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1. Levski (2015)

130 min | Action, Biography, Drama

The movie is about the great historical figure Vasil Levski. It follows five different plot lines: his attitude towards himself; his attitude towards the religion; the relationship with his... See full summary »

Director: Maxim Genchev | Stars: Veselin Plachkov, Simeon Filipov, Maxim Genchev, Nikolai Sotirov

Votes: 474

2. Living Legends (2014)

Not Rated | 100 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Group of friends meet again, 13 years after their prom because of a problem of one of them, and face the opportunity to experience the things in life they have always put aside in life so far.

Director: Niki Iliev | Stars: Orlin Pavlov, Niki Iliev, Sanya Borisova, Dimo Alexiev

Votes: 1,664

3. Lora ot sutrin do vecher (2011)

93 min | Adventure, Comedy, Mystery

After a night of partying with her friends Lora has to get herself together and attend an important meeting. At her office she finds two packages which contain two mysterious dice. The ... See full summary »

Director: Dimitar Kotzev | Stars: Milena Nikolova, Hristo Petkov, Iva Gocheva, Antonina Kovacheva

Votes: 494

4. Avé (2011)

Not Rated | 86 min | Drama

Two troubled teens hitchhike across Bulgaria.

Director: Konstantin Bojanov | Stars: Anjela Nedyalkova, Ovanes Torosian, Martin Brambach, Svetlana Yancheva

Votes: 1,463

5. (2011)

109 min | Drama, Romance

Follows the parallel stories of a number of characters who are trying to change their lives via the Internet or are simply having fun online.

Director: Ilian Djevelekov | Stars: Hristo Shopov, Zachary Baharov, Lilia Marvilya, Koyna Ruseva

Votes: 3,389

6. Love Net (2016)

5 min | Short, Action, Comedy

Love is hard to find... unless you have a net.

Director: Ajala Bandele | Stars: Ajala Bandele, Courtney Lin, Lowes Moore III, Daniel Pierce

7. Stapki v pyasaka (2010)

89 min | Comedy, Drama

At the airport, Slavi tells his life's story to a young customs officer. As children, Nelly promises Slavi to marry him. The two teenagers are passionately in love with each other but after... See full summary »

Director: Ivaylo Hristov | Stars: Ivan Barnev, Yana Titova, Assen Blatechki, Deyan Donkov

Votes: 1,395

8. Staklenata reka (2010)

100 min | Drama

After the death of her father the young French woman, Ellen Tibaud, arrives in the Bulgarian village of Gradishte. She was lead there by the mysterious founder of their family and renowned ... See full summary »

Director: Stanimir Trifonov | Stars: Natalia Dontcheva, Stefan Valdobrev, Ivan Laskin, Zachary Baharov

Votes: 53

9. Vreme na nasilie (1988)

R | 288 min | Drama

In the 17th century, a Bulgarian Christian region is selected by the Ottoman rulers to serve as an example of conversion to Islam. A Janissary who was kidnapped from the village as a boy is... See full summary »

Director: Ludmil Staikov | Stars: Max Freeman, Rousy Chanev, Ivan Krystev, Anya Pencheva

Votes: 1,881

10. The Goat Horn (1971)

R | 105 min | Drama

The film sends us to the 17th century when Bulgaria was a part of the Ottoman Empire. Four hoodlums break into the house of the shepherd Karaivan, raping and killing his wife in full view ... See full summary »

Director: Metodi Andonov | Stars: Katya Paskaleva, Anton Gorchev, Milen Penev, Todor Kolev

Votes: 2,201

11. Orkestar bez ime (1982)

G | 112 min | Comedy, Drama, Music

The misfortunes of a couple of guys who form a music group and think they can get rich and famous easy.

Director: Lyudmil Kirkov | Stars: Velko Kynev, Filip Trifonov, Pavel Popandov, Georgi Mamalev

Votes: 1,823

12. Vchera (1988)

84 min | Drama

The 1960s was the time of Beatles and Rolling Stones, the time of sexual revolution. These events have their echo in Bulgarian English-learning school. The school order provokes a protest of the students due to the narrow-minded teachers.

Director: Ivan Andonov | Stars: Hristo Shopov, Georgi Staykov, Sofiya Kuzeva, Svetla Todorova

Votes: 2,906

13. Lyubimetz 13 (1958)

89 min | Comedy

The main heroes are twin brothers. The first is responsible young fellow and excellent footballer. The second one is an undependable gambler. The police are after him. A pretty girl stands ... See full summary »

Director: Vladimir Yanchev | Stars: Apostol Karamitev, Ginka Stancheva, Lyubomir Bobchevski, Elena Hranova

Votes: 454

14. Voynata na taralezhite (1979)

99 min | Comedy

'The Hedgehogs' are a group of youngsters who are trying to gain control of the empty space between the blocks of flats, which they want to convert into a basketball court. The resistance ... See full summary »

Director: Ivanka Grybcheva | Stars: Dimitar Ganev, Moris Assa, Yevgeniya Bozhikova, Dimitr Dimitrov

Votes: 684

15. Margarit i Margarita (1989)

92 min | Drama

Margarit and Margarita are high school senior students. They are madly in love. And so proud and independent that they are often in trouble with their parents and teachers. They quit school... See full summary »

Director: Nikolai Volev | Stars: Irini Jambonas, Hristo Shopov, Rashko Mladenov, Vassil Mihajlov

Votes: 442

16. Nay - dobriyat chovek, kogoto poznavam (1973)

90 min | Drama

Young literature teacher starts at the evening school. Her students are people with various professions who wish to complete their education. They are grown-up with different characters, ... See full summary »

Director: Lyubomir Sharlandzhiev | Stars: Nevena Kokanova, Petar Slabakov, Grigor Vachkov, Vladimir Smirnov

Votes: 96

17. Badi blagoslovena (1978)

88 min | Drama

Elena, a pregnant young girl walks the steep path to the orphanage where single mothers often leave their children. The girls in the hospital greet Elena with a ritual they made up. She ... See full summary »

Director: Alexander Obreshkov | Stars: Mariana Dimitrova, Dorotea Toncheva, Yevgeniya Barakova, Maria Statulova

Votes: 18

18. Vsichko e lyubov (1979)

102 min | Drama

A boy from a poor Sofia neighborhood - Rado who is orphan and has committed several petty crimes - is sent to a borstal, or, to put it otherwise becomes a juvenile prisoner. Unfortunately, ... See full summary »

Director: Borislav Sharaliev | Stars: Ivan Ivanov, Yanina Kasheva, Valcho Kamarashev, Ibish Orhanov

Votes: 422

19. Pod igoto (1952)

118 min | Drama

Follows the Bulgarian people's struggle for national independence in the period from 1875 to the Liberation from Otoman bondage.

Director: Dako Dakovski | Stars: Miroslav Mindov, Lili Popivanova, Petko Karlukovsky, Vasil Kirkov

Votes: 315

20. Golyamata skuka (1973)

71 min | Crime

The Bulgarian intelligence officer Emil Boev is given another mission. He leaves for a symposium in a large western European city. An American spy Seymour makes him out. He offers his ... See full summary »

Director: Metodi Andonov | Stars: Anton Gorchev, Kosta Tsonev, Tzvetana Maneva, Elena Rainova

Votes: 28

21. Spetzialist po vsichko (1962)

90 min | Comedy

A dentistry student, graduating with honor, does not get the desired job and has to start working as a MASTER OF ALL TRADES in a construction company. He has to paint walls, clean chimneys,... See full summary »

Director: Petar B. Vasilev | Stars: Apostol Karamitev, Georgi Kaloyanchev, Ginka Stancheva, Katya Chukova

Votes: 283

22. Az grafinyata (1989)

119 min | Drama

A Bulgarian "Drugstore Cowboy." A teenage girl's rebellion through drugs becomes a metaphor for the struggle between individuality and totalitarianism. Amidst the political upheaval of 1968... See full summary »

Director: Petar Popzlatev | Stars: Svetlana Yancheva, Alexander Doynov, Itschak Fintzi, Valcho Kamarashev

Votes: 50

23. Valchitsata (1965)

85 min | Drama

This is a sincere film which rejects violence as a possible means of spiritual refinement.

Director: Rangel Vulchanov | Stars: Ilka Zafirova, Georgi Kaloyanchev, Naum Shopov, Krasimira Apostolova

Votes: 29

26. Darvo bez koren (1974)

86 min | Drama

Having remained alone in his village house, old Gatyo must move in with his son and daughter-in-law in their flat in the city. They receive him with great understanding and sympathy but ... See full summary »

Director: Christo Christov | Stars: Nikola Dadov, Nevena Kokanova, Marin Yanev, Nikolay Kedev

Votes: 62

27. Dami kanyat (1980)

95 min | Comedy

A couple of young ladies decide to obtain a driving license. The film is a true comedy of relations, caused between the driving-teacher and the beginner-drivers.

Director: Ivan Andonov | Stars: Stefan Danailov, Tzvetana Maneva, Mariana Dimitrova, Nevena Kokanova

Votes: 624

28. Mr. Nobody (1969)

107 min | Crime

A ravishing double agent Emil leaves for a large Western city where he joins the staff of a spy group operating against Bulgaria. Here he meets the elderly Mladenov. With his help, Emil ... See full summary »

Director: Ivan Terziev | Stars: Kosta Tsonev, Georgi Cherkelov, Andrey Milanov, Andrey Chaprazov

Votes: 56

29. Mera spored mera (1981)

288 min | Drama

Early 20th c. This is an era of seething passions, aspirations for freedom and national self-identification. Uprising are incited, blood is shed. The picture features national leaders who ... See full summary »

Director: Georgi Djulgerov | Stars: Rousy Chanev, Grigor Vachkov, Katia Ivanova, Stefan Mavrodiyev

Votes: 186

30. Khan Asparuh (1981)

323 min | Drama, History, War

This is an epic screen presentation showing the creation, the consolidation and the power of First Bulgarian Kingdom and the first Bulgarian ruler Khan Asparuh.

Director: Ludmil Staikov | Stars: Stoyko Peev, Antony Genov, Vassil Mihajlov, Vania Tzvetkova

Votes: 740

31. Mila ot Mars (2004)

91 min | Drama

A 16-old girl runs away from a dangerous man and gets into a faraway village near the border. Soon she finds out the only inhabitants there - nine old men and women - make their living by ... See full summary »

Director: Zornitsa Sophia | Stars: Vesela Kazakova, Assen Blatechki, Zlatina Todeva, Yordan Bikov

Votes: 1,211

32. Mera spored mera (1988– )

640 min | Drama

Early 20th c. This is an era of seething passions, aspirations for freedom and national self-identification. Uprising are incited, blood is shed. The picture features national leaders who ... See full summary »

Stars: Rousy Chanev, Grigor Vachkov, Stefan Mavrodiyev, Bogdan Glishev

Votes: 67

33. S detza na more (1972)

80 min | Comedy, Drama

A film about the funny adventures of a group of children, spending their holidays at the seaside.

Director: Dimitar Petrov | Stars: Petar Peychev, Ivaylo Dzhambazov, Emil Petrov, Krasimir Marianov

Votes: 750

34. Izpiti po nikoe vreme (1974)

80 min | Family

Two stories, different characters, common problems, when the wills and desires of two generations cannot meet.

Director: Ivanka Grybcheva | Stars: Dimitar Ganev, Wojciech Todorow, Ani Bakalova, Georgi Rusev

Votes: 172

35. Pod igoto (1990– )

540 min | Drama

The tranquility in a Bulgarian village under the Ottoman yoke is ostensible. In fact, the people prepare themselves strenuously for an uprising. The educated part of the population ... See full summary »

Stars: Andrey Slabakov, Elena Markova, Ilia Karaivanov, Lyuben Chatalov

Votes: 116

36. Pokriv (1978)

93 min | Drama

Kiril is a long-distance lorry driver. His one and only dream in life is to build a house for his family as befits the head of the family. He wants a roof for his wife and child. To make ... See full summary »

Director: Ivan Andonov | Stars: Petar Slabakov, Pepa Nikolova, Maria Statulova, Grigor Vachkov

Votes: 44

37. Obich (1972)

90 min | Drama

Maria is having great difficulty getting on with her parents because of their blind, consumerist approach to life. Traumatized by continuous family dramas, having experienced the ... See full summary »

Director: Ludmil Staikov | Stars: Violeta Doneva, Nevena Kokanova, Stefan Danailov, Banko Bankov

Votes: 54

38. Detza igrayat van (1973)

96 min | Family

Three thematically related novels. The first is "Mother, father and me". The adults have hard time answering the kid's questions. Young Yulian sees that his parents are arguing. He cannot ... See full summary »

Director: Ivanka Grybcheva | Stars: Dimitar Ganev, Nikolay Danailov, Ognyan Atanasov, Nevena Kokanova

Votes: 34

39. Edna kaloria nezhnost (2003)

106 min | Drama

Human yearning for love is the basic theme of the film.

Director: Ivanka Grybcheva | Stars: Maria Kavardjikova, Tzvetana Maneva, Valentin Ganev, Plamena Getova

Votes: 19

42. Forecast (I) (2008)

97 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance

Romance and political drama tight in an adventure, the "Forecast" tells a story of a Balkan conflict with a happy ending. Yes, there is one.

Director: Zornitsa Sophia | Stars: Assen Blatechki, Teodora Duhovnikova, Kresimir Mikic, Joost Scholte

Votes: 304

43. Toplo (1978)

97 min | Comedy

A tenement house needs to have steam heating installed. The residents find the necessary workers to do it, sign the contract and pay them in advance. The workers show up and start their job... See full summary »

Director: Vladimir Yanchev | Stars: Naum Shopov, Konstantin Kotsev, Stoyan Stoychev, Georgi Cherkelov

Votes: 875

44. Adaptatziya (1981)

165 min

Where does the dividing line lie between insanity and supersensitive mentality? How should we treat people who act in a different way then we do? A young and gifted shrink sets up a group, ... See full summary »

Director: Vulo Radev | Stars: Eli Skorcheva, Antony Genov, Ivan Grigorov, Nikolai Sotirov

Votes: 141

45. 681 - Velichieto na hana (1981)

95 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Synopsis: In 651 C.E. Khan Kubrat died and the Khazars accelerated their raids upon Great Bulgaria. His five sons split the Bulgarian tribe and each led his to find new land where they ... See full summary »

Director: Ludmil Staikov | Stars: Stoyko Peev, Antony Genov, Vania Tzvetkova, Vassil Mihajlov

Votes: 378

46. Hitar Petar (1960)

101 min | Comedy

Hitar Petar escapes every hard time the life gives him by using his quick mind.

Director: Stefan Surchadzhiev | Stars: Rachko Yabandzhiev, Leo Conforti, Konstantin Kisimov, Dimitar Stratev

Votes: 174

47. Matriarhat (1977)

103 min | Drama

The film belongs to the 'migration cycle' in the Bulgarian cinema. It is about the drama of a group of women who have been left alone in their 'female kingdom' - a village deserted by its entire men folk.

Director: Lyudmil Kirkov | Stars: Nevena Kokanova, Katya Paskaleva, Katya Chukova, Milka Tuykova

Votes: 91

48. Dva dioptara dalekogledstvo (1976)

89 min | Comedy

Dimo Manchev is the head of a family with conservative concept of education and morality. Fearing his explicit ban, his daughter Lily secretly marries Plamen. The young couple is now ... See full summary »

Director: Petar B. Vasilev | Stars: Georgi Partsalev, Sashka Bratanova, Valentin Gadzhokov, Valentina Borisova

Votes: 176

49. Wilna Zona (1975)

79 min | Comedy