from "Bye Bye Blackbird" to "The Hokey Pokey"

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1. Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show (1984–1988)
Episode: Curio Shoppe (1988)

TV-Y | 30 min | Comedy, Family, Musical

Sharon, Lois & Bram and Elephant are driving in their old fashioned car when it breaks down! They decide they'd better walk the rest of the way. While they're walking, they come across an ... See full summary »

Stars: Don Calderwood, Sarah Dunning, Paula Gallivan, Barbara Hamilton

2. Space Mutiny (1988)

Not Rated | 91 min | Action, Adventure, Romance

A pilot is the only hope to stop the mutiny of a spacecraft by its security crew, who plot to sell the crew of the ship into slavery.

Directors: David Winters, Neal Sundstrom | Stars: Reb Brown, John Phillip Law, James Ryan, Cameron Mitchell

Votes: 6,371

3. American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (1989)

R | 89 min | Action, Drama

An expert fighter leads an assault on the island lab of a madman making a virus for terrorists.

Director: Cedric Sundstrom | Stars: David Bradley, Steve James, Marjoe Gortner, Michele B. Chan

Votes: 4,581 | Gross: $0.90M

4. Five Corners (1987)

R | 90 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

A psychotic young man returns to his old neighborhood after release from prison. He seeks out the woman he previously tried to rape and the man who protected her, with twisted ideas of love for her and hate for him.

Director: Tony Bill | Stars: Jodie Foster, Tim Robbins, Todd Graff, John Turturro

Votes: 2,835 | Gross: $0.97M

5. Amen (1986–1991)
Episode: Get 'Em Up, Scout (1988)

TV-PG | 22 min | Comedy

A prestigious law firm offers Deacon Frye a job.

Director: Bill Foster | Stars: Sherman Hemsley, Clifton Davis, Anna Maria Horsford, Barbara Montgomery

Votes: 8

6. The Twilight Zone (1985–1989)
Episode: Our Selena Is Dying (1988)

TV-PG | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

A doctor becomes suspicious when a young woman mysteriously begins losing her youth to her dying aunt.

Director: Bruce Pittman | Stars: Terri Garber, Jennifer Dale, Charmion King, R.H. Thomson

Votes: 125

7. Bino Fabule (1988)

Bino Fabule est un film d'animation en co-production Québec-France-Belgique réalisé par Réjeanne Taillon, sorti en 1988.

Directors: Jean-Pierre Liccioni, Robert Lombaerts, André Roussil, Réjeanne Tailon | Stars: Violette Chauveau, Elizabeth Lesieur, Madeleine Arsenault, Jean Fontaine

8. Glitch! (1988)

R | 88 min | Comedy

Two thieves rob a large fancy house when the owner is away. But when a visitor mistakes them for the owner, and they find out about a casting party mis-scheduled for that day, they decide ... See full summary »

Director: Nico Mastorakis | Stars: Will Egan, Steve Donmyer, Julia Nickson, Ji-Tu Cumbuka

Votes: 325

9. A.L.F. (1987–1989)
Episode: The Spy from East Velcro (1988)

TV-Y | 23 min | Animation, Comedy

Alf must figure out who the spy his among his friends.

Director: Dan Riba | Stars: Eva Almos, Harvey Atkin, Len Carlson, Rob Cowan

10. Camille Claudel (1988)

R | 175 min | Biography, Drama, History

Camille Claude impresses already-famous sculptor Auguste Rodin. He hires her as an assistant, but soon Camille begins to sculpt for herself and she also becomes his mistress. But after a while, she would like to get out of his shadow.

Director: Bruno Nuytten | Stars: Isabelle Adjani, Gérard Depardieu, Madeleine Robinson, Laurent Grévill

Votes: 5,780 | Gross: $0.20M

11. 3:10 to Yuma (1957)

Not Rated | 92 min | Drama, Thriller, Western

Broke small-time rancher Dan Evans is hired by the stagecoach line to put big-time captured outlaw leader Ben Wade on the 3:10 train to Yuma but Wade's gang tries to free him.

Director: Delmer Daves | Stars: Glenn Ford, Van Heflin, Felicia Farr, Leora Dana

Votes: 17,060

12. 48 Hrs. (1982)

R | 96 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

71 Metascore

A hard-nosed cop reluctantly teams up with a wise-cracking criminal temporarily paroled to him, in order to track down a killer.

Director: Walter Hill | Stars: Nick Nolte, Eddie Murphy, Annette O'Toole, Frank McRae

Votes: 64,561 | Gross: $78.87M

14. Quiet Thunder (1988 Video)

84 min | Action

A bush pilot and a senator's wife try to survive in the jungles of Africa after witnessing an assassination.

Director: BJ Davis | Stars: Wayne Crawford, June Chadwick, Victor Steinbach, Ramolao Makhene

Votes: 53

15. Family Feud (1988–1995)

TV-PG | 60 min | Game-Show

"Family Feud" was one of the most popular game shows on TV, but after nine years with Richard Dawson as host, ratings were starting to slip. In 1986, producers decided that the "Family Feud... See full summary »

Stars: Ray Combs, Gene Wood, Jackie Stallone, Dawn Rice

Votes: 929

17. Jakarta (1988)

R | 94 min | Action, Drama, Mystery

A CIA agent roams the streets of New York haunted by the death of the beautiful woman he fell in love with while on assignment in Jakarta. When he is kidnapped and drugged, the destination ... See full summary »

Director: Charles Kaufman | Stars: Chris Noth, Suzee Pai, Frans Tumbuan, Ronald Hunter

Votes: 119

18. Trapped (1989 TV Movie)

R | 93 min | Horror, Thriller

Kathleen Quinlan is a woman working late in her locked High-Rise office building who along with Bruce Abbot struggle to elude a killer (Ben Loggins) trying to kill them.

Director: Fred Walton | Stars: Kathleen Quinlan, Bruce Abbott, Katy Boyer, Ben Loggins

Votes: 325

19. Angel III: The Final Chapter (1988)

R | 99 min | Action, Drama

Molly is now a freelance photographer in New York. She runs across a woman at an art show that looks familiar. She goes to L.A. to find out that this woman is in fact, her mother. She also ... See full summary »

Director: Tom DeSimone | Stars: Mitzi Kapture, Mark Blankfield, Emile Beaucard, Maud Adams

Votes: 462

20. Goddess of Love (1988 TV Movie)

100 min | Fantasy, Comedy

The god Zeus sends Venus, the goddess of love, to Earth to find her own true love.

Director: Jim Drake | Stars: Vanna White, David Naughton, David Leisure, Amanda Bearse

Votes: 229

21. Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn (1989)

R | 93 min | Biography, Drama

The supposed story of superstar Marilyn Monroe's told by a "friend" of hers. Watch flashbacks from "Goodbye Norma Jean" as it leads up to the night when Marilyn Monroe died.

Director: Larry Buchanan | Stars: Paula Lane, Misty Rowe, Jeremy Slate, Joyce Lower

Votes: 48

22. Sesame Street (1969– )
Episode: Episode #20.6 (1988)

TV-Y | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Big Bird hosts a little something called the Big Bird show. Today's sponsors are the letters G and R and the number 9.

Stars: Pam Arciero, Camille Bonora, Linda Bove, Kevin Clash

Votes: 8

23. Wiseguy (1987–2009)
Episode: Revenge of the Mud People (1988)

TV-14 | 49 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

The local police leave their kid gloves behind when they haul Vinnie in, mistakenly believing he has murdered one of their own.

Director: Bill Corcoran | Stars: Ken Wahl, Jonathan Banks, Jim Byrnes, Tim Guinee

Votes: 12

24. Rain Man (1988)

R | 133 min | Drama

65 Metascore

Selfish yuppie Charlie Babbitt's father left a fortune to his savant brother Raymond and a pittance to Charlie; they travel cross-country.

Director: Barry Levinson | Stars: Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Valeria Golino, Gerald R. Molen

Votes: 449,942 | Gross: $178.80M

25. Terminal Entry (1987)

R | 98 min | Action, Thriller

The USA are attacked by a large group of well organized terrorists who communicate through a computer network via satellite. A bunch of highschool kids has hacked the password and gained ... See full summary »

Director: John Kincade | Stars: Paul L. Smith, Yaphet Kotto, Heidi Helmer, Patrick Labyorteaux

Votes: 92

26. Roseanne (1988–2018)
Episode: Language Lessons (1988)

TV-PG | 30 min | Comedy, Drama

While making his famous chili, Dan awaits a phone call about a badly-needed construction job, and has to run Jackie off the phone. Dan expresses his annoyance with Jackie always being over ... See full summary »

Director: Ellen Gittelsohn | Stars: Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Fishman

Votes: 229

27. Cinderella (1950)

G | 74 min | Animation, Family, Fantasy

85 Metascore

When Cinderella's cruel stepmother prevents her from attending the Royal Ball, she gets some unexpected help from the lovable mice Gus and Jaq, and from her Fairy Godmother.

Directors: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske | Stars: Ilene Woods, James MacDonald, Eleanor Audley, Verna Felton

Votes: 135,690 | Gross: $85.00M

28. Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show (1984–1988)
Episode: Mother Goose (1987)

TV-Y | 30 min | Comedy, Family, Musical

Sharon, Lois & Bram are walking through the park when they come across a new unusual tree... The kids know how to get into a magical place of Mother Goose and agree to take Sharon, Lois & ... See full summary »

Stars: Robin Bleasdale, Don Cullen, Sarah Dunning, Paula Gallivan

29. Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987)

R | 99 min | Action, Crime, Drama

46 Metascore

Architect/vigilante Paul Kersey takes on the members of a vicious Los Angeles drug cartel to stop the flow of drugs after his girlfriend's daughter dies from an overdose.

Director: J. Lee Thompson | Stars: Charles Bronson, Kay Lenz, John P. Ryan, Perry Lopez

Votes: 8,199 | Gross: $6.88M

30. D.C. Follies (1987–1989)
Episode: Reagan Parachutes Into D.C. Follies (1987)

22 min | Comedy

Ronald Reagan parachutes into D.C. Follies to hear Woody Allen's paranoia about becoming a father. Martin Mull has trouble getting a drink while Nixon, Ford, and Carter badger him for ... See full summary »

Director: Rick Locke | Stars: Fred Willard, Martin Mull, Louise DuArt, John Roarke

31. Zombie High (1987)

R | 93 min | Comedy, Horror

A woman goes to a previously all-male boarding school on a scholarship. She begins to separate herself from her boyfriend in order to devote more time to her new environment. Over time, she... See full summary »

Director: Ron Link | Stars: Virginia Madsen, Richard Cox, Kay E. Kuter, James Wilder

Votes: 859 | Gross: $0.02M

32. Keep Your Right Up (1987)

82 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

A film with idiotic prince and Rita Mitsouko who records a new album.

Director: Jean-Luc Godard | Stars: Jane Birkin, Dominique Lavanant, Pauline Lafont, Éva Darlan

Votes: 527

33. Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)

G | 79 min | Horror, Sci-Fi

A strange prehistoric beast lurks in the depths of the Amazonian jungle. A group of scientists try to capture the animal and bring it back to civilization for study.

Director: Jack Arnold | Stars: Richard Carlson, Julie Adams, Richard Denning, Antonio Moreno

Votes: 23,932 | Gross: $1.30M

34. Sesame Street (1969– )
Episode: Episode #19.12 (1987)

TV-Y | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Add a Plot

Stars: Linda Bove, Northern Calloway, Kevin Clash, Judy Collins

Votes: 8

35. Mission Kill (1986)

R | 97 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

An ex-Green Beret visits one of his army buddies, and finds himself involved in his friend's scheme to smuggle arms into a turbulent South American country.

Director: David Winters | Stars: Robert Ginty, Merete Van Kamp, Cameron Mitchell, Olivia d'Abo

Votes: 127

36. Duet for One (1986)

R | 107 min | Drama

Stephanie, a famous violin player married to a composer becomes ill from Multiple Sclerosis. Her whole life goes to pieces . Her career ends abruptly, her husband betrays her with another ... See full summary »

Director: Andrey Konchalovskiy | Stars: Julie Andrews, Alan Bates, Max von Sydow, Rupert Everett

Votes: 783 | Gross: $0.01M

37. Amen (1986–1991)
Episode: Your Christmas Show of Shows (1986)

TV-PG | 24 min | Comedy

Church members work hard to try and finish the preparations for the Christmas pageant which could end up on TV, but snow dampens the festive mood.

Director: Lee Shallat Chemel | Stars: Sherman Hemsley, Clifton Davis, Anna Maria Horsford, Barbara Montgomery

Votes: 7

38. Crimes of Passion (1984)

R | 107 min | Drama, Romance, Thriller

A mysterious woman, fashion designer by day and prostitute by night, is hounded by two men: a married father of two children and a sexually repressed preacher.

Director: Ken Russell | Stars: Kathleen Turner, Anthony Perkins, Bruce Davison, Gordon Hunt

Votes: 5,919 | Gross: $2.91M

39. The Fugitives (1986)

95 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Jean is taken hostage at a bank by a foolish bank robber. As Jean left prison an hour earlier, the police assume he's the robber. Everything goes comically wrong. The robber's little daughter joins the fugitives.

Director: Francis Veber | Stars: Pierre Richard, Gérard Depardieu, Jean Carmet, Maurice Barrier

Votes: 5,519

40. Horrible Horror (1986 Video)

Not Rated | 110 min | Comedy, Horror

A collection of trailers and previews from various low-budget horror films of the '50s and '60s.

Director: David Bergman | Stars: John Zacherle, Bud Abbott, John Agar, Kirk Alyn

Votes: 107

41. To Live and Die in L.A. (1985)

R | 116 min | Action, Crime, Drama

81 Metascore

A fearless Secret Service agent will stop at nothing to bring down the counterfeiter who killed his partner.

Director: William Friedkin | Stars: William Petersen, Willem Dafoe, John Pankow, Debra Feuer

Votes: 26,917 | Gross: $17.31M

42. Osa (1986)

92 min | Sci-Fi

In a future society where water is a precious resource, a savage gang murders a young girl's family. She is taken in by a man named Trooper, who teaches her how to fight, kill and survive. ... See full summary »

Director: Oleg Egorov | Stars: Kelly Lynch, Daniel Grimm, Phillip Vincent, Etienne Chicot

Votes: 42

43. Ninja Thunderbolt (1984)

91 min | Action, Crime

The Ninja Empire has been run by an evil master and one member decides to leave the empire. The ex-Ninja wants a Hong Kong detective to track down the new leader and end his reign of terror.

Directors: Ming Chin, Godfrey Ho | Stars: Richard Harrison, Hsiao-Fen Lu, Don Wong, Yasuaki Kurata

Votes: 190

44. Pray for Death (1985)

R | 92 min | Action, Crime, Drama

After a peace loving Japanese immigrant and his family become victims of a crime syndicate, a master ninja emerges.

Director: Gordon Hessler | Stars: Shô Kosugi, James Booth, Donna Kei Benz, Norman Burton

Votes: 1,564

45. The New Hollywood Squares (1986–1989)

TV-PG | 30 min | Game-Show

An updated version of the classic game show, hosted by John Davidson. Celebrities, seated in squares in a tic-tac-toe arrangement, would give their answers to questions on various subjects.... See full summary »

Stars: John Davidson, Shadoe Stevens, Jim J. Bullock, Joan Rivers

Votes: 120

46. Nobody's Fool (1986)

PG-13 | 107 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance