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1. Lauren C. Mayhew

Actress | Raise Your Voice

Lauren Courtney Mayhew was born on 27 November 1985 in Tampa, Florida to David Mayhew, an orthopaedic surgeon and Sharon Mayhew, a nurse. She has a sister named Briana, who was born in 1988. Lauren started in acting at the age of 9 when she was a finalist in the national Wilhemnia contest. A judge,...

2. Samantha Kaine

Actress | The Baker

Samantha Kaine is a Jamaican-born actress of film, television and theatre. She is known for The Baker (2021), The Retirement Plan (2021) and Self Made (2020).She began her career in theatre. In addition, she is also a producer and has produced a television documentary series, theatre productions ...

3. Thea Carla Schott

Actress | Climax

Thea Carla Schott is known for Climax (2018) and Noia (2020).

4. Sharleen Temple

Actress | Climax

Sharleen Temple is known for Climax (2018) and Faultline.

5. Alaia Alsafir

Actress | Climax

Alaia Alsafir is known for Climax (2018) and Viens on danse (2021).

6. Ashley Biscette

Actress | Climax

Ashley Biscette is known for Climax (2018), Awir Leon: Anthem Grey (2021) and Apaches (2020).

7. Cristela de la Caridad Herrera

Actress | 7 días en La Habana

Cristela de la Caridad Herrera is known for 7 Days in Havana (2011).

8. Monica Guardado

Actress | 7 días en La Habana

Monica Guardado is known for 7 Days in Havana (2011).

9. Dunia Matos

Actress | La Pareja

Dunia Matos is known for La Pareja (2016), The Couple (2016) and 7 Days in Havana (2011).

10. Yardly Kavanagh

Actress | White House Down

Yardly Kavanagh is known for White House Down (2013), The Art of War (2000) and Gerontophilia (2013).

11. Fiona Highet

Actress | RoboCop

Fiona Highet is known for RoboCop (1994), Rookie Blue (2010) and Goosebumps (1995). She has been married to Andrew Scott since 1990. They have two children.

12. Marya Gant

Actress | Prison Ship

Marya Gant was born on August 15, 1948. She is an actress, known for Star Slammer (1986), Mission: Killfast (1991) and A Polish Vampire in Burbank (1983).

13. Stephanie Fredricks

Actress | Untold: This Is My Story

Stephanie was born and raised in New York City. She began her performing career as a dancer studying at the School of American Ballet, but being the daughter of two opera singers, a professional singing career would most certainly be in her future. Her first professional acting job was in an ...

14. Georgia Hacche

Actress | The L Word

Georgia Hacche was born in New Zealand but as a young girl moved to the province of Quebec in Canada with her family where she soon learned how to speak french. Raised in Quebec till the age of 17, she joined drama class & participated in school plays& not too long after become a member of her ...

15. Justine Acciani

Actress | Intern Sushi: Oscar Parody

Justine Acciani is known for Intern Sushi Oscar Parody (2012), The Barber (2014) and Ernesto Wood (2010).

16. Kirstin Masters

Actress | Love Sonia

Kirstin Masters was born in Iowa, USA. She is known for Love Sonia (2018).

17. Jennifer Cambra

Actress | Franklin & Bash

Jennifer Cambra was born on August 6, 1983 in Santa Clara County, California, USA. She is an actress and writer, known for Franklin & Bash (2011), Coffee Shop Girl (2014) and Step One Breathe (2011).

18. Suzy Stokey

Actress | Prison Ship

Suzy Stokey was born in Los Angeles, California, USA. Suzy is an actor, known for Star Slammer (1986), Armed Response (1986) and Deep Space (1988). Suzy is married to Carmine Goglia. They have two children.

19. Henriette Ivanans

Actress | Love Strikes Twice

Henriette Ivanans is known for Love Strikes Twice (2021), Star Trek: Voyager (1995) and Sweet Autumn (2020). She has been married to Kevin McIntyre since 1995.

20. Ashley Hirt

Producer | Black Field

Ashley's a Canadian filmmaker born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As a storyteller, her work reflects her mixed cultural roots of Metis and Scottish. Known for producing the feature film "Black Field" which has received numerous accolades including the Amazon Video Direct Award (2017) at the Sundance Film ...

21. Camille Mitchell

Actress | Ships in the Night

Camille Mitchell has garnered extraordinary acclaim for her versatility onstage and onscreen. A leading lady at the Stratford and Shaw festivals, The London Times hailed her as "a gift to the theater." A 2019 and 2018 Leo Award nominee for her diverse performances on ABC's "Somewhere Between" with ...

22. Daina Leitold

Actress | Skymed

Daina Leitold is known for Skymed (2022), Sweet Autumn (2020) and The Exorcism of Molly Hartley (2015).

23. Anais Granofsky

Actress | Degrassi Junior High

Anais Granofsky was born on May 14, 1973 in Springfield, Ohio. She is an actress and director, known for Degrassi High (1987), Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001) and On Their Knees (2001).

25. Bridget Gillie

Actress | Synchronicity

Bridget Gillie was born on January 1, 1980 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She is an actress and producer, known for Synchronicity (2021), Haven (2010) and Epic Studios (2017).

26. Matilda Gilbert

Actress | Little Charmers

Matilda Gilbert is known for Little Charmers (2015), PJ Masks (2015) and ABC Weekend Specials (1977).

27. Lili Haydn

Composer | Anita

"...Lili Haydn's score,...crescendoes when it should and occasionally rings triumphant." - Variety

"Bliss-inducing original music by composer Lili Haydn ...My response was the reviewer's equivalent of a spiritual visitation." - L.A. Times

~Rolling Stone called her music "fiery and virtuosic..."


28. Rebecca Husain

Actress | Go Away, Unicorn!

Rebecca Husain is known for Go Away, Unicorn! (2018), Beat Bugs (2016) and Loudermilk (2017).

29. Samantha Hill

Actress | Les Miserables: The Broadway Musical

Proudly born and raised in Canada, Samantha's acting career began as young teen in indie film. After years of working as in an actor in Canada, Samantha moved to New York City when cast as the lead in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Next up was Cosette in the OBC cast of the revival of Les ...

30. Lia Lam

Actress | Star Trek Beyond

Lia Lam is known for Star Trek Beyond (2016), Game Over, Man! (2018) and The Interview (2014).

31. Mary Harron

Director | American Psycho

Mary Harron (born January 12, 1953) is a Canadian filmmaker and screenwriter. She gained recognition for her role in writing and directing several independent films, including I Shot Andy Warhol (1996), American Psycho (2000), and The Notorious Bettie Page (2005). She co-wrote American Psycho and ...

32. Lauren Overholt

Actress | Altered Carbon

Lauren Overholt is known for Altered Carbon (2018), The Killing (2011) and Supernatural (2005).

33. Jodi Haynes

Actress | Star Trek Beyond

Jodi Haynes is known for Star Trek Beyond (2016), A Family of Ghosts (2017) and Learning to Ride (2014).

34. Brenda James

Actress | Slither

Star and monster of the Cult Classic "Slither" Brenda James started out as a 1980's commercial actress in Los Angeles. She was cast as a regular in one of the very first cable sit-coms "Safe at Home" for Ted Turner's network. Brenda spent decades either in guest star roles, like the pregnant ...

35. Kimberley Joseph

Actress | Lost

Kimberley Joseph was born on August 30, 1973 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is an actress and producer, known for Lost (2004), Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995) and Time Trax (1993).

36. Jennifer Hale

Actress | Mass Effect 3

Jennifer Hale is a Canadian-American voice actress and singer who voiced Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, Samus Aran from Metroid Prime, Killer Frost from Injustice: Gods Among Us, Gladys from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Trinity from The Matrix: Path of Neo, Princess Morbucks, Sedusa ...

37. Koumbie

Actress | I Hate You

Koumbie is known for I Hate You (2020), Keep (2020) and Ariyah & Tristan's Inevitable Break-Up (2016).

38. Kate MacDonald

Actress | WOLF

Kate MacDonald is known for WOLF (2017) and Studio Black! (2015).

39. Alexandra Ordolis

Actress | The Mist

Alexandra Ordolis was born on July 9, 1986 in Athens, Greece. She is an actress, known for The Mist (2017), Rookie Blue (2010) and Helix (2014).

40. Emma Hunter

Actress | The Beaverton

Emma Hunter is an actor in Toronto. Credits include: CBC'S Moonshine, CTV'S The Beaverton, Letterkenny, Match Game, Spun Out, Pop Quiz and two galas for Just For Laughs. For CBC, hosting the 2018 Canadian Screen Awards, Fridge Wars, MR D, Save Me, Royal Canadian Air Farce, This Hour Has 22 Minutes,...

41. Emily Hirst

Actress | Toki o kakeru shôjo

Emily Hirst was born on July 9, 1993 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is an actress, known for The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006), Blade: The Series (2006) and Smallville (2001).

42. Cheyenne Hill

Actress | Brokeback Mountain

Cheyenne Hill was born on June 16, 1991 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is an actress, known for Brokeback Mountain (2005), Goose on the Loose (2006) and The Winter Song (2017).

43. Natasha Young

Actress | One Last Wish

Natasha grew up in Alberta and it was here that her passion for performing began. At a very young age she became actively involved in dance, acting and musical theater. As her experience grew, she began to teach dance and musical theater to young students while continuing her own training. After ...

44. Sara Fowlow

Actress | Rusteloos

Sara Fowlow was born on September 2, 1994 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Sara is an actor and writer, known for Rusteloos (2008), Worth (2020) and Billy the Kid (2022).

45. Johanne Marie

Actress | Compromised

Born and raised in Montreal, Québec, Johanne's interest towards music and acting starts at a very young age when at only 6 years old, she is awarded the lead in the school play "The Little Red Riding Hood".

At 14, she makes it to the top 10 finalists of a personality contest organized by the French ...

46. Alana Johnston

Actress | That's So Weird!

Alana Johnston is an actress, sketch performer and writer from Toronto, Canada. Alana is the host of "I Want My Phone Back" for Facebook / College Humor and a series regular on the Disney XD & Warner Bros. produced cartoon "Right Now KaPow." She has appeared as a Guest Star on shows such as "Conan"...

47. Angelique Berry

Actress | Clouds by Angel

Angelique Berry was born in Alberta, Canada. "Angel" as many who know her has always wanted to act and spent time reenacting many shows on TV. Angel has achieved early success by being one of the youngest Canadians to receive a 01 visa. Angel also has received awards and nominations for her ...

48. Tracey Hoyt

Actress | Decoys

Tracey Hoyt was born in Chatham, Ontario, Canada to the late Alexander (Sandy) Hoyt and Alice Hoyt (nee Hodder). She trained in Canada at Theatre Aquarius, The Second City, The Banff Centre and York University. After touring extensively with The Second City, Tracey taught Improvisation at the ...

49. Marianne Farley

Director | Marguerite

Marianne Farley is an actress and director, known for White Skin (2004), The Christmas Choir (2008) and Imaginaerum (2012). She was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Marianne has recorded a couple of music discs, including one for the French market in Quebec. Her television and film work has been ...

50. Kalista Itakura

Actress | Heroes Reborn

Kalista Itakura is a Canadian and Japanese model and actress.

Her modeling credits include cover/editorials for L'Officiel India May 2020, print advertisements for GO Transit (2015-2017), and various promotional works such as Dodge for NASCAR's Pinty Series 2018.

As an actress, she co-starred as ...

51. Taylor Lee

Actress | Heroes Reborn

Taylor Lee is known for Heroes Reborn (2015), After Birth (2015) and OutsideIN (2013).

52. Dorly Jean-Louis

Actress | The Man from Toronto

Dorly Jean-Louis is a Canadian Actress who continues to make a name for herself in film and television with no signs of slowing down. A versatile performer with an appeal that exudes confidence and elegance, she is credited for appearing in several award-winning television series including The ...

53. Elina Miyake Jackson

Actress | Creepy Bits

Elina is a Japanese Canadian actress and filmmaker with records of 2 nominations as a Best Lead Actress and selected short films at 15 film festivals internationally. Recent credits include; DC's Titans, Netflix's "Age of Samurai" and "Creepy Bits", and "BIAS". Her motto for storytelling is; Change...

54. Rebecca Northan

Actress | Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Rebecca Northan is an actor, theatre director, improviser and improv teacher. She is a graduate of the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama. Rebecca did her improv training at the Loose Moose Theatre Company in Calgary, Alberta with Keith Johnstone (creator of Theatresports, ...

55. Leslie Hopps

Actress | Supernatural

Leslie was born in Vancouver, Canada. She studied at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute (New York), The William Davis Centre for Actor's Study (Canada), and The Royal Winnipeg Ballet School (Canada). Leslie is related to Stuart Hopps, one of the UK's leading choreographers.

She is married to Thomas...

56. Chantele Francis

Actress | Arrow

Chantele Francis is known for Arrow (2012), Girl Couch (2015) and The Whispers (2015).

57. Naomi Kyle

Actress | Project: SERA

Naomi Kyle is an actor and former on-air host for IGN Entertainment's video productions including its award-winning news show, The Daily Fix. Born in the small town of Ste-Agathe-Des-Monts, Quebec, Naomi grew up playing video games and indulging in movies during her spare time. Little did she know ...

58. Kamilla Kowal

Actress | The New Romantic

Kamilla Kowal is known for The New Romantic (2018), Letterkenny (2016) and American Hangman (2019).

59. Sarah Jean Hodkinson

Actress | Stuck in the Middle

Sarah Jean Hodkinson is a Canadian Actress/Dancer/Producer.

She began dancing at the age of 5 in her home town, Owen Sound. When she was 10 years old she started attending exams at "The National Ballet School of Canada" and taking master classes. At 18 she headed to Italy to compete in "Dance Grand ...

60. Kelly Lamb

Actress | Project Ithaca

Kelly Lamb is known for Project Ithaca (2019), Letterkenny (2016) and Rosewood Ranch (2022).

61. Jazmin Paradis

Actress | The Intruders

Jazmin Paradis is known for The Intruders (2015), Letterkenny (2016) and What Would Sal Do? (2017).

62. Kiara Hunter

Actress | Bordello of Blood

Kiara Hunter was born on March 13, 1972 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is an actress, known for Bordello of Blood (1996), Black Cat (1991) and Stargate SG-1 (1997).

63. Shanna Forrestall

Actress | The Last Exorcism

"Shanna from Louisiana" was born and raised in South Louisiana in a small town called Gonzales (located on a bayou between Baton Rouge and New Orleans). Shanna is a professional actress, film & music producer, children's author and songwriter.

Shanna splits her time between New Orleans, Chattanooga ...

64. Tammy Isbell

Actress | Paradise Falls

Tammy Isbell is known for Paradise Falls (2001), The Outer Limits (1995) and Being Erica (2009). She has been married to Peter Outerbridge since May 2000.

65. Deborah Mailman

Actress | Offspring

She was educated at the Queensland University of Technology (she majored in drama), her theatre work includes the all aboriginal Sydney Theatre Company production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, the Sydney Belvoir Street Theatre production of The Small Poppies and the touring production of Seven ...

66. Ursula Yovich

Actress | Australia

Ursula Yovich is known for Australia (2008), Top End Wedding (2019) and Around the Block (2013).

67. Maura Grierson

Actress | RoboCop

Maura Grierson is known for RoboCop (2014), Regression (2015) and The Strain (2014).

68. Hannah Longworth

Actress | Hector and the Search for Happiness

Hannah Longworth resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She has two brothers who are also actors Aiden Longworth and Rowan Longworth. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, writing songs, and playing guitar. She also likes spending time with her family and entertaining her YorkiePom ...

69. Shari Sebbens

Actress | Thor: Ragnarok

Shari Sebbens is known for Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) and Redfern Now (2012).

70. Leila Gurruwiwi

The Nightingale

Leila Gurruwiwi is known for The Nightingale (2018), Glitch (2015) and Fires (2021).

71. Miranda Tapsell

Actress | The Dry

Miranda Tapsell is known for The Dry (2020), Top End Wedding (2019) and Love Child (2014). She has been married to James Colley since December 2018. They have one child.

72. Sarah Belala

Stunts | Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Sarah Belala is known for Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018), Anna (2019) and Climax (2018).

73. Lea Vlamos

Actress | Climax

Lea Vlamos is known for Climax (2018), Terma (2021) and Feder x Make Up for Ever: Breathe (2017).

74. LenteTresor

Actress | The Man in the Cave

Even at her young age, LenteTresor can 'hang' with the best of them. Known in certain circles as "America's Newest Sweetheart," this actress-singer-model rocked Amy Winehouse's tune "Tears Dry On Their Own" (as seen on YouTube) so much so that the late singer's father was inspired to send a ...

75. Janice Béliveau-Sicotte

Actress | Enter the Void

Janice Béliveau-Sicotte is known for Enter the Void (2009) and The Grand Falls (2009).

76. Sara Stockbridge

Actress | Enter the Void

Sara Stockbridge lives in London where she writes drama/sci-fi/thrillers featuring independent thinkers navigating unusual realities. She grew up around the world, always the new girl at school, which made her adaptable, self-reliant and (inwardly) socially awkward - the thread that runs through ...

77. Rumiko Kimishima

Actress | Enter the Void

Rumiko Kimishima is known for Enter the Void (2009), Final Fantasy XIII (2009) and The Swap (2010).

78. Emi Takeuchi

Actress | Enter the Void

Emi Takeuchi is known for Enter the Void (2009) and Hodo Station (2004).

79. Sayuki Nakamura

Actress | Enter the Void

Sayuki Nakamura is known for Enter the Void (2009).

80. Kaori Nakamura

Actress | Enter the Void

Kaori Nakamura is known for Enter the Void (2009) and Far Cry 6 (2021).

81. Naoko Hirosawa

Actress | Enter the Void

Naoko Hirosawa is known for Enter the Void (2009).

82. Joan Heithfield

Actress | Enter the Void

Joan Heithfield is known for Enter the Void (2009).

83. Mackenzie Falcombridge

Actor | Enter the Void

Mackenzie Falcombridge is known for Enter the Void (2009).

84. Sayuki Matsumoto

Actress | Chokorêto derinjâ

Sayuki Matsumoto was born on December 9, 1985 in Mie, Japan. She is an actress, known for Chocolate Derringer (2017), The Handsome Suit (2008) and Lala Pipo: A Lot of People (2009).

85. Anne-Sophie Franck

Actress | Inglourious Basterds

Anne-Sophie Franck was born on April 12, 1986 in France. She is an actress, known for Inglourious Basterds (2009), Inquisitio (2012) and The Jungle (2006).

86. Akira Kuzuki

Actress | Enter the Void

Akira Kuzuki is known for Enter the Void (2009), Tokidoki meguri eburidei (2017) and Usotsuki paradokusu (2013).

87. Nami Motoyama

Actress | Chotto kawaii aian meiden

Nami Motoyama is known for The Torture Club (2014), Uwakoi (2014) and Uwakoi 2 (2014).

88. Lauren Phoenix

Actress | Edge Runner

Tall (5'10"), slender, and enticing blonde Lauren Phoenix was born on May 13, 1979 in Toronto, Canada. The daughter of an Italian father and a British mother, Lauren attended a performing arts high school, practiced ballet for ten years as well as did tap, jazz, modern, and lyrical dance (she also ...

89. Avy Lee Roth

Actress | Gothsend 2

Avy Lee Roth was born on December 1, 1979 in Madrid, Spain. She is an actress.

90. Petra Hartung

Actress | Inglourious Basterds

Petra Hartung was born on October 6, 1969. She is an actress, known for Inglourious Basterds (2009), Unknown (2011) and The Reader (2008).

92. Tegan Nottle

Actress | Trip the Light Fantastic

Tegan Nottle is a passionate Adelaide-based actress and filmmaker. Since beginning her acting career in 2019, she has been in Cate Blancett's television Series "Stateless", the Australian feature film "Never Too Late" alongside Jackie Weaver and Shane Jacobson, and in Warner Bros' feature film "...

93. Amy Rose Hancock

Hotel Mumbai

Amy Rose Hancock is known for Hotel Mumbai (2018), Speed (2018) and Like a Bird (2022).

94. Sisi Stringer

Actress | Mortal Kombat

Sisi Stringer was born on January 10, 1997 in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. She is an actress and assistant director, known for Mortal Kombat (2021), Bloody Hell (2020) and Carnifex (2022).

95. Jane Watson

Actress | Pacific Rim

Jane Watson is a professional stage and film actress, writer and entrepreneur. She started performing in elementary school and has never looked back. Discovering her passion for theatre motivated her to study as much as she could as a young artist; she was one of the first teenagers to attend the ...

96. Lisa Gardner

Costume_department | The Mandalorian

Lisa Gardner is known for The Mandalorian (2019), Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022) and Hocus Pocus 2 (2022).

97. Vanessa Campbell

Actress | Garfield

Vanessa Campbell is known for Garfield (2004), The Trust (2016) and The Lovers (2017).

98. Jade Ma

Actress | Black Widow

Jade Ma is an English actress based between Canada and England.

She was born in 1997 in Hong Kong to a British father and Chinese mother. At 17, she moved to the UK to train at the Guildford School of Acting.

Ma made her professional TV acting debut in the 2018 Christmas comedy film Surviving ...

99. Shaina West

Actress | Black Widow

Shaina West is a real life super-hero, with a back-story to rival any Avenger and an alter-ego determined to change the stereotype of black women on screen. After being involved in a motorcycle accident aged just 20, inspired by her passion for Japanese culture and love of Anime, Shaina got out of ...

100. Yolanda Lynes

Stunts | The Witcher

Yolanda Lynes is known for The Witcher (2019), Anansi Boys and Pennyworth (2019).

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