Hypnotized Women Scenes

by eviltwinmordred | created - 03 Jun 2022 | updated - 2 weeks ago | Public

A list of my favorite movies and television episodes depicting women hypnotized, brainwashed, and or under similar, trance based mind control. I don’t consider possession to be mind control, so I have not included those examples unless a woman is clearly hypnotized as well. I include sleepwalking so long as it’s clear some outside intelligence or influence is causing the somnambulism. Many of these scenes address my other interest, which should be apparent. Finally, I’m limiting this list to scenes I’ve personally seen.

Adults who wish to talk more about hypnotized women scenes in mainstream media can reach me at my Deviantart page at https://www.deviantart.com/eviltwinmordred. I am fumanchu at mcforum.net, and I am eviltwinmordred 1171 on Discord. I love to talk Hypno!


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1. Deadly Instincts (1997)

R | 90 min | Horror, Sci-Fi

An alien travels to Earth on a meteorite and mates with humans to preserve its species and destroy humanity.

Director: Paul Matthews | Stars: Todd Jensen, Samantha Womack, Oliver Tobias, Kadamba Simmons

Votes: 1,253

Lousy movie but one of the greatest barefoot Hypno scenes of all time. Horror movie host Joe Bob Briggs said about the scene: “Did I just see 20 barefoot girl zombies?” Yes, Joe Bob, you did.

Also known as “Breeders” ( not to be confused with the late 80’s film with that name, another Hypno classic.)

2. Prime Evil (1988)

R | 87 min | Horror

A coven of devil-worshiping monks living in New York City search for victims for their sacrificial ceremonies.

Director: Roberta Findlay | Stars: William Beckwith, Christine Moore, Mavis Harris, Max Jacobs

Votes: 906

Really good, seductive hypnotic inductions by the evil priest on no less than four attractive women, resulting in their complete enslavement.

Many highlights, but the best for me is the “Look into my eyes” induction of a topless blonde. The hypnotist dialogue could have been written by an EMCSA author, and the girl does a great reaction from terrified to utter entranced attraction and subservience.

A must see.

October 2022 Update: the movie is available on YouTube for free, but, sadly, heavily edited including my favorite scene described above.

3. The Brides of Fu Manchu (1966)

Not Rated | 94 min | Adventure, Crime

Fu Manchu blackmails several industrialists and scientists into helping him construct a super-weapon by kidnapping their daughters and wives.

Director: Don Sharp | Stars: Christopher Lee, Douglas Wilmer, Heinz Drache, Marie Versini

Votes: 1,353

The Classic. Many hypnotized women, many scantily clad, though sadly for me wearing hose. Still, a must see. A high point is one slave bride looking submissively at Fu and demurely asking “Did I do well?”

Make sure you keep watching until the final shot.

4. The Vengeance of She (1968)

G | 101 min | Adventure, Fantasy

Beautiful young blonde Carol is walking to the French Riviera on the road. After an accident with a rapist truck driver, she swims to a yacht owned by wealthy George who finds the stowaway ... See full summary »

Director: Cliff Owen | Stars: John Richardson, Olga Schoberová, Edward Judd, Colin Blakely

Votes: 974

Absolutely gorgeous heroine who spends the entire movie under a telepathic, mesmeric influence. This culminates with her trekking barefoot on a dangerous cliff and then even more overt hypnotic control. Highly recommended.

5. Breeders (1986)

R | 77 min | Horror, Sci-Fi

The Manhattan General Hospital admitted a string of young women raped by something otherworldly. Dr. Pace and Detective Andriotti try and isolate the strange organic material found on the victims to find the fiend.

Director: Tim Kincaid | Stars: Teresa Farley, Lance Lewman, Frances Sherman, Natalie Savage

Votes: 2,526

A sleezy sci fi bit from the 80’s. When the aliens summon the entranced ladies, the gals sleepwalk naked to their masters.

6. Hot Under the Collar (1992)

R | 87 min | Comedy

Man dresses as nun to save his girlfriend from a convent.

Director: Richard Gabai | Stars: Richard Gabai, Melinda Clarke, Rajnish Babakan, Jeff Bowser

Votes: 171

Made for video comedy where the hero hypnotizes his girlfriend, but she ends up in a convent. A movie to insult both Catholics and feminists. Quick glimpses of the hypnotized girl friend barefoot.

7. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)

PG | 142 min | Action, Adventure, Thriller

61 Metascore

James Bond woos a mob boss' daughter and goes undercover to uncover the true reason for Ernst Stavro Blofeld's allergy research in the Swiss Alps involving beautiful women from around the world.

Director: Peter R. Hunt | Stars: George Lazenby, Diana Rigg, Telly Savalas, Gabriele Ferzetti

Votes: 95,339 | Gross: $22.80M

The rarest of rarities: a top notch A Level production where hypnotized ladies are a significant plot point. Great induction scenes, and several beautiful model/actresses in trances. (Look for an early performance from Catherine Schell, who also is on this list for two episodes of “Space 1999”).

Also, an underrated Bond film in general.

8. The Climax (1944)

Passed | 86 min | Horror, Music, Thriller

A demented physician becomes obsessed with a young singer whose voice sounds similar to his late mistress.

Director: George Waggner | Stars: Boris Karloff, Susanna Foster, Turhan Bey, Gale Sondergaard

Votes: 969

Boris Karloff plays a demented doctor who secretly sabotages the career of a beautiful soprano with hypnosis. Great Hypno prop with lights and multicolored mirrors.

9. Dracula (2002– )

R | 173 min | Drama, Horror

Bram Stoker's classic is given a frightful telling, as an attractive, ambitious group of 30-year-olds travel through Hungary looking for lucrative deals, unaware of the horrific threat hanging over their lives.

Stars: Patrick Bergin, Hardy Krüger Jr., Stefania Rocca, Muriel Baumeister

Votes: 466

Maybe the best movie for bare feet, sleepwalking, and hypnosis on this list. This is an Italian television miniseries updating the Dracula story to the modern era. The Lucy character, just as in the novel, is a chronic sleepwalker. There is an early scene in part one where she sleepwalks and obliviously tumbles down some stairs. In Part 2, she is hypnotically summoned by Dracula. Close ups show her bare feet under his guidance carefully probing the stairs so to avoid falling again. Once she is down the stairs, she goes out in a rainstorm to join her Master in her white nightgown. The actress is quite beautiful in this extended mesmeric summoning scene.

10. Splitz (1982)

PG-13 | 86 min | Comedy, Music

An all-female rock band and a group of "well-endowed" sorority sisters team up to save a sorority house slated for condemnation by the university.

Director: Domonic Paris | Stars: Robin Johnson, Barbara Bingham, Patti Lee, Chuck McQuary

Votes: 169

Goofy piece of 80’s sex comedy. The “b” plot involves the hero’s best friend who has no luck with the ladies. The hero shows him a “How to Get Chicks Through Hypnosis” course, and he proves to be a natural. Several beauties, and one especially unattractive women, fall under his spell. Brief bare foot glimpses of the beauties.

Top dialogue: “I know how this must look, Chuck…me and a half dozen, hypnotized, half naked Hooter College freshmen…..”

11. Our Man Flint (1966)

Unrated | 108 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

When scientists use eco-terrorism to impose their will on the world by affecting extremes in the weather, Intelligence Chief Cramden calls in top agent Derek Flint.

Director: Daniel Mann | Stars: James Coburn, Lee J. Cobb, Gila Golan, Edward Mulhare

Votes: 6,760 | Gross: $16.00M

The classic 60’s Spy Hypno movie. It gave the world the phrase “Pleasure Unit”. Great Hypno brainwashing chairs with psychedelic spirals and trippy space music. The hypnotized pleasure units in the ice cave reward room are barefoot.

The sequel “In Like Flint” refers to subliminal brainwashing hair dryers but you see no woman under trance.

Repeat after me, ladies: “It is an honor to use my body in the service of Galaxy”.

12. Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970)

R | 91 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Three distinguished English gentlemen accidentally resurrect Count Dracula, killing a disciple of his in process. The Count seeks to avenge his dead servant, by making the trio die in the hands of their own children.

Director: Peter Sasdy | Stars: Christopher Lee, Geoffrey Keen, Gwen Watford, Linda Hayden

Votes: 6,495

A great one for corruption fans. Dracula uses the offspring of his enemies for revenge. Three are turned into vampires. The fourth, a pretty blonde, is instead placed under absolute hypnotic servitude.

13. Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968)

G | 92 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

When Castle Dracula is exorcised by the Monsignor, it accidentally brings the Count back from the dead. Dracula follows the Monsignor back to his hometown, preying on the holy man's beautiful niece and her friends.

Director: Freddie Francis | Stars: Christopher Lee, Rupert Davies, Veronica Carlson, Barbara Ewing

Votes: 7,772

Perhaps my favorite Hammer Dracula both as a movie and for hypnosis. Among others, the absolutely gorgeous Veronica Carlson gets enslaved, mostly in a low cut nightgown and barefoot. One of my favorite scenes has her in the back of a wagon with Dracula’s coffin during the day. She’s shown entranced, kissing and otherwise adoring the coffin. The movie also shows how being Dracula’s barefoot slave can be hard on the feet.

14. The Blood of Fu Manchu (1968)

M | 92 min | Adventure, Crime

Fu Manchu poisons and hypnotizes ten women to bring down his enemies, including Nayland Smith, with kisses of death.

Director: Jesús Franco | Stars: Christopher Lee, Richard Greene, Howard Marion-Crawford, Götz George

Votes: 1,462

Jess Franco directs the last Christopher Lee Fu Manchu film. A score of beautiful women, barefoot and in togas are kidnapped and taken to Fu’s Amazon secret lair. They are bitten by snakes which gives them poisonous kisses. They are then hypnotized to become Fu’s assassins. Definitely worth a watch, though there is far too few Hypno scenes surrounded by far too many pointless scenes.

15. Feel So Good (2022)

93 min | Thriller

A desperate hypnotist uses a young woman to unknowingly perform crimes, leaving her with strained relationships and fragmented memories.

Director: Benjamin Tefera | Stars: Elias Aregaw, Christopher Beasley, Tisha Brown, Parris Chariz

Votes: 10

Recent movie. A con man hypnotist finds the perfect subject, a pretty young woman who becomes his criminal accomplice. Two caveats: the best scenes are in the first half with the rest disappointing. Also, be warned, the movie is based on a short film with the same title where the subject is male. Make sure you find the full feature.

16. Big Bug (2022)

TV-MA | 111 min | Comedy, Sci-Fi

46 Metascore

A group of bickering suburbanites find themselves stuck together when an android uprising causes their well intentioned household robots to lock them in for their own safety.

Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet | Stars: Isabelle Nanty, Elsa Zylberstein, Claude Perron, Stéphane De Groodt

Votes: 9,475

A recent release from France. Only one scene, but it’s a doozy, for both Hypno and bare feet fans alike.

17. Count Dracula (1970)

PG | 98 min | Drama, Horror

Count Dracula, a vampire who regains his youth by drinking the blood of maidens, is pursued in London and Transylvania by Professor Van Helsing, Jonathan Harker and Quincey Morris.

Director: Jesús Franco | Stars: Christopher Lee, Herbert Lom, Klaus Kinski, Maria Rohm

Votes: 3,499

Another telling of Stoker’s novel, this time by Jess Franco (who I suspect had a hypnosis fetish). Great hypnotic summoning from bed scenes with Lucy in a nightgown and barefoot.

18. Embrace of the Vampire (1995)

R | 92 min | Horror, Thriller

An 18-year-old college freshman is seduced by a handsome vampire lover who introduces her to a dark world of carnal desires.

Director: Anne Goursaud | Stars: Martin Kemp, Rebecca Ferratti, Alyssa Milano, Glori Gold

Votes: 6,708

Great opening, with a nightgowned and barefoot heroine hypnotically summoned to cross a college campus.

19. Charlie's Angels (1976–1981)
Episode: Attack Angels (1981)

Not Rated | 47 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

When the Angels investigate a couple of suspicious deaths at Western Techtronics, Julie falls under the trance of a hypnotist who specializes in using brainwashed young women as killers.

Director: Kim Manners | Stars: Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, Tanya Roberts, David Doyle

Votes: 178

Perhaps the greatest hypnotized women episode in television history. So many scenes, including hypnotic brainwashing of women in bikinis in sensory deprivation tanks. The evil mastermind is played by Eric Braeden, who had earlier played a villainous hypnotist in the “Hawaii 50” episode “A Bullet for McGarrett”.

There’s a reference to Charlie giving the Angels training in hypnotic resistance. Based on this episode and “The Seance”, he needs to get his money back.

20. Charlie's Angels (1976–1981)
Episode: The Seance (1976)

Not Rated | 47 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

Rich widows and widowers are hypnotized into thinking their deceased spouses still manage their business affairs from the 'other side.

Director: George W. Brooks | Stars: Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, David Doyle

Votes: 272

The often overlooked “other” “Charlie’s Angels”Hypno episode. The gorgeous Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) falls under the sway of a conman hypnotist. The highlight for me is when he telephonically summons her from bed. As she rises, she grabs a dressing gown, but does not pause for slippers. Later you clearly see that she has gone to him barefoot.

21. Wonder Woman (1975–1979)
Episode: The Pied Piper (1977)

TV-G | 46 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Rock and Roll star, Hamlin Rule hypnotizes his female fans, to rob his concerts for him.

Director: Alan Crosland Jr. | Stars: Lynda Carter, Lyle Waggoner, Norman Burton, Martin Mull

Votes: 197

A great Hypno episode of the campy 70’s series. In perhaps the greatest miss castings of all time. Martin Mull plays a rock star flautist who is bitter against the music industry. He uses hypnotized female groupies (including an all grown up Jan Plumb from “The Brady Bunch”) to rob his concert venues. Great poolside scene where the entranced groupies are in swimsuits, several barefoot. Even Wonder Woman, disguised as Diana Prince, is briefly hypnotized.

22. Alison's Birthday (1981)

99 min | Horror, Mystery

A young girl is subjected to a reign of terror so that her soul can be transferred to the body of an old crone.

Director: Ian Coughlan | Stars: Joanne Samuel, Lou Brown, Bunney Brooke, John Bluthal

Votes: 1,004

An Australian horror movie with some nice swinging pendant inductions.

23. 77 Sunset Strip (1958–1964)
Episode: Leap, My Lovely (1962)

TV-PG | 60 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Jeff is hired after movie star Nita Maran is hypnotized by bit player Ferini. The ex-con is threatens to shut down an expensive film unless he's paid a small fortune. Jeff and his ... See full summary »

Director: Irving J. Moore | Stars: Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Roger Smith, Edd Byrnes, Louis Quinn

Votes: 32

A wonderful, unexpected hypnosis episode from a cool private eye show. A criminal hypnotist uses his powers on two beautiful actresses so he can extort a movie studio. No real induction scenes, but plenty of post hypnotic triggering.

24. The Prisoner (1967–1968)
Episode: A Change of Mind (1967)

TV-PG | 60 min | Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

After a brawl, Number Six is declared "unmutual" and is made to think that he has undergone "instant social treatment."

Director: Patrick McGoohan | Stars: Patrick McGoohan, Angela Browne, John Sharp, Angelo Muscat

Votes: 722

Great “Turning the Table” plot. Number Six is being drugged and manipulated by the villains. He sees through the scheme and drugs, then actually hypnotizes a beautiful agent. Lovely induction using a psychotropic drug and a wristwatch, followed by a post hypnotic trigger. Notable in that the hypnotist is the series hero.

25. El mundo de los vampiros (1961)

83 min | Horror

A vampire uses two sisters to seek revenge from the last member of a family that persecuted the undead in Europe, but his plan is threatened by a man who knows how to destroy him with a peculiar piece of music.

Director: Alfonso Corona Blake | Stars: Guillermo Murray, Silvia Fournier, Mauricio Garcés, Erna Martha Bauman

Votes: 210

Several scenes of vampiric hypnosis on the ladies. The high point for me is with one lady hypnotically summoned from bed, with several shots of her bare feet as she goes to her Master.

26. The Curse of the Aztec Mummy (1957)

TV-14 | 65 min | Horror

The evil Dr. Krupp, once again trying to get possession of the Aztec princess Xochitl's jewels, hypnotizes her current reincarnation, Flor, to get her to reveal the jewels' location - ... See full summary »

Director: Rafael Portillo | Stars: Ramón Gay, Rosita Arenas, Crox Alvarado, Luis Aceves Castañeda

Votes: 385

One of my schlocky favorites. The second film in the Aztec Mummy series. In the first “The Aztec Mummy”, the hero’s fiancé is hypnotically regressed to her life as an Aztec princess. In this sequel, the villain kidnaps her to use her subconscious link to the Aztec Mummy to find its treasure. She defiantly tells the villain that she’ll resist any attempt to hypnotize her. He responds by first giving her a will suppressing injection. She’s kidnapped from bed, with the thugs grabbing a robe but no slippers. She finishes the movie barefoot, with great views after she is hypnotized.

27. Rasputin: The Mad Monk (1966)

Not Rated | 91 min | Biography, Drama, Horror

Thrown out of his monastery for licentious and drunken behaviour, Rasputin travels to St Petersburg to try his luck. Through a dalliance with one of the czarina's ladies in waiting he soon ... See full summary »

Director: Don Sharp | Stars: Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelley, Richard Pasco, Francis Matthews

Votes: 3,290

Great Hypno, lousy history. The only negative for me is that the prettiest actress in the film is never put under.

28. The Kiss of the Vampire (1963)

Unrated | 88 min | Horror

When car trouble strands a honeymooning couple in a small Southern European village, an aristocratic family in the area reaches out to help them with sinister consequences.

Director: Don Sharp | Stars: Clifford Evans, Edward de Souza, Noel Willman, Jennifer Daniel

Votes: 3,652

Wonderful Hammer Vampire with great hypnosis scenes involving two separate hypnotized ladies. Many scenes, including an innovative use of music as an induction device. Great scene of the heroine rejecting her husband under the command of the vampire.

29. The Devil's Wedding Night (1973)

R | 83 min | Horror

Lady Dracula uses Dracula's ring to lure beautiful girls to her castle, where she murders them so she can bathe in their blood.

Directors: Luigi Batzella, Joe D'Amato | Stars: Mark Damon, Rosalba Neri, Esmeralda Barros, Enza Sbordone

Votes: 943

Sleazy Italian vampire movie. The villain has a ring that enables her to hypnotize young women. She uses it to summon the nearby village’s beauties from bed to come to her castle. Long scene of the village girls and their barefooted trek through the town and countryside.

30. Camp Fear (1991 Video)

R | 86 min | Drama, Horror, Romance

Some sorority sisters opt for camping in the woods with a handsome professor instead of a Palm Springs spring break. However, their orgy is interrupted when some Druids find them and decide... See full summary »

Director: Thomas Edward Keith | Stars: Vincent Van Patten, Betsy Russell, Peggy McIntaggart, Mike Diamant

Votes: 341

An odd, cheaply made film. The villain is an ancient Celtic giant shaman. He kidnaps four coeds and dresses them in fur bikinis. They’re barefoot. He then forces them to drink a hypnotic portion that puts them under his spell.

31. Count Yorga, Vampire (1970)

PG-13 | 93 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

A couple invites a Count from Hungary, who recently immigrated to America, to conduct a seance for the woman's recently deceased mother, oblivious to the fact that he is actually a vampire.

Director: Bob Kelljan | Stars: Robert Quarry, Roger Perry, Michael Murphy, Michael Macready

Votes: 2,937 | Gross: $0.21M

A great Southern California early 70’s take on the Vampire movie. Count Yorga plays the part of a New Age mystic. At a seance, he telepathically hypnotizes the heroine. He later bites and dominates another beautiful lady. Wonderful scene of him summoning her from bed, barefoot and in a plunging nightgown, in an extremely sensuous scene. The heroine gets telepathically hypnotized again, and is later summoned from bed. A must see.

32. The Return of Count Yorga (1971)

R | 97 min | Horror

Count Yorga continues to prey on the local community while living by a nearby orphanage. He also intends to take a new wife, while feeding his bevy of female vampires.

Director: Bob Kelljan | Stars: Robert Quarry, Mariette Hartley, Roger Perry, Yvonne Wilder

Votes: 1,404

This sequel has another heroine hypnotized by the Count, but mostly just for amnesia, which is not one of the more interesting uses for me.

33. Spy Game (1997)
Episode: You Just Can't Trust Anybody These Days (1997)

TV-14 | Action, Adventure, Comedy

When a four-star general hypnotizes Max, turning her into an assassin, Lorne and Micah must prevent the President's murder, capture Max and save her.

Director: Martha Mitchell | Stars: Linden Ashby, Allison Smith, Jennifer Birchfield-Eick, Maury Ginsberg

Votes: 13

The series was a fun throwback to the spy shows of the 60’s. As such, it had to have at least one brainwash episode, and boy, it did not disappoint. It turns out the female lead had been hypnotically programmed in her military days. A rogue general uses her induction trigger-3 flashes of a lighter- to control her and use her in his attempted coup. Highly recommended.

34. The Hypnotic Eye (1960)

Approved | 79 min | Horror

A mysterious hypnotist is suspected by the police of being responsible for a wave of female mutilation victims.

Director: George Blair | Stars: Jacques Bergerac, Merry Anders, Marcia Henderson, Allison Hayes

Votes: 874

A sleazy artifact from the Beatnik Era with some great hypnosis. On the negative side many ladies are compelled to mutilate themselves. A plus side, it has one of best hypnotic seduction scenes, with plenty of steamy kissing.

35. Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)

PG-13 | 109 min | Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery

65 Metascore

When assorted people start having inexplicable delusions that lead to their deaths, a teenage Sherlock Holmes decides to investigate.

Director: Barry Levinson | Stars: Nicholas Rowe, Alan Cox, Sophie Ward, Anthony Higgins

Votes: 22,452 | Gross: $19.74M

Fun attempt at a prequel for the consulting detective. The villain uses hypnosis on girls, including the hero’s girlfriend.

36. The Eiffel Tower Mystery (2015 TV Movie)

86 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

The daughter of one of the architects who built the Eiffel Tower gets framed for a murder that has taken place there, so she and her girlfriend embark on a quest across Paris to solve the mystery.

Director: Léa Fazer | Stars: Marie Denarnaud, Aïssa Maïga, Grégori Derangère, Bruno Debrandt

Votes: 259

A French television movie. The heroine and her girlfriend are hypnotically controlled by the murderer.

37. To Seduce an Enemy (2003)

98 min | Crime, Thriller

A billionaire in real estate uses his hypnotic powers to seduce women in his company and others, then makes them commit suicide. A nosy reporter's friend is one of the victims, now she's willing to do anything to get her vengeance.

Director: Bowie Lau | Stars: Winnie Leung, Kar Lok Chin, Chun Lai, Jewel Lee

Votes: 71

A great Hypno movie. An evil psychiatrist turned developer uses his hypnotic skills on various women for seduction, implanting the trigger “It’s Me”. 4 pretty women are hypnotized and programmed.

38. Love, American Style (1969–1974)
Episode: Love and the Hand Maiden/Love and the Hot Spell/Love and the Laughing Lover/Love and the Perfect Set-Up (1973)

60 min | Comedy, Romance

A woman is willing to remove everything but her gloves. A bride undergoes hypnosis in order to relax. A woman is prone to hysterical laughing upsetting social events. A young girl finds the... See full summary »

Directors: Leslie H. Martinson, Charles R. Rondeau | Stars: Jed Allan, Michael Burns, James T. Callahan, Patrick Campbell

Votes: 22

This was a comedy anthology series of the early 70’s. Each episode was divided into 2-4 stand-alone segments. “Love and the Hot Spell” involved a nervous bride. The groom asks his Best Man to hypnotize her for the wedding so she can be calm. The Best Man adds a little bonus for the wedding night, a command that she will become very amourous and affectionate when she hears the word “umbrella”. A rain storm breaks out, and hijinks ensue. The bride is very pretty, and does a nice trance face.

39. Beach Fever (1987)

90 min | Comedy, Fantasy

A young Japanese entrepreneur is set on a quest by his wealthy father to find the world's best opening line in order to "get the girl". But when they stumble upon a sure-fire love potion, mayhem ensues.

Director: Alexander Tabrizi | Stars: Kato Kaelin, Rodney Ueno, Judea Brittain, Jeff Asch

Votes: 148

I’m on the fence as to whether love potion scenes count as “mind control”. I included this one as the ladies are portrayed as being very suggestible and in trances. Plus some of them are in bikinis and bare feet.

40. Svengali (1931)

Approved | 81 min | Drama, Horror, Romance

Through hypnotism and telepathic mind control, a sinister music maestro controls the singing voice, but not the heart, of the woman he loves.

Director: Archie Mayo | Stars: John Barrymore, Marian Marsh, Donald Crisp, Bramwell Fletcher

Votes: 2,224

The best adaptation of the classic hypnosis novel. Plus, the novel’s focus on Trilby’s bare feet is not ignored.

41. Doctor Dracula (1983)

R | 88 min | Horror

An evil hypnotist puts a beautiful woman under his spell.

Directors: Al Adamson, Paul Aratow | Stars: John Carradine, Don 'Red' Barry, Larry Hankin, Geoffrey Land

Votes: 484

A sleaze fest with a couple of hypnosis scenes.

42. Svengali (1954)

Approved | 82 min | Drama, Music, Romance

The story of a genius who hypnotizes an artist's model into becoming a great concert singer, and how she escapes from his influence only by his death.

Director: Noel Langley | Stars: Hildegard Knef, Donald Wolfit, Terence Morgan, Derek Bond

Votes: 176

Another take on the classic tale, this one with no bare feet.