Who Are Capt. Nemo, Little Nemo, And A Fish Named Nemo?

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What happened at work, my fellow employee and I were working chiding each other playfully to wake-up and stay alert, when I had called him “Little Nemo” in an obvious reference to Little Nemo of the turn of the century comic strip and animated movie Little Nemo (1989), the little child who, when he went to sleep, had adventures in a fantasy dreamland called Slumberland and his adventures ended when he fell out of his high narrow bed and woke up. I knew the reference would go over my co-worker’s head because few people know of the comicstrip unless you are a fantasy buff or comic book addict. And it did go over his head and told me not to call him the clown fish from Finding Nemo (2003) and Finding Dory (2016). Of course, I had explained the reference to him only after letting him wonder about it for a while. Then out of curiosity, I had asked him did he know who Captain Nemo was? (You know, Jules Verne’s famous captain of the submarine “Nautilus” in “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”). To my shock nether him or another co-worker knew who Capt. Nemo was! Well to refresh everyone’s memory, here are a few films with a character named Nemo in it. Which one is your favorite Nemo? If you got one that isn’t on the list, voyage in your flying bed or underwater submarine, to this uncharted isle on the internet and chat for awhile.

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