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1. Food (1993)

17 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

BREAKFAST: After eating breakfast, a man is transformed into an elaborate dumb-waiter-style breakfast dispenser - and the same fate befalls the man who obtains breakfast from him. LUNCH: ... See full summary »

Director: Jan Svankmajer | Stars: Ludvík Sváb, Bedrich Glaser, Jan Kraus, Pavel Marek

Votes: 2,496

2. Flora (1989)

1 min | Animation, Short, Drama

The last moments of a creature made out of fruits and vegetables.

Director: Jan Svankmajer

Votes: 1,069

3. Darkness Light Darkness (1989)

Not Rated | 8 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

A human body gradually reconstructs itself as its various component parts crowd themselves into a small room and eventually, after much experimentation, sort out which part goes where.

Director: Jan Svankmajer

Votes: 3,905

4. Dimensions of Dialogue (1983)

12 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Three surreal depictions of failures of communication that occur on all levels of human society.

Director: Jan Svankmajer

Votes: 3,493

5. Meat Love (1989)

1 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Two pieces of meat fall in love.

Director: Jan Svankmajer

Votes: 1,834

6. 7:35 in the Morning (2003)

8 min | Musical, Short

A woman enters a restaurant one morning - only to be met with silence instead of people talking.

Director: Nacho Vigalondo | Stars: Marta Belenguer, Nacho Vigalondo, Antonio Tato, Borja Cobeaga

Votes: 1,930

7. The Natural Route (2004)

11 min | Short, Drama

Soon a man will find out that his destiny is already written and that he can't do anything to change it.

Director: Àlex Pastor | Stars: Pere Ventura, Albert López-Murtra, Albert Capdevila, Carlota Ribes

Votes: 398

8. A Trip to the Moon (1902)

TV-G | 13 min | Short, Action, Adventure

A group of astronomers go on an expedition to the Moon.

Director: Georges Méliès | Stars: Georges Méliès, Victor André, Bleuette Bernon, Brunnet

Votes: 38,775

9. The Smoke Seller (2012)

6 min | Animation, Short

A magician announcing himself as a "smoke seller" rolls into a little town and changes the lives of its inhabitants, if only for a day.

Director: Jaime Maestro

Votes: 300

10. Fresh Guacamole (2012)

Unrated | 2 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy

Transforming familiar objects into fresh guacamole.

Director: PES

Votes: 3,494

11. Un Chien Andalou (1929)

Not Rated | 16 min | Short, Fantasy, Horror

Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí present 17 minutes of bizarre, surreal imagery.

Director: Luis Buñuel | Stars: Pierre Batcheff, Simone Mareuil, Luis Buñuel, Salvador Dalí

Votes: 42,064

12. Marisa (2009)

4 min | Short, Drama, Fantasy

A man relates his relationship with a woman who he noticed would have a different personality depending on where she physically was. Over time she seemed to change with smaller and smaller ... See full summary »

Director: Nacho Vigalondo | Stars: Ruth Armas, Paloma Bloyd, Cecilia Gessa, Macarena Gómez

Votes: 179

13. The Electric Hotel (1908)

8 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy

An enthusiastic young couple is astounded with modern technology's giant leaps in the fascinating field of electricity.

Director: Segundo de Chomón | Stars: Segundo de Chomón, Julienne Mathieu

Votes: 746

14. Western Spaghetti (2008)

2 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy

Everyday objects become delicious ingredients as we learn how to cook spaghetti through stop-motion photography.

Director: PES

Votes: 924

15. Mirindas asesinas (1990)

12 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

A man comes into a bar in which there's only one other customer and asks the bartender to serve him a Mirinda (a Spanish orange drink). But then he refuses to pay for it, saying that the ... See full summary »

Director: Álex de la Iglesia | Stars: Álex Angulo, Saturnino García, José Antonio Álvarez, Ramón Barea

Votes: 923

16. La cabina (1972 TV Short)

35 min | Short, Drama, Horror

A man gets trapped inside a telephone box and nobody is able to free him.

Director: Antonio Mercero | Stars: José Luis López Vázquez, Agustín González, Goyo Lebrero, Tito García

Votes: 3,097

17. The Lady and the Reaper (2009)

TV-G | 8 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

All alone in her room, a solitary elderly widow lying on her deathbed yearns to reunite with her beloved late husband, nevertheless, the road to the afterlife can be long, while on the other hand, today's modern medicine works miracles.

Director: Javier Recio Gracia | Stars: Miguel Angel Perez, Eva Molina

Votes: 2,330

18. Frankenweenie (1984)

PG | 29 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

A young boy sets out to revive his dead pet using the monstrous power of science.

Director: Tim Burton | Stars: Shelley Duvall, Daniel Stern, Barret Oliver, Joseph Maher

Votes: 10,465

19. The Cannibalistic Councillor (2009)

8 min | Short, Comedy

The story of genius dandelion in glasses about an aspiring writer obsessed with the desire to eat a man's legs.

Director: Pedro Almodóvar | Stars: Carmen Machi, Penélope Cruz, Marta Aledo

Votes: 1,076

20. The Interrogation of Leo and Lisa (2006)

15 min | Short, Drama

Leonardo Da Vinci and his muse the Mona Lisa must stand up to the interrogation of their worth in our modern world.

Director: Hamish Jenkinson | Stars: Kevin Spacey, Elliot Cowan, Thandie Newton, Denzil Keim

Votes: 100

21. Time Trap (2013)

8 min | Short, Adventure, Comedy

A space wanderer crash lands on the ruined future earth, no more traveling on space. Luckily he can still travel in time.

Director: Michael Shanks | Star: Mark Taylor

Votes: 441

22. Tome of the Unknown (2013)

9 min | Animation, Short, Adventure

Tome Of The Unknown is an animated short about Wirt and Gregory who get tired of walking so they borrow a car from a romantic songster made of vegetables. This film was produced by Cartoon ... See full summary »

Director: Patrick McHale | Stars: Warren Burton, Collin Dean, Natasha Leggero, C.W. Stoneking

Votes: 645

23. Symphony in Black: A Rhapsody of Negro Life (1935)

Unrated | 9 min | Short, Music

Duke Ellington plays his symphonic jazz piece ('A Rhapsody of Negro Life') with his orchestra against slice-of-life background scenes. The four movements: 1) The Laborers, 2) A Triangle: ... See full summary »

Director: Fred Waller | Stars: Duke Ellington, Duke Ellington Orchestra, Barney Bigard, Billie Holiday

Votes: 103

24. Cab Calloway's Hi-De-Ho (1934)

Not Rated | 10 min | Musical, Short

This jazz musical short has a comedy plot about marital infidelity.

Director: Fred Waller | Stars: Cab Calloway, Sidney Easton, Fredi Washington, Ethel Moses

Votes: 104

25. F--K (2010)

8 min | Short, Comedy

Some people will do anything to find the location.

Director: R.E. Rodgers | Stars: Bob Balaban, Leslie Bibb, Eric Bogosian, Bobby Cannavale

Votes: 73

26. The Cat with Hands (2001)

4 min | Animation, Horror, Short

The dark, surreal story of a cat who wants to be human.

Director: Robert Morgan | Stars: Livy Armstrong, Daniel Hogwood-Kane, Victoria Hayes

Votes: 1,542

27. Manly Games (1988)

Not Rated | 14 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

A man sits down to watch a football match, which seems to consist of the players being violently mutilated in various inventive ways. The players then leave the football pitch and invade ... See full summary »

Director: Jan Svankmajer | Star: Miroslav Kuchar

Votes: 976

29. Couch (2003 TV Short)

2 min | Comedy, Short

A man (Adam Sandler) goes shopping for a new couch.

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson | Star: Adam Sandler

Votes: 1,067

30. Die Suppe (1911)

1 min | Animation, Short

Add a Plot

Director: Julius Pinschewer

Votes: 11

31. Outer Space (1999)

Not Rated | 10 min | Short, Horror

Footage from The Entity (1980) is edited into an abstract nightmare.

Director: Peter Tscherkassky | Star: Barbara Hershey

Votes: 1,529

32. Home delivery: Servicio a domicilio (2005)

11 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

An animated horror zombie-comedy about domestic violence.

Director: Elio Quiroga | Stars: Jeff Espinoza, Francesca Nicoll, Laura Palacios, Laura Palacios

Votes: 74

33. Twenty Minutes of Love (1914)

Not Rated | 20 min | Comedy, Short

Charlie is hanging around in the park, finding problems with a jealous suitor, a man who thinks that Charlie has robbed him a watch, a policeman and even a little boy, all because our friend can't stop snooping.

Directors: Joseph Maddern, Charles Chaplin | Stars: Charles Chaplin, Minta Durfee, Edgar Kennedy, Gordon Griffith

Votes: 958

34. The Fatal Mallet (1914)

Not Rated | 18 min | Short, Comedy

Three man will fight for the love of a charming girl. Charlie will play dirty, throwing bricks to his contender, and using a huge hammer to hurt one of them. But a precocious kid will be the fourth suitor in discord.

Director: Mack Sennett | Stars: Charles Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Mack Sennett, Mack Swain

Votes: 742

35. The Face on the Barroom Floor (1914)

Not Rated | 14 min | Short, Comedy

The plot is a satire derived from Hugh Antoine D'Arcy's poem of the same title. The painter courts Madeleine but loses to the wealthy client who sits for his portrait. The despairing artist... See full summary »

Director: Charles Chaplin | Stars: Charles Chaplin, Cecile Arnold, Jess Dandy, Vivian Edwards

Votes: 811

36. A Fantasy (1908)

2 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy

The first all-animated film in history, a series of scenes without much narrative structure, but morphing into each other.

Director: Émile Cohl

Votes: 1,899

37. French Roast (2008)

TV-PG | 8 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

In a fancy Parisian Café, an uptight businessman discovers he forgot to bring his wallet and bides his time by ordering more coffee.

Director: Fabrice Joubert

Votes: 2,545

39. Spider (2007)

R | 9 min | Short, Action, Drama

A young man tries to make things right again in his relationship after he and his girlfriend get in a fight.

Director: Nash Edgerton | Stars: Nash Edgerton, Mirrah Foulkes, Chum Ehelepola, Bruno Xavier

Votes: 2,445

40. Aningaaq (2013)

PG | 7 min | Short, Drama

This short is connected to the movie gravity. it shows the conversation of Dr. Ryan stone with someone on earth, but this time from the other side of the line, an Inuit fisherman in a frozen desert.

Director: Jonás Cuarón | Stars: Sandra Bullock, Orto Ignatiussen, Lajla Lange, Maligiaq Fredeik

Votes: 2,991

41. Mamá (2008)

3 min | Short, Horror

A young girl wakes up and tells her sister that their mother has returned home.

Director: Andy Muschietti | Stars: Victoria Harris, Berta Ros, Irma Monroig

Votes: 2,541

42. Within the Woods (1978)

Not Rated | 31 min | Horror, Short

While spending a weekend at a remote cabin, Bruce desecrates an Indian burial ground and becomes re-animated; making way to kill his friends.

Director: Sam Raimi | Stars: Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Mary Valenti, Scott Spiegel

Votes: 2,018

43. Arena Brains (1987)

35 min | Short, Drama

Short, weird film about a group of New Yorkers.

Director: Robert Longo | Stars: Eric Bogosian, Steve Buscemi, Jessica Cardindale, Tom Gilroy

Votes: 81

44. Between Showers (1914)

Not Rated | 15 min | Short, Comedy

Charlie and another man compete in trying to help a young lady cross a muddy street. The rival finds a wooden plank which Charlie takes from him. They fight over an umbrella belonging to ... See full summary »

Director: Henry Lehrman | Stars: Charles Chaplin, Ford Sterling, Chester Conklin, Edward Nolan

Votes: 1,261

45. Tango Tangle (1914)

Not Rated | 12 min | Short, Comedy

Out of costume, Charlie is a clean-shaven dandy who, somewhat drunk, visits a dance hall. There the wardrobe girl has three rival admirers: the band leader, one of the musicians, and now Charlie.

Director: Mack Sennett | Stars: Charles Chaplin, Ford Sterling, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Chester Conklin

Votes: 983

46. Father and Daughter (2000)

8 min | Animation, Short, Drama

A father says goodbye to his young daughter. Time passes and the daughter moves through life age by age, but within her there is always a deep longing for her father.

Director: Michael Dudok de Wit

Votes: 5,263

47. Life Vest Inside: Kindness Boomerang (2011)

Approved | 5 min | Short

Watch as the camera tracks an act of kindness as its passed from one individual to the next and manages to boomerang back to the person who set it into motion.

Director: Orly Wahba | Stars: Gary Ceru, Samuel Silverman, Renee Sutton, Amber Phillips

Votes: 60

48. Tichý týden v dome (1971)

20 min | Animation, Short