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1. Batman (1943)

Approved | 260 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

Japanese spymaster Prince Daka operates a covert espionage organization located in Gotham City's now-deserted Little Tokyo which turns American scientists into pliable zombies.

Director: Lambert Hillyer | Stars: Lewis Wilson, Douglas Croft, J. Carrol Naish, Shirley Patterson

Votes: 1,687

It has that something...

The first screen adaptation of Batman is made after just several years of comic-book releasing which caused some interaction between them. Although it was based on comic, it brought in some new details that comic took over later on. The most important thing the comic took from this show is Bat-cave. Also, after this show, comic changed the appearance of Alfred to fit his appearance here.

Originally, it was shown as fifteen episodes and then, twenty years later, it came to theaters as one four hours long movie. The story is extremely simple and naive, characters are two-dimensional and, from today's angle, it looks totally silly. And yet, it has that something, that comic-book charm appealing to kids hidden in all of us. While I was watching it, I felt the same way as many years/decades ago when I was a 10-year-old boy, reading comics on summer vacation. In my opinion, an adaptation of the comic-book should have exactly that kind of influence on the audience, so in spite of all shortcomings, I'm giving it strong seven.

You can find the version of 3 hours and 35 minutes on YouTube.

Spoiler warning!

The movie was made during WWII and Batman works directly for the police, trying to reveal a Japanese agent that has the mission to enable the Japanese takeover of the USA from inside. Back then, all media was poisoned with war propaganda, so fact that this movie is full of racist remarks can be forgiven or at least ignored.

Every conflict between Batman and the villains is almost identical. Batman finds villain's layer, invades by surprise and fighting begins. There are almost no weapons, no one even uses legs to kick, not to mention something more sophisticated. It's mostly just fist fighting, like in Wild West saloons. Batman and Robin fight against two or three times more opponents and they get fairly beaten when something unexpected happens and saves their asses in last moment, so at the end, they end up victorious. Villains all wear hats and, during the fights, those hats never fall off their heads.

Because of the low budget, there is no Bat-mobile and almost no gadgets.


2. Batman and Robin (1949)

Approved | 263 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

The caped crusaders versus The Wizard, black-hooded mastermind.

Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet | Stars: Robert Lowery, Johnny Duncan, Jane Adams, Lyle Talbot

Votes: 1,487

Continuation of "Batman" from 1943

This is also a series of fifteen episodes that were played in theaters once a week. The whole cast is changed and, in my opinion, the original was better. I especially didn't like Robin. Same as its predecessor, this show is also low-budget and extremely naive, but unlike the old one that had a comic-book charm, this one lacks that magic. Additionally, it's very hard to find, so I recommend you to skip it unless you are a hardcore fan of Batman.


3. Superman and the Mole-Men (1951)

Passed | 58 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

When underground beings explore the surface world from a deep oil well and inadvertantly cause a panic, only Superman can prevent a tragedy.

Director: Lee Sholem | Stars: George Reeves, Phyllis Coates, Jeff Corey, Walter Reed

Votes: 1,554

Skip it, even if you are hardcore DC fan

First Superman movie is complete crap. There are just two positive sides to it. Acting is relatively good and there is a bunch of experienced faces for B production movie. Bunch of them you can see in A production movies which is rare. Second good thing is the message that it sends against racism, guns and oil exploitation. Other than that this movie is a total failure. Fact that it's made almost 70 years ago isn't a valid excuse for any of its flaws. The screenplay is one of the very worst I have ever seen, not only full of holes but extremely stupid as well. Costumes, effects and complete production are terrible. Light years below average even for B production of the 50's. This is probably the lowest budgeted thing I ever saw. If you think I am exaggerating, feel free to watch Batman from 1943. Eight years older and still much better in every possible way. I do not recommend this even to hardcore DC fans. Complete waste of time.


4. Batman: The Movie (1966)

PG | 105 min | Adventure, Comedy, Crime

71 Metascore

The Dynamic Duo faces four supervillains who plan to hold the world for ransom with the help of a secret invention that instantly dehydrates people.

Director: Leslie H. Martinson | Stars: Adam West, Burt Ward, Lee Meriwether, Cesar Romero

Votes: 27,774

The most comic-bookish movie I have ever seen

Warning: Spoilers

When I sat to watch this movie I did not have any information about it and I expected nothing at all. But I received a lot. This might not be a movie of excellent quality, but it surely is the most comic- bookish movie I have ever seen. It's not so much a movie as it is comic-book brought to life on a big screen. Comic fans who take comics too seriously probably hate this adaptation, but for the rest of us, who simply love fun comics provide, this is probably the best Batman movie ever. It is modernized and parodied version of old Batman series from the '40s. The dark component is kicked out and what is left is a hilarious and entertaining action full of wacky lines.

Joker, Penguin, Riddler, and Cat-woman join together to blackmail the whole world. Clash of their super-villain egos, while they are trying to cooperate, is hilarious. Their looks, speech, and behavior are totally comic-bookish, and Lee Meriwether is incredibly sexy in Cat-woman costume. All four, together with Batman and Robin and whole storyline, exaggerate to the point of going too far, but manage to balance at the very edge of good taste and successfully avoid to tumble into the abyss of complete nonsense. Add to that sharks filled with dynamite, countless gadgets, all labeled with big banners "bat-this" and "bat-that", banalized chases, and bombs that take forever to explode, and you'll get the unforgettable comic-book comedy that leaves no one indifferent. This is one of those movies you can either love or hate. There's nothing in between. Oh, yes, I must not forget "ouch", "splash", "boom" and similar strip clouds that pop up in all sizes and colors all around the screen during action scenes.

I haven't seen all Batman movies just yet, but I did see at least one from every series, so I can say with some certainty that this one is my favorite Batman.


  • Could be any one of them, but which one?
  • Pretty fishy what happened to me on that ladder. Where there's a fish, there could be Penguin.
  • Wait! It happened at the sea. See? C for Cat-woman.
  • Yet, that exploding shark was pulling my leg. The Joker?
  • It all adds up to a sinister riddle. Riddle-er... Riddler?

5. Superman (1978)

PG | 143 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

80 Metascore

An alien orphan is sent from his dying planet to Earth, where he grows up to become his adoptive home's first and greatest superhero.

Director: Richard Donner | Stars: Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Gene Hackman, Marlon Brando

Votes: 149,206 | Gross: $134.22M


If we ignore the fact that the opening and ending credits are suspiciously similar to those in the "Star Wars" and a dumb idea that you could turn back time by spinning the planet in opposite direction, this is one super movie. The first real superhero movie and the foundation of the genre that has enormous expansion these days. But even after a great number of superhero movies that followed and huge technology advancement, in my opinion, this movie still has no match. The moment when Superman shows up in costume for the first time, revealing the famous S on his chest, is one of the most recognizable and famous scenes in the history of cinematography.


6. Superman II (1980)

PG | 127 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

87 Metascore

Superman agrees to sacrifice his powers to start a relationship with Lois Lane, unaware that three Kryptonian criminals he inadvertently released are conquering Earth.

Directors: Richard Lester, Richard Donner | Stars: Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Ned Beatty

Votes: 91,703 | Gross: $108.19M

Good sequel, but not great

There are a few awesome scenes, but the overall story is plain dumb. Still, the comic-book atmosphere is stronger than in the original, special effects are excellent for its time and it is highly entertaining. Christopher Reeve once again shows why he is the best Superman of all. Although this movie is not even close to the first one, for its time and genre it's still very much above average.


7. Swamp Thing (1982)

PG | 91 min | Horror, Sci-Fi

50 Metascore

After a violent incident with a special chemical, a research scientist is turned into a swamp plant monster.

Director: Wes Craven | Stars: Louis Jourdan, Adrienne Barbeau, Ray Wise, David Hess

Votes: 11,961

And once again there's no need for me to write review, cause someone already nailed it:

"This reminded me of the 1950s science-fiction/horror films with its primitive dialog, hokey action scenes and laughable makeup for the monsters. Oh, man, does this look bad as time goes on and we have been treated to 25 years of great special-effects since this was made.

What makes this more attractive to watch than those '50s films, however, are great swamp photography, Adrienne Barbeau's body and a story that moves fast. Barbeau, as she was prone to do, appears to be in this only to show off her massive chest. However, it's pretty harmless fun, very tame compared to the horror movies of the past generation regarding gore and profanity. It's also pretty tame for a Wes Craven directed film.

In the end, it's a good Class B film, usually fun to watch for a number of reasons." - ccthemovieman-1


8. Superman III (1983)

PG | 125 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

44 Metascore

Synthetic kryptonite laced with tar splits Superman in two: good Clark Kent and bad Man of Steel.

Director: Richard Lester | Stars: Christopher Reeve, Richard Pryor, Margot Kidder, Jackie Cooper

Votes: 60,253 | Gross: $59.95M

Is this a parody...

DC movies mostly have depth, layers, dark and tense atmosphere, while Marvel is lighter, based mostly on huge amounts of action with a certain dose of humor. This movie looks more like a lousy attempt of Marvel than DC. "Superman III" seems like a parody on its two prequels. It has too much humor and mostly lousy one for a decent superhero movie, so it reminds of mediocre B production 80's comedies. Reeve and Pryor are great, but it's not enough to cover for the lousy story. The plot is too cluttered and banal for a superhero movie and not funny enough for a comedy. If it was under 90 minutes it could be entertaining, but with over two hours length it becomes tiresome and boring, and it lost my attention somewhere around the middle. The only really awesome thing in this movie is Evil Superman vs. Clark Kent fight scene. I just want to add one interesting fact. During the whole movie I was trying to remember where did I saw Lana Lang actress before and at the end it occurred to me. It is the same actress that plays Martha Kent, Clark's mother in TV show "Smallville".


9. Supergirl (1984)

PG | 124 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

42 Metascore

After losing a powerful orb, Kara Zor-El, Superman's cousin, comes to Earth to retrieve it and instead finds herself up against a wicked witch.

Director: Jeannot Szwarc | Stars: Helen Slater, Faye Dunaway, Peter O'Toole, Hart Bochner

Votes: 17,034 | Gross: $13.60M

Better than her cousin

4.3 on IMDb almost turned me away from this movie, but now, when I did see it, I'm completely confused by rating so bad. OK, the story is full of holes and illogicalities. If I was taking notes during the movie I could write a novel made of all nonsense I noticed. I mean, Kara brings her world to the edge of destruction and goes to Earth to try to make things right, but when she arrives, instead of trying to recover energy source in panic, she enjoys nature and her newfound abilities, flying around like a butterfly and acting like a child. The witch who gains possession of power source instantly knows what it is and how to use it. She knows about Phantom Zone and how to send Supergirl in it... But to cut a long story short, because there's a bunch of similar crap, this kind of plot holes and nonsense is typical for this kind of movies. If we ignore that flaw, this movie is really beautiful and entertaining, and most of all, it's really well done. It is much better than Superman 2 & 3, and as I hear, infinitely better than Superman 4. Technically speaking, it is better even than original Superman movie, but being 16 years younger that comparison would not be fair, because of accumulated experience in making superhero movies and technology advances. Personally, I do not like Helen Slater too much, but for 19 years old girl in her first serious role, she did a great job playing Supergirl. An interesting fact is that 30 years later she appears in Supergirl TV series in the role of Supergirl's adopted mother. Faye Dunaway nailed the role of the evil sorceress, which is expected as that kind of role fits her the best. Special effects are fantastic for its time and pretty much believable even for today's viewer. And what is most important, this is definitely the most fun DC movie up to date. I enjoyed all 138 minutes of director's cut and I would love to have it in my collection.


10. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

PG | 90 min | Action, Adventure, Family

24 Metascore

The Man of Steel crusades for nuclear disarmament and meets Lex Luthor's latest creation, Nuclear Man.

Director: Sidney J. Furie | Stars: Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder, Jackie Cooper

Votes: 39,880 | Gross: $15.68M

This is embarrassing

"Superman 1 was such a classic movie, and 2 was almost as great. Superman 3 is not a great Superman movie, but as a piece of '80s American comedy/spoof it succeeds and has some very memorable scenes (notably Chris Reeve as the evil Superman). But Part 4 is just an awful film overall with few redeeming qualities. Reeve's admirable storyline works well, and the double date scene with Superman & Clark is very entertaining (similar to the style of Superman III). But it's when Superman IV tries to get serious and exciting in its action sequences that it fails miserably and becomes a cheesy, ridiculous farce that only succeeds in showing how pointless it was to make the film on such a small budget." - Theo J Hyman


11. Batman (1989)

PG-13 | 126 min | Action, Adventure

69 Metascore

The Dark Knight of Gotham City begins his war on crime with his first major enemy being the clownishly homicidal Joker.

Director: Tim Burton | Stars: Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger, Robert Wuhl

Votes: 315,796 | Gross: $251.19M

Ultimate Batman movie

Maybe this movie, compared to the best achievements in the history of cinematography, does not deserve the highest rating, but within the genre, it is absolutely perfect. In my opinion, this is exactly what one comic adaptation should be. Even more, it is not a movie inspired by comic, it is comic brought to life on a big screen. One of the first feature-length films by great Tim Burton, the man who succeeded to, in his own recognizable manner, catch aesthetics and spirit of comics and transfuse them into ultimate Batman movie. The cast could not be better. I doubt that Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger, Michael Gough and Jack Palance can ever be overcome by anyone else in later Batman movies, and I intend to verify that these days. We must not forget Prince who made music for this legendary movie. Overall observed, the story itself is the only weaker spot in this movie, but within the genre, it is exactly as it should be. Enough plot to keep it interesting, but not too serious approach to story cause it would kill a comic-book spirit. A dose of frivolity and humor is required for a movie to have the atmosphere of comics. And of course, completely deserved Best Art Direction-Set Decoration Academy Award. The movie I grew up with and to which I will always be happy to return.


12. The Return of Swamp Thing (1989)

PG-13 | 88 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

39 Metascore

The Swamp Thing returns to battle the evil Dr. Arcane, who has a new science lab full of creatures transformed by genetic mutation, and chooses Heather Locklear as his new object of ... See full summary »

Director: Jim Wynorski | Stars: Dick Durock, Heather Locklear, Louis Jourdan, Sarah Douglas

Votes: 3,695 | Gross: $0.19M

To me this looked more like Scary Movie type of parody to Swamp Thing than it's sequel. Somewhat fun, but lousy. The only pretty thing in this movie was Heather Locklear and the only quality thing was Creedence Clearwater Revival music.


13. The Flash (1990–1991)

TV-PG | 48 min | Action, Crime, Fantasy

A police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, battles crimes as the super-fast superhero "The Flash".

Stars: John Wesley Shipp, Amanda Pays, Alex Désert, Vito D'Ambrosio

Votes: 5,842

At the beginning of second season new Flash started to bore me. I don't want to give up on it just yet, but I decided to pause for a while by going back to show of my childhood, The Flash from 1990. When I was in elementary school I thought this was awesome. Now... Show is outdated in every aspect, but although story is much simpler than in new one and effects more primitive, old Flash has that nostalgic charm of 80's B production and comic-book atmosphere. Although new one is objectively better, old Flash I love much more.


Plots are completely different. Beside few names and fact that Flash is speedster who fights crime, they have almost nothing in common. The Way Barry becomes Flash is completely different and "same" characters have completely different characteristics and mutual relationships. While in new Flash Iris is black journalist and his adopted sister in whom he is secretly in love, in old one she is white artist and girl who leaves him. New Flash is based on his father being convicted for his mother murder and Flash trying to find a way to free him and punish real murderer, but in old Flash both of his parents are alive and well and he has cop brother who dies. From base to details this two shows are completely different. I have no idea which version is adapted from the comics, if any, but in my opinion, plot of new Flash is too complicated and in combination with modern technology, effects and production it totally lacks soul of comic-book.


As I watch more episodes I like this more and more and I have less and less will to ever finish new version. I just realized that same actor plays Flash in old and Flashes father in new show. Beside John Wesley Shipp, at least four other actors appear in both shows. Amanda Pays, who plays leading female role in old Flash, role divided to Wells and Caitlin in new version, 25 years later reappears in same role. Alex Desert, whose role in old version is closest thing to Cisco from new one, also reprises his role in few episodes of new Flash, same as Vito D'Ambrosio as Mayor Bellows and Luke Skywalker as Trickster. In old version Barry became Flash after he was hit by lightning, so he's the only meta-human there, while villains are mad, genius and backed up with some serious technology, but still just humans. Bunch of meta-humans makes new Flash nothing special and new show seems like better produced version of Power Rangers, full of monsters and empty action. Stupid and boring. Old show is more down to earth, more realistic, with more convincing situations and relationships and decent dose of healthy humor. It has much better atmosphere and I have to improve its rating once again.


I finished first and only season and I'm sorry that there's no more. But it may be good thing, cause they would probably spoil it in time. I collected impressions and, although it is very far from being one of the best shows of all time (maybe strong seven), in my opinion this is perfect example of how comic-book adaptation should look like. Shoulder to shoulder with Batman from previous year, within the genre I rate it perfect ten.


14. Batman Returns (1992)

PG-13 | 126 min | Action, Crime, Fantasy

68 Metascore

Batman returns to the big screen when a deformed man calling himself the Penguin wreaks havoc across Gotham with the help of a cruel businessman.

Director: Tim Burton | Stars: Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken

Votes: 255,410 | Gross: $162.83M

Sequels are often unwatchable and almost never keep up with original or succeed to be great films independently from prequels. But Tim Burton obviously doesn't know how to fail. I had high expectations from movie that gathers Burton, Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer, Danny DeVito, Christopher Walken, Vincent Schiavelli... and movie absolutely justified them all. Classic that stands shoulder to shoulder with original.


15. Batman Forever (1995)

PG-13 | 121 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

51 Metascore

Batman must battle former district attorney Harvey Dent, who is now Two-Face and Edward Nygma, The Riddler with help from an amorous psychologist and a young circus acrobat who becomes his sidekick, Robin.

Director: Joel Schumacher | Stars: Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman

Votes: 222,134 | Gross: $184.03M

When it comes to picture and sound, third part of Batman series stands shoulder to shoulder with first two, but at the same time it is too frivolous. Story is all right, it is interesting and holds attention. Characters are two-dimensional, which is flaw, but not too big considering that it's superhero comic adaptation. But this is Batman, so there should be a bit more depth. Weakest spot of this movie, in my opinion, is cast. I really have nothing against Kilmer, but he is bad choice for this role, especially Bruce Wayne part of it. Riddler is supposed to be comic relief, I presume, but he has too much space in this flick and takes over position of main villain, and for that he is too ridiculous. Carrey simply should not be in Batman movie. His overacting and mop and mow is simply too much. It's terribly irritating and it spoiled overal impression of the movie. That kind of clowning is acceptable in Mask and similar comedies, but Batman is not and should not be a comedy. At the other hand, Jones, who should be main villain and whose character has dark depth, here it's not shown serious enough and he stays in shadow of the Riddler. Highlights are Chris O'Donnell, whose character is well written and performed, and Nicole Kidman, who's always welcome spice in any movie. I'm not disappointed, but it could have been done much much better.


16. Batman & Robin (1997)

PG-13 | 125 min | Action, Sci-Fi

28 Metascore

Batman and Robin try to keep their relationship together even as they must stop Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from freezing Gotham City.

Director: Joel Schumacher | Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, Chris O'Donnell, Uma Thurman

Votes: 220,138 | Gross: $107.33M

This movie has comic-book charm and, although it is not good, it's not as bad as ratings show. But as Batman adaptation it is complete disaster. It may seem like parody, but that wouldn't save it cause it's not funny at all. Although it is somewhat entertaining and watchable, this movie is the worst Batman of 90's and possibly the worst ever. I have nothing against Clooney, but he is really wrong choice to play Batman. I can not decide if he's worse as Bruce or as Batman. But, however unbelievable it may sound, Clooney as Batman is not the worst choice in this movie, because Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze is incomparably worse. In stupid outfit, he badly plays character that is written even worse. He is not especially good actor anyway, but this is horrible even for him. This is abomination you have to see to believe. Robin and Batgirl are lousy, more part of the scenery than part of the story. Only Uma Thurman is somewhat decent, although far below her usual level. She overacts all the time, and although it is probably on purpose it simply ends up stupid. I'm not sorry that I saw this movie, but I definitely do not recommend it.


17. Steel (1997)

PG-13 | 97 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

John Henry Irons designs weapons for the military. When his project to create weapons that harmlessly neutralize soldiers is sabotaged, he leaves in disgust. When he sees gangs are using ... See full summary »

Director: Kenneth Johnson | Stars: Shaquille O'Neal, Annabeth Gish, Judd Nelson, Richard Roundtree

Votes: 10,242 | Gross: $1.71M

Steel has 2 on IMDb, 12% on RT and all reviews I came across are terribly bad. If I believed everything I read on net I would miss hour and a half of good entertainment. Movie sure isn't Oscar material, but to call it the worst movie of 1997 or the worst DC movie ever is very unfair. It has average story, typical for vigilante vs villain comic-book adaptation. References and one-liners are bit cheesy but in place for this kind of movie. Special effects are far from great, but decent enough for 90's. Actors and their performances, as everything else in this movie are totally ok, on level with better TV movies. The only real flaw of this movie is fact that O'Neal is bad actor, or more precisely, not actor at all. But at the other hand, he's not worse than Schwarzenegger, or Hulk Hogan, or Van Damme, and I don't see it's stopped them for making dozens of pretty successful movies. And however bad Shaquille might be, he has the cutest sidekick ever. Sparky stole the movie. I can not praise this movie cause it's really nothing special, bit it's not especially bad either. And it's surely is extremely entertaining.


18. Smallville (2001–2011)

TV-PG | 60 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance

A young Clark Kent struggles to find his place in the world as he learns to harness his alien powers for good and deals with the typical troubles of teenage life in Smallville, Kansas.

Stars: Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk

Votes: 109,798

My DC adaptations marathon came to Smallville, one of few shows I ever saw completely and even fewer I wanna see again. I just finished rewatching of the first season that shows high-school days of Clark Kent. Tom Welling is great playing young Clark who gradually discovers his abilities and tries to juggle between normal teen life and hiding the fact he's an alien. In first season he discovers his inhuman strength and speed, then he gradually discovers extent of his invulnerability and at the end he finds out about his X-Ray vision. The rest of his powers will come in seasons to follow. Here we meet Lex Luthor, Clark's best friend, who changes into villain in front of our eyes, partially because of his egomaniac father and partially because of distrustful treatment from everyone around him, caused by his wealth and infamous family name. There's also beautiful Kristin Kreuk, playing Lana Lang, Clark's unrealized love, and many more talented young actors. But the most impressive of all is John Glover, playing Lionel Luthor, Lex's father and main villain. Story combines typical teenage show with superhero elements, which slowly grow from season to season until they completely take over the show and change it beyond recognition. But for now special effects are at minimum and show is more teen romance drama than story about Superman. It may not be the best, but it's certainly my favorite DC show so far.


19. Road to Perdition (2002)

R | 117 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

72 Metascore

A mob enforcer's son witnesses a murder, forcing him and his father to take to the road, and his father down a path of redemption and revenge.

Director: Sam Mendes | Stars: Tom Hanks, Tyler Hoechlin, Rob Maxey, Liam Aiken

Votes: 229,796 | Gross: $104.45M

Review for this movie puts me in dilemma. If I try to be objective I would be hypocritical to praise the movie that bored me to tears. At the other hand, I can not be subjective either because I'm well aware of all qualities this movie has to offer. Although not so original, story is strong, directing good and Best Cinematography Oscar more than deserved. Visually it has no flaws and some scenes are simply divine. Some say this is life achievement of Tom Hanks, but to me he is the weakest spot. He's completely unconvincing and maybe that's the reason that movie with so deep and moving story didn't left any emotional impact on me. Really big names are acting in this flick, still not one of them, except Paul Newman, left positive impression. Beside several really mighty scenes, movie was pretty much boring. I really wanted to like it, but it simply didn't happen. It's probably most fair to say that this is very good movie but not my cup of tea.


20. Birds of Prey (2002–2003)

TV-14 | 60 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

In the future, long after the Batman has driven himself into exile, his legacy lives on in the form of the Birds of Prey--Black Canary, Oracle, and the Huntress.

Stars: Ashley Scott, Dina Meyer, Rachel Skarsten, Shemar Moore

Votes: 4,111

Years after Batman left Gotham, trio Birds of Prey takes over his role. They are Huntress - daughter of Batman and Catwoman, Oracle - former Batgirl put in wheelchair by Joker and Dinah - girl with telepathic abilities whose true identity and full potential are to be revealed later. There are also Alfred - Batman's old battler, Jesse - young inspector in love with Huntress, Harley Queen who tries to step in her old boyfriend's shoes and bunch of meta-humans. Show keeps Batman atmosphere while trying to distinguish itself from Batman story. It's not particularly original, but it's fun and holds attention. Acting is quite good and leading girls are beauties. Unfortunately, show is cancelled after first season, but it doesn't end with cliffhanger so I recommend it to DC fans who look for good entertainment.


21. Catwoman (2004)

PG-13 | 104 min | Action, Crime, Fantasy

27 Metascore

A shy woman, endowed with the speed, reflexes, and senses of a cat, walks a thin line between criminal and hero, even as a detective doggedly pursues her, fascinated by both of her personas.

Director: Pitof | Stars: Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Benjamin Bratt, Lambert Wilson

Votes: 103,284 | Gross: $40.20M

I was looking forward to watching this movie precisely because of bad critics and ratings. Pretty often I find myself enjoying movies that are bashed by majority. Especially when it comes to superhero movies, because, although I love superheroes, I find the way they make movies about them incredibly stupid. The biggest blockbusters of this genre were lame to me, so I honestly expected to enjoy the movie that is hated by the people who love movies I hate. It's hard to describe my disappointment. If I start analyzing everything wrong with this movie it would last longer than movie itself, so it's much more efficient if I simply make a list of things that are not bad and you can assume everything else is bad. Here's the list:

1. Movie is not boring.

End of the list.


I'm fascinated by the list of it's awards and nominations:

Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association - Worst Film Golden Schmoes Awards - Worst Movie of the Year Razzie Awards:

  • Worst Picture
  • Halle Berry for Worst Actress
  • Pitof for Worst Director
  • Worst Screenplay
  • Lambert Wilson nominated for Worst Supporting Actor
  • Sharon Stone nominated for Worst Supporting Actress
  • nominated for Worst Screen Couple
The Stinkers Bad Movie Awards:
  • Worst Sense of Direction (Stop them before they direct again!)
  • Halle Berry for Worst Actress
  • Sharon Stone for Worst Supporting Actress
  • Least "Special" Special Effects
  • Worst Picture
  • nominated for Worst Screenplay
  • nominated for Most Intrusive Musical Score

22. A History of Violence (2005)

R | 96 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

81 Metascore

A mild-mannered man becomes a local hero through an act of violence, which sets off repercussions that will shake his family to its very core.

Director: David Cronenberg | Stars: Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, Ed Harris, William Hurt

Votes: 212,335 | Gross: $31.49M


Besides "Road to Perdition", this is, I think, the only non-superhero movie based on DC comics and convincingly the best Cronenberg's film I've ever seen. I do not know how to present a brief summary of this movie without spoilers, so I'll skip the story itself. At first glance, this is a thriller with superbly directed action scenes, explicit violence, and wild sex. But if you look more closely, you'll notice that camera doesn't linger on thriller aspects. It focuses more on emotional expressions of characters, making this movie more a family drama than a thriller. Great choice of actors and excellent characterization. Even characters that appear briefly have depth and you will experience them as real people, as if you personally met them. Viggo Mortensen, Ed Harris, William Hurt, Ashton Holmes, and Peter MacNeill are all perfect in their roles, but Maria Bello literally brought hers to life. She was nominated for Golden Globe and, in my opinion, she deserved at least nomination for Oscar as well. Even if in time I completely forget about this movie, I surely won't forget her as Edie Stall.


23. Batman Begins (2005)

PG-13 | 140 min | Action, Adventure

70 Metascore

After training with his mentor, Batman begins his fight to free crime-ridden Gotham City from corruption.

Director: Christopher Nolan | Stars: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe, Liam Neeson

Votes: 1,207,139 | Gross: $206.85M

Demystification of superhero

Although my average rating of all the Marvel and DC movies I have ever seen is the same (6.7/10), I have always been more inclined to the DC universe. This film only reinforced my position. I cannot say that this is the best superhero movie so far for the simple reason that it's hard for me to put it into that genre at all. While Marvel flicks are mostly shallow action movies sprinkled with humor, and DC films keep the two-dimensional atmosphere of comics, here we have a completely new approach, the complexity, and depth of a serious drama.

Batman Begins, as the name suggests, brings the detailed origins and genesis of this superhero and gives background to everything we've been watching about him so far. All that we took for granted in previous versions, because it was vaguely hinted or not explained at all, here it is elaborated to the tiniest detail, thoroughly and rationally. The drama of Bruce's loss of parents, his growing up, inner struggles, how he acquired the skills he possesses, what kind of devices allow him to move and fight and how he got them, everything is clearly and thoroughly explained, which completely demystifies Batman. That's why I think that Nolan's Batman is too realistic to be considered a superhero movie. I wonder how much this action thriller with drama elements is even faithful to comic-book it's based on...

From a technical point of view, this movie is excellent. Camera and directing are great and in combination with scenography and music they create very serious and dark atmosphere. The cast is top-notch. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman, and Rutger Hauer are names that guarantee flawless performance. Still, although I love Katie Holmes, and I consider Christian Bale one of the best actors of today, in my opinion, two of them do not fit into the atmosphere of this film at all. Katie leaves the impression as if you put a single actress in color technique into a black and white movie. I cannot pin any flaws to her, it's just that her appearance and charisma simply stick out from the rest of the movie. On the other hand, Bale as Batman is just fine, but as Bruce Wayne I think he's pretty much a failure.

The story itself is excellent, not completely linear, yet not too tangled, with a good characterization and sequence of events without holes and illogicality. My only complaint is predictability. I suppose that the discovery of the main villain, who is working on the destruction of the Gotham from the shadows, should have been a surprise, but it was clear who it was from the very beginning. Still, the absence of a surprise factor, in this case, does not have too much effect on the overall strength of the film.

P.S. I'm only sorry that Katie saved Joffrey back in 2005. Because if she killed the little bastard back then, he wouldn't grow up to terrorize Westeros six years later. :D


24. Constantine (2005)

R | 121 min | Action, Fantasy, Horror

50 Metascore

Supernatural exorcist and demonologist John Constantine helps a policewoman prove her sister's death was not a suicide, but something more.

Director: Francis Lawrence | Stars: Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, Djimon Hounsou, Shia LaBeouf

Votes: 282,197 | Gross: $75.98M

Heaven and Hell are in eternal battle for souls, but angels and demons are prevented from staying on Earth. "Half-breeds" are living among humans, and by them Heaven and Hell affect people, but they are also prohibited from direct influence. They can only direct people to good and evil and provoke situations in which the real human nature of nature will show itself. If they violate the rules and thus disturb the balance of good and evil, John Constantine, a man with a gift to see the world of angels and demons, is there to stop them and "send them home." Keanu Reeves is satisfying as Constantine, but in my opinion he is lousy actor who reduces quality of any movie he's in. I do not like Rachel Weisz in the main female role neither, and there is no chemistry between them. Tilda Swinton is also lousy and the only actor who really leaves positive impression in this flick is Peter Stormare in the role of Lu(cifer). Story is interesting, directing and special effects are good and movie holds attention. It's worth watching, but don't expect too much.


25. V for Vendetta (2005)

R | 132 min | Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

62 Metascore

In a future British tyranny, a shadowy freedom fighter, known only by the alias of "V", plots to overthrow it with the help of a young woman.

Director: James McTeigue | Stars: Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Rupert Graves, Stephen Rea

Votes: 960,636 | Gross: $70.51M

"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."

Placed in futuristic Britain, this movie tells a story about dictatorship and the man who became symbol of it's downfall. People from many, not to say majority, countries in today's world can easily identify with the characters. Great adaptation of DC comic and always gladly seen Natalie Portman.


26. Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (2006 Video)

PG | 115 min | Action, Adventure, Romance

Superman agrees to sacrifice his powers to start a relationship with Lois Lane, unaware that three Kryptonian criminals he inadvertently released are conquering Earth.

Directors: Richard Donner, Richard Lester | Stars: Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve, Marlon Brando, Ned Beatty

Votes: 12,982

Superman II, The Richard Donner Cut (2006)

Richard Donner was the original director of second Superman movie, back in 1980, but was replaced by Richard Lester during the filming, which largely changed the movie. Two and a half decades later, Warner throws out "The Richard Donner Cut". Director's Cuts are usually original versions of the films, as the director intended them, before they were changed for various reasons for theatrical release. This is not the case here, because Donner did not have the opportunity to finish the film. Here the movie was subsequently edited, with some new scenes filmed, at the beginning of the millennium, to show the original Donner's vision as close as possible. I watched Lester's version about a year ago, and I do not remember it well enough to say what are the exact differences between these two films, but Donner's version certainly leaves a better impression.

It is interesting that, due to changes in the general attitude towards smoking in the last few decades, scenes in which Lois Lane smokes were cut out from this version.


27. Superman Returns (2006)

PG-13 | 154 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

72 Metascore

Superman returns to Earth after spending five years in space examining his homeworld Krypton. But he finds things have changed while he was gone, and he must once again prove himself important to the world.

Director: Bryan Singer | Stars: Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, James Marsden

Votes: 261,622 | Gross: $200.08M

Visual effects do not lag behind Marvel's, but unlike Marvel, DC provides something more than an empty action. Besides the default fight of good and evil, "Superman" also brings a deep human drama, a struggle within, between what we want with all our heart and what we know is right. Frankly, I do not like Brandon Routh in leading role. Although I can not give objective criticism of his performance, subjectively he simply doesn't leave an impression of Superman. He seems more like a pussy than a superhero, but it's probably just me. On the other hand, Kate Bosworth is so cute that I am not able to objectively evaluate her acting, and Kevin Spacey is perfect Lex Luthor, incomparably better than Hackman.

I wonder if introductory monologue sounds somewhat biblical to anyone else, as if trying to compare Superman to Jesus:

"Even though you've been raised as a human being, you are not one of them. They can be great people. They wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you, my only son."


28. The Dark Knight (2008)

PG-13 | 152 min | Action, Crime, Drama

84 Metascore

When the menace known as The Joker emerges from his mysterious past, he wreaks havoc and chaos on the people of Gotham. The Dark Knight must accept one of the greatest psychological and physical tests of his ability to fight injustice.

Director: Christopher Nolan | Stars: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine

Votes: 2,090,701 | Gross: $534.86M

Ledger stole the movie

While "Batman Begins" combines super-heroic elements with a drama that demystifies the Dark Knight, the second part of Nolan's trilogy is well written and even better-shot action thriller that extends the story, but doesn't deepen it. In some ways, this film goes beyond the quality of its predecessor, but in my opinion, it somewhat lacks depth and soul that the first film had, and this makes it slightly weaker. The strongest aspect of this installment is the excellent characterization of Joker's character and the perfect performance of Hit Ledger, for which he was posthumously awarded the Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role. Frankly, I do not see how his role is any less major than Bale's. The man stole every scene he appears in.


29. Watchmen (2009)

R | 162 min | Action, Drama, Mystery

56 Metascore

In 1985 where former superheroes exist, the murder of a colleague sends active vigilante Rorschach into his own sprawling investigation, uncovering something that could completely change the course of history as we know it.

Director: Zack Snyder | Stars: Jackie Earle Haley, Patrick Wilson, Carla Gugino, Malin Akerman

Votes: 458,885 | Gross: $107.51M

At the same time one of the best and one of the most boring DC movies

The film begins with confusing scenes that make no sense without a context, so I had the impression that I did not start watching the movie, but that I fell in the middle of the second season of some series. It is too prolix and discursive, without any focus on anything. Many things happen, but it does not make much sense and it looks like it does not lead anywhere. There are movies that start slow and even boring, but later everything starts to make sense, but here, even after more than two hours, there's no real plot to hold your attention. Okay, the movie lasts for three and a half hours, so at that moment there's still the duration of the entire average movie left, but two hours of introduction is really too much. After more than two hours story begins to get meaning and movie brings some really impressive scenes. Sex in the aircraft was first thing to wake me up a little and then follow the action scenes in prison and scenes on Mars. If the whole movie was like that half an hour or so, I would probably be thrilled, but two hours of boring introduction to the story at the pace of tectonic movements and over the top ending, with totally redundant pathetic elements, prevailed in the formation of the overall impression. Less than hour of excellent material with everything before it being boring and everything after it being stale. The best thing about this movie is great music (Nat King Cole, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Janis Joplin, Billie Holiday, Leonard Cohen, Jimi Hendrix), and Carla Gugino, who, even in a supporting role, always improves the overall impression and makes me rate a movie at least half a star higher. All in all, a good point, great music and effects, fine acting and directing, but a bad scenario and inhumane duration.


30. Human Target (2010–2011)

TV-14 | 60 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

An unique bodyguard protects his clients by secretly infiltrating their lives in order to draw out and eliminate threats.

Stars: Mark Valley, Chi McBride, Jackie Earle Haley, Indira Varma

Votes: 16,690

A different kind of superhero

Christopher Chance is an ex-assassin who decided to cross to the other side and rescue the targets of his former colleagues. His new motto is that nobody deserves to die and he is the man you are calling for help when you are in a hopeless situation. This action series is based on the DC comic and it is a true refreshment in the sea of superhero strip adaptations. The main role is Mark Valley, who played in about 40 series, and is best known for his roles in Body of Proof, Harry's Law and Boston Legal. The story, directing, acting ... everything is in place. Nothing superb, but no serious flaws either. But it is very addictive and I finished the first season in just a few days. Recommendation.


31. Jonah Hex (2010)

PG-13 | 81 min | Action, Drama, Fantasy

33 Metascore

The U.S. military makes a scarred bounty hunter with warrants on his own head an offer he cannot refuse: in exchange for his freedom, he must stop a terrorist who is ready to unleash Hell on Earth.

Director: Jimmy Hayward | Stars: Josh Brolin, Megan Fox, John Malkovich, Michael Fassbender

Votes: 52,224 | Gross: $10.54M

Megan Fox alone is worth more than 4,7/10

"Jonah Hex" is an adaptation of DC graphic novel. I didn't read it, but the movie definitely has a comic-book story and comic-book atmosphere. In an interesting way, it combines the superhero genre, by which DC and Marvel are known, with Western, and the features of both genres are individually obvious, but also perfectly integrated into a whole that works quite naturally.

Josh Brolin is Jonah Hex, a former war hero, to whom a tragedy from the past gave some supernatural abilities and turned him into a bounty hunter. He somewhat resembles Clint Eastwood in Leone's "trilogy", though he is much darker and, while for Eastwood we can argue whether he is a hero or antihero, with Hex there is no such dilemma. Leone's influence, besides characterization of the protagonist, is also felt in directing, and some of the frames are an obvious homage to Leone. The main villains are interpreted by John Malkovich and Michael Fassbender, so the level of acting shouldn't be doubted. The leading and practically the only female role is entrusted to Megan Fox. Now, I wouldn't go into her acting skills, but I would gladly... Since she was 24 years old and was in the role of a prostitute, it is a pity that the film is PG-13.

The film has no dialogue or replicas worthy of attention and humor can be found only in trace amounts, but everything else is in the range from satisfactory to fantastic. This supernatural anti-hero western has an interesting and nicely developed story with well-measured pace, compelling characters, appropriate music, a great camera, some beautiful shots, striking colors, good direction, a strong cast, and I do not understand at all why the ratings and reviews are so catastrophically bad. Fortunately, I do not have much confidence in the ratings on the movie sites, because otherwise 4.7/10 on IMDb and Metascore 33 would probably turn me away from watching and I would miss a movie I utterly enjoyed. Usually, I like to read a couple of reviews that praise the film, and a few that spit on it, but this time I am really not in the least interested in the arguments of the haters. As far as I'm concerned, screw them, I'm rating it


32. RED (2010)

PG-13 | 111 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

60 Metascore

When his peaceful life is threatened by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops Agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) reassembles his old team in a last ditch effort to survive and uncover his assailants.

Director: Robert Schwentke | Stars: Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Mary-Louise Parker

Votes: 273,335 | Gross: $90.38M

Your eyes are so beautiful

It is believed that DC pulls more towards dark dramas, while Marvel strings action blockbusters that border with comedy. This time, DC beat Marvel on their ground. Although it is based on the graphic novel and it has traces of comic-book attributes, "RED" (Retired: Extremely Dangerous) doesn't have a comics-like atmosphere. It is an action comedy with elements of romance, which is so entertaining and funny that the only reason I did not watch it in one breath was that I was always returning the scenes to see them again. Action scenes are well-staged, and the editing and effects do not lag behind. There are also great music and totally awesome cast. Bruce Willis is, as usual, an irresistible charmer, whose character is called Moses and he's something between McClane from "Die Hard" and Jimmy from "The Whole Nine Yards". Mary-Louise Parker is luscious and has perfect chemistry with Willis. And when their support are legends such as Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Brian Cox, Helen Mirren, and Richard Dreyfuss, there is no doubt about the quality of the acting. The only drawback of this film is that, after a snowy and cold December day spent at work in the open, the last thing I need is to watch the winter and snow in a movie too.

  • You know, if it is the CIA, then there's only one place we can go to find out why they're coming after us. We're gonna get killed there, for sure.
  • In or out?
  • No. Of course I'm in. I'm just saying.


33. The Losers (I) (2010)

PG-13 | 97 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

44 Metascore

A CIA special forces team are betrayed and left for dead by their superiors, galvanizing them to mount an offensive on the CIA.

Director: Sylvain White | Stars: Idris Elba, Zoe Saldana, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans

Votes: 84,958 | Gross: $23.58M

Marvel heroes in the DC film

Pissed Idris Elba, macho Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the boobless sex scene with extremely hot Zoe Saldana, and the geek version of Captain America in mediocre action adaptation of DC comic of the same name. The story is linear, unimaginative and not particularly interesting, with template characters, unoriginal plot twists and lame humor attempts. Technically, the film does not have major flaws, but it does not have any particular qualities either. It is mediocre and unexceptional in every respect. You won't get bored, but I suggest you to watch something else instead.


34. Green Lantern (2011)

PG-13 | 114 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

39 Metascore

Reckless test pilot Hal Jordan is granted an alien ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers that inducts him into an intergalactic police force, the Green Lantern Corps.

Director: Martin Campbell | Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong

Votes: 253,866 | Gross: $116.60M

$ 200 million wasted

I wasn't bored, but I wasn't entertained either. It doesn't stand out in any way. It has an interesting premise, strong cast, huge budget, and it is visually well-done, but it hasn't left any impression on me. As if I didn't watch it at all.


35. Arrow (2012– )

TV-14 | 42 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

Spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing and presumed dead when his yacht is lost at sea. He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow.

Stars: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Susanna Thompson

Votes: 383,454

He's become someone else, he's become something else

The first season started quite strong, interesting, but also confusing. Millionaire returns to his hometown five years after he allegedly died in a boating accident. While on the one hand trying to put his life back on its feet, at the same time he spends his nights as a masked vigilante who, armed with bow and arrows, is trying to cleanse his city from crime. Frequent flashbacks tell us his "origins story" little by little, but if you go into this adventure prepare patience, because you will not complete the picture of mysterious five years even after the third season ends. The second season is even better than the first, but in the third they nearly went over the top. The story starts to complicate too much and loses credibility by introducing too many new characters, many of them also being masked vigilantes or even meta-humans. Crossovers with other DC series are extremely irritating because they not only require you to keep track of five different series at the same time, but you must follow them by the dates of episodes. First, you start the oldest series, then at the same time with its second season you must start the first season of the second series, then with the third season of the first and second season of the second series you have to start first seasons of the third and fourth series... You are already getting a headache, aren't you? All of these series intertwine with each other and, if you watch one series at the time, the series you are currently watching will spoil the others for you, and also you will encounter holes in the story because some of the episodes of your series are placed in the other series instead. Because of this, I'm seriously considering to completely give up on all DC series, since they're becoming more of an effort and irritation than pleasure. After three seasons seen, my rating is


36. The Flash (2014– )

TV-PG | 43 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

After being struck by lightning, Barry Allen wakes up from his coma to discover he's been given the power of super speed, becoming the Flash, fighting crime in Central City.

Stars: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes

Votes: 280,553

I just finished second season and it is much more fun and catchy than first one. I realized that all that silliness I was complaining about (see The Flash 1990. review) is there on purpose. They wanted to make counterweight to dark and gloomy Arrow, so they took lighter and bit silly approach, but it is very well written and done. It's not my cup of tea, cause I'm more into Arrow atmosphere, but I have to raise my rating from 6 to at least 7.


37. Supergirl (2015– )

TV-PG | 43 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

The adventures of Superman's cousin in her own superhero career.

Stars: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, David Harewood

Votes: 98,566

OK for killing time

Supermen's cousin has her own show now and show is dumb, but it's OK for lazy afternoons when you just wanna relax and watch something with half of brain. From the first episode it irresistibly reminds of Flash, literally same story with different actors, and then they even cross them and Flash appears near the end of season. Objectively, it is lousy show, but I loved Beverly Hills in 90's so this one fits me too.

* * * *

After second season I have to improve rating from 6 to 7. It's still more naive and childish than other superhero shows, but it's constantly improving and becomes more fun. If we ignore lame musical crossover with Flash, which technically belongs to Flash series anyway, second season has no weak episodes. If you are fan of dark and serious superheroes, like Nolan's Batman, this will look silly to you, even stupid, but if you like classic approach to superheroes like they originally were, Supergirl will not disappoint you.


38. Lucifer (2015– )

TV-14 | 42 min | Crime, Drama, Fantasy

Lucifer Morningstar has decided he's had enough of being the dutiful servant in Hell and decides to spend some time on Earth to better understand humanity. He settles in Los Angeles - the City of Angels.

Stars: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, D.B. Woodside

Votes: 163,396

"In the beginning... The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity. Until he decided to take vacation..."

The Devil was sick of Hell, so he moved to Los Angeles and opened a nightclub, where he spends his days and nights living the motto "sex, drugs and rock'n'roll". Until he falls in love with police detective Chloe and becomes her civilian consultant. Each episode brings a new case of murder that Chloe and Lucifer solve by combining her detective and his supernatural abilities, with Chloe not knowing that he really is the Devil. The murder cases are quite original, the ways they are solved are cleverly designed and interesting, and the mutual relations of the characters are entertainingly complex and imbued with great humor. Over time, the series introduces more and more new characters and celestial beings, but it succeeds in maintaining the level of development of characters and their interrelations, and not getting lost in exaggeration and excessive complicating. The characters are diverse, well developed and there's one for everyone's taste. Personally, I prefer Mazikeen, the main torturer in Hell and Lucifer's bodyguard, although they somewhat spoiled her in the third season.

DC Entertainment has surpassed itself this time. "Lucifer" is so far the best DC series and I do not understand why they decided to shut it down after just three seasons. Fortunately, Netflix has purchased the rights and in 2019 we can expect the fourth season. Warm recommendation to fans of humorous, crime and supernatural series, because "Lucifer" is a perfectly balanced mix of these genres.


39. Suicide Squad (2016)

PG-13 | 123 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

40 Metascore

A secret government agency recruits some of the most dangerous incarcerated super-villains to form a defensive task force. Their first mission: save the world from the apocalypse.

Director: David Ayer | Stars: Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis

Votes: 541,134 | Gross: $325.10M

Unbelievably disappointing

This movie was made to match with Marvel's "Deadpool"?! If DC wants to compete with Marvel (which I see no reason for, and no chance of success either) they will have to put much more effort into it. Not only that this movie did not bring them closer to Marvel level, it downgraded them big time. Without any competition, this was the worst DC movie I saw so far and probably the worst superhero movie overall. It would take me half the night to write everything that's wrong with "Suicide Squad". It is simpler to say that acting was mostly good and music is awesome, but everything else is a complete catastrophe.

The story is not developed enough and it is full of holes and inconsistencies. For those who are not comic-book fans and don't have good knowledge of the DC universe, this movie is simply unwatchable. I had a feeling like when you turn on TV randomly to kill few minutes while you wait for the water to boil or something, and you run into some random movie that started who knows when and then you watch that random part somewhere in the middle and turn it off before it ends. OK, I would probably be able to paraphrase it shortly, but basically, I have no idea what I was watching. Characters are two-dimensional, without enough background, pretty much irritating, and a good amount of them is simply redundant. Too many characters without real purpose for the story itself just make unnecessary confusion. Joker was the trump card in advertising this movie, but he is a completely secondary character that barely shows up (5 minutes in theatrical and 15 in the extended cut) and in my opinion, Jared Leto is mishit for this role. Deadshot is black?! and too cute and funny for his character. Captain Boomerang has no purpose in this movie at all. Jay Hernandez was good as Diablo and Harley Quinn is probably the only good thing about this movie. She's hot and very entertaining. Everything else is just a mess of redundant characters and senseless action with no point. And production is nothing but decent.

Overall impression... this movie is just one step above "Power Rangers", and I'm talking about old ones.


40. Preacher (2016– )

TV-MA | 60 min | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

After a supernatural event at his church, a preacher enlists the help of a vampire and his ex to find God.

Stars: Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun, Ruth Negga, Ian Colletti

Votes: 59,217

Secret Jesus

Criminal, son of a preacher, after many years returns to his hometown in Texas to take over his father's church. But although he is trying to be good, past, long-standing habits and character can not be erased overnight. Things are further complicated when the story involves a child of the forbidden love, the Irish vampire, a pair of angels, completely crazy local tycoon and ex-girlfriend. A great story, dark atmosphere pervaded with (black) humor and a bunch of completely insane characters and situations. The chaotic angel fight, which opens the sixth episode of the first season, is one of the craziest things that I was fortunate to see on television. The atmosphere and framing will especially appeal to comics fans. If for no other reason, watch this because of Joseph Gilgun as a vampire of a very specific kind, which you did not have the opportunity to see before. Brilliant.

9/10 (for the first season)

Next two seasons introduce a bunch of new characters of which, although some are perfect, many fail to maintain level with characters from the first season, in terms of both the idea and the cast and their performances. The story further complicates, maybe too much, and the third season is totally over-the-top. To be understood, I love over-the-top comedy and so-bad-it-is-good movies, but this series is not in that manner. The second season has completely cut off any ties to the first one, and the series becomes something else entirely, and the third season went so far that one wrong step could make everything go to hell. They brought it in the situation to balance on a thin line between ingenious and ridiculous and I'm afraid that the fourth season could easily bury the show. But for now


41. Wonder Woman (2017)

PG-13 | 141 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

76 Metascore

When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, Diana, an Amazonian warrior in training, leaves home to fight a war, discovering her full powers and true destiny.

Director: Patty Jenkins | Stars: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Lucy Davis

Votes: 496,624 | Gross: $412.56M

It's really hard for me to rate this movie. If I start detail analysis of everything wrong with it I'll spend half a day on bashing and I have o go to work in half an hour. First, this is school example of lazy screenwriting. Story is dumb linear, full of holes and illogicalities and characters are terribly developed, without any background or evolution during the movie, which is unacceptable for an origin story. Gal Gadot is perfect for the role, but her acting is artificial and it looks like she poses for every scene. Like if accent isn't on portraying WW character in the best possible way, but they want to decoy us and draw our attention from bad movie to Gal's unbelievable beauty and skills. Amount of slow motion in action scenes is so excessive that after some time it goes from ridiculous to tragic. I had a feeling like I'm watching ballet adaptation of comic-book on Fashion channel. Special effects are not bad, but it could be done better and more convincing. This looks more like animated than feature film. Also, in some scenes it is more than obvious they violently refrained from natural development of the scene only to stay within PG-13 at any cost. If I go into details I could do this for hours. And then again, Gal Gadot is magical, hypnotizing. There are some beautiful scenes and few funny moments. Although I could list it's flaws for hours and I have almost no compliments for this movie, I really enjoyed watching it. Briefly, catastrophe, but really entertaining one.


Objectively, I would give it 5/10, but it would be hypocritical to rate so low movie that I will most probably watch again. Cause, in spite of it's flaws I liked it pretty much.

42. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

PG-13 | 164 min | Action, Thriller

78 Metascore

Eight years after the Joker's reign of anarchy, Batman, with the help of the enigmatic Catwoman, is forced from his exile to save Gotham City, now on the edge of total annihilation, from the brutal guerrilla terrorist Bane.

Director: Christopher Nolan | Stars: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman

Votes: 1,401,663 | Gross: $448.14M

Excellent finale

Nolan's Trilogy is essentially one movie, and for the third part, everything that I said for the first two is valid. I must admit that at first it felt a little stretched, even on the edge of boring, but the final third perfectly combined the deep and powerful drama of the first film with a tense action thriller that characterizes the second, and it excellently rounded the story. After seeing all three movies, the first one left the strongest impression on me, while this one is the weakest, but these are just nuances.


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