Animated TV girlfriends with extra-famous voices in the regular cast

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On the day I created this list, I created it because I noticed that Craig of the Creek and Big City Greens, which started in 2018, both have a main character with a girlfriend who got immensely famous early in their acting career - Karen Fukuhara has Alexis x Bernard and Sewer Queen Eileen x Craig, and Jenna Ortega has Gabriella x Cricket. My mom concluded that while both cartoons were looking for a group of young starting-out actors to give new parts, they may have cast Karen Fukuhara (Suicide Squad) and Jenna Ortega (After Words) if they were looking for a young actor who stood out for having a recognizable acting name, but was not too famous for animated series like Jodie Foster was at their age, when she moved up from The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan to Taxi Driver. :( Luckily, the animation landscape has changed a lot since then, and there are more cartoon parts to be had and more actors with a flexible schedule who want more variety than just doing a couple movies a year.

After a Quibi to think about what I observed in Craig of the Greens, I started to realize that beautiful animated girlfriends with voice names in the main cast who are more recognizable than other co-stars their age are halfway towards anywhere I look, so I decided to make a list of all the cute cartoon girlfriends (and a few boyfriends) that I remember in this list. Most of them are not leading roles, but they can be. This list also play very fast-and-loose with how close the girl friend really is with her partner. In the The Simpsons episode Bart's Girlfriend from Season 6, I was right to worry about Jessica Lovejoy, the daughter of Helen and Timothy Lovejoy going forward because Meryl Streep is such a famous name who could not afford to voice Jessica for more than one episode, and sadly nobody who writes The Simpsons thought Jessica was worth recasting with a longer-term actor to write more episodes with her. She has been reduced to a background character ever since her next appearance in Summer of 4-Foot-2. This is why I am grateful none of the actresses on this list of famous animated girlfriends are as big of a star as Meryl Streep or Jodie Foster (except for Drew Barrymore in Family Guy). They are much closer to the level of Zooey Deschanel, who voiced Brandine and Cletus's daughter Mary Spuckler in Apocalypse Cow from Season 19 and returned in two Season 24 episodes.

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