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1. Borgen (2010–2013)

TV-14 | 58 min | Drama

A political drama about a prime minister's rise to power, and how power changes a prime minister.

Stars: Sidse Babett Knudsen, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, Emil Poulsen, Freja Riemann

Votes: 15,133

2. Hollands Hoop (2014– )

50 min | Crime

Forensic psychiatrist Fokke Augustinus makes an unexpected career change when he inherits his father's mansion in Groningen where he becomes involved with a criminal organization with a marijuana plantation on his father's land.

Stars: Marcel Hensema, Kim van Kooten, Martijn Lakemeier, Megan de Kruijf

Votes: 936

3. Nieuwe buren (2014– )

42 min | Drama

Peter and Eva, a nice young couple expecting their first child, buy a house in a suburban village. Before they get to move into their new home, they lose the baby girl. Eva has a hard time ... See full summary »

Stars: Bracha van Doesburgh, Anneke Blok, Daan Schuurmans, Tibor Lukács

Votes: 683

4. Albert II (2013– )


Largely fictionalized, partly fictitious chapters from the life of the Belgian royal family during and around the reign of king Albert II. Besides his duties, including signing a more ... See full summary »

Stars: Lucas Van den Eynde, Veerle Eyckermans, Mathijs Scheepers, Stefaan Degand

Votes: 69

5. De prooi (2013)

TV-PG | 50 min | Drama

De Prooi tells the story of the rise and fall of Dutch banker Rijkman Groenink and the fall of ABN AMRO Bank. It is based on the acclaimed novel by research journalist and professor Jeroen ... See full summary »

Stars: Pierre Bokma, Anniek Pheifer, Victor Löw, Paul Kooij

Votes: 152

6. De Deal (2014)


A young journalist infiltrates the populist Freedom Party to find out who actually controls the party. She becomes entangled in a large web of international branches.

Stars: Carolien Spoor, Jacob Derwig, Achmed Akkabi, Bart Klever

Votes: 45

7. The Adulterer (2011–2015)

50 min | Action, Drama

After a photographer and a lawyer start a steamy affair, their lives and those around them get entangled in dirty business and family secrets.

Stars: Sylvia Hoeks, Kees Prins, Guido Pollemans, Rifka Lodeizen

Votes: 988

8. Ramses (2014)

50 min | Biography, Drama, Music

A chronicle of legendary Dutch singer Ramses Shaffy's rise to fame, from his early days as a stage actor in late 1950s Amsterdam to his emergence as a national music icon throughout the following two decades.

Stars: Maarten Heijmans, Thomas Cammaert, Noortje Herlaar, Hanne Arendzen

Votes: 242

9. Hoe duur was de suiker (2013)

120 min | Drama, History

The Price Of Sugar tells the alternately gripping, romantic and heart-wrenching story of Sarith and Mini-Mini as they grow up on the sugar plantations of Suriname in the latter half of the ... See full summary »

Director: Jean van de Velde | Stars: Gaite Jansen, Neil Sandilands, Anna Raadsveld, Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing

Votes: 1,428

11. Waltz (2006)

50 min | Drama

As a result of a brain tumor, old Willy Waltz is no longer able to keep his circus running and has to face the demise of his traditional circus family. He is forced to find a successor in one of his three sons.

Stars: Aart Staartjes, Olga Louzgina, Theo Maassen, Barry Atsma

Votes: 144

12. TV7 (2002– )

Tv-drama about a non-existent TV station, with a low key, tongue-in-cheek and ironic style by the same people that made "Hertenkamp" (1998). Much glitz 'n glamour and many Dutch tv-stars playing themselves.

Stars: Ton Kas, Tara Elders, Frank Houtappels, Alix Adams

Votes: 15

14. Flikken Maastricht (2007– )

50 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Former Amsterdam police detective Floris Wolfs has been transferred to the police department of the south-Dutch country town Maastricht. His metropolitan experience nicely complements the ... See full summary »

Stars: Victor Reinier, Angela Schijf, Sergio IJssel, Oda Spelbos

Votes: 1,170

15. Flikken (1999–2009)

50 min | Crime, Drama, Action

Popular fiction series about police officers in a precinct of Ghent (Flanders, Belgium), both professionally and in their private lives.

Stars: Ludo Hellinx, Mark Tijsmans, Veerle Malschaert, Andrea Croonenberghs

Votes: 501

16. Bloedverwanten (2010–2014)

50 min | Drama, Romance

Bennie de Winter, large shareholder of De Winter Flowers, dies. His daughter Esther inherits his possession.

Stars: Henriëtte Tol, Derek de Lint, Saskia Temmink, Tanja Jess

Votes: 171

17. A'dam - E.V.A. (2011– )


About a young couple Adam and Eve, who live in Amsterdam.

Stars: Teun Luijkx, Eva van de Wijdeven, Rick Paul van Mulligen, Urmie Plein

Votes: 315

18. Celblok H (2014–2017)

42 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Joys and sorrows in a department of a female prison.

Stars: Isa Hoes, Christine van Stralen, Imanuelle Grives, Jaike Belfor

Votes: 273

19. Diamant (1993– )


Thomas has been married to Hester for thirty years and together they have three children: Anton, Marion and Boris. Anton is the most likely successor of his father and he is married to ... See full summary »

Stars: Ellen Röhrman, Jules Hamel, Pleuni Touw, Kiki Classen

Votes: 17

20. Vrouwenvleugel (1993–1995)

50 min | Crime, Drama

The series follows a set of female prisoners, each with her own sorrows. They are guarded by wardens (mostly male and a few female) which sometimes leads to risky situations (like flirting ... See full summary »

Stars: Bea Meulman, Rick Nicolet, Erik de Vries, Dela Maria Vaags

Votes: 106

21. Lijn 32 (2012)


The story lines of several sets of people in Amsterdam are shown in flashback from a bus explosion, where most finally converge. Enterprising hedonist Dennis' fun life is altered by his ... See full summary »

Stars: Marcel Musters, Leona Philippo, Porgy Franssen, Sigrid ten Napel

Votes: 234

22. De geheimen van Barslet (2011– )

50 min | Drama

In the middle of nowhere lies the little Dutch village: Barslet. The only strange thing about the village seems to be the name, which means "bar slut" in Dutch. But there is also a ... See full summary »

Stars: Dragan Bakema, Sallie Harmsen, Teun Luijkx, Barbara Pouwels

Votes: 109

25. Vuurzee (2005–2009)

45 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance

The story is about Aslan family in the fictional Noord-Holland seaside resort of Boedzand.

Stars: Mark Rietman, Emiel Sandtke, Ali Cifteci, Tim Zweije

Votes: 345

28. Tessa (2015–2016)

45 min | Comedy, Drama

Single mother and teacher in a high school Tessa struggles with life after her son turns out to be gay.

Stars: Thekla Reuten, Niels Gomperts, Stefanie van Leersum, Joes Brauers

Votes: 108

29. Sedes & Belli (2002–2004)

50 min | Drama, Crime, Mystery

In this Flemish variation on the police detective series, eponymous investigators Frank Sedes and Lena Belli, both employed by Vic Moens' security firm, dig in to various dodgy affairs on ... See full summary »

Stars: Koen De Bouw, Tine Reymer, Vic de Wachter, Karlijn Sileghem

Votes: 78

30. Feuten (2010–2013)

25 min | Drama, Romance

Butcher Wagtmans's son Bram joins prestigious Dutch frat Mercurius. He becomes best mates with slick silver-spoon womanizing Senior Olivier de Ruyter, who helps Bram survive the hazing and ... See full summary »

Stars: Manuel Broekman, Tim Murck, Hanna Verboom, Jurjen van Loon

Votes: 793

31. Flight HS13 (2016)

45 min | Thriller

Liv's life is turned upside down when her husband's plane that should have taken him on a routine business trip, crashes killing all on board.

Stars: Katja Schuurman, Daniël Boissevain, Jeroen Spitzenberger, Annelies Appelhof

Votes: 333

32. La Famiglia (2016–2017)


A family of Italian immigrants in The Netherlands has to balance their legitimate business - the family restaurant - with shady underground affairs.

Stars: Teun Kuilboer, Hein van der Heijden, Ariane Schluter, Gigi Savoia

Votes: 77

33. De Zaak Menten (2016– )

Drama, Thriller

The story of Dutch journalist Hans Knoop's 1970s struggle to uncover the truth about World War II war criminal Pieter Menten.

Stars: Guy Clemens, Aus Greidanus, Noortje Herlaar, Carine Crutzen

Votes: 275

34. Petticoat (2016– )

45 min | Musical

Pattie lives with her father in the boring Groningen province. She is done with living in the countryside and wants to go to the big city to be able to sing. She decides to leave her father... See full summary »

Stars: Abbey Hoes, Hajo Bruins, Alex Hendrickx, Marthe Geke Bracht

Votes: 86

35. Riphagen (2017)

50 min | Drama, Thriller, War

Story playing at the end of the Second World War in Holland about Andries Riphagen, who is working for the SD. He is using his position for gaining wealth by betraying Jews. A young ... See full summary »

Stars: Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, Kay Greidanus, Lisa Zweerman, Sigrid ten Napel

Votes: 520

36. F.C. De Kampioenen (1990–2011)

33 min | Comedy, Romance, Sport

Oscar Crucke is the coach of a low achieving amateur football team, F.C. De Kampioenen, while his wife Pascale dominates him and his daughter Bieke is a rebellious teenager.

Stars: Danni Heylen, Marijn De Valck, An Swartenbroekx, Loes van den Heuvel

Votes: 957

37. De Maatschap (2016– )

50 min | Drama, History

A Dutch criminal lawyer builds a tight-knit and powerful family firm, only to find his four male heirs' waning loyalty put everything at risk.

Stars: Juan Carlos Tajes, Bahareh Borzue, Bracha van Doesburgh, Walter Bart

Votes: 130

40. Klem (2017– )

45 min | Drama

A man who works for the tax authorities ends up becoming friends with a dangerous criminal after their daughters become best friends and he accidentally saves his life.

Stars: Barry Atsma, Jacob Derwig, Georgina Verbaan, Marie-Mae van Zuilen

Votes: 530

41. Gooische vrouwen (2005–2009)

45 min | Drama, Romance

Follows four friends in 't Gooi, a Dutch region where rich people live.

Stars: Linda de Mol, Peter Paul Muller, Tjitske Reidinga, Susan Visser

Votes: 944

44. Bad Banks (2018– )

52 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Ambitious Jana is confronted with the unscrupulous machinations of the world of finance. Her working life is determined by egotism, the pressure to succeed and machismo. She soon has to decide how far she is prepared to go for her career.

Stars: Paula Beer, Barry Atsma, Désirée Nosbusch, Albrecht Schuch

Votes: 2,666

45. Delicious (I) (2016– )

TV-14 | 45 min | Comedy, Drama

A drama series about food, love and infidelity in Cornwall.

Stars: Iain Glen, Dawn French, Emilia Fox, Tanya Reynolds

Votes: 1,177

46. Versailles (2015–2018)

TV-MA | 52 min | Biography, Drama, History

In 1667, 28-year-old all-powerful king of France, Louis XIV, decides to build the greatest palace in the world - Versailles. But drained budget, affairs and political intrigues complicate things.

Stars: George Blagden, Alexander Vlahos, Tygh Runyan, Stuart Bowman

Votes: 11,133

48. Rundfunk (2015– )

30 min | Comedy

Rundfunk is an absurd, horrendously funny and shamelessly politically incorrect high school comedy about two best friends, Tim and Erik, who spend their time trying to do as little as possible during their final year at high school.

Stars: Yannick van de Velde, Tom van Kalmthout, Kees Hulst, Claire Bender

Votes: 701