Dutch political television

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1. De mannetjesmaker (1983)

110 min | Drama

The reconstruction of a Dutch political scandal from the 1960s when a PR specialist managed to gain unhealthy influence in government circles. Eventually he became the biggest victim.

Director: Hans Hylkema | Stars: Gerard Thoolen, Celia Nufaar, Carol van Herwijnen, Johan Ooms

Votes: 39

2. Julia's geheim (1987)

103 min | Drama

A Turkish girl of the second generation gets the leading role in a music theater performance of Romeo and Juliet. Her father can not know about her stage activities. If her parents find out, there is a chain reaction of events.

Director: Hans Hylkema | Stars: Funda Müjde, Nahit Guvendi, Nigar Cankur, Casper de Boer

3. De nacht van Aalbers (2001 TV Movie)

68 min | Thriller

A political thriller about a political leader who gets involved in a mysterious murder in a hotel. In order not to damage his political career the politician tries to hide the truth. An ambitious young journalist investigates the murder.

Director: Theo van Gogh | Stars: Kim van Kooten, Huub Stapel, Krijn ter Braak, Najib Amhali

Votes: 80

4. De papegaai (1988– )

Johan van Dam (Peter Tuinman), his wife Vera and his children Karin and Teun arrive in the country Tyros, that gave them political asylum. In the Netherlands there is a military government.... See full synopsis »

Stars: Ger Smit, Miriam de Boer, Maarten Pinxteren, Peter Tuinman

Votes: 12

5. Medea (2005)

300 min | Thriller, Drama

Greek tragedy by Euripide moved to Dutch politics. Medea, the daughter of the chairman of the senate, falls madly in love with ambitious politician Jason. Together they plan a campaign to make Jason prime minister.

Stars: Katja Schuurman, Thijs Römer, Tara Elders, Krijn ter Braak

Votes: 202

6. De belager (2000 TV Movie)

105 min | Thriller

Two-part television thriller about a violent politician who is harassing a journalist.

Director: Dana Nechushtan | Stars: Pierre Bokma, Kim van Kooten, Johanna ter Steege, Hilt de Vos

Votes: 50

7. Het jaar van de opvolging (1998– )

240 min

Four-part political drama series about the rise and fall of a young politician.

Stars: Rik Launspach, Coen Flink, Pierre Bokma, Will van Kralingen

Votes: 13

8. Den Uyl en de affaire Lockheed (2010– )


The country is in turmoil when it appears that Prince Bernhard has accepted a bribe. Queen Juliana is in danger of resigning. Prime Minister Den Uyl has to act.

Stars: Joop Keesmaat, Catherine ten Bruggencate, Hubert Fermin, Debbie Korper

Votes: 57

9. Sorry minister (2009)


In this Dutch version of "Yes, Minister", mediocre politician Karel Bijl is unexpectedly made minister of Administrative Affairs. He learns the hard way that top-level government is a ... See full summary »

Stars: Jeroen Spitzenberger, Mohammed Azaay, Lidewij Mahler, Lies Visschedijk

Votes: 20

10. 06/05 (2004)

117 min | Drama, Thriller

A fictional version of the events that led to the assassination of the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn on May 6, 2002.

Director: Theo van Gogh | Stars: Thijs Römer, Tara Elders, Cahit Ölmez, Jack Wouterse

Votes: 1,281

11. Vox Populi (2008)

100 min | Comedy

Vox Populi is a black comedy about an experienced politician suffering from a midlife crisis. When he comes into contact with the common-man's logic of his new in-laws, this has a ... See full summary »

Director: Eddy Terstall | Stars: Tom Jansen, Johnny de Mol, Esmarel Gasman, Tara Elders

Votes: 540

12. De Val van Aantjes (2013– )

90 min | Drama, History

Cinematic interpretation of the much-discussed rise and fall of Willem Aantjes.

Stars: Yannick de Waal, Sijtze van der Meer, Casper Gimbrère, Simon Heijmans

Votes: 16

13. De Deal (2014)


A young journalist infiltrates the populist Freedom Party to find out who actually controls the party. She becomes entangled in a large web of international branches.

Stars: Carolien Spoor, Jacob Derwig, Achmed Akkabi, Bart Klever

Votes: 45

14. De kroon (2004 TV Movie)

97 min | Drama

A dramatized interpretation of historical events of the run-up to the marriage of the Dutch crown prince Willem-Alexander and Máxima Zorreguieta.

Director: Peter de Baan | Stars: Eric van der Donk, Simón Andreu, Silvia Munt, Bram van der Vlugt

Votes: 60

15. Land Van Lubbers (2016)

Drama, History

Dutch former Prime Minister President Ruud Lubbers is interviewed at Amsterdam university by students. His story is laced with flashbacks of important events in his political career.

Stars: Huub Stapel, Guy Clemens, Kristen Denkers, Hannah van Lunteren

Votes: 36

16. Mevrouw de minister (2002– )


Three-part television series that tells the story of the young, impetuous female Minister who struggles against the regent culture and back room politics.

Stars: Marieke Heebink, Derek de Lint, Fedja van Huêt, Serge-Henri Valcke

Votes: 21

17. De fractie (2015–2016)


Political drama series about the fraction of the VPN, a free-spirited progressive party that stands for openness in politics. Each episode is in line with the topicality of the week of broadcast.

Stars: Joris Smit, Sandra Mattie, Han Kerckhoffs, Tijn Docter

Votes: 85

18. The Prince and the Girl (2007– )

Drama, Romance

A dramatized interpretation of historical events based on the controversial relationship between Mabel Wisse Smit and Prince Friso van Oranje.

Stars: Halina Reijn, Barry Atsma, Attila Balázs, Margreet Boersbroek

Votes: 48

19. Klem in de draaideur (2003)

90 min | Drama

This tv-movie is about a political drama in the Netherlands between procureur general Arthur Docters van Leeuwen en minister Winnie Sorgdrager. They stride between power and trust.

Director: Peter de Baan | Stars: Tamar van den Dop, Thom Hoffman, Huub Stapel, Ger Thijs

Votes: 14

20. Retour Den Haag (1999 TV Movie)

50 min | Drama

In 1993 incriminating information surfaced about illicit narcotics detection methods for the IRT team. Ed van Thijn (former mayor of Amsterdam) was then Minister of Jusitice. The affair would eventually lead to his resignation.

Director: Peter de Baan | Stars: Huub Stapel, Carolien van den Berg, Tom Jansen, Titus Muizelaar

Votes: 14

21. All Souls (2005)

90 min | Drama

Dutch filmmakers gathered to make this compilation movie, consisting of 17 segments, as a reaction to the status quo in The Netherlands after the assassination of filmmaker Theo van Gogh on November 2, 2004.

Directors: Ger Beukenkamp, Mijke de Jong, Mariecke van der Linden, Gerrard Verhage, Peter de Baan, Constant Dullaart, Norbert ter Hall, Rita Horst, David Lammers, Tim Oliehoek, Rob Schröder, Hanro Smitsman, Eddy Terstall, Maarten Treurniet, Meral Uslu, Marco van Geffen, Michiel van Jaarsveld, Nicole van Kilsdonk | Stars: Banjer, Hugo Beelt, Peter Bolhuis, Kees Boot

Votes: 76

22. De derde kamer (1983)


Three-part mini-series to the novel by D66 politician Jan Terlouw about the fate of politicians from a smaller political party.

Stars: Hidde Maas, Hein Boele, Bob van Tol, Els Ingeborg Smits

23. In the Interests of the State (1997 TV Movie)


A Kurdish asylum seeker who is a poet and a member of the Kurdish Marxist Leninist Front can not escape the long arm of the Turkish government in The Netherlands. They submit a request for ... See full summary »

Director: Theo van Gogh | Stars: Marlies Heuer, Esgo Heil, Bata Miodrag Milojevic, Carol van Herwijnen

Votes: 43

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