Top 50 favourite anime

by robiu013 | created - 14 Jul 2014 | updated - 17 Mar 2017 | Public

The list is constantly being updated, since it's a mess at this point and I'm trying to get in order. I'll also add more shows after I finish and evaluate them to the list.

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1. Ghost in the Shell (1995)

TV-MA | 83 min | Animation, Action, Crime

76 Metascore

A cyborg policewoman and her partner hunt a mysterious and powerful hacker called the Puppet Master.

Director: Mamoru Oshii | Stars: Atsuko Tanaka, Iemasa Kayumi, Akio Ôtsuka, Kôichi Yamadera

Votes: 146,931 | Gross: $0.52M


2. Perfect Blue (1997)

R | 81 min | Animation, Crime, Drama

67 Metascore

A pop singer gives up her career to become an actress, but she slowly goes insane when she starts being stalked by an obsessed fan and what seems to be a ghost of her past.

Director: Satoshi Kon | Stars: Junko Iwao, Rica Matsumoto, Shinpachi Tsuji, Masaaki Ôkura

Votes: 81,712 | Gross: $0.78M


3. Millennium Actress (2001)

PG | 87 min | Animation, Drama, Fantasy

70 Metascore

A TV interviewer and his cameraman meet a former actress and travel through her memories and career.

Director: Satoshi Kon | Stars: Miyoko Shôji, Shôzô Îzuka, Mami Koyama, Fumiko Orikasa

Votes: 29,357 | Gross: $0.19M


4. Welcome to the N.H.K. (2006)

TV-MA | 24 min | Animation, Comedy, Drama

This surreal dramedy follows Satou Tatsuhiro as he attempts to escape the evil machinations of the NHK.

Stars: Yutaka Koizumi, Yui Makino, Michael C. Pizzuto, Monica Rial

Votes: 7,218


Welcome to the NHK! is a comedy/drama series, that both pokes fun at and provides social commentary about otakus (people obsessed with consumeristic things like anime, manga, video games, porn etc.) and recluses, making it a pretty subversive series within a medium, that whether directly or not helps reproducing said obsessions and psychological issues. It's strongest element is the fact, that it doesn't just point fingers, but presents a strong psychological and sociological base giving you not only the ability to identify with the characters, but also understand the problematics with this social occurences. This being said the characters are mostly fleshed out well (though the manga proves it could have been done a bit better) and fun to follow around. The series can be also seen as a twisted romance story.

5. Berserk (1997–1998)

TV-MA | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Guts is a skilled swordsman who joins forces with a mercenary group named 'The Band of the Hawk', lead by the charismatic Griffith, and fights with them as they battle their way into the royal court.

Stars: Marc Diraison, Nobutoshi Canna, Carrie Keranen, Kevin T. Collins

Votes: 42,828


Berserk (1997) took the best part of the Berserk manga and transformed it into a pretty great adaptation. While the title and the medieval war premise may suggest this being just another blood and gore infested action series, there's more to it than meets the eye. In fact the strongest part of it, are the characters, which are all fleshed out well and have interesting development and integration in the grand scheme of things as the story goes on. The story, dealing with man's ambition, ultimately culminates in one of the most impactful climaxes I have ever seen in anime history. Before anybody calls me out on the previous sentence and the obvious controversy, that's connected with it; no the series does not end there. You can always continue by reading the manga, watch the final Golden Age arc movie for a proper anime conclusion or ignore episode 1 and consider it open ended. However, none of this is the perfect solution. Too bad the manga series declines in quality after the Golden Age arc.

6. Serial Experiments Lain (1998)

TV-14 | 316 min | Animation, Drama, Horror

Strange things start happening when a withdrawn girl named Lain becomes obsessed with an interconnected virtual realm known as "The Wired".

Stars: Kaori Shimizu, Bridget Hoffman, Randy McPherson, Dan Lorge

Votes: 14,889


This series is definetly not for the casual watcher, who just wants something fun to watch. The series doesn't spoon feed the audience and instead just throws them in a world, where the wired (the internet) is about to get integrated in everyday life. This way some people might get turned off, but at the same time I don't feel like the series is as hard to understand as some people make it out to be. The story is still linear and there aren't all too many complex methaphors, which couldn't be grasped. You just need to pay a little more attention. If you manage to keep track, you will find alot of substance underneath the obviously budgetary constricted but still beautiful visuals. The series is not only prophetic in terms of the influence the internet had on society, but also poses interesting philosophical and existential questions. It's truly a unique experience.

7. The Tatami Galaxy (2010)

TV-14 | 253 min | Animation, Comedy, Drama

When a nameless student at Kyoto University encounters a demigod one night, he asks to relive the past three years in order to win the heart of Ms. Akashi, the object of his affection.

Stars: Shintarô Asanuma, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Rin Mizuhara, Maaya Sakamoto

Votes: 4,473


The Tatami Galaxy has the one big weakness that it alienates it's (especially not Japanese speaking) audience right off the bat, by having the protagonist have fast-paced and long winded exposition narrations, that may make you want to quit after 5 minutes and go watch some simpler stuff like Naruto, Bleach or whatever instead. But despair not, the protagonists babbling gets reduced as soon as the plot thickens and happens far less often in later episodes and when it does you get used to it. Once the barrier is broken, you're bound to find a pretty substantial, though abstract, story about life and the decisions a man makes. The substance of the series however goes beyond just telling a meaningful story, since it's also pretty impressive in the department of animation, having a style that's truely unique within the medium and even pretty good humor as well as interesting characters, that you get attached to. It's also a far superior series to the otherwise widely praised Steins;Gate (not that I dislike it) in telling a story with the time reset element in it's story.

8. Paranoia Agent (2004)

TV-MA | 25 min | Animation, Drama, Horror

Seemingly unconnected citizens of Tokyo are targeted for bludgeoning by a boy with a golden baseball bat. As detectives try to link the victims, they discover that following the assaults, the victims' lives have improved in some way.

Stars: Shôzô Îzuka, Toshihiko Seki, Mamiko Noto, Michael McConnohie

Votes: 12,792


Paranoia Agent is Satoshi Kon's, who is otherwise better known for his critically acclaimed movies; Perfect Blue, Millenium Actress, Paprika and Tokyo Godfathers, excursion into the serial territory. The series however in no way falls short, when compared to other works in Kon's filmography. Paranoia Agent could be described as a social panorama, with the many characters and subplots it covers, that however all have one thing in common; the need for an escape. Kon makess his ideas come to life, by literally taking physical form in his story. This could alienate some viewers, but felt to me like something, that actually made the series more worthwhile and a feast for the eyes. Ultimately a lot of it blows up into ridiculous proportions to the point where it is funny, which I however don't consider a flaw due to quite a number of hints sparkled throughout the series, that give a feeling of self-awareness and because it is, as already mentioned pretty entertaining.

9. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009–2010)

TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Two brothers search for a Philosopher's Stone after an attempt to revive their deceased mother goes awry and leaves them in damaged physical forms.

Stars: Kent Williams, Iemasa Kayumi, Matthew Leonhart, Vic Mignogna

Votes: 175,616


10. Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995–1996)

TV-MA | 24 min | Animation, Action, Drama

A teenage boy finds himself recruited as a member of an elite team of pilots by his father.

Stars: Megumi Ogata, Megumi Hayashibara, Kotono Mitsuishi, Spike Spencer

Votes: 74,085

Neon Genesis Evangelion 8/10 End of Evangelion 9/10

Evangelion is one of these animes, that I initially didn't quite get. The characters seemed unlikeable and there is this abstractness to both its existing endings. It took me sometime, but I eventually decided to revisit the story and to my surprise it was written with quite a lot of complexity and it wasn't as abstract as I initially thought. The story is about Shinji Ikari, who after years gets reunited with his father, so he can force him to pilot a giant robot for him and deal with the "Angels" (gigantic alien entities), who are a threat to mankind. It does start like a pretty standard mecha series, but eventually evolves into a war drama about a world, which is on the brink of apocalypse, with well-characterized leads, who clearly don't have the proper mentality to fight in wars of such a scope. Like I said the characters are not the most pleasant, but they're personalities and their psychological struggles at times fit in eerily well with the setting, that gets presented. Now to deal with the controversy; the last two episodes of the series are a clear result of something going wrong with the animation process in the studio and I personally don't like them. Luckily they remade them in the 1997 End of Evangelion movie, which offered a more satisfying conclusion, that didn't try to pass the entire series off as a metaphor for depression or a coming of age situation and exploded in one of the most memorable animated spectacles I've seen.

11. Monster (2004–2005)

TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Crime, Drama

A brilliant neurosurgeon finds his life in utter turmoil after getting involved with a psychopathic former patient.

Stars: Hidenobu Kiuchi, Liam O'Brien, Mamiko Noto, Karen Strassman

Votes: 34,290


12. Death Note (2006–2007)

TV-14 | 23 min | Animation, Crime, Drama

An intelligent high school student goes on a secret crusade to eliminate criminals from the world after discovering a notebook capable of killing anyone whose name is written into it.

Stars: Mamoru Miyano, Brad Swaile, Vincent Tong, Ryô Naitô

Votes: 337,380


13. Rurouni Kenshin (1996–1998)

TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

The adventures of a young wandering swordsman who stumbles upon a struggling martial arts school in Meiji era Japan.

Stars: Mayo Suzukaze, Dorothy Elias-Fahn, Richard Cansino, Rebecca Forstadt

Votes: 19,732


In my opinion this is the best battle shounen series. It's pretty remarkable how author Nobuhiro Watsuki managed to take the typical arc based structure series like this usually have and still make a well connected and wholesome series, that never feels like slowing down and stays true to it's core ideas. Unfortunately there is a catch. The anime, as good as it may be, does not do perfect justice to the manga series. The series leaves out the entire Jinchuu arc and backstory arc, which was originally integrated in said arc. Instead half of the 94 episodes consists of filler, that you might as well skip in my opinion. They did tackle the missing arcs in two movies, however even though "Trust and Betrayal" is well received it feels tonally alien and has poor pacing and "Reflection" is just an completely botched product consisting of flashbacks, overly dramatic speeches and 10 minutes of actual Jinchuu arc adaptation leading to an anime only ending, that you no longer care about after being bored for an hour straight.

14. Parasyte: The Maxim (2014–2015)

TV-MA | 22 min | Animation, Action, Drama

17-year-old Shinichi Izumi is partially infected by a Parasyte, monsters that butcher and consume humans. He must learn to co-exist with the creature if he is to survive both the life of a Parasyte and a human as part monster, part person.

Stars: Aya Hirano, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Rinka H.B.B., Brittney Karbowski

Votes: 41,172


15. Akira (1988)

R | 124 min | Animation, Action, Drama

67 Metascore

A secret military project endangers Neo-Tokyo when it turns a biker gang member into a rampaging psychic psychopath who can only be stopped by a teenager, his gang of biker friends and a group of psychics.

Director: Katsuhiro Ôtomo | Stars: Mitsuo Iwata, Nozomu Sasaki, Mami Koyama, Tesshô Genda

Votes: 191,588 | Gross: $0.55M


16. Baccano! (2007–2008)

TV-MA | 384 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

A crazy fantasy caper involving alchemists, immortals, gangsters, outlaws and an elixir of immortality, spread over several decades.

Stars: Michael C. Pizzuto, J. Michael Tatum, Caitlin Glass, Akemi Kanda

Votes: 12,149


17. Memories (1995)

PG-13 | 113 min | Animation, Sci-Fi, Thriller

An animated science fiction anthology from the visionary anime director, Katsuhiro Otomo.

Directors: Kôji Morimoto, Tensai Okamura, Katsuhiro Ôtomo | Stars: Marc Swint, Robbie Daymond, Frank Todaro, Laura Post

Votes: 19,381


18. Cowboy Bebop (1998–1999)

TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

The futuristic misadventures and tragedies of an easygoing bounty hunter and his partners.

Stars: Kôichi Yamadera, Unshô Ishizuka, Megumi Hayashibara, Steve Blum

Votes: 124,749


19. Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Not Rated | 89 min | Animation, Drama, War

94 Metascore

A young boy and his little sister struggle to survive in Japan during World War II.

Director: Isao Takahata | Stars: Tsutomu Tatsumi, Ayano Shiraishi, Akemi Yamaguchi, Yoshiko Shinohara

Votes: 283,907


20. Code Geass (2006–2008)

TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Action, Drama

After being given a mysterious power to control others, an outcast prince becomes the masked leader of the rebellion against an all-powerful empire.

Stars: Jun Fukuyama, Takahiro Sakurai, Johnny Yong Bosch, Yukana

Votes: 71,531


21. One Piece (1999– )

TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew in order to find the greatest treasure ever left by the legendary Pirate, Gold Roger. The famous mystery treasure named "One Piece".

Stars: Mayumi Tanaka, Laurent Vernin, Tony Beck, Akemi Okamura

Votes: 135,361


The "Big 3 Question" has had a pretty clear answer for quite some time. Even though I personally always preferred Naruto, One Piece is the best of Shonen Jump's popularity monsters as far as quality goes. One Piece has managed to stay true to it's core idea, fun atmosphere, large world it set up and interesting characters, with equally as interesting designs (something some people complain about, but to me the artstyle (not the animation) is outstanding) for most of it's run. While much praise can be said about One Piece, it still suffers from long running shounen series syndrome, by having poor pacing and a bunch of fillers (though some of them are actually pretty good in One Piece), making you consider to jump over to reading the manga instead entirely. Another flaw is also, that while the main cast is indeed interesting, their development is pretty much reversed or nullified after the time skip, leaving a heavy toll on the enjoyment of the latest arcs.

22. Hunter x Hunter (2011–2014)

TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Gon Freecss aspires to become a Hunter, an exceptional being capable of greatness. With his friends and his potential, he seeks out his father, who left him when he was younger.

Stars: Issei Futamata, Megumi Han, Cristina Valenzuela, Mariya Ise

Votes: 108,178


Another series, that is hailed by most of the anime community as one of the best. But personally I think the series can only be seperated from other fighting shounen series by so much. It's biggest strenghts are indeed the consistent writing and clever battle mechanics, that author Yoshihiro Togashi put together with quite an impressive amount of creativity and detail. But if you look at it from bird's eye you still have an arc-based fighting series, that keeps moving on at a relatively slow pace (but atleat it doesn't have fillers and flashbacks) and after the events of the manga towards the unknown. It's highly likely, that the only thing keeping the manga on-going is Togashi's contract with Shonen Jump and the undying dedication of it's fandom (Which to be fair is excused, since Hunter x Hunter is a step ahead from it's contemporaries within the fighting shounen genre), when obviously Togashi is trying to stay away from it as much a possible with his constant hiatuses. As from it's pretty good consistency the plot ranges from mediocre to pretty great arcs. The Yorknew and Chimera Ant arcs are definetly the two high points of the series, but getting there took quite some dedication. For example the entire first arc felt like a patchwork created to keep the audiences going every week. If you look at the hunter exam as a whole, which is the central event of the arc, it's overly convoluted and unfocused. On the other hand it has pretty good animation and fight scenes and I quite enjoy the cheezyness of the "You can smile again"-theme song.

23. Redline (2009)

Not Rated | 102 min | Animation, Action, Sci-Fi

A story about the most popular racing event in the galaxy, the Redline, and the various racers who compete in it.

Director: Takeshi Koike | Stars: Takuya Kimura, Yû Aoi, Tadanobu Asano, Yoshiyuki Morishita

Votes: 15,238


24. Goodbye, Mr. Despair (2007)

24 min | Animation, Comedy, Drama

A pessimistic high school teacher must somehow manage a class of eccentric students.

Stars: Hiroshi Kamiya, Ai Nonaka, Marina Inoue, Asami Sanada

Votes: 955


25. Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

PG-13 | 92 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

73 Metascore

On Christmas Eve, three homeless people living on the streets of Tokyo discover a newborn baby among the trash and set out to find its parents.

Director: Satoshi Kon | Stars: Tôru Emori, Yoshiaki Umegaki, Aya Okamoto, Shôzô Îzuka

Votes: 42,670 | Gross: $0.13M


26. When Marnie Was There (2014)

PG | 103 min | Animation, Drama, Family

72 Metascore

Due to 12 y.o. Anna's asthma, she's sent to stay with relatives of her guardian in the Japanese countryside. She likes to be alone, sketching. She befriends Marnie. Who is the mysterious, blonde Marnie.

Director: Hiromasa Yonebayashi | Stars: Sara Takatsuki, Kasumi Arimura, Nanako Matsushima, Susumu Terajima

Votes: 42,840 | Gross: $0.77M


27. Space Brothers (2012–2014)

TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi

One evening two brothers see what appears to be a UFO in the sky. Whether or not that was the case becomes irrelevant, but it does spark an interest in space and the two brothers make a ... See full summary »

Stars: Miyuki Sawashiro, Kenichiro Ohashi, Hiroaki Hirata, Yûko Sanpei

Votes: 512


28. Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad (2004–2005)

TV-MA | 25 min | Animation, Drama, Music

Koyuki meets the guitarist, Ryuske, and discovers a love and talent for music.

Stars: Taliesin Jaffe, Eric Vale, Greg Ayres, Jamie McGonnigal

Votes: 2,521


If you're looking for a good integration of music into a slice of life plot, then "Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad" is probably one of the better choices you can make. It definetly helped, that they hired japanese alternative rock band Beat Crusaders to write and record some authentic sounding songs for the soundtrack. Other than that you'll get a story about Yukio "Koyuki" Tanaka, who discovers his love for rock music, picks up an instrument and eventually decides to aim for the stars with a band. Based on that sentence you can probably already notice a flaw in the presentation of the series. Simply said the band in the series, while catchy and far from bad, is nowhere near as good as the audience resonation makes them out to be. To be fair though; the series, except for the climax (which is kind of convenient and farfetch'd), the band's success is never anything too far off from what such a band would achieve in real life. It's also worth mentioning that the anime series only covers about a third of the whole manga story, but to be honest having read the entire manga I'd have to say that the first third was best anyway (even though the manga doesn't get bad).

29. Dragon Ball (1995–2003)

TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Dragon Ball tells the tale of a young warrior by the name of Son Goku, a young peculiar boy with a tail who embarks on a quest to become stronger and learns of the Dragon Balls, when, once all 7 are gathered, grant any wish of choice.

Stars: Brice Armstrong, Steve Olson, Stephanie Nadolny, Zoe Slusar

Votes: 61,457


8/10 (Dragon Ball) 6,5/10 (Dragon Ball Z)

Dragon Ball, the classic battle shounen. But it wasn't always like that. The series was at it's best, when it was an over the top martial arts and slightly absurd comedy/action series and didn't quite descend into it's mindless power measuring, kicking and punching and yelling-accompanied transformations. But even with that descent DBZ remained an entertaining and fun series throughout. As far as my rating goes, I didn't include any of the two sequels, that followed, because I consider both unnecessary and bad. GT had some good ideas to continue the story, but ultimately failed by feeling redundant and having stale characters. With Toriyama back on board you'd think Super would be better. But it's even worse. The characters are just as stale, the arc's even less elaborate and the twists and turns are full of rehashing from the first two series.

4,5/10 (Dragon Ball GT) 3/10 (Dragon Ball Super)

30. Kids on the Slope (2012)

TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Drama, Music

Two different students - a successful but aloof academic and a rebellious but kindhearted delinquent - form a friendship through their love for music.

Stars: David Matranga, Brittney Karbowski, Luci Christian, Chris Patton

Votes: 3,117


31. Digimon Tamers (2001–2002)

TV-Y7 | Animation, Action, Adventure

An animated series based on the popular children's toy "Digimon", in which kids raise electronic monsters to fight against those raised by other kids. The show follows the adventures of a ... See full summary »

Stars: Masako Nozawa, Yuka Imai, Makoto Tsumura, Mayumi Yamaguchi

Votes: 2,159


32. Digimon Adventure (1999–2000)

TV-Y7-FV | 30 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

An animated series based on the popular children's toy "Digimon", in which kids raise and train electronic monsters to fight against those raised by other kids. The show follows the ... See full summary »

Stars: Hiroaki Hirata, Toshiko Fujita, Chika Sakamoto, Yûko Mizutani

Votes: 6,589


I guess an anime like Digimon may give people the association, that it's all just a marketing vehicle for a toy line and to be fair, that's technically exactly what it is. Luckily the writers didn't treat it that way, for I would dare calling Digimon one of the better kid-oriented anime series. Lots of series like this tend to be an escapist adventure, where the stakes aren't too high and the drama of real life is far away and irrelevant (like (for example) in Pokemon, which Digimon often (unfairly if I may add) gets accused of ripping off). The leading cast in Digimon is relatively down to earth. They're all somewhat realistic, relatable and dealing with their own personal struggles, that go beyond being trapped in a strange land with gigantic bugs and dinosaurs (which actually is a problem in Digimon and the characters don't react to it with joy). It's true however that the plot is kind of simple, plot turns and twist aren't particularly clever and the digivolution is a pretty silly concept to sell toys, but it's still a pretty fun series, that I enjoy revisiting every couple of years. I guess it's also worth addressing that Digimon spans multiple seasons and movies. Currently the 8th season is in the making, but only the second one (Digimon 02) and the still on going Digimon Tri. movie series are direct sequels to the story of the original, so I guess I can add a sentence or two for those as well (Other spin off series will get their own entries). Digimon 02 replaced most of the original cast with new characters, which could be a good idea, but backfired, because the new cast is in fact closer to the generic escapist kid-oriented adventure series, who embark on their adventures with a happy-go-lucky attitude. The series somewhat makes up for that by adding some pretty interesting antagonists, but once again blows it with worse plot turns and twists. There is also the "Digimon Movie" from 2000, which is an anthology of additional side stories tying in with the first two seasons, which is okay, but nothing great. Then there's Digimon Tri., which currently spans 3 movies (more aree to come). These unfortunately don't move very quickly and I only really enjoyed the latest of them, otherwise they're heavy on forced emotional moments, that just drag on too long and feel contrived, but appearently still appeal to the emotion-addicts in the anime community.

Digimon 02; 5/10 Digimon the Movie; 6/10 Digimon Tri. Part 1: Reunion; 4/10 Digimon Tri. Part 2: Determination; 4/10 Digimon Tri. Part 3: Confession; 6/10

33. Durarara!! (2010)

TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Action, Comedy

Tired of his mundane life, Mikado Ryugamine decides to move to Ikebukuro, a district in Tokyo, when a friend invites him. With everything from invisible gangs to rumored beings, Ikebukuro is full of connected mysteries where people's pasts intertwine with the present.

Stars: Yuri Lowenthal, Kari Wahlgren, Bryce Papenbrook, Johnny Yong Bosch

Votes: 7,480


34. Steins;Gate (2011–2015)

TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Comedy, Drama

After discovering time travel, a university student and his colleagues must use their knowledge of it to stop an evil organization and their diabolical plans.

Stars: Mamoru Miyano, Asami Imai, Kana Hanazawa, Ashly Burch

Votes: 65,376


35. Naruto (2002–2007)

TV-PG | 24 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Naruto Uzumaki, a mischievous adolescent ninja, struggles as he searches for recognition and dreams of becoming the Hokage, the village's leader and strongest ninja.

Stars: Junko Takeuchi, Maile Flanagan, Kate Higgins, Chie Nakamura

Votes: 108,620


7/10 (Naruto) 5/10 (Naruto Shippuden)

A fun battle shounen with a pretty stellar beginning, painting an interesting world to get you immersed in. At the time it came out it was also a rarity to see a character like Naruto as a lead in a shonen anime. His disconnection with his surroundings and appearent lack of talent for the art his studying, also made him a pretty interesting character throughout the entire first part of the series. Unfortunately the writing soon diverts into large amounts of melodrama and tackling social issues like war & human coexistence shallowly and idealistically, leaving the over the top battles and abilities the main selling point of the series. Not to mention the obnoxious amounts of filler episodes and constantly reoccuring flashbacks to cover up the fact, that there was not enough manga material out, when the episodes were being made.

36. Bakuman. (2010–2013)

24 min | Animation, Comedy, Drama

Moritaka Mashiro, a junior high school student, content to live out a relatively normal life as any other does, is persuaded by his classmate, Akito Takagi, to become an aspiring mangaka ... See full summary »

Stars: Dan Green, Jun'ichi Suwabe, Kevin T. Collins, Stephanie Sheh

Votes: 2,527


37. Soul Eater (2008–2009)

TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Set in the Shinigami technical school for weapon meisters, the series revolves around 3 duos. These pairs are a partnership between a weapon meister and a human weapon. Trying to reach a ... See full summary »

Stars: Laura Bailey, Chiaki Omigawa, Micah Solusod, Brittney Karbowski

Votes: 13,512


38. Space Dandy (2014)

TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

The cosmic and comic adventures of Space Dandy, a handsome space explorer tasked to tour the universe and discover new alien beings.

Stars: Jun'ichi Suwabe, Uki Satake, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Ian Sinclair

Votes: 4,287


39. Bunny Drop (2011–2012)

TV-PG | 24 min | Animation, Comedy, Drama

A man adopts his six-year-old aunt and raises her as his own kid.

Stars: Hiroshi Tsuchida, Ayu Matsuura, Atsuko Mine, Noa Sakai

Votes: 3,582


40. Great Teacher Onizuka (1999–2000)

TV-MA | 24 min | Animation, Comedy, Drama

About Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old ex-gangster member and a virgin. He has one ambition that no one ever expected from him. His solely life purpose is to become the greatest high school teacher ever.

Stars: Steve Blum, Kirk Thornton, Jun'ichi Suwabe, Wataru Takagi

Votes: 9,880


41. Detroit Metal City (2008 Video)

TV-MA | 168 min | Animation, Comedy, Music

The life of a split personality man who secretly sings for death metal.

Director: Hiroshi Nagahama | Stars: Daisuke Kishio, Ai Kobayashi, Takashi Matsuyama, Masami Nagasawa

Votes: 1,429


Detroit Metal City is a fun comedy series, that you can put on and finish in just one evening, since the total run time of all episodes barely amounts to just above 2 hours. The story is altogether a fun watch dealing with the problems of Souichi Negishi, who is a wimpy and unsuccessful pop musician at day, but the vocalist of bigger than life metal band Detroit Metal City at night. While episodic in nature the series still has its moments of comedy greatness. There however are 2 fields in which the series dissapoints. First, it's a missed opportunity to make it into a music series (like Metalocalypse, which presents a new death metal song in every episode). And secondly the Japanese metal scene either is as weird and different from global scenes as the series presents it or the series is completely off. Either way it's a fun watch.

42. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (2011)

TV-PG | 23 min | Animation, Adventure, Drama

Five childhood companions reunite when the ghost of their dead friends appears, and demands they grant her final wish.

Stars: Miyu Irino, Ai Kayano, Haruka Tomatsu, Takahiro Sakurai

Votes: 14,539


43. Genshiken (2004–2007)

PG-13 | 25 min | Animation, Comedy

The misadventures of the close-knit members of a small anime/manga club on a college campus.

Stars: Michael Perreca, Bill Timoney, Bill Rogers, Carol Jacobanis

Votes: 744


Genshiken is a series, that revolves around a club, that's all about their favourite free time activities; anime, manga and other fields of otaku interest. The series is one of the earliest entries, when it comes to thematizing the fanbase of the medium. While it's true, that the series is somewhat of an apologetic love letter to being an otaku, it still doesn't come off like complete pandering to the anime fans, since it shows both the good and bad sides of "otaku-dom" with it's relatively realistic tone. It's also interesting, that the character, who had the most characterization and development and whom I would consider closest to a main character of Genshiken, is in fact not an otaku, but someone from outside. It's less intense tone and thematics do make it seem inferior to 2006's "Welcome to the NHK!", but can still serve as a fun time waster, if you're into more light hearted entertainment.

44. Barefoot Gen (1983)

TV-PG | 83 min | Animation, Biography, Drama