Japan Film Festival 2019

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1. The Ghost of Yotsuya (1959)

76 min | Horror

The ghost of a samurai's wife takes revenge on her husband.

Director: Nobuo Nakagawa | Stars: Shigeru Amachi, Noriko Kitazawa, Katsuko Wakasugi, Shuntarô Emi

Votes: 1,116

2. Peony Lantern (1968)

89 min | Horror

On the night of the summer Obon festival, Hagiwara Shinzaburo meets a beautiful courtesan named Otsuyu. Not knowing she's a ghost, he becomes infaruated by her.

Director: Satsuo Yamamoto | Stars: Miyoko Akaza, Kôjirô Hongô, Hajime Koshikawa, Kô Nishimura

Votes: 127

3. Kwaidan (1964)

Not Rated | 183 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

A collection of four Japanese folk tales with supernatural themes.

Director: Masaki Kobayashi | Stars: Rentarô Mikuni, Michiyo Aratama, Misako Watanabe, Kenjirô Ishiyama

Votes: 13,479

4. Black Cat Mansion (1958)

69 min | Drama, Horror

The descendant of the servant of a cruel and vicious samurai returns to the town where she was born, only to find that a cat who is possessed by the spirits of those murdered by the samurai is trying to kill her.

Director: Nobuo Nakagawa | Stars: Toshio Hosokawa, Midori Chikuma, Yuriko Ejima, Fujie Satsuki

Votes: 284

5. And Your Bird Can Sing (2018)

106 min | Drama

The protagonist is a boozing loser. He can set a fresh course and set things right, but chooses not to. He has a part-time job, but does not try or try hard enough. He is either absent or ... See full summary »

Director: Shô Miyake | Stars: Tasuku Emoto, Shizuka Ishibashi, Shôta Sometani

Votes: 181

6. Blue Hour (2019)

92 min | Drama

Thirty-year-old professional woman Sunada is a commercial agency director in Tokyo Japan. However, despite what others may think, she is unhappy with her job, career trajectory or the ... See full summary »

Director: Yuko Hakota | Stars: Denden, Kaho, Daisuke Kuroda, Kaho Minami

Votes: 44

7. Fly Me to the Saitama (2019)

106 min | Comedy, Drama

In a world where people are discriminated based on their birthplace, a resident of the much-reviled Saitama Prefecture embarks on a revolutionary campaign to improve things for his home.

Director: Hideki Takeuchi | Stars: Kumiko Asô, Gackt, Yûsuke Iseya, Ryô Katô

Votes: 218

8. What Is Love? (2018)

123 min | Drama, Romance

Twenty-eight-year-old office lady Teruko is head over heels with Mamoru. The sting of love is so strong that she has all but ignored her friends, home and work. Her family and friends are ... See full summary »

Director: Rikiya Imaizumi | Stars: Noriko Eguchi, Mai Fukagawa, Reiko Kataoka, Yukino Kishii

Votes: 67

9. My Dad Is a Heel Wrestler (2018)

111 min | Family, Sport

Takashi used to wrestle and take himself seriously, but that he was a comic figure is now apparent to all including himself with his mask and get-up since he officially wrestles as a joke. ... See full summary »

Director: Kyôhei Fujimura | Stars: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Yoshino Kimura, Kokoro Terada, Yasushi Fuchikami

Votes: 58

10. Ride Your Wave (2019)

94 min | Animation, Comedy, Romance

A surfer and firefighter meet and fall in love.

Director: Masaaki Yuasa | Stars: Ryôta Katayose, Rina Kawaei, Honoka Matsumoto, Kentarô Itô

Votes: 187

11. Tower of the Sun (2018)

112 min | Documentary

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Director: Kôsai Sekine | Star: Taro Okamoto

Votes: 6

12. The Legend of the Stardust Brothers (1985)

100 min | Music, Comedy

In 1985, Makoto Tezuka, the son of manga genius Osamu Tezuka, was still a film student with a few experimental shorts to his credit and who was entrusted with the mission to turn an album by Haruo Chikada into a musical film.

Director: Macoto Tezuka | Stars: Shingo Kubota, Kan Takagi, Kyôko Togawa, Issay

Votes: 77

13. Born Bone Born (2018)

111 min | Comedy, Family

It is the anniversary of the death of the wife and mother of an Okinawan family and the Shinjos have congregated back on the island. It is time to honour the dead by practicing the ritual ... See full summary »

Director: Gori | Stars: Ayame Misaki, Eiji Okuda, Michitaka Tsutsui

Votes: 34

14. Kakegurui (2019)

TV-MA | 119 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Hyakaou Academy is a private and elite institute that has catered to the well-to-do for over a century. The academic ranking is based on the pupils' gambling winnings. The best are rewarded... See full summary »

Director: Tsutomu Hanabusa | Stars: Minami Hamabe, Mahiro Takasugi, Aoi Morikawa, Yurika Nakamura

Votes: 61

15. Kingdom (2019)

R | 134 min | Action, History, War

62 Metascore

In ancient China, a young boy dreams of becoming the greatest general of the Qin Kingdom.

Director: Shinsuke Sato | Stars: Kento Yamazaki, Ryô Yoshizawa, Masami Nagasawa, Kanna Hashimoto

Votes: 578

16. Little Love Song (2019)

123 min | Drama, Music, Romance

Inspired by a hit song by Mongol800, there is a small town in Okinawa where the US occupation forces are stationed and have fenced off their base. A popular high school band is scouted by a... See full summary »

Director: Kôjirô Hashimoto | Stars: Katrina Bourdo, Leigh Carmichael, Kazuhiko Kanayama, Gordon Maeda

Votes: 41

17. Sukigime Otoko Tomodachi (2019)

78 min | Romance

Mochizuki Nasa is an office lady who is employed as an editor and other duties at a small online publication. Sota is a casual looking and ordinary young man who could be mistaken for just ... See full summary »

Director: Mayu Akiyama | Stars: Sumire Ashina, Atsushi Hashimoto, Tomoko Nozaki, Eri Tokunaga

18. Samurai Shifters (2019)

120 min | Comedy, History

The noble Katagiri Harunosuke is both a warrior and a scholar. He is a samurai in the employment of his lord or Daimyo and also a bookworm. His newest and somewhat surprising task is to ... See full summary »

Director: Isshin Inudô | Stars: Gaku Hamada, Gen Hoshino, Yutaka Matsushige, Masahiko Nishimura

Votes: 34

19. Dance with Me (2019)

103 min | Adventure, Comedy, Musical

Suzuki Shizuka is an office lady at a conglomerate who is treated by a hypnotist and left under the spell. Thereafter she cannot but sing and dance whenever she hears any melody whatsoever.... See full summary »

Director: Shinobu Yaguchi | Stars: Ayaka Miyoshi, Chay, Takahiro Miura, Tsuyoshi Muro

Votes: 90

20. A Banana? At This Time of Night? (2018)

120 min | Comedy

A man is immobile and incapacitated. He is home-bound, but lucky to have multiple professional and nonprofessional volunteers serve and help him. He takes full advantage of the situation ... See full summary »

Director: Tetsu Maeda | Stars: Chie Ayado, Masato Hagiwara, Hanae Kan, Haruma Miura

Votes: 71

21. My Father, the Bride (2019)

95 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

Tokachan is a lady in Tokyo who travels back to her hometown on the anniversary of her mother's death. She is surprised when she is introduced to a man as the latest addition to the family.

Director: Momoko Fukuda | Stars: Kenta Hamano, Itsuji Itao, Shô Kasamatsu, Honoka Matsumoto

Votes: 5

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