Les Arcs 2016

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1. Bertrand Bonello

Director | Nocturama

Bertrand Bonello was born on September 11, 1968 in Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France. He is a director and writer, known for Nocturama (2016), Saint Laurent (2014) and On War (2008).

2. Valeria Golino

Actress | Rain Man

The second child of an Italian germanist and a Greek painter, Valeria Golino grew up in Naples until her parents parted. After three years in Athens with her mother and another three in Naples with her father, she began to work as a model. She left high school after her first movie and didn't study...

3. Ólafur Darri Ólafsson

Actor | True Detective

Olafur Darri was born in Connecticut, USA in 1973. He has lived in Iceland for most of his life and works full time as an actor. He does a lot of theatre work as well as films and he is one of the founders of the Vesturport theatre company, which has performed around the world.

4. Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

Actress | Il est plus facile pour un chameau...

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi was born on November 16, 1964 in Turin, Piedmont, Italy. She is an actress and director, known for It's Easier for a Camel... (2003), Human Capital (2013) and Like Crazy (2016).

5. Thomas Vinterberg

Director | Jagten

With Last Round (1993) (Last Round), his graduation short from The National Film School of Denmark, he got an early taste of critical success. He received the Jury's and Producers' Awards at the International Student Film Fest in Munich and won the 1st Prize at the Tel Aviv Film Fest. Popular ...

6. Mélanie Doutey

Actress | Post partum

Mélanie Doutey was born on November 22, 1978 in Paris, France. She is an actress, known for Post partum (2013), Il ne faut jurer... de rien! (2005) and The Warrior's Brother (2002).

7. Catherine Corsini

Director | La belle saison

Catherine Corsini was born on May 18, 1956 in Dreux, Eure-et-Loir, France. She is a director and writer, known for Summertime (2015), Three Worlds (2012) and Les ambitieux (2006).

8. Sebastian Schipper

Director | Victoria

Sebastian Schipper was born on May 8, 1968 in Hannover, Germany. He is an actor and director, known for Victoria (2015), Roads (2019) and The English Patient (1996).

9. Bruno Coulais

Composer | Les choristes

Bruno Coulais was born on January 13, 1954 in Paris, France. He is a composer, known for The Chorus (2004), Coraline (2009) and Winged Migration (2001).

10. Mélanie Bernier

Actress | Vénus & Apollon

Mélanie Bernier was born on January 5, 1985 in Tours, France. She is an actress, known for Venus and Apollo (2005), Delicacy (2011) and Populaire (2012).

11. Ramzy Bedia

Actor | H

Ramzy Bedia was born on March 10, 1972 in Paris, France. He is an actor and writer, known for H (1998), Don't Die Too Hard! (2001) and Bacon on the Side (2010).

12. Grand Corps Malade

Soundtrack | Patients

Grand Corps Malade was born on July 31, 1977 in Le Blanc-Mesnil, Seine-Saint-Denis, France as Fabien Marsaud. He is an actor, known for Patients (2016), Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart (2013) and La vie scolaire (2019).

13. Tchéky Karyo

Actor | Nikita

Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Tcheky Karyo grew up in Paris. He studied drama at the Cyrano Theatre and became a member of the Daniel Sorano Company, where he played numerous classical roles. He next joined the National Theatre of Strasbourg, where he starred in contemporary theatre as well as in such ...

14. Jonathan Zaccaï

Actor | Robin Hood

Jonathan Zaccaï was born on July 22, 1970 in Brussels, Belgium. He is an actor and director, known for Robin Hood (2010), Private Lessons (2008) and Le Bureau des Légendes (2015).

15. Clotilde Hesme

Actress | Angèle et Tony

Clotilde Hesme was born in Troyes, France in 1979. She is the sister of Annelise Hesme, and Élodie Hesme, who are also actresses. After studying at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique (CNSAD), she appeared in plays and was noticed by Jérôme Bonnel who cast her in his film Le ...

16. Niels Schneider

Actor | Les amours imaginaires

Niels Schneider was born on June 18, 1987 in Paris, France. He is an actor, known for Heartbeats (2010), Dark Inclusion (2016) and Opium (2013).

17. Baltasar Kormákur

Producer | Mýrin

Baltasar Kormákur is an actor, producer and director whose work spans theater, movies and television. Born in Reykjavik, Iceland, he graduated as an actor from Iceland's National Academy of Fine Arts in 1990. He was immediately signed on by the National Theatre of Iceland, where he worked as one of...

18. Houda Benyamina

Director | Divines

Houda Benyamina is a director and writer, known for Divines (2016), Sur la route du paradis (2011) and Ma poubelle géante (2009).

19. Antonin Peretjatko

Director | La loi de la jungle

Antonin Peretjatko was born on March 25, 1974. He is a director and writer, known for Struggle for Life (2016), La fille du 14 juillet (2013) and Vous voulez une histoire? (2014).

20. Lola Bessis

Actress | Picnic at Hanging Rock

Lola Bessis is a French actress and filmmaker. At age 12, Lola was cast to play the lead in a short film. From that time, she knew she wanted to be on a film set when she grew up. Later, while attending some of the most prestigious international universities (University College London; La Sorbonne,...

21. Finnegan Oldfield

Actor | Bang Gang (une histoire d'amour moderne)

Finnegan Oldfield was born on January 10, 1991 in Lewes, England. He is an actor, known for Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) (2015), Nocturama (2016) and Reinventing Marvin (2017).

22. Alice de Lencquesaing

Actress | La tête la première

Alice de Lencquesaing was born on August 11, 1991 in Paris, France. She is an actress and assistant director, known for Headfirst (2012), The Nun (2013) and In a Rush (2012).

23. Rachel Lang

Director | Baden Baden

Rachel Lang is a director and writer, known for Baden Baden (2016), For You I Will Fight (2010) and White Turnips Make It Hard to Sleep (2011).

24. Dominique Abel

Actor | Paris pieds nus

Dominique Abel was born in 1957. He is an actor and director, known for Lost in Paris (2016), Walking on the Wild Side (2000) and The Fairy (2011).

25. Fiona Gordon

Actress | Paris pieds nus

Fiona Gordon was born in 1957 in Australia. She is an actress and director, known for Lost in Paris (2016), L'iceberg (2005) and Walking on the Wild Side (2000).

26. Alante Kavaite

Writer | Sangailes vasara

Alante Kavaite was born in 1973 in Vilnius, Lithuanian SSR, USSR as Alante Kavaliauskaite. She is a writer and director, known for The Summer of Sangaile (2015), Fissures (2006) and Evolution (2015).

27. Jenna Thiam

Actress | O Caderno Negro

Jenna Thiam was born on December 19, 1990 in Brussels, Belgium. She is an actress, known for The Black Book (2018), Next Year (2014) and The Returned (2012).

29. Adrian Sitaru

Director | Pescuit sportiv

Adrian Sitaru was born on November 4, 1971 in Deva, Romania. He is a director and writer, known for Angling (2008), The Cage (2010) and Best Intentions (2011).

30. Tudor Istodor

Actor | The Zero Theorem

A 2009 graduate of the Academy for Drama and Film in Bucharest, Tudor met on stage with roles written by Anton Chekhov, George Bernard Shaw, William Shakespeare, Luigi Pirandello, Horace McCoy, David Mamet, Mario Diament, etc. His performances in theater were directed by Liviu Ciulei, Andrei Serban...

31. Jessica Hausner

Writer | Lourdes

Jessica Hausner was born on October 6, 1972 in Vienna, Austria. She is a writer and director, known for Lourdes (2009), Lovely Rita (2001) and Hotel (2004).

32. William Oldroyd

Director | Lady Macbeth

William Oldroyd is a director and producer, known for Lady Macbeth (2016), Best (2013) and Body Cross.

33. Florence Pugh

Actress | The Falling

Florence Pugh is an English actress. She is best known for The Falling (2014), Lady Macbeth (2016), Outlaw King (2018) and Fighting with My Family (2019).

Pugh also appear in the ITV detective series Marcella and starred in the AMC Mini-Series The Little Drummer Girl.

In 2018 she was nominated for a ...

34. Fulvio Bernasconi

Director | Fuori dalle corde

Fulvio Bernasconi was born on March 6, 1969 in Lugano, Switzerland. He is a director and writer, known for Out of Bounds (2007), Miséricorde (2016) and Quartier des Banques (2017).

35. Caroline Deruas-Garrel

Writer | L'indomptée

Caroline Deruas-Garrel is a writer and actress, known for Daydreams (2016), Les enfants de la nuit (2011) and Le feu, le sang, les étoiles (2008).

36. Erik Skjoldbjærg

Writer | Okkupert

Erik Skjoldbjærg was born on December 14, 1964 in Tromsø, Norway. He is a writer and director, known for Occupied (2015), Insomnia (1997) and Nokas (2010).

37. Hélène Angel

Writer | Peau d'homme coeur de bête

Hélène Angel was born on May 3, 1967. She is a writer and director, known for Skin of Man, Heart of Beast (1999), La vie parisienne (1995) and Elementary (2016).

38. Emilie Deleuze

Director | Peau neuve

Emilie Deleuze was born on May 7, 1964 in Nogent-sur-Marne, Val-de-Marne, France. She is a director and writer, known for Peau neuve (1999), Jamais contente (2016) and Mister V. (2003).

39. Léna Magnien

Actress | Jamais contente

Léna Magnien is known for her work on Jamais contente (2016), Grands sont les déserts (2017) and Le grand journal de Canal+ (2004).

40. Laura Bispuri

Director | Figlia mia

Laura Bispuri is a director and writer, known for _Sworn Virgin (2015)_ and _Daughter of Mine (2018)_ both presented in Competition at the Berlinale, in 2015 and 2018. She was awarded with the David di Donatello in 2010 for Best Short Film for _Passing Time (2010)_ and with Nastro d'Argento in 2011...

42. Pia Marais

Director | Layla Fourie

Pia Marais was born in 1971 in South Africa. She is known for her work on Layla Fourie (2013), The Unpolished (2007) and At Ellen's Age (2010).

43. Serge Bozon

Director | La France

Serge Bozon was born on November 8, 1972. He is an actor and director, known for La France (2007), Tip Top (2013) and Mrs. Hyde (2017).

44. Adolfo Arrieta

Director | Merlín

Adolfo Arrieta was born on August 28, 1942 in Madrid, Spain. He is a director and writer, known for Merlín (1991), Sleeping Beauty (2016) and Le château de Pointilly (1972).

45. Yann Coridian

Writer | Une jeune fille de 90 ans

Yann Coridian is a casting director and writer, known for A Young Girl in Her Nineties (2016), Nuts (2012) and Elementary (2016).

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