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Print Biographies (66)

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Film Biographies (7)

Portrayals (3)

Interviews (52)

Written By (US) January 2016, Vol. 20, Iss. 1, pg. 30-37, by: Richard Stayton, "Woody's toolbox: screenwriting tips from master craftsman Woody Allen"
The Telegraph (GB) September 14 2012, by: John Hiscock, "Woody Allen, interview: 'At last, I'm a foreign filmmaker'"
The Guardian (GB) September 13 2012, by: Oliver Burkeman, "Woody Allen: 'To have been a lead character in a juicy scandal doesn't bother me'"
The Washington Post (US) June 28 2012, by: Ann Hornaday, "Woody Allen on 'Rome,' playing himself and why he skips the Oscars"
The New York Times (US) September 14 2010, by: David Itzkoff, "Woody Allen on Faith, Fortune Tellers and New York"
The New York Times (US) July 20 2010, by: Dave Itzkoff, "Woody Allen's Talk Therapy: Audiobooks by a Technophobe"
The Times (GB) June 25 2010, by: Tim Teeman, "Woody Allen: 'At a certain age you conclude that greatness is not in you'"
Commonweal (US) April 15 2010, by: Robert E. Lauder, "Whatever Works"
New York (US) June 1 2009, pg. 32-39, 84-85, by: Mark Harris, "Twilight of the Tummlers"
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The Independent (GB) June 4 2004, by: Fiona Morrow, "I do not idolise the young. They're illiterate."
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El Pais (ES) October 23 2002, by: Enric Gonzalez, "'Habría preferido tener el don de la tragedia'"
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Articles (89)

New York Post (US) December 18 2018, Vol. 218, Iss. 33, pg. 1 8-9, by: Yaron Steinbuch, "My years as Woody's secret teen 'plaything': Furtive penthouse romps, menages with Mia in model's affair claim"
Hollywood Reporter (US) December 17 2018, Vol. 424, by: Gary Baum, "Woody Allen's Secret Teen Lover Speaks: Sex, Power and a Conflicted Muse Who Inspired 'Manhattan'"
New York Post (US) September 18 2018, Vol. 217, Iss. 307, pg. 3, by: Yaron Steinbuch, and Ruth Brown, "WOODY: FRANKLY, I DUNNO - Son may be Sinatra's"
New York Post (US) September 17 2018, Vol. 217, Iss. 306, pg. 1, 4-5, by: Aaron Feis, "MIA CULPA: Soon-Yi breaks years-long silence with blistering attack on Farrow"
New York Post (US) June 5 2018, Vol. 217, Iss. 202, pg. 4, by: Linda Massarella, "Woody: I'm 'poster boy' for #MeToo"
Los Angeles Times (US) December 10 2017, Vol. 137, Iss. 7, pg. A25, by: Dylan Farrow, "Why has the #MeToo revolution spared Woody Allen?"
Los Angeles Times (US) July 18 2016, Vol. 135, Iss. 228, pg. E1, E7, by: Mark Olsen, "Woody Allen can't outrun himself: His past keeps pace with his obsessive output, and his legacy is in perpetual flux"
Los Angeles Times (US) August 10 2015, Vol. 134, Iss. 250, pg. E1, E2, by: David Ng, "Woody Allen loves L.A.? Well...The filmmaker may be softening his tune a bit with jazzy concert, other local projects"
The New York Times (US) January 12 2013, by: Woody Allen, "Hypochondria: An Inside Look"
Courrier International (FR) July 19 2012, Iss. # 1133, pg. pg. 29, by: Kaplan Sommer, Alison, "Coup de colère. Pourquoi Woody Allen tournerait-il à Jerusalem?"
The Washington Post (US) February 24 2012, by: Robert B. Weide, "The Zen of Woody Allen"
The Orange County Register (US) November 20 2011, pg. Arts & Entertainment 3, by: Rob Owen, "Woody Allen, behind the scenes"
W (US) June 2011, Vol. 40, Iss. 6, pg. 82-89, by: Lynn Hirschberg, "Woody's Women"
Los Angeles Times (US) May 18 2010, by: Andrew Malcolm, "Top political strategist Woody Allen thinks Obama would get much more done as dictator; No, really"
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The Independent (GB) May 19 2009, Iss. 7050, pg. 3, by: Guy Adams, "Take the money and run: Allen wins $5m for stolen image"
Chicago Tribune (US) February 25 2009, by: Anonymous, "Woody Allen Signs Freida Pinto for New Film"
The Guardian (GB) January 12 2009, by: Woody Allen, "Scarlett: 'What's my motivation here?' Woody: 'Your salary'"
The New York Times (US) September 7 2008, by: Anthony Tommasini, "Puccini With a Sprinkling of Woody Allen Whimsy"
Reader's Digest (US) September 2008, pg. 108-112, by: Andy Simmons, "Tragedy Tomorrow, Comedy Tonight"
The New York Times (US) August 20 2008, by: Woody Allen, "Excerpts From the Spanish Diary"
The New York Times (US) August 19 2008, by: Stephen Holden, "Sex (and Love and Death): Woody's World Steams Up"
The New York Times (US) August 15 2008, by: Manhola Dargis, "The Portrait of Two Ladies"
Moving Pictures Magazine (US) May 15 2008, Vol. 2008, Iss. Summer/Cannes, pg. 32-36, by: Elliot V. Kotek, "Woody Allen: Anonymous"
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The New York Times (US) June 24 2007, by: Adam Cohen, "Woody Allen's Universe, Still Expanding, Is as Absurd as Ever"
The New York Times (US) June 14 2007, by: Janet Maslin, "You Were Expecting Maybe Tragedy?"
Playboy (US) June 2007, Vol. 54, Iss. 6, pg. 76-77+140-142, by: Woody Allen, "This Nib for Hire"
The Guardian (GB) May 15 2007, by: Ryan Gilbey, "Woody Allen would make a great Doctor Who villain"
The Village Voice (US) December 19 2006, by: Leslie Camhi, "Yes, But He's Our Nebbish"
The Guardian (GB) November 30 2006, by: Joe Queenan, "Manhattan music mystery"
Austin American-Statesman (US) July 28 2006, by: Chris Garcia, "No Hollywood Ending for Woody"
The Washington Post (US) July 26 2006, Vol. 129, Iss. 233, pg. C1+C10, by: David Segal, "Cloud In the Silver Lining: After Praise for Wody Allen's Last Film and With 'Scoop' Set to Open, Things Are Looking Up for the Director. No?"
Premiere (US) July 2006, Vol. 19, Iss. 10, pg. 108-109, by: Webster, Andy, ""DVD Essential""
Film Comment (US) January 2006, Vol. 42, Iss. 1, pg. 48-50, by: Harlan Jacobson, "Manhattan Transfer: Woody Allen remakes the British class system in his own image with Match Point, his darkest films since Crimes and Misdemeanors"
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The Daily Telegraph (GB) June 19 2004, by: Matt Born, "The Best of British for Woody Allen"
The Daily Telegraph (GB) September 10 2003, by: Nigel Reynolds, "Woody Promises to Reveal All..But Only If the Price is Right"
The Guardian (GB) August 29 2003, by: Fiachra Gibbons, "Woody attacks America's shrink culture"
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Pictorials (10)

New York (US) June 1 2009, pg. 32-39, by: Mark Harris (photographs by Nigel Parry), "Twilight of the Tummlers"
Moving Pictures Magazine (US) May 15 2008, Vol. 2008, Iss. Summer/Cannes, pg. 32-36, by: Elliot V. Kotek, "Woody Allen: Anonymous"
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Magazine Covers (26)

New York Post (US) December 18 2018, Vol. 218, Iss. 33
New York Post (US) September 17 2018, Vol. 217, Iss. 306
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Kettle (JP) October 2014
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"Eleftherotypia" Sunday edition - Culture Supplement (GR) March 27 2005, Iss. 175

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