2022 American Black Film Festival: Movie Guide

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1. Civil: Ben Crump (2022)

PG-13 | 101 min | Documentary, Biography

64 Metascore

Crump's mission to raise the value of Black life as the civil lawyer for the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Black farmers and banking while Black victims, Crump challenges America to come to terms with what it owes his clients.

Director: Nadia Hallgren | Star: Benjamin Crump

Votes: 149

Opening Night Film

3. Bite of a Mango (2022)

82 min | Drama

2020 comes with enough challenges of its own, but as four best friends each attempt to overcome their own trying situations, they are left unsure if the group can survive.

Director: Ron Dias | Stars: Dorren Lee, Drew Moss, Yana Gold, Joanne Jansen

Category: Narrative Features

4. Escaping Paradise (2022)

91 min | Action, Thriller

A young couples' anniversary trip turns deadly in a foreign land.

Director: Paul Tanter | Stars: Simon Phillips, Deji LaRay, Shayla Hale, Ken Bressers

Category: Narrative Features

5. Feel Like Ghosts (2022)

100 min | Drama

Two recent exes with an undeniable connection confront what could have been if their cultural differences hadn't pushed them to new lives on opposite coasts.

Director: Kali Baker-Johnson | Stars: Nican Robinson, Misha Molani, Mysti Adams, Taylor Owen

Category: Narrative Features

6. God of Dreams (2022)

104 min | Drama, Thriller

Welcome to the future, where dreaming is illegal. Set in the dystopian urban south of the not-too-distant future, a group of social misfits must band together to navigate an oppressive ... See full summary »

Director: Jurian Isabelle | Stars: Bill Bogner, Omar Cook, Kemuel Crossty, Alphonso A'Qen-Aten Jackson

Category: Narrative Features

7. Our Father, the Devil (2021)

107 min | Thriller

An African refugee's quiet existence in a sleepy mountain town in the south of France is upended by the arrival of a charismatic Catholic priest whom she recognizes as the warlord who slaughtered her family.

Director: Ellie Foumbi | Stars: Babetida Sadjo, Souleymane Sy Savane, Jennifer Tchiakpe, Franck Saurel

Votes: 41

Category: Narrative Features

8. Scheme Queens (2022)

94 min | Crime

Four friends who are down on their luck decide to rob a ruthless Rastafarian jewel thief by conning his second in command.

Director: Cas Sigers-Beedles | Stars: Daniel C. Desv. Myers, Jason Louder, Brii Renee', B. Simone

Category: Narrative Features

9. Survival (2022)

90 min | Thriller

A car-jacked mother, and entrepreneur is forced to bond with her violent assailant in order to escape.

Director: Damon Jamal | Stars: Dylan McNamara, Miguel A. Núñez Jr., Demetrius Grosse, Erica Peeples

Category: Narrative Features

10. The Threesome (2022)

92 min | Comedy

A sex comedy told in three ways.

Director: Jamal Dedeaux | Stars: Brittany S. Hall, Ronin Lee, Andrea Lewis, Jerrel O'Neal

Category: Narrative Features

11. You Married Dat (2022)

114 min | Comedy

Based on the series "YOU HITTIN DAT???" Characters by Juhahn Jones and Dame Pierre. Story by Byron Manuel, Tarek Abdelkhalig, and Juhahn Jones.

Director: Dame Pierre | Stars: Juhahn Jones, Audra Kinkead, Apryl Jones, G. Wayne

Votes: 11

Category: Narrative Features

12. A Woman on the Outside (2022)

85 min | Documentary

Kristal is a young, ambitious Philadelphian driven to keep families connected to their incarcerated loved ones. But when her father and brother return from prison, she confronts the ultimate question: can she reunite her own family?

Directors: Zara Katz, Lisa Riordan Seville | Stars: Kristal Bush, Nyvae Scott, Kristal Speaks

Votes: 12

Category: Documentary Features

13. American Immigrants (2022)

60 min | Documentary

Uncut truth about the homeless experience in New York and Miami and how to get out of that experience.

Director: Ken Miles | Stars: Jorge Colina, Nathaniel White

Category: Documentary Features

14. Black as U R (2022)

84 min | Documentary

Micheal Rice's kaleidoscopic journey through the fault lines of race, gender, history and sexuality in America, focuses on the intersectional lives of black queer people fighting for equality within their own community.

Directors: Micheal Rice, Micheal Rice | Stars: Micheal Rice, Michael Roberson, Charlene Sinclair

Category: Documentary Features

15. Blind Eye Artist (2022)

76 min | Documentary

The origin story of painter Justin Wadlington, blind in his left eye.

Director: Ashwin Chaudhary | Stars: Glenn Fuhrman, Justin Wadlington

Category: Documentary Features

16. Drowning in Silence (2022)

81 min | Documentary

A mother goes on a healing journey to investigate the silent epidemic of childhood drowning after losing her son.

Director: Chezik Tsunoda

Category: Documentary Features

17. Let the Church Say (2022)

70 min | Documentary

A young, African American filmmaker, journeys to the heart of the Black experience to find the answer to a daunting question: Is the Black church dead?

Director: Rafiq Nabali | Stars: Jekalyn Carr, Darlene McCoy, Walter Earl Fluker

Category: Documentary Features

18. Lovely Jackson (2022)

104 min | Documentary

America's longest wrongfully held exonerated prisoner, Rickey Jackson, returns to the prison where his 39-year journey of survival began and guides his younger self from death row to freedom.

Director: Matt Waldeck | Stars: Mario Beverly, Tom Bruce, Deshaun Carter, Tammy Davis

Votes: 22

Category: Documentary Features

19. The Young Vote (2022)

67 min | Documentary

Follows a diverse group of students and activists during the 2020 election to show young peoples' perceptions of voting and civic engagement.

Director: Diane Robinson | Stars: Sophia DeLoretto-Chudy, Dariel Cruz Rodriguez, Bradley Tusk, Jeremy Gruber

Category: Documentary Features

20. Bourn Kind: The Tiny Kindness Project (2022)

12 min | Short

Bourn Rich, a Black- Jewish street artist confronts the fear and isolation of the moment through art and creates a street mural project to celebrates kindness and connection in his community.

Director: Rachel Myers | Stars: Giovanni Adams, Jean Baiardi, Michael Chen, Jules Dameron

Category: Web Series

21. Dreamers (2022– )

8 min | Short

The zany misadventures of two sisters navigating the ups and downs of life, as artists, in the wild and unpredictable streets of La La Land.

Stars: Dayna Dooley, Kimberly Dooley

Category: Web Series

22. I am Mara (2022– )

15 min | Short

Striving to break free from a life of espionage, murder and destructive family ties, Mara sets out to fabricate a new life for herself, but soon realizes the truth will always reveal itself and all sins must be atoned for.

Stars: Candace West, David Chin, Virginia Elliot, Keith Douglas

Category: Web Series

23. Jonathans World (2022)

TV-G | 14 min | Short, Comedy

Jonathan Stewart is a creative poetic genius on a mission of self-discovery. In 1990, his freshman year at Wildcat University Jonathan arrives back from the future as he gives his younger ... See full summary »

Director: Tyler d Lambert | Stars: Tyler d Lambert, Sophina DeJesus, Hannah Pennington, Caitlyn Mims

Category: Web Series

24. Last Name Unknown (2022– )

15 min | Short

Follows several homeless youth residents of Beyond Hope Youth Shelter's who beat the odds, and find their place in society.

Stars: Lj Scott, Lindsey G. Smith, Erika Norrell, Chakeefe Gordon

Category: Web Series

25. Layered (2022– )

13 min | Short

Follows three black women from Philadelphia, two of them Muslim, trying to break into the media industry while being met with challenges in mental health, faith, and loss due to gun violence.

Stars: Aisha Saran, LaPorscha S. Rodgers, Merceedes White

Category: Web Series

26. Little Lawyer (2022– )

12 min | Short

A six-year-old girl with aspirations of being an attorney puts her little brother on trial after she discovers her toy is inoperative.

Stars: Brandon Lee W., Sophina DeJesus, Wyatt Hinz, Ayani Tamar

Category: Web Series

27. Mine (2022– )

13 min | Short

When the sudden disappearance of water threatens to upend a vibrant utopia, an intrepid teen named Blaze must save their community before it's too late.

Stars: Denny Dillon, Russell Hornsby, Sunni Patterson, Imani Russell

Category: Web Series

28. The Green Couch (2022– )

Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Dr. Rhemington Lee engages patients in an unwitting experiment of truth as each convene on The Green Couch.

Stars: Mirlande Amazan, Gordon Greene, Antuone Torbert, Jae Kim

Category: Web Series

29. The Whippersnappers (2022– )

5 min | Animation

OG, Big Mama and Foegy, aka "The Oldheads," growing tired of the same routine, decide to use technology to become younger.

Star: Ryan A. Cole

Category: Web Series

30. Another Country (2022)

12 min | Short, Drama

The story of an interracial couple raising their mixed race child in the racially polarizing times of 1956 Mississippi.

Director: Sherif Alabede | Stars: LisaGay Hamilton, Taylour Paige, Mark Webber, Vada Parkyn

HBO Short Film Award Finalist

31. Aurinko in Adagio (2021)

15 min | Short, Drama

Isolated from society in a deserted delta community with his austere father, a child musical prodigy prepares for the audition of a lifetime while navigating a newfound skill in ancestral ... See full summary »

Director: Elisee Junior St Preux | Stars: Taj Johnson, Dexter Tillis, Erinn Jones, Myriah Reese

Votes: 10

HBO Short Film Award Finalist

32. Pens and Pencils (2022)

15 min | Short, Thriller

A high school teacher finds herself on wild-goose chase to find a missing student that no one else seems to miss.

Director: Gia-Rayne Harris | Stars: Christy St. John, Maria De Los Angeles, Shaw Jones, Tim Johnson Jr.

HBO Short Film Award Finalist

33. Talk Black (2021)

13 min | Short, Comedy

A timid engineer develops a wild and expressive split personality to help her speak up to the boy's club at work.

Director: Destiny Macon | Stars: Mystie Smith, Sh'Kia Augustin, Don Henderson Baker, Triston Dye

HBO Short Film Award Finalist

HBO Short Film Award Finalist

35. Break Up in Love (2022)

22 min | Short

A couple on the verge of divorce are faced with the truth of why their marriage is ending. With hopes that consciously uncoupling will help them BREAK UP IN LOVE, Natasha and Richard must first accept their own flaws.

Director: MC Lyte | Stars: Tremayne Norris, Aries Simone, Bernadette Speakes

Category: Voices of Culture

36. Derrick (2022)

18 min | Short

A man struggles mentally to reconnect with his family after experiencing a devastating loss.

Director: Arthur Cartwright | Stars: Orlando Bailey, Jeremy Evitts, Lauren LaStrada, Ellis McCaskill

Category: Voices of Culture

37. Desmond's Not Here Anymore (2021)

16 min | Short, Drama

Abigail battles moving her elderly mother with dementia out from the family home. When her mother unconsciously haunts her by continually questioning Desmond's whereabouts it forces her to ... See full summary »

Director: Mmabatho Montsho | Stars: S. Epatha Merkerson, Yolonda Ross, Angela DiMarco, Lindiwe Suttle Müller-Westernhagen

Category: Voices of Culture

38. Eye for an I (2021)

20 min | Short, Drama

After the tragic death of a loved one, a young black pianist wrestles with guilt and the immediate pressure to retaliate. Jeremiah feels trapped-stuck in a fit of rage, sorrow, and guilt. ... See full summary »

Director: James Grisom | Stars: Akin Coley, Shawn Foxx, William L. Johnson, Blessing Oluwole

Category: Voices of Culture

39. FIVE (V) (2021)

22 min | Short, Drama

After spending 7 years in prison, Malcolm seeks to mend his relationship with his mother while devoting himself as a consistent and faithful new convert to Islam.

Director: David Orantes | Stars: Jacob Gibson, Hilary Ward, J.D. Hall, Sydney Thomas

Category: Voices of Culture

40. Half-Day (2022)

17 min | Short, Drama

A boy learns about his estranged father through a visit to his step-brother's home.

Director: Morgan Mathews | Stars: Christian Dean Walton, Jamal Trulove, Kedren Spencer, Mikaila Baskin

Category: Voices of Culture

41. Malta (2022)

17 min | Short

After escaping from an insane asylum, serial killer UU, returns home to search for his deceased lover.

Director: Christian Kamaal | Stars: Andre K. Burleson, Jolésa, Christian Kamaal, Letia Solomon

Category: Voices of Culture

42. METAL (II) (2021)

21 min | Short, Drama

A grieving grandfather takes up graffiti to overcome the loss of his grandson, a talented graffiti artist.

Director: Mischa Webley | Stars: Cycerli Ash, Brynn Baron, Josh Davis, Bill Ray

Category: Voices of Culture

43. No Entry (2021)

12 min | Short, Drama

Against the backdrop of the Windrush scandal, a Jamaican mother, Valerie Powell, struggles to keep her relationship with her son Eli intact. She suffers in silence as she battles with the ... See full summary »

Director: Kaleb D'Aguilar | Stars: Susan Aderin, Lee Nicholas Harris, Ntonga Mwanza, Andreina Sambucetti

Category: Voices of Culture

44. On the Line (I) (2022)

14 min | Short, Drama

When your family and career are on the line, how do you overcome it all?

Director: Brianna Devons | Stars: Lamar Usher, Riki Yvette Westmoreland, Darren Lee Campbell, Adrian Davis

Category: Voices of Culture

45. Out of Air (2022)

8 min | Short, Sci-Fi

In a world where oxygen is commodified, a young black man races against the clock to get clean air for his family from the wealthy family whom he works for.

Director: Jessie B. Evans | Stars: Varda Appleton, Naomi Avery, Jessie B. Evans, Faith Imafidon

Category: Voices of Culture

46. Red Velvet (2022)

19 min | Short

If being black was chocolate ice cream, and being Latina was cherry, the world thinks of Aviva Ardor as a swirl of the two when she's really Red Velvet.

Director: Danielle Gibson | Stars: Isaac Andrade, Rafaela Garcia, Taylor Leighanne, Jenny Nwene

Category: Voices of Culture

47. Regret to Inform You (2022)

15 min | Short

Why are our fantasies so far removed from our reality?

Directors: Yusuf Nasir, Benji Schwimmer | Stars: Steve Greist, Yusuf Nasir

Category: Voices of Culture

48. Ro & the Stardust

15 min | Short, Fantasy

A free-spirited teen fulfills her terminally ill grandmother's dying wish of building a rocket ship to launch her into outer space.

Director: Eunice Levis | Stars: Cindy De La Cruz, Nadya Encarnacion, Elvis Nolasco, Yolanda Nolasco

Category: Voices of Culture

49. Sons of Toledo

20 min | Short, Drama | Completed

After receiving the early morning news of his younger brother's murder, a mourning barber pushes through the muddy waters of grief to find the courage to do the impossible - give his brother one last cut.

Director: Monty Cole | Stars: Marcus Temple, Jamal Grant, Shinaul Jones, Cincere Temple

Category: Voices of Culture

50. Veneers (2022)

16 min | Short, Drama

Every day is a new series of performances for Trevor, because he believes that the only way to be valued is to be, at all times, the most perfect version of himself possible. It's a ... See full summary »

Director: Matt Scott Jones | Stars: Landon Moss, Ashley Denise Robinson, Darian Michael Garey, Oscar Jordan

Category: Voices of Culture

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