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A list of people that I know, or people that I've met before, and how I met them. - Breanna Baker

1. Breanna Baker

Actress | Smosh

Breanna Baker was born on March 9, 1992 in Sacramento, California, USA. She is known for her work on Smosh (2005), A Little Heart (2015) and Wolf Mother (2016).

This list was made by me: Breanna Baker. These are some of the people that I've met.

2. Shelby Wulfert

Actress | Swiped

Shelby Wulfert is an American born actor, singer and voice over artist. Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Shelby pursued her passion for the arts at an early age - studying acting, singing and dancing. Before moving to Hollywood, she was starring in musicals and stage productions at her high ...

We met in high school. Shelby was the star of many of our high school's musical productions, and I was often times in the orchestra or in the audience.

Shelby came to visit after a year of working in Hollywood on the Disney Channel show, "Liv and Maddie". We went for coffee in Hangtown (AKA Downtown Placerville, CA), and as always in a small town, we saw others that we knew and went to school with. Shelby and I had a fun mini headshot photo session along the alleyways and old charm of our cute little hometown.

When I moved to Hollywood, and began working for Trio Talent Agency on Sunset Blvd., Shelby and I started talking a lot more, and discovered that we now worked super close to each other. We were excited, and tried multiple times to line up our schedules to hang out, but of course.... we were both busy bees living our dreams.

When we finally found time, we caught up over smoothies at Urth Caffé on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. I took my manual wheelchair there, and actually ran into Shelby and her fellow cast members along the way. It was awesome getting to hang out together and talk again. Afterwards Shelby gave me a ride back to Hollywood Blvd in her new car.

On my last day of living in Hollywood and working at the talent agency, Shelby and I hung out at her work, on set of Disney's "Liv and Maddie".

3. Cody Dorkin

Actor | Toy Story

Cody Dorkin, a Sacramento native, began his acting career at the age of 7. He would watch TV and beg his parents to let him try acting and eventually they gave in and let him write a letter to a local talent agency. Cody got a call a few days later from the agency to set up a meeting.

Cody Dorkin and I met at the Studio 24 Entertainment Fair that he hosts in Sacramento, CA. My friend Phylicia and I were wondering around Sacramento, when we passed by a sign for the event. We decided to go in, and we had a fun time making mock demo reels and voiceovers.

The next year my brother Nick and I went to the Studio 24 Entertainment Fair and had fun taking pictures on the red carpet and making some fun videos.

My brother Brandon came with me when Cody Dorkin filmed my commercial demo at Studio 24. I remember Cody advised not having Brandon in the room, because it may make me nervous. I remember I was fine with having Brandon there, but I was super nervous when Cody asked me simple questions I was not ready to answer. This was about a year before I fully came over my social awkwardness and shyness when speaking to adults. And seeing the video afterwards helped me to realize that I still had issues with keeping eye contact when speaking, despite how hard I tried.

When I first met Chelsie, I remember thinking she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. It wasn't just her gorgeous hair, and naturally-beauty freckled face... What makes Chelsie so beautiful is her energy, her confidence, and her smile. She's one of those people that lights up the room with her presence the second she walks in the door.

Despite all the trouble we had with our impromptu team, we managed to pull together a shoot in San Jose, California. Chelsie arrived with no makeup, and we shot some natural headshots prior to the actual photoshoot. At the shoot, I got to meet Chelsie's mom and her boyfriend. After the shoot, Chelsie and her boyfriend gave me a ride to the train station in their truck. Chelsie and I stay in touch via texting.

5. HaleyAnn Johnson

Actress | Kids Unlimited

HaleyAnn has been working in the entertainment industry since 2007. She has worked as an actress, model, singer, dancer, casting intern, and assistant to a talent agent. Although she enjoys all parts of the industry acting has always been her passion. At the age of 15 HaleyAnn took the California ...

I met HaleyAnn on set of her MIA music video in which I was the behind the scenes photographer. I was very impressed to hear the song she wrote and to see her perform in front of the camera. This girl has true star quality, and I can see her going far in this business. I was even more impressed when I saw her online presence and her website. She's doing a great job marketing herself and turning her dream into a reality. Many people don't understand how much work it takes to become a celebrity, but I can tell that HaleyAnn knows, and is constantly working her way up in the industry.

6. Morgan Johnson

Actress | Newhighers

Morgan Johnson is a professional in the entertainment industry and has been for about a decade. Past work includes Network Television Shows, short films and commercials as an actress, and Runway Shows and Print Ads as a Model, and some voice over work. She has also worked in casting and talent ...

Morgan and I met on set of HaleyAnn Johnson's MIA Music Video shoot. Morgan is beautiful and I was thoroughly impressed in her maturity and ability to handle the production so well. The Johnson's are a very talented family!

Prior to meeting Teri, I had met and shot headshots for multiple clients of hers from Johnson Talent Agency. Teri and I first connected online via LinkedIn after I met her client Arye at Cisco Live and shot his headshots. Teri and I officially met on set of HaleyAnn Johnson's MIA Music Video shoot after months of talking online via LinkedIn, Facebook, and email.

After seeing Teri support her talent on set at the music video shoot, I can only assume that she is an amazing talent agent. You can tell that she truly cares for her talent, and is a bit more of that motherly figure that many talent search for in an agent.

8. Cameron Mark Lewis

Producer | Blood Bullet

Cameron is an actor, producer, director and musician. Cameron was born in Reno, NV, and graduated from the University of Nevada with a B.A. in Psychology. He worked with children in a variety of mental health settings for 3 years before moving out to the Bay Area to begin a new career in acting. ...

Cameron and I have been connected on Facebook for a while, and I know I have seen him before at auditions. We officially met in person the morning of Friday February 6th, 2015 at the Coffee and Catchup event at PianoFight in San Francisco, CA.

9. Puneet Prasad

Actor | Battledogs

Puneet Luares Prasad was born March 30, 1985 at Kaiser Permanente in Vallejo, CA, to Filipino mother Elizabeth Luares Prasad. Six weeks after birth he and his mother traveled to Dubai to greet his Indian Father, Pramod Prasad who tried to dip his feet in the Arabian Sea to no avail. Puneet quickly ...

Puneet and I met on set of the LithiumCard Pro shoot at OakStop in Oakland, CA on February 7th, 2015.

10. Tressa Ohler

Actress | Fire on the Ridge Proof of Concept

Tressa Ohler is an actress and writer, known for Fire on the Ridge Proof of Concept (2019), Off the Mark (2013) and Rellik (2015).

Tressa and I have been friends on Facebook for a while. The first time we met (that I can remember) was at the Studio 24 Entertainment Fair with my brother Nicholas a few years ago. I have photographed Tressa multiple times, and she does an awesome job every time!

11. Arye Bender

Actor | Grand View Blvd.

Arye Bender is an actor and writer, known for Grand View Blvd. (2017), The Muppetless Movie (2011) and Fix (2014).

Arye and I met in the sound room at Cisco Live rehearsal at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. We were both actors in the Cisco Live Keynote Highlights with Cisco's CEO John Chambers & CDO Jim Grubb.

Arye and I had a great time working together and talked for hours along with other team members that were constantly in and out and running about. The day of the performance, we weren't aloud to leave the room. I remember they kept telling us food was on it's way.... but we got anxious when it was getting close to our time to shine. So, we told the team we needed food. We ended up being brought multiple meals as everyone hurried to get us food before the show.

Arye and I have since stayed in touch via LinkedIn, Facebook, and texting. We planned a shoot together, and I met Arye at his apartment building in San Francisco to shoot some headshots. There was an awesome little park on atop his building where we went to get some natural sunlight. Arye's dog came with us as well.

12. Kenneth Van Order

Special_effects | Jumper

Kenneth is the father of my high school bestie: Andrew Van Order.

Andrew and I were enemies at first, for a short time when competing for the snare spot our freshman year of high school. We quickly became best friends, and hung out together all the time. Our drumline became very connected as well: we went on trips together, went on drumline dates to dinner and movies, constantly hung out after school, and always did crazy things together.

Andrew and I are 4 days apart in age. His birthday is March 5, 1992, and mine is March 9th, 1992. We liked to celebrate our birthdays together. I remember one year we were on the bus to a band competition, and we exchanged birthday presents. We laughed when we discovered that we both bought the same gifts!! A matching set of our favorite drum sticks.

I remember going to Andrew's house multiple times, and the first thing he showed me was his dad's workshop. I was fascinated. Andrew always had the coolest stories about his dad's work, and I remember thinking to myself, "I want to do something that cool someday."

13. Hannah Doty

Actress | Sketch

Hannah Doty is a SAG/AFTRA eligible actor with professional VO, film, and theatre credits including "Girls Room" that played at the Tribeca and Cannes Film Festivals. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BFA in Theatre from Adelphi University in New York and studied improv at Second City in Chicago...

I hired Hannah on Wednesday March 18th, 2015 as my stand-in for my demo reel shoot in North Hollywood, CA. Everyone kept mistaking Hannah as me, and when you look at the behind-the-scenes footage showing our profiles, we look like twins! Hannah is a pretty cool chick, and I would definitely hire her again in the future.

14. Brandon Howard

Self | Unsung


I first met B.Howard at the press check-in for the SB50 Maxim Party on Treasure Island in San Francisco, CA. My friend Kelda & I were going to interview him on the red carpet, but unfortunately had to leave before we could do so.

15. Keldamuzik

Writer | Whose Ride Is It Anyway

Keldamuzik known originally as a Hip Hop recording artist, has expanded her brand into different areas of the entertainment industry. From dabbling in other genres of music such as pop and dance, to now producing and hosting TV shows as well as producing films, pursing an acting career and running ...

Kelda Williams aka Keldamuzik & I met during the season 2 episode 1 taping of her local talk show “Diva Talk Tonite” on January 23, 2016. I was invited by my friend Puneet whom was being interviewed on the show. Kelda & I instantly clicked with both our minds on the same level of business & getting things done.

Since meeting we've planned multiple shoots & business strategies together. We've also attended multiple red carpet events, conducted interviews, ubered like crazy around the city, & accomplished a lot in such little time. During the craziness of SB50 events, Kelda assured me “You & I are in this together”. We're now best friends & partners in crime.

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