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Welcome to IMDb Poll Community,

there are 3 types of IMDb polls (and lists):

  • Titles poll
  • Images poll
  • People poll


  • Titles poll
Lucasfilm Movies

  • Images poll
Favorite Animal in 'The Lord of the Rings' Trilogy

  • People poll
Oscars 2021 — Best Supporting Actress

10 Tips to Write an IMDb Poll

1- How to make a list that eventually can become a poll:

2- How NOT to make the same poll TWICE, search if your poll has already been done by somebody else (or use google search, check tip #9 below it works just as well...):

3- How to format text and insert links:

4- How to fill in the form in the community forum:

5- How to insert links inside the list introduction text:

6- How to automatically capitalize the words in the title, if you are in doubt (select AP tab – Associated Press):

7- How to re-order list items:

8- Everything said above as a video tutorial:

9- How to google search for IMDb live polls in the internet: inurl:poll "a poll by writeyournicknamehere" inurl:poll intitle:words that you are searching for

9.1 - How to google search suggestions made in the community forum inurl:conversations "suggestion or idea here"

10- How to write a good poll, read the heading "Additional advice":

Important Notes:

The Internet Movie Database is abbreviated IMDb.

Put in your list up to 35 options. (max)

Face-Off polls up to 5 options (max). [Face-off ideas can be suggested any day. Face-Off polls go live on Fridays.]

Put in the 5 top positions the 5 titles with best ratings. (See tip #7 above)

Set your list to public, not private.

In the List/Poll Title: Film titles are enclosed in single quote ('). Television series titles are enclosed in double quotes ("). Use " in TV series titles: "I Dream of Jeannie" vs. "Bewitched" Use ' in movie titles: 'Conan' vs. 'Rambo'

Capitalize the words in the title of the list (see tip #6 above).

Keep it (list text, list title) in ENGLISH.

Write "favorite" not "favourite".

In a face-off poll (A versus B), write the abbreviation vs. with "."

In the question, do NOT leave a blank space between the last word and the question mark: Right: Who is your favorite? Wrong: Who is your favorite ?

It's better to link to the source of the information in the text.

To make/edit lists/poll suggestions use a desktop computer or notebook.

Do NOT make your list/poll suggestion personal. Wrong = movies that I like... Wrong = tv series that I watched... They will not the published. Use some numerical rules based on: IMDb rating, popularity/number of viewers, year. Higher/lower than... Or some criteria related to a specific: country, actor, award...

In your IMDb Community Forum posts, turn your list link into a CLICKABLE link by pressing <ENTER> or New Line after the Copy&Paste:

All IMDb Live Polls:

FAQ: Poll Authors - Re-Push Requests (do NOT forget to remove the link to the live poll from the intro text) Notes on Re-Push:
  • Polls are limited to 35 choices.
  • You cannot change the order of your list.
  • You must add any new choices to the end of your list and include the date you added the choice.

Interesting Notes:

Text color doesn't work when you view the list, but [ red ][ /red ] does work when the poll is live.

How to switch from "list to poll" and from "poll to list":

If you replace the "www" with an "m" in the link, you can determine the date a poll has gone live. For instance: Created Jan 28, 2021 Created Mar 7, 2021

In the title, use preferably "em dash" instead of a "hyphen". Examples (Windows):

hyphen (-) Hollywood Renaissance - Very Famous Directors (Part II)

en dash (ALT + 0150) Hollywood Renaissance Very Famous Directors (Part II)

em dash (ALT + 0151) Hollywood Renaissance Very Famous Directors (Part II)

Merge related poll suggestions (posts) into one single thread to avoid flooding the community forum with multiple similar posts.


Poll Suggestion 1: Movies Names That Start With "A" (post 1) Poll Suggestion 2: Movies Names That Start With "B" (post 2) Poll Suggestion 3: Movies Names That Start With "C" (post 3) Poll Suggestion 4: Movies Names That Start With "D" (post 4) Poll Suggestion 5: Movies Names That Start With "E" (post 5) Poll Suggestion 6: Movies Names That Start With "F" (post 6) Poll Suggestion 7: Movies Names That Start With "G" (post 7) Poll Suggestion 8: Movies Names That Start With "H" (post 8)

merge into one single post:

8 Poll Suggestions: Movies Names (single post)

(body text) List 1: Movies Names That Start With "A" List 2: Movies Names That Start With "B" List 3: Movies Names That Start With "C" List 4: Movies Names That Start With "D" List 5: Movies Names That Start With "E" List 6: Movies Names That Start With "F" List 7: Movies Names That Start With "G" List 8: Movies Names That Start With "H"

In titles/people lists, put titles/people without IMDb profile images in the last positions.

Important parts of images [left/right sides] may get cropped by the IMDb list-to-poll rendering system. In the introduction text of an IMAGE poll, you may suggest a [picture] slide show of your image list, For an uncropped view of the images see the slides here. [link to the first image of the original list] Example:



First image and slide show:

If you want to see ANY image list as a slide show, full size images, just add /mediaviewer after its address:

Advanced Google-Searching the IMDb site/pages

Searching in a poll text with the exact words inurl:poll "pinball machines"

Searching for quotes with the exact words inurl:quotes "I lied"

Searching trivia pages with the exact words inurl:trivia "Walt Disney"

Searching user's reviews with the exact words inurl:reviews "good movie"

Searching for images with the exact words inurl:mediaviewer "Arnold Schwarzenegger"

Searching for a photo gallery with the exact words inurl:mediaindex "Arnold Schwarzenegger"

Searching for a location with the exact words inurl:locations "Eiffel Tower"

Searching for a song in the film's soundtrack with the exact words inurl:soundtrack "YMCA"

Now, if you want to search the IMDb Poll Community Forum, then change "" for "":

Searching forum threads for the exact words inurl:conversations "pinball machines"

Good Reading

a) Index of IMDb Poll Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ: Key Threads - IMDb Poll FAQs Index):

b) Selection Criteria for Polls:

c) How to Improve the Chance of Having your Poll on the IMdb Home Page:

d) Time for your Poll to Go Live


Problem: you do not manage to log in on the IMDb community forum ( on a computer. Solution: clear chrome cache, most important, delete all cookies. Removing cookies in chrome:

Problem: you can not find the Live Poll feature in the new IMDb Homepage. Solution: go to, scroll all the way down (vertically), find the heading More to Explore > Editor's pick, scroll to the right (horizontally), click on "Vote now".


Bumping: simply means to move a thread up to the first page in order to give it attention. When you have an "Old" topic on a message board that no one has seen or commented on for a long time it gets way down on the threads list. So one makes a comment of "Bump", so as to bump it up to the front of the threads message board. You could use any word you like as a comment. The word "bump" is not necessary. The action of commenting is "Bumping" the topic to the top.

to Re-Push: to add new items onto a LIVE poll (already published).

********** The End ***********

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