me - me and my intuition. If I go against her, she'll screw me every time, and if I follow her, we get along quite nicely.
My hand still shakes when I sign autographs. I still go and sit in the movies like everyone else and look up there and go "God! Movie stars! Wow!" And I'm in this business. I walk out there just fascinated and I always want to stay like that. I'm just a little kid going to these movies and I don't ever want to change.
You have to be a little unreal to be in this business.
[on Sean Connery] I fantasize about riding an Arabian horse bareback with him along a sandy beach. We fall naked to the ground and, as the horse wanders off along the water's edge, we make passionate love in the moonlight. It always leaves me hot and bothered. I just love the man.
[on kissing in the movies] There's an absolute art to it. You have to think it's as good as what's coming later.
[on performing in the nude] I thoroughly enjoy it, actually.
I don't really live in a time zone. I don't abide by the rules here on earth.
All of us are male and female. Take me--I'm strong; I'm weak; I'm everything. It's intriguing to see a man who has chosen not to pick up on all the stereotypical male traits, who keeps only the most powerful ones, and leaves a lot of the stuff that society lays on you at home. I love a man who knows his femininity. I love a man who can cry. I love a man who's not afraid to delve into the female psyche and become a part of it. Have tea with the girls, emotionally. I love people who aren't afraid of what other people are gonna say about them. You know, it's all society's rules, man. You gotta drop 'em and not be afraid to be yourself. Some days, I dress very, very masculine--wear men's clothes. Other days, I dress up in high heels and garter belts and miniskirts. It all depends on what I feel like!
9½ Weeks (1986) represented freedom. A lot of people didn't particularly care for the male character in that film because of the way he treated my character. But the interesting thing was that their relationship was all about the abandonment of all preset rules on earth. It was all about living on the edge, to the fullest. [It] was about seeing how far you could go in life. On every level, but especially emotionally. How far down could you go, how seedy could it get, how hard could you hit bottom.
You can't play with people's feelings too much. That's the thing that amazes me about jumpin' around. Because it's dangerous after a while. Emotionally dangerous. For yourself, but also, what about the others? A lot of people don't want to put up with being just one of a crowd. And you don't know, in this day and age, how they'll react once they find out--there's some scary things happenin' out there.
A lot of women are intrigued by a man who doesn't do the normal things a man would do. It makes them think from different parts of their body. Sexually, emotionally, they just go someplace else.
Physically, I was always so uninhibited. As a gymnast and diver, I was confident about my body. Just let me keep my mouth shut. I had a lot of problems and I never opened my mouth. People thought I was bitchy or stuck-up. But really I was petrified.
Believe me, I'm no Mother Teresa. I've done a lot of wild ass things in my life. It's just that I can be wild without drugs or alcohol. And so can anybody.
I became an actress in my own eyes in 9½ Weeks (1986). I did what I wanted to do emotionally. I built myself up and tore myself down so many times that I was electrically disturbed after it was over; marbles were rolling off the table.
I really want what I want. And - you know - I'm getting what I want! It's that simple.
[when she publicly chastised the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences over not nominating Do the Right Thing (1989) for Best Picture] It was almost like everybody was in shock. I didn't want people to come up to me and sock me in the face. I didn't want my ass kissed. I didn't want any reaction. I just wanted to get it off my chest.
Let's face it, we all got big egos. And we need to have 'em fed.
In Hollywood some people are notorious for being notorious. I equate several people in this industry with serial killers. Most serial killers were abandoned at a very young age. And they had to survive. I see them as little things grappling after foodstuffs in garbage cans. Not like the homeless exactly, but . . .
There's so much said about people and so much of it is bullshit. Sometimes there will be a writer who has written something so outrageous that I want to hire him for my production company, because his imagination has to be dealt with.
I have great respect for every part of the body, believe me!
The truth about beauty is if you always have it, you always know it. I know people are attracted to me. It's just there. But, Jesus, if you are going to take the package, take the whole package.
When I see need, I understand it. Whether it's emotional or physical or mental need, we all need. Not that we necessarily have to stand for being needy.
There are a lot of women who just love to have sex, period, and don't want a commitment. But then one day, a lot of 'em find themselves bored with that. 'Cause you get tired of partyin', and goin' to clubs--how much clubbin' can you do after a while? You know, I love to go to clubs; I love to dance. I'm crazy, out of my mind. But I don't jump from one person to another. For my own peace of mind, I don't like to sleep around. I've never been interested in that. I really love to be with who I'm with. I mean, I just love it beyond.
When I came to L.A., I said, 'I want to take everything. I want to try it all.' And some friends said, 'Oh, try this.' That's always the way it gets started. And you know what? I tried cocaine, and I found that it made people sleep during the day. Every time I took it, I said, 'This is a joke.' The next day, I couldn't even . . . it's a debilitating drug. I hated that it made me so physically worn-out.
I was probably the worst model that ever lived. I made a lot of money though, mostly for magazines and commercials. Put it all in my pocketbook. I didn't even have a bank account. I walked around with $25,000 checks. I went to buy a TV one day in this hardware store and I gave the guy this $25,000 check. He said, "You're walking around with a check with your name on the back of it, endorsed?" He led me to the Bank of America. Thank God for people like that!
I love men. And I love sex. It's very important to me--the romance part and everything else. You can have wild and nasty, wonderful, crazy sex, and you can be romantic too, all in one. You can have the whole package, man. You have have anything you want!
My parents thought I was crazy. But I never was a rebel, I just did things my own way. I've just always believed you can get anything you want in this life, anything you want. Don't tell me it cannot be done. There's no such word as impossibility. So they thought, on that note, I'm a crazy woman, crazy little girl, crazy. Because people are so socially structured to follow a pattern.
My favorite movie of anything I've done is 9½ Weeks (1986). I ran the gamut of emotions you could ever possibly do as an actress. It was like an exorcism for me. There was nothing I couldn't do after I did Nine and a Half Weeks. It was crossing the river, as I always say. You can choose to stay on this side and you go up to the river's edge and then you come back and you can get all this work along the edge doing your same little emotional tricks and you can be a star. But if you really want to become an actress, you've got to cross that river, and I think that was my crossing of my emotional river, knowing that I could do anything. It was the biggest high of my life the day I finished that film.
If you're gonna depend on medicine, they're comin' up with things that are gonna help women feel more secure on the outside. But no medicine you're gonna put on externally is gonna help you until your inside starts believing things--believing in life and believing in good. And when I say 'good,' I might leave off one of those o's and just say 'God.' Whatever that means to you. I'm not pushing religion or anything--it's just believin'.
Love scenes are the pits. You're sweating like a pig, asking for water. Baby oil is all over everything. I mean, does that sound romantic?
With every project I've ever done, I've always treated it like I'm still in school. Each time you try to go a little further, get a little deeper, feel a little more, sculpt it a little better.
Women are important, and they have to be in the movies. So, what are you going to do? All we have to do is all hold our hands and stand up and say "No." We can stop having babies, we can stop having sex, everything. And then women will rule the world.
I never had to be a waitress. I never had to do a job that I really didn't wanna do.
[on 9½ Weeks (1986)] What people saw as an MTV video is not the movie we made. There were scenes they chickened out on. Not sexually explicit things but things that were emotionally and psychologically tough. The whole thing was totally ridiculous; MGM and PSO chickened out. They were being run by people who should have been selling watermelons by the side of the road.
[on her marriage to Ron Snyder] I had a friendship with this person. And then I grew to love him as a friend. But I was not IN love with Ron at all. I only loved him. And being in love is a WHOLE different thing from loving someone. We were pals. He was a protector; he cared about me an awful lot. And I cared about his well-being. But I was a very unhappy girl, because my in-love fantasy was not being fulfilled.
The highest compliment a performer can receive is when someone stops you and says, 'You were so real.' That's what I'm after now. I want to hear those words a lot.
[on playing a nymphomaniac in The Man Who Loved Women (1983)] Getting into character was easy. I simply thought about sex all the time. I thought about where we could do it and how. I scared myself. 'Kim,' I said, 'You'll be OK.'
[on Final Analysis (1992)] I was in my own world for that film. I never saw it.
[on Vincent Perez] He's a marvelous actor. And for the ladies: he IS that good-looking in real life, ok! Ok?
You really have to be an observer to be a good actor. I feel that. If only a lot of actors would only shut up for a little while and watch what's going on around them, they'd be a lot better off.
I don't care about embarrassing myself. I don't censor myself. That's stupid. You have to censor certain things, of course, but everybody does too much of it. It's a lie. It's one giant lie.
You know what's funny? After all the years I've been in Hollywood, I still don't know a lot of the directors and producers who are working today. I've never met them. I'm not a real social person, I'm shy and a lot of the business is just social. It really is. I don't think it's a bad game. But early on I didn't know there was a game. I know now.
I'm extremely competitive with myself. But I'm not actively competitive with other women in the business. Which may have been a mistake. I've never had someone in my life, agent or otherwise, fighting for me.
At my daughter's school these boys are now 13 or 14 years old and they know more about my business than they should. Now when I drop her off at school I'm not allowed to get out of the car. But it's funny because these boys will recognize me and wave. Sometimes, Ireland will come home and tell me stories I just don't want to hear. Sometimes you do feel vulnerable, especially when you have a movie coming out.
I never related to dolls or playing nurse. If somebody gave me a doll I'd paint its fingernails and cut its hair.
[her thoughts about social media] Oh, dangerous. Robbing and dangerous. Although I'm infatuated and in love with information--I'm an information junkie, so I love it. I truly love it, but I think we're teetering on danger. Especially with young kids and teenagers and the way they communicate now and not have to go face-to-face. I just think there are quite a few negative things about it. It's just troubling. It's troubling, especially since I do have a teenager - I know what I'm talking about. But we'll see where it goes.
I'm very thankful that I've had such longevity and variety. There are so many things in this life that I want to do and I can't do them all. I know that my inbox will be so full the day that I leave the planet. So you try to stay interested in life and bring some kind of comfort and pleasure to others on this planet as you're going through this journey.
Once I make these movies, I've lived so deep with the character that it would be too shallow to watch it. I know it's a weird thing. But once I've traveled in those waters and gone to the depths that you need to go to, I don't know that I would get any benefit from watching the film. I don't have a good relationship with myself on the screen.
My taste in men has changed a lot over the years. When you're young you're attracted to the 'bad boy,' only to find out that they're actually just bullies or insecure - you're attracted to fantasies. Now, I'm more reality-based. As a sexual creature I've been attracted to a lot of different types, people that others have thought were unattractive. But showing kindness and humor are the most important things to me now. If you have those qualities then I think that makes you attractive.
[recalling her early days as a model] I'd come in weighing 115 pounds, and I'm 5'7½" tall and I'd be told I was 10 pounds too heavy! And I still wasn't eating a damn thing!
I've just more or less always had a European attitude about things, I think, a looseness. I think that my my life, I've been so attracted to the Harold and Maude (1971) aspect of living, you know, as opposed to your norm. Normal is sooooo boring. I like to spice it up a little myself.
I don't want to be anybody else. I like being Kim Basinger, and I want to be her for the rest of my life.
[on her role in Fifty Shades Darker (2017)] My character Elena is the woman who came into power early. I know this character. I don't have to read the books, I feel her.
I struggle with anxiety in my life, but then I'll do things that make other people nervous, like skydiving, and they don't bother me at all. I was fascinated by the snakes we had on the set of I Dreamed of Africa (2000) and I'll go swimming way out in the ocean, no problem. But accepting my Oscar? That was terrifying.
It would be great if we could have full equality, for all races and genders - not just in Hollywood, everywhere - but I don't think we'll get there. People think of Hollywood as this very liberal place, but if you look at the underbelly, the discoveries you'll make are mindboggling. Am I going to go stand outside Paramount with a sign? No. There are wonderful people in Hollywood.
[following the death of Hugh Hefner] I found there were many sides to him, but the Hugh Hefner I knew was a highly intelligent, sensitive, funny, caring and compassionate man. He loved animals and cherished his exotic bird menagerie, as I found out when he invited me to come over one afternoon to the mansion after he agreed to participate in a documentary that we were making on the illegal importation of exotic birds and macaws up through Mexico. He was not only a fearless pioneer but a generous one who saw potential in girls like myself when the timing in their careers was perfect for that particular kind of exposure (pun intended) that was catapulting, not exploitative. I will always be thankful to Mr. Hefner and Playboy for helping me at a very crucial period of time in my life and career.
[on ex-niece Hailey Bieber's engagement to Justin Bieber] I'm very, very happy for Hailey. I think it's a good thing. I think Justin's a cool guy. I don't really know him at all, but Ireland does, you know? I think he's come through a rough road. He's a really cool kid. I pray for them. I hope they're cool. I hope they're happy! It's wild! I think it's wild!
[on Natalie Wood] Oh, my god. Until you really see a real movie star like that ... She was an extraordinarily beautiful woman. She and I had a scene together (in From Here to Eternity (1979)), a short one, and it was near water. Which she was terrified of - and I'll never forget that as long as I live.
Everyone loves a winner; it validates you to a society that gives you all those ribbons and awards. But success is like wildfire: they throw a little of it your way ...
[on Donald Trump] As far as the new president goes, it would be an understatement to say that we don't see eye to eye. I am a person who cares about the environment, who cares about animal rights, women's rights and human rights. And that's really all I care to say about this. There are many, many issues that I cannot agree with the choices that he is making or has already made. We would need another 5 or 10 hours to truly cover all the issues when it comes to Trump but that's all I want to say for now.
[on Burt Reynolds] There is another side that people don't know about Burt, and it's a very sensitive side - very serious, sensitive, hurtable, vulnerable.
Sitting at home in this town with nothing to do can make you suicidal. You need to call on all your stick-to-it-iveness, your spirits and tenacity.
[letter to the California State Board of Education] Please consider declining to adopt any science materials that involve live-animal experiments or animal dissection. Some concerning examples include an activity kit involving the dissection of squids, sheep brains, and cow eyes and another aimed at middle schoolers that would encourage them to build an ecosystem with live animals. Wonder and responsibility can be taught in so many better ways, without putting any animals in harm's way. Would you please consider a kinder and more effective approach to science education? Animals are not ours to use - and they deserve better than to be used as classroom tools to be discarded. There are obvious ethical benefits to replacing dissection, as doing so reduces animal suffering - and this concern is at the root of most students' objections to the use of animals in science classes. Dissection is a nightmare for animals, many of whom are killed specifically to be cut apart - which many people don't realize. The millions of animals used for this purpose include frogs, who are caught in the wild; pigeons, who were seen drowned to death in a PETA exposé of a leading dissection-supply company; and fetal pigs, who are removed from the wombs of their pregnant mothers at slaughterhouses. Even with the two California education laws that specifically require educators to teach kindness to animals and allow students to opt out of animal dissection activities, my friends at PETA hear from many students who want to say no to dissection but are intimidated or pressured not to speak up, and that's not OK. Endorsing science materials that include animals would be a step backward for the board. School should be a safe place of learning and personal growth, especially at a time of so much violence and unrest. We need to instill compassion in children - and dissection teaches a flagrant disregard for life.
[asked how she looks so young] I never laugh and I never cry.
Time should change traditions.
I never stay in character--once the director says "cut," I'm outta there.
[on Blind Date (1987)] It's amazing that that film comes back to me as one of people's favorite as far as rentals.
[Instagram caption next to a photo of herself and George Bush, 2018] President Bush had sent my dad a copy of these pictures and a beautiful note that he had signed personally to my dad. I always appreciated such gestures as that ....as you are talking about a very busy man. My dad always said "If you are going to love then you are going to feel the pain of loss at sometime in this life" and it was a very simple truth. I lost my mom last year and my dad the year before. My heart goes out to the Bush family with both of their losses this year. A void you will truly feel until you are all reunited one day.

Salary (20)

Hard Country (1981) $125,000
Mother Lode (1982) $175,000
Never Say Never Again (1983) $250,000
The Man Who Loved Women (1983) $200,000
The Natural (1984) $250,000
Fool for Love (1985) $208,000
Nine 1/2 Weeks (1986) $400,000
No Mercy (1986) $1,000,000
Blind Date (1987) $1,000,000
Nadine (1987) $1,150,000
My Stepmother Is an Alien (1988) $1,250,000
Batman (1989) $3,000,000
The Marrying Man (1991) $2,500,000
Final Analysis (1992) $3,000,000
Cool World (1992) $1,700,000
The Real McCoy (1993) $3,000,000
The Getaway (1994) $4,000,000 (split with co-star Alec Baldwin at their discretion)
L.A. Confidential (1997) $3,000,000
I Dreamed of Africa (2000) $5,000,000
Bless the Child (2000) $5,000,000

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