Diverse Camera Crew

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1. Rina Yang

Cinematographer | Euphoria

Rina Yang is known for Euphoria (2019), Top Boy (2011) and Bohemian Rhapsody (2018).


2. David Agha-Rafei

Camera_department | Notes on a Scandal

David Agha-Rafei is known for Notes on a Scandal (2006), Weekend (2011) and Age of Heroes (2011).

Focus Puller

3. Shibbir Ahmed

Camera_department | The Danish Girl

Shibbir Ahmed is known for The Danish Girl (2015), Rustom (2016) and Sex Education (2019).


4. Lami Okrekson

Camera_department | Truth Seekers

Lami Okrekson is known for Truth Seekers (2020), Gangs of Tooting Broadway (2013) and The Old Guard 2.

Focus Puller

5. Iona Firouzabadi

Writer | In Wonderland

Iona Firouzabadi is a graduate of the National Film & Television School (MA in Cinematography) and has a BA in English Literature from Cambridge University. She is based in London and represented by Independent Talent as a writer.

In 2017 Film London produced her first short film as writer, 'In ...


6. Luke Bryant

Camera_department | Black Mirror

Luke Bryant is known for Black Mirror (2011), I Hate Suzie (2020) and Chewing Gum (2015).


7. Jecery Rosini

Camera_department | Mindhorn

Jecery Rosini is known for Mindhorn (2016), Am I Being Unreasonable? (2022) and Death in Paradise (2011).

8. Hilda Sealy

Camera_department | Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Hilda Sealy is known for Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018), Exam (2009) and The Wedding Date (2005).

Focus Puller

9. Kelvin Richard

Camera_department | Spooks

Kelvin is an experienced BAFTA nominated Director of Photography. He has worked on numerous TV dramas, feature films, factual entertainment and music productions.

He has photographed many successful and acclaimed productions each with their own creative and technical challenges. TV dramas include, "...


10. Jon Garwes

Camera_department | Doomsday

Jon Garwes is known for Doomsday (2008), Hellboy (2019) and The Descent (2005).

Focus Puller

11. Moe Owoborode

Camera_department | Downton Abbey

Moe Owoborode is known for Downton Abbey (2019), The Feed (2019) and Curfew (2019).

Camera Trainee

12. Nathan Mann

Camera_department | Attack the Block

Nathan Mann is known for Attack the Block (2011), Push (2009) and Ready Player One (2018).

Focus Puller

13. Joel Honeywell

Camera_department | King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Joel Honeywell was born on January 26, 1990 in Camberwell, London, England, UK. He is a cinematographer, known for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017), Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016) and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018).

DOP/Focus Puller

14. Jonathan Reid-Edwards

Director | The Good Neighbour

Jonathan Reid-Edwards is known for The Good Neighbour (2019), Hadley TK-421 (2011) and Beth Orton: Forever Young (2022).


15. Joe Nkadi

Camera_department | The Music Island

Joe Nkadi is known for The Music Island (2021), False Men (2016) and Brain in Gear (2019).


16. M. Bulman Arshehit

Camera_department | Judy

M. Bulman Arshehit is known for Judy (2019), Dolittle (2020) and Accident Man (2018).

Camera Assistant

17. Mahalia John

Camera_department | No Time to Die

Mahalia John is known for No Time to Die (2021), Aladdin (2019) and Bohemian Rhapsody (2018).

Camera Trainee / Assistant

18. Kat Spencer

Camera_department | Da 5 Bloods

Kat Spencer is known for Da 5 Bloods (2020), F9: The Fast Saga (2021) and Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015).

Camera Assistant

19. Aaron Reid

Cinematographer | Supacell

Aaron Reid is known for Supacell, 10x10 (2018) and Love Sarah (2020).


20. Barnaby Wilkinson

Cinematographer | The Love Triangle

Barnaby Wilkinson is known for The Love Triangle (2021), How to Build a Planet (2013) and The Fear (2015).

Camera Dept

21. Bonny Lockhart

Camera_department | Acorn Antiques: The Musical

Bonny Lockhart is known for Acorn Antiques: The Musical (2006), Sorry, I Didn't Know (2016) and Spitting Image (2020).

Camera Assistant

22. Michael Mensah

Camera_department | What Happened to Monday

Michael Mensah is known for What Happened to Monday (2017), Ready Player One (2018) and Allied (2016).

Techno Dolly Op

23. Elizabeth Khan-Greig

Camera_department | Lockwood & Co

Elizabeth Khan-Greig is known for Lockwood & Co (2023), The Son (2022) and The Great (2020).

Camera Trainee

24. Samuel Grant

Camera_department | Peaky Blinders

Samuel Grant is known for Peaky Blinders (2013), Sherlock (2010) and Happy Valley (2014).

2nd AC

25. Nathan Lloyd

Camera_department | Solo: A Star Wars Story

Nathan Lloyd is known for Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018), Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) and Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021).

2nd AC

26. Jaspreet Bal

Camera_department | Under the Skin

Jaspreet Bal is known for Under the Skin (2013), Fast & Furious 6 (2013) and The Wife (2017).

Focus Puller

27. Simrat Bala

Cinematographer | Misread

Simrat Bala is known for Misread (2011), The Durrells (2016) and No Mans Land.

2nd AC

28. Peter Hodges

Camera_department | Relic Hunter

Peter Hodges is known for Relic Hunter (1999), War of the Worlds (2019) and Paranoid (2016).

2nd AC

29. Joshua Dadson

Camera_department | No Time to Die

Joshua Dadson is known for No Time to Die (2021), Memory (2022) and Miss You Already (2015).

2nd AC

30. Laura Van De Hel

Camera_department | Killers Anonymous

Laura Van De Hel is known for Killers Anonymous (2019), Noise (2019) and The Phantom Warrior.

Focus Puller

31. Andrei Austin

Camera_department | Belfast

Andrei Austin is known for Belfast (2021), Death on the Nile (2022) and Outlander (2014).

Camera Operator

32. Ky Brasey

Camera_department | Allied

Ky Brasey is known for Allied (2016), Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018).

2nd AC

34. Deepa Keshvala

Camera_department | Pride

Deepa Keshvala is known for Pride (2014), Kara (2017) and White Girl (2019).


35. Shabier Kirchner

Cinematographer | Small Axe

Shabier Kirchner is known for Small Axe (2020), Bull (2019) and Memoirs of the Blue (2010).


36. Kanamé Onoyama

Cinematographer | Top Boy

Kanamé Onoyama is known for Top Boy (2011), Abou Leila (2019) and Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022).


37. Jake Gabbay

Cinematographer | Kamali

Jake Gabbay is known for Kamali (2018), School's Out Forever (2021) and Kingsland (2015).


38. Nathalie Pitters

Cinematographer | From Life

Nathalie Pitters is known for From Life (2018), Stratum Deep (2020) and The Surrogate of Infidelity (2018).


39. Stefan Yap

Cinematographer | Philophobia

Stefan Yap is known for As I Am (2019), Sofia's Diary UK (2008) and Ill Manors (2012).


40. Junior Agyeman Owusu

Camera_department | Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Junior Agyeman Owusu is known for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014), Silence (2013) and Viking Destiny (2018).

Steadicam Op / Spark

41. Damian Paul Daniel

Camera_department | Johnny English Reborn

Damian Paul Daniel is known for Johnny English Reborn (2011), Fearless (2023) and Ill Manors (2012).

DOP / Camera Op

42. Malika Sheikh

Camera_department | Red Sparrow

Malika Sheikh is known for Red Sparrow (2018), Spectre (2015) and Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (2021).

Camera Trainee

43. Mari Yamamura

Cinematographer | Kesulat

Mari Yamamura is known for Fields of War (2017), Doctors (2000) and 1 Day (2009).


44. Clarice Henry

Camera_department | Infinite

Clarice Henry is known for Infinite (2021), The Nevers (2021) and Never Back Down: Revolt (2021).

Camera Trainee

45. Chin Okoronkwo

Camera_department | Gracie

Chin Okoronkwo is known for Gracie (2018), Extraordinary Rendition (2007) and Deadmeat (2007).


46. Jonathan Boyd

Camera_department | Road Trip

Jonathan Boyd is known for Road Trip (2022), Elephant (II) (2020) and Dream English Kid 1964-1999 AD (2015).

Camera Assistant

47. Jean Ash

Camera_department | Hellboy

Jean Ash is known for Hellboy (2019), Artemis Fowl (2020) and Bridget Jones's Baby (2016).

2nd AC

48. Teresa Adamson

Camera_department | Saint Maud

Teresa Adamson is known for Saint Maud (2019), Official Secrets (2019) and Tolkien (2019).

2nd AC

49. Olan Collardy

Cinematographer | Marlene

Olan Collardy is an independent filmmaker/cinematographer, founder of Cardy Films. His work is an infusion of his passion for art, fashion and style. Cardy Films have been responsible for a series of short films that have generated a cult following amongst film enthusiasts. Olan Collardy recently ...


50. David Ansah

Camera_department | Boogie Man

David Ansah is known for Boogie Man (2018), Spaceman (2016) and Fellow Creatures (2021).

Camera Trainee

51. Esther Adeusi

Camera_department | Rust

Esther Adeusi is known for Rust (2018).

Camera Trainee

52. Elizabeth Gbejuade

Producer | Kelvin's Big Farming Adventure

Elizabeth Gbejuade is known for Kelvin's Big Farming Adventure (2022), The 12 (2017) and Rip Off Britain (2009).

Camera Trainee

53. Iona Greaves

Camera_department | The Witcher

Iona Greaves is known for The Witcher (2019), The Nevers (2021) and Snow White (2024).

Camera Trainee

54. Joshua Ighodaro

Camera_department | The Batman

Joshua Ighodaro is known for The Batman (2022), Andor (2022) and The Marvels (2023).

Camera Trainee

55. Sasha Imani

The Beast Must Die

Sasha Imani is known for The Beast Must Die (2021), Bridgerton (2020) and Call the Midwife (2012).

Camera Trainee

56. Kamau Kelly

Camera_department | The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Kamau Kelly is known for The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (2023), Julia - The Series (2020) and The Origin (2022).

Camera Trainee

57. Bradley Panda

Camera_department | The Man Who Fell to Earth

Bradley Panda is known for The Man Who Fell to Earth (2022), Feel Good (2020) and Untamed (2015).

Camera Trainee

Camera Trainee

59. Romyn Raj Sharma

Camera_department | House of the Dragon

Romyn Raj Sharma is known for House of the Dragon (2022), The Sandman (2022) and A Night in 97 (2020).

Camera Trainee

60. Rew Thongphakdi

Camera_department | The Jack in the Box: Awakening

Rew Thongphakdi is known for The Jack in the Box: Awakening (2022), His Dark Materials (2019) and Asphyxiate (2020).

Camera Trainee

61. Fola Abatan

Cinematographer | False Men

Fola Abatan is known for False Men (2016), Smoke & Roses (2017) and Ms Banks: You Don't Know (2020).


62. Remi Adefarasin

Cinematographer | Elizabeth

Remi Adefarasin was born on February 2, 1948 in London, England, UK. He is a cinematographer, known for Elizabeth (1998), Everest (2015) and Match Point (2005).


63. Riaz Ahmed

Cinematographer | Dark Strings

Riaz is a British/Kashmiri, multi-disciplinary creator born in the town of Luton and works around the UK. Based mainly around London, Riaz has worked across many different types of visual work including film, photography and design.

Riaz is a visual storyteller with a unique approach to each project...


64. Shaka Agina

Cinematographer | Serial Clean

Kenyan / British , Cinematographer, Shaka Agina started his journey into the arts at the age of nine. Using his parent's camera, he began practicing and taking an interest in photography. 5 years later at age 14, he founded a publishing group, Division Pictures. Which he still uses to this date to ...


65. Edward Ames

Cinematographer | The Last Witness

Edward Ames is known for The Last Witness (2018), The Banishing (2020) and File Box (2013).


66. Femi Awojide

Cinematographer | Sugar Rush

Femi Awojide is known for Sugar Rush (2019), Juju Stories (2021) and Dazzling Mirage (2014).


67. Courtney Bennett

Cinematographer | Fifty-Four Days

Courtney Bennett is known for Fifty-Four Days (2022), The Mourning Bird (2022) and One Acen - Nigeria (2020).


68. Yinka Edward

Camera_department | Belfast

Yinka Edward is an award-winning cinematographer. He shot the short animation, "A Love Story", which won the 2017 BAFTA Award for Best Short Animation. He also shot Nigeria's first Netflix original film, "Lionheart", as well as Nigeria's 2020 Oscar submission "The Milkmaid" for the Best ...


69. Jermaine Edwards

Camera_department | '71

Jermaine Edwards is known for '71 (2014), Bronson (2008) and Pride (2014).


70. Jasper Enujuba

Cinematographer | The Laughing Heart

Jasper Enujuba is known for The Laughing Heart (2019), Estranged (2018) and To Beat an Egg.


71. Sean Francis

Cinematographer | A Song for Our Fathers

Sean Francis is known for A Song for Our Fathers (2016), Bluebird (2017) and City of Vice (2008).

DOP/Camera Op

72. Jake Gabbay

Cinematographer | Kamali

Jake Gabbay is known for Kamali (2018), School's Out Forever (2021) and Kingsland (2015).


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