What's Wrong With Being Sexy? (Part 48)

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I created 47 lists featuring hot female entertainers. Then I made another one. Taking the total to 48.

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1. Jamie Rose

Actress | Falcon Crest

Jamie Rose started acting professionally at the age of six. Her first role was as a kid go-go dancer on a Kool-Aid commercial.

She has starred in multiple Television Series and Films, including Falcon Crest (1981) and Lady Blue (1985) and the cult classic Chopper Chicks in Zombietown (1989) where ...

2. Mia Cottet

Actress | Dirt

Born in Virginia, Mia left home at 14 to study at the School of American Ballet in New York. Ballet was not to be her life, however, and, after touring the world's most glamorous hot-spots as a showgirl, she made the transition into acting. Since hitting Hollywood, Mia has enjoyed playing roles on ...

3. Britt Loren

Actress | #TheAssignment

Britt Loren is an actress and writer, known for #TheAssignment (2013), Terminated (2011) and The Last Fall (2012).

4. Sharlene Taulé

Actress | Strings

Sharlene Taulé was born on May 11, 1982 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic as Sharlene Taule Ponciano. She is an actress, known for Bravetown (2015), The Feast of the Goat (2005) and Grachi (2011).

5. Alice Frank

Actress | Flow-ers

Alice Frank is an actress and director, known for Flow-ers (2013), The Source (2002) and Open.

6. Denise Bidot

Self | Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image

Denise Bidot was born on June 13, 1986 in Miami, Florida, USA. She is known for her work on Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image (2017), Curvy Girls (2011) and Habla Women (2013).

7. Melanie Minichino

Actress | The Sopranos

Melanie Minichino, New York-born, started pursuing an interest in acting and comedy at the age of eight. She started by basing her comedy around her father and all his friends. As time went on, Melanie worked on shows throughout the New York area including The Sopranos (1999) and Law & Order (...

8. Sydney Wheeler

Actress | Fashion House

Sydney Wheeler was born on May 11, 1984 in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. She is an actress, known for Fashion House (2006), Mind of a Model (2008) and Survivor (2000).

9. Deanne Bray

Actress | Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Born mostly deaf from an unknown cause. Completely deaf in right ear, some residual hearing in left ear in which she uses a hearing aid. Enjoys reading, especially with deaf children. Also enjoys attending deaf community events. Role models include Phyllis Frelich, Linda Bove, Freda Norman and Sue ...

10. Aurora Snow

Actress | Superbad

The fourth child of her British and French parents, Aurora Snow was born Rebecca Claire Kensington on November 26, 1981, in Montpelier, Vermont. When Rebecca was a toddler her parents divorced. Her mother remarried and Rebecca's new stepfather, Raymond Nordell, relocated the family to Nottingham, ...

11. Diane Klimaszewski

Actress | Date Movie

Diane Klimaszewski was born on September 13, 1971 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. She is an actress, known for Date Movie (2006), Scary Movie 3 (2003) and Spy Hard (1996).

12. Frances Fisher

Actress | Titanic

Frances Fisher began by apprenticing at the Barter Theatre in Abingdon, Virginia. She spent 14 years based in New York City, playing leads in over 30 productions of plays by such noted writers as John Arden, Noël Coward, Emily Mann, Joe Orton, Sam Shepard, William Shakespeare, Jean-Claude van ...

13. Jordan Reid

Actress | Celeste & Jesse Forever

Jordan Reid was born as Jordan Reid Berkow. She is an actress, known for Celeste & Jesse Forever (2012), Hefner: Unauthorized (1999) and Law & Order (1990).

14. Melissa Keller

Actress | Something's Gotta Give

Melissa Keller was born on August 4, 1978 in Long Lake, Minnesota, USA. She is an actress, known for Something's Gotta Give (2003), Love Hurts (2009) and The Dog Problem (2006).

15. Sabrina Culver

Actress | The Beginning: Feel the Dead

Award-winning actress Sabrina Culver was born in Cleveland , Ohio to a Scottish mother and Dutch American father .She moved with her family at a young age to Westfield , New Jersey where she became active in local theatre and landed her first modeling and TV commercial spots while still in middle ...

16. Michelle Forbes

Actress | Kalifornia

Michelle Forbes was born on January 8, 1965 in Austin, Texas, USA as Michelle Renee Forbes Guajardo. She is an actress, known for Kalifornia (1993), True Blood (2008) and Escape from L.A. (1996). She was previously married to Ross Kettle.

17. Estelle Lefébure

Actress | Frontière(s)

Estelle Lefébure was born on May 11, 1965 in Rouen, France as Estelle Lefebure. She is an actress, known for Frontier(s) (2007), Chrysalis (2007) and Dead Tired (1994). She was previously married to Arthur and David Hallyday.

18. MyAnna Buring

Actress | Kill List

MyAnna Buring was born 22 September 1979, in Sundsvall, Sweden, as MyAnna Margaretha Buring Rantapää, but grew up in the Middle East. When she turned 16, she moved to Great Britain. She attended secondary school at the American British Academy in Muscat, Oman, and graduated from the London Academy ...

19. Erica Bowie

Erica Bowie is known for her work on Burying the Ex (2014).

20. Mandy Siegfried

Actress | Grey's Anatomy

Mandy Siegfried is an actress, known for Grey's Anatomy (2005), School of Rock (2003) and The Following (2013).

21. Barbara Marx

Self | Sinatra in Palm Springs

Barbara Marx was born on March 10, 1927 in Bosworth, Missouri, USA as Barbara Ann Blakeley. She was married to Frank Sinatra, Zeppo Marx and Robert Harrison Oliver. She died on July 25, 2017 in Rancho Mirage, California, USA.

22. Vanessa Motta

Stunts | Logan

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, but grew up in Miami, Florida. Danced ballet her whole life and professionally, but moved out to Los Angeles to act and do stunts. After a few years in the stunt industry, Vanessa was nominated for Best Fire at the Taurus Awards 2010 for the Film Friday the 13th. In ...

23. Halston Sage

Actress | Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

A charming and striking actress, Halston Sage continues to gain fame, working alongside notable actors and filmmakers.

She was born Halston Jean Schrage in Los Angeles, California, to Lenny and Tema Schrage, and has two younger siblings, Max and Kate. In addition to her acting credits, Sage rode ...

24. Eileen Seton

Actress | Dakota Skye

Eileen Seton was born on May 10, 1987 in Acton, California, USA. She is an actress and production designer, known for Dakota Skye (2008), Sleepover (2004) and South of Nowhere (2005). She has been married to Ben Seton since June 7, 2013.

25. Diana Cosma

Actress | Rules

Diana Cosma was born on August 16, 1984 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She is an actress and writer, known for Rules (2009), Watch Out Tina (2011) and Cupid's Arrow (2010).

26. Diana Stefanescu

Director | Be(you)tiful

Diana Stefanescu was born in Iasi, Romania in 1984. Inspired to be an artist from a very early age, Diana's grandparents were noted writers in her native country. Her grandfather, Boris Craciun, is a famous writer and television-radio correspondent. Her grandmother, Aurora Craciun, is a noted ...

27. Caley Hayes

Actress | Sex Drive

Caley Hayes is an actress and talent agent, known for Sex Drive (2008), Girls Gone Dead (2012) and Dead of Night (2013).

28. Morgan Womack

Casting_department | Ingrid Goes West

Morgan Womack was born on June 29th 1990 in Northridge, CA. At the age of 5 her family moved to Truckee, CA located in the Greater Lake Tahoe area. After attending College at Sonoma State University she moved down to Southern California and started taking Improv classes and signed with a manager. ...

29. Rachel Gordon

Actress | Blue Heelers

Rachel Gordon was born on May 10, 1976 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She is an actress and writer, known for Blue Heelers (1994), Neighbours (1985) and Home and Away (1988).

30. Annalisa Guidone

Actress | George Anton's Romeo and Juliet

Annalisa Guidone is an LA native and is known for her deep comedic and dramatic character work. She breathes life into every role she says yes to. "It is important for me as an artist to give these people a voice. Living their story and shedding light on their life experiences is very important to ...

31. Nazan Eckes

Actress | Let's Dance

Nazan Eckes was born on May 9, 1976 in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany as Nazan Üngör. She is an actress, known for Let's Dance (2006), African Race - Die verrückte Jagd nach dem Marakunda (2008) and Crazy Race 3 - Sie knacken jedes Schloss (2006). She has been married to Julian Khol ...

32. Gladise Jiminez

Actress | Tremors

Gladise Jiminez was born in Puerto Rico. She is an actress, known for Tremors (2003), East Side Story (2006) and Bad Blood (1994).

33. Shea Stewart

Actress | Girls Gone Dead

Shea Stewart is known for her work on Girls Gone Dead (2012), Existence (2019) and Adolescence (2018).

34. Raquel Zimmerman

Actress | Knight of Cups

Raquel Zimmerman was born on May 6, 1983 in Bom Retiro do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She is an actress, known for Knight of Cups (2015), Belíssima (2005) and The Crazy Ones (2013). She is married to Ruy Sanchez.

35. Catherine McCord

Actress | Raising Helen

Catherine McCord was born on May 10, 1974 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. She is an actress, known for Raising Helen (2004), Derailed (2005) and Red State (2011). She is married to Jonathan Gordon. They have three children.

36. Chelsea Taylor

Actress | Tumbleweed

Chelsea Taylor was born on October 1, 1986 in Texas, USA. She is an actress, known for Tumbleweed (2013), NCIS: Los Angeles (2009) and Bigger Than the Beatles (2017).

37. Agniya Ditkovskite

Actress | Zhara

Agniya Ditkovskite was born on May 11, 1988 in Vilnius, Lithuanian SSR, USSR as Agne Olegovna Ditkovskite. She is an actress, known for Zhara (2006), Dance to Death (2017) and Rejection (2011). She was previously married to Aleksey Chadov.

38. Charlotte Laws

Actress | Fake-Out

Charlotte Anne (Missy) Laws began as a print model and as an actress with the Academy Theatre in Atlanta. At 16, she landed a role in the movie, They Went That-A-Way & That-A-Way (1978). She attended the University of Florida for two years and moved to Las Vegas, in 1980, where she studied at ...

39. Theresa Ireland

Actress | The Fanatic

Theresa Ireland is an actress and producer, known for The Fanatic (2019), Actress: Another Word for Waitress (2017) and How to Be a Latin Lover (2017).

40. Andrea Boehlke

Self | Survivor

Andrea Boehlke was born as Andrea Loraine Boehlke. She is an actress and producer, known for Survivor (2000), Blue Bloods (2010) and Times Square New Year's Eve Webcast 2016 (2015).

41. Lar Park-Lincoln

Actress | Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

Lar Park Lincoln has 38 years in the industry! Her book, "Get Started Not Scammed" guides Hollywood hopefuls to Stardom! Her specialties are TV and film, on-camera training, auditions, and career guidance. She has written her own method of on-camera training, "The Autograph", which super-speeds the...

42. Samantha J. Reese

Make_up_department | All Girls Weekend

Samantha Reese's fascination with beauty started back when she was just an overactive toddler. It was her morning routine, that sparked her infatuation with beauty, hair and makeup in particular. At the young age of 11, Samantha convinced her mother to let her transform half of their finished ...

43. Ivory Kalber

Self | Curvy Girls

Ivory Kalber was born as Ivory May Kalber. She is an actress, known for Curvy Girls (2011) and The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency (2006).

44. Ada Nicodemou

Actress | The Matrix

Ada Nicodemou was born on May 14, 1977 in Auburn, Sydney, Australia. She is an actress, known for The Matrix (1999), Home and Away (1988) and Heartbreak High (1994). She was previously married to Chrys Xipolitas.

45. Victoria Kelleher

Actress | Alexa & Katie

Victoria Kelleher is an actress and director, known for Alexa & Katie (2018) and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015).

46. Kayla Delehant

Ford v. Ferrari

Kayla Delehant is known for her work on Ford v. Ferrari (2019), Bride Wars (2009) and Phone Home (2019).

47. Mireille Enos

Actress | World War Z

Mireille Enos was born in Houston, Texas, to Monique, a teacher, and Jon Goree Enos. Her Texas-born American father, and French mother, met while her father was serving on a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She is the fourth of five children and grew up in Houston, Texas...

48. Wilma Elles

Actress | Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki

Wilma Elles is a German actress known in more than 70 countries in Turkey, the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern and Central Europe for her lead-role in 'Filinta' and 'Yeter' and especially in the weekly TV series "Öyle bir gecer zaman ki" (As time goes by), which broke several viewer records and ...

49. Tamzin Merchant

Actress | Pride & Prejudice

Tamzin Merchant is a British born actor, writer and director. She grew up in Dubai and was cast in her first professional role as Georgiana Darcy in Joe Wright's Pride and Prejudice. She attended The University of Cambridge to read English Literature and continued to develop her career as an actor ...

50. Valorie Curry

Actress | The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Curry grew up as the youngest of three children in Orange County, California. She graduated from Sonora High School in La Habra, California in 2004. She attended California State University Fullerton, receiving a degree in theater. She has worked with The Second City, Phantom Projects theater ...

51. Annie Parisse

Actress | National Treasure

Annie Parisse was born on July 31, 1975 in Anchorage, Alaska, USA as Anne Marie Cancelmi. She is an actress, known for National Treasure (2004), How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) and One for the Money (2012). She is married to Paul Sparks. They have two children.

52. Rebecca Ferguson

Actress | Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Rebecca Ferguson was born Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sundström in Stockholm, Sweden, and grew up in its Vasastaden district. Her father is Swedish. Her mother, Rosemary Ferguson, is British, of Scottish and Northern Irish descent, and moved to Sweden at the age of 25. Rebecca attended an ...

53. Nicole Sellars

Actress | Swamp Thing

Native New Yorker Nicole Sellars has appeared in numerous prime-time TV shows including The Following (2013-2014) with Kevin Bacon and The Americans with Keri Russell (2013). She was directed by the legendary Lee Daniels in the movie Precious (2009) starring Gabourey Sidibe, Mo'Nique, Paula Patton,...

54. Briana Venskus

Actress | The Walking Dead

Briana Venskus was born on August 19, 1984 in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA as Briana Laurel Venskus. She is known for her work on The Walking Dead (2010), Grace and Frankie (2015) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013).

55. Ryn Weaver

Actress | CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Ryn Weaver was born on August 10, 1992 in Salta, Argentina as Erin Michelle Wüthrich. She is an actress, known for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000), Kill Her, Not Me (2013) and At the Maple Grove (2014).

56. Demi Kazanis

Real Steel

Demi Kazanis is known for her work on Real Steel (2011), Horrible Bosses 2 (2014) and Inside Edition (1988).

57. Jessie James Decker

Soundtrack | Confessions of a Shopaholic

Jessie James Decker was born on April 12, 1988 in Vicenza, Italy as Jessica Rose James. She is a actress known for her country music career with songs, "I Look So Good" and "Boys In The Summer". She has been married to Eric Decker since June 22, 2013. They have two children.

58. Christina Rosenberg

Actress | Dracula's Curse

Christina Rosenberg is known for her work on Dracula's Curse (2006), The Beast of Bray Road (2005) and King of the Lost World (2005).

59. Calvi Pabon

Actress | El Chupacabra

Calvi Pabon was born in Valencia, Spain. She is an actress, known for El Chupacabra (2003), The Legend of Diablo (2003) and Hefner: Unauthorized (1999).

60. Suzi Lorraine

Actress | Methodic

The beautiful Suzi Lorraine grew up on the East Coast, spending time in New Jersey, New York and North Carolina. She has worked extensively as a model, with dozens of photo shoots behind her as well as numerous product promos, commercials, music videos and she now even boasts her very own Terror ...

61. Katherine Bailess

Actress | Hit the Floor

Born in Mississippi, Bailess began studying classical dance at the age of four and competed in gymnastics, dance and cheerleading. At age 11, she began performing live on television as a dancer in the Miss Mississippi Pageant where she continued for 7 more years. After attending ballet workshops ...

62. Judie Aronson

Actress | Weird Science

Born in Los Angeles, California, the fourth of five daughters, she was dubbed "the baby with the beat" by her family - a title she earned for her frequent song and dance routines. Aronson began her professional acting career at a young age. In the height of her success, she left acting to attend ...

63. Kathryn Morris

Actress | Minority Report

Kathryn Morris was born on January 28, 1969 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA as Kathryn Susan Morris. She is an actress, known for Minority Report (2002), Mindhunters (2004) and Paycheck (2003).

64. Clare Bowen

Actress | Nashville

Clare Bowen has enjoyed a flourishing career in film, theatre and television. A native Australian, she has appeared in several of her home country's iconic television dramas, including Home and Away (1988), the medical drama All Saints (1998), The Cut (2009) and the critically- acclaimed comedy, ...

65. Eline Van der Velden

Actress | Miss Holland

Born in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, she moved to the UK at age 14 to study drama and musical theatre at The Arts Educational School, Tring Park. After high school she focused on physics in college and graduated with a Master's in Science (Physics) from Imperial College London in 2008. ...

66. Mary Castro

Actress | Epic Movie

Mary Castro grew up in La Verne, California, a small, quiet suburb of Los Angeles. She attended Bonita High School where she was on the varsity Drill team. She was also an active member of the Bonita High School Chorale. Her music teacher discovered her profound voice and quickly moved her to the ...

67. Marianne Curan

Actress | Matilda

Marianne studied theatre at Catholic Univ. and NY's Circle in the Square and also got a degree Broadcast Journalism at the Univ. of Maryland. Her first love being comedy she was head writer, producer and performer with DC's satirical troupe, Gross National Product and co-created their Scandal Tours...

68. Jordan Savage

Actress | Echo Dr.

Jordan Savage is known for her work on Echo Dr. (2013), Hefner: Unauthorized (1999) and Breath (1999).

69. Alix Elizabeth Gitter

Actress | ism

Alix Elizabeth Gitter was born on May 6, 1989 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is an actress, known for ism (2019), GCB (2012) and Blue Lagoon: The Awakening (2012).

70. Carly Van Skaik

Actress | Meadows of Moorpark

Carly Van Skaik is known for her work on Meadows of Moorpark (2014), Shameless (2011) and Aquarius (2015).

71. Briana Lane

Actress | Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta!

Briana Lane was born on October 27, 1985 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Briana Cadow Lane. She is an actress and writer, known for Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta! (2012), Young & Hungry (2014) and Switched at Birth (2011).

72. Paula Irvine

Actress | Phantasm II

Paula Irvine started her entertainment career at the tender age of five. During her childhood, she appeared in several musicals, performing as a singer and dancer at the Whimsey Works Theatre in Hollywood, winning the group's best actress award. Soon after that, her sweet voice led her to do ...

73. Prachi Desai

Actress | Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai

She is best known for her role as Bani Walia in the Hindi television drama Kasamh Se (2006) which aired on Zee TV. Prachi is the endorser, spokesperson, brand ambassador and the face of Neutrogena products in India.

Prachi was born in Surat, Gujarat. She studied in St Joseph Convent, Panchgani and ...

74. Brooke Anderson

Actress | White House Down

Brooke Anderson was born on May 13, 1978 in Savannah, Georgia, USA as Brooke Victoria Anderson. She is an actress, known for White House Down (2013), Days of Our Lives (1965) and Entertainment Tonight (1981). She has been married to Jim Walker since May 21, 2005. They have three children.

75. Sierra Fisk

Actress | Paddleton

Actress and model Sierra Fisk is a graduate of the University of California San Diego, with her degree in Theatre. Fisk also trained at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England, preparing her for such future roles as Ophelia in "Hamlet," Mia Wallace in "Pulp Shakespeare," Marie in "Woyzeck," ...

76. Carrie Reichenbach

Actress | Two and a Half Men

Carrie Reichenbach was born on January 10, 1980 in Seguin, Texas, USA as Carrie Lynn Reichenbach. She is an actress, known for Two and a Half Men (2003), Rules of Engagement (2007) and Yes Man (2008).

77. Paola Pessot

Actress | Casanova

Paola Pessot was born on May 13, 1980 in Rome, Lazio, Italy. She is an actress, known for Casanova (2005), A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999) and L'Esilio dell'Aquila.

78. Samantha Morton

Actress | Minority Report

Samantha Morton has established herself as one of the finest actors of her generation, winning Oscar nominations for her turns in Woody Allen's Sweet and Lowdown (1999) and Jim Sheridan's In America (2002). She has the talent to become one of the major performers in the cinema of this young century.


79. Kate Magowan

Actress | Stardust

Kate Magowan was born on June 1, 1975 in Harrow, London, England as Katie Victoria Magowan. She is an actress and producer, known for Stardust (2007), Spotless (2015) and A Lonely Place to Die (2011). She has been married to John Simm since April 2004. They have two children.

80. Elinor Crawley

Actress | Vikings

Elinor Crawley is an actress, known for Vikings (2013), Submarine (2010) and Ordinary Lies (2015).

81. Crystal Michelle

Stunts | Avengers: Endgame

Born in Southern California and raised in Northern California, Crystal Michelle deftly navigates careers in film and television, modeling, and community work with at risk youth. Crystal was nominated for outstanding performance by a stunt ensemble in a television series for "True Blood" 2010 & 2011...

82. Erica Carroll

Actress | Apollo 18

Born the youngest of four children to Irish (Dublin, Ireland) parents, Erica's childhood was divided between Fort St. John and Duncan, British Columbia.

Erica began performing at age four as an Irish dancer and then in public school stage productions. She went on to attend the Canadian College in ...

83. Laraine Newman

Actress | Coneheads

Laraine Newman is a founding member of The Groundlings. After seeing her in The Groundlings, Lorne Michaels cast her in a Lily Tomlin Special and later as an original cast member of Saturday Night Live (1975). She has worked from directors ranging from Woody Allen to Guillermo del Toro. She has a ...

84. Nicole Malgarini

Actress | CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Nicole Malgarini was born on December 21, 1981 in Seattle, Washington, USA. She is an actress, known for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000), Two and a Half Men (2003) and Frank TV (2007).

85. Natalie Irby

Producer | Millennial Parents

Natalie Irby is a producer and editor, known for Millennial Parents (2014), Mighty Ground (2017) and Hot and Bothered (2012).

86. Brooke Anderson

Actress | The Perfect Host

A leading regular role in television's Logie award winning series E Street (1989), a nomination for the prestigious Penguin Award for Best Performance by a Juvenile, and winner of the Variety Club Award for Most Outstanding Juvenile Actress.

Brooke won international acclaim when she was just six ...

87. Sallie Toussaint

Actress | The Departed

Sallie Toussaint was born on May 13, 1974 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. She is an actress, known for The Departed (2006) and The Sopranos (1999).

88. Cassi Thomson

Actress | Left Behind

Cassi Thomson is an Australian-born American actress and singer. She is known for her recurring role as Cara Lynn Walker in the television series Big Love and for her role as Nikki Papagus on the series Switched at Birth.Thomson was born in Queensland, Australia. She lived on a ranch in Vanuatu ...

89. Janet Lane

Actress | Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

An enigmatic and intriguing performer, Janet Lane's transition from stage to screen has resulted in swift, undisputable success. Lane first caught the eye of freshman director George Clooney, who quickly cast her as the Blonde Bachelorette in  Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002). She then went ...

90. Laura Izibor

Soundtrack | P.S. I Love You

Laura Izibor was born on May 13, 1987 in Dublin, Ireland.

91. Teresa Graves

Actress | Get Christie Love!

Teresa Graves started her career as a singer with The Doodletown Pipers. She later turned to acting, appearing regularly on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (1967) as the "Mod, Mod World" bikini girl in 1969 and 1970. She had supporting roles in several films during the 1970s, including Black Eye (...

92. Erin Schneider

Producer | Severe Happiness

Erin Schneider is a producer and actress, known for Severe Happiness (2011), Zombies Vs. Strippers (2012) and The Hunted and the Hated (2012).

93. Danielle Savre

Actress | Boogeyman 2

Danielle Savre was born on August 26, 1988 in Simi Valley, California, USA as Danielle Kathleen Savre. She is an actress, known for Boogeyman 2 (2007), Bring It On: All or Nothing (2006) and The X-Files (1993).

94. Tamara Davies

Actress | Scorcher

Tamara Davies earned her degree in theater and voice from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, then moved to Los Angeles in 1998 to pursue work in television and film. In 2001 she appeared in five feature films including the action-thriller They Crawl (2001) and the science-fiction epic ...

95. Joanne Spracklen

Actress | The Nice Guys

Joanne Spracklen was born in Durban, South Africa. She attended the University of Central Florida.

Along with acting Joanne co-founded MMA Girls, a premiere female Mixed Martial Arts brand in 2006. She specializes in fighter interviews and technique videos as well as sponsoring female MMA fighters.

96. Takara Sewitt

Actress | Indebted

Takara Sewitt is an actress, known for Indebted (2010), The Gate of Fallen Angels (2009) and The Graduation Party (2012).

97. Becktoria

Actress | Becktoria: 2 Feathers

Becktoria - singer, songwriter and actress - born in Burma and educated in England. Having the ability to sing before she could walk she found herself on stage at her 1st birthday. This early interest turned into a passion and led to her classical training at the age of 11. From there, she went on ...

98. Tanya Chisholm

Actress | Big Time Rush

Tanya Chisholm is blossoming into one of the most sought after young talents in Hollywood.

The actress currently stars as "Kelly Wainwright" on Nickelodeon's hit "boy band" series Big Time Rush.

Before hitting the "big time", Tanya's gift to tell interesting and compelling stories earned her the ...

99. Rose Mazzola

Actress | Tinted Windows

Rose Mazzola is an actress and casting director, known for Tinted Windows (2015), Clarity of Purpose (2013) and Payback (2015).

100. Marcella Lentz-Pope

Actress | Superbad

Marcella Lentz-Pope was born on August 16, 1988 in Los Angeles County, California, USA as Marcella Caithleann Pope. She is known for her work on Superbad (2007), The Social Network (2010) and Big Hero 6 (2014).

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