The Best Reason Why Santa Needs a Lawyer

by dgranger | created - 17 Oct 2020 | updated - 11 Dec 2020 | Public

Warning: Spoilers in the poll

Starting with Santa Claus (1959), when I was young, except for a few, I think, I have seen almost every Christmas movie with Santa Claus out there. I have noticed that Santa sometimes has done some legally questionable things. And, in a few, he has hired a lawyer or have elves that cite rules and regulations like a lawyer: Fred Gailey, Miracle on 34th Street (1947) - Bryan Bedford, Miracle on 34th Street (1994) - Sam Whipple, Il Natale che quasi non fu (1966) - the elves Bernard and Curtis from “The Santa Clause” series, and Willie from Fred Claus (2007). Okey, while using only a few films for the images on this list, but using many issues mentioned in the films or is inherent in the legend of Santa Claus, what is the best reason for Santa Claus to have a lawyer?

To discuss the charges, please contact Santa’s attorneys, “Gailey, Bedford, Bernard, Curtis, and Willie“ at the North Pole.

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